Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 194

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 194 186: Bonding Mild

[*Ding! Rebirth has detected the use of Soulbind. Six souls have been detected. Does host wish to perform Soulbind?]

'Yes', Nao answered inside his mind.

Once Nao answered that, he felt something strange stir up inside him. He could feel a very warm energy sensation strike against his heart. This only lasted for a moment. The warmth vanished, and he could feel his body become cold!

As his body changed in temperature, Nao opened his eyes, only to see a a bright golden sphere of light escape from his body. This came from his very soul itself. It emerging from his body was only temporary, but it still explained why his body was cold at the moment.

Nao then saw golden chains extend out from his soul. Six of them to be exact. Each one thrust out toward Miya, Elsa, Sayuri, Isabella, Chelsea and Tights. The girls didn't resist them, they let the chains enter their bodies.

Before long Six more colored orbs came out into the open. Miya's was a fiery red, but smaller like Nao's still when the two first arrived in this world.

Elsa's soul reflected that of an ocean, it was a deep ocean blue. She also practiced her family's mystic arts so it made sense for Elsa's soul to be this color.

Sayuri's soul was pure orange, seemingly to take after the color of her fur.

Isabella's soul was hot pink in color, as she mostly appeared to be a very excited and cheerful girl during her time as Universe 7's top idol. Isabella also wished to return to the stage after she gives birth to Nao's child. She didn't want to disappoint the myriad of fans she had acc.u.mulated since the start of her career.

Perhaps of the girls, Chelsea's soul was the most unique. One half of it was pure white while the other other half was pitch black. It was as if her soul had long achieved a perfect balance. It made sense as she was the one who cleared the Old Man's Babel Tower.

Seeing Chelsea's soul color surprised Nao quite a bit. He hadn't seen her fight at all yet but now he was anticipating it. As to whether Nao would have a chance to see Chelsea fight or not before they move onto the next world, Nao did not know.

And last but not least was Tights' soul. It was pure white. Most souls that humans had who were not tainted by negative emotions or evil in Nao's past life were mostly white. And Tights' color was extremely pure.

It was not a cloud either like the souls Nao had seen in the Other World. Perhaps that was because Tights was still among the living? He could only speculate for now.

Shock appeared on the girls' faces seeing colored orbs emerge from their bodies by golden chains. They too felt their bodies turn cold. Only a moment passed however before the six orbs started to spin around Nao's soul.

They spun faster and faster before merging with Nao's soul. Seven colored orbs became one and it changed into a rainbow color for a brief moment. A bright flash of light assaulted everyone's eyes before the souls separated, going back into their bodies.

The Soulbind was a success, and everyone felt their body temperatures return to normal. That wasn't the only thing either. Everyone now felt connected to each other on a deeper level now. It was as if they could tell where another one was. This feeling was hard to put into words.

Loving expressions appeared on each of the girls' faces. Both Isabella and Tights caressed their stomachs too. Seeing this a success made Nao extremely happy, and a smile bloomed on his face. He then spoke out to everyone.

"Looks like the Soulbound Function did its job. Is everyone feeling alright?"

Hearing Nao's question, everyone immediately nodded.

"Yes...It's as if I'm connected with everyone. This is such a strange feeling. I hope it doesn't come to bite us in the butt tonight.", Elsa said with a curious look in her eyes.

Miya shook her head before giving her reply to Elsa.

"It shouldn't be a problem. Soulbound's main function is to tie us to brother's soul so it can help us all traverse into future words Brother creates."

Once Miya said that, Elsa raised her eyebrows before looking back at her.

"Is that so? Speaking of which, Sister Miya, why are you so familiar with all this? With 'Rebirth', was it?", Elsa asked dubiously.

Miya only let out a giggle hearing Elsa ask that. Mist had revealed himself to the group under Chelsea's care, so it was only proper for Miya to reveal herself as well.

Miya took this time to walk forward, causing everyone to look at her. After arriving beside Nao, she turned around and looked at the girls. She actually lifted off her veil, tossing it onto the ground.

She bowed, before speaking out to everyone.

"I've been keeping something from you all as well. It's not like I didn't want to hide this from everyone, but it was just until Brother was comfortable enough to talk about it. Brother is actually my Master. I'm Rebirth's system fairy #001, Miho! I'm currently using using the name Miya bestowed by our parents in this world though!"

Miya revealed her true identity to the girls, and their eyes turned wide. The only ones who remained calm were Nao and Chelsea. Miya had secretly told Chelsea prior to this.

A few of them even began to blush a deep red after hearing how calmly Miya referred Nao as her 'Master'. Elsa stuttered a but before speaking out to her.

'M-Miya...did I just hear that correctly? Did you just call Nao, 'Master?'", Elsa said with a look of doubt in her eyes.

"That's right! Remember our little talk we had back at the Other World, Sister Elsa?"

"I do...All that time you were referring to this?"

Hearing Elsa ask that, Miya nodded.

"Yup! The one difference between Mist and I though was that The President gave me a soul, allowing me to reincarnate by Brother's side. Unless there is anything related to Rebirth itself, I will keep calling Nao as Brother, since we were both as twins in this world after all."

"This is really a lot to take in, but regardless, thank you for telling us, Sister Miya. I'm guessing you knew this all along as well, didn't you, Nao?"

Nao could only scratch his cheek before answering Elsa with a nod.

"Yeah. There won't be any more secrets since you girls know all about us now. I can feel each of your connections to me, its such a surreal feeling. I love each one of you. I really do."

Hearing Nao say that, everyone felt warmth spread inside their hearts and their expressions turned soft. Elsa saw Miya take her veil off, so Elsa decided to do the same. Chelsea saw Elsa begin to take off hers, so Chelsea followed suit. Three veils now could be seen on the ground.

Sayuri, Isabella and Tights didn't wear one.

Elsa then smiled at Nao before speaking out to him.

"I think its safe to say all of us love you just as much you do to us, Nao. Why don't we take this bonding ceremony to a close. Give each one of us a kiss, and we'll go join the others at the banquet. Don't forget the real fun starts tonight!", Elsa yelled out with a smile.

Hearing Elsa yell that, excitement appeared in the girls' eyes and each of them nodded fervently. Nao smiled at Elsa, and nodded in confirmation.

Without saying anything else, Nao turned toward Miya. He planted his lips on hers. Miya closed her eyes, allowing her to feel the sensation of his lips. Only a couple moments passed before their lips separated with a 'Pah'.

Nao soon continued onward to Elsa. One by one he planted a kiss on the lips of his girls. Nao started with Miya. Elsa, Sayuri and Chelsea followed suit, all relishing Nao's taste in delight.

Isabella and Tights were the last two and they actually shared a deep kiss with him since the two were more used to it.

To end it off, everyone decided to share a group group hug, placing their heads against each other. This allowed everyone to share each other's warmth. They could even hear each other's heartbeats as they happily passed a moment in silence.

Nao did not prepare any rings at this time for them. If one of the girls really wanted one, Nao would take a day of shopping to have one be fitted onto their finger.

But with that said the group concluded their bonding ceremony. Through better or worse they were in this together now. They would even venture off to other worlds with Nao.

Speaking of which, Chelsea took this time to remind him that the Old Man and his attendant actually came in person during the duel. Chelsea revealed his identity to the others at this time as well, and everyone became shocked. To think such a simple looking old man was actually the creator of Rebirth!

The Old Man during the time of the duel only spoke with Chelsea briefly before leaving. He mainly wanted to see how she was fitting in, and the result made him happy. As a result the Old Man let her know he was currently scouting out a few worlds for the group to travel to next.

Hearing Chelsea say that the group got excited once more. Even Nao raised his eyebrows, and spoke to Chelsea.

"The President is actually scouting out a few worlds for us? How much free time does he have on him?"

Chelsea giggled hearing Nao ask that.

"Hehe, the Old Man did say he was in retirement. Perhaps scouting different places is a good pastime for him?"

"Its possible. Did he give any specifics?"

"He sure did, darling! He was looking into three places as of now. One which houses a world similar to our planet in our past life but far into the future where virtual reality is common. The next place consists a myriad of creatures who bond with people, and according to the Old Man, those people were called 'Trainers'. The last place of interest is a world which has a blend of science and magic, and mechas seem common there. He even said it housed Divine Knights, largely thanks to a unique mineral on that planet called Septium." (A/N : Just a sneak peak of the first few worlds to come~)

Hearing this, Nao became silent. He soon entered his own thoughts. 'Three worlds, huh? I can likely guess what the first two are. But that third one, if it's what I think it is, then that world will definitely be very exciting to go to.' Nao thought.

The girls soon saw a look of anticipation appear in Nao's eyes. Nao smiled in response and spoke out to Chelsea.

"Thank you for telling me this, Chelsea. I guess we all have something to look forward to later on!"

"We sure do! But enough about that. That's far into the future. We need to enjoy ourselves now. Let's go eat already."

"I'm getting quite famished myself, Nao. I'm glad we shared this experience together. We'll celebrate part two after we eat. Let's go, Nao!", Elsa said excitedly.

After Elsa said that, she even took the initiative and grabbed his hand, pulling him toward the door. It didn't take long for the two to leave. Miya, Chelsea, Isabella and Tights ran off after them. Miya had to support Chelsea along the way so she wouldn't fall.

Everyone made it the reception hall without any issues. They soon made their way to the main dining room on the first floor, and boy was it huge. It could house several tens of people at once. Everyone saw the others eating already but they all stopped seeing the sudden arrival.

Everyone sitting at the main table now stared at the group. Liquiir finally had a look at the person who gave him a strange feeling, causing Sayuri to look at him in response.

Heles and Pell blinked for a moment, not believing who they had their eyes on right now. They then tossed their food aside. Both of them jumped from their chairs.

Pell made quick work if his legs despite being short in stature. Yet Heles smacked him aside, causing his body to roll off, eventually hitting the wall.

"Out of the way, you old coot!"

"L-Lady Heles, that's not fair! I must see this in person!"

Pell disregarded his collision into the wall and immediately got up. Both Pell and Heles arrived in front of Isabella. Excitement could clearly be seen in their eyes, they even sparkled. Heles even grabbed Isabella's hand and shook it up and down, causing confusion to appear in her eyes.

"You're Miss Belle, aren't you? The top idol in that idiot's Universe!"

"I am...but who exactly are you?"

"I knew it! You put forth true love in all of the performances you do. It even encourages the idols in my Universe. I'm really glad I could meet you! I'm Heles. I have the same role as that idiot does, you know, being a God of Destruction. But I care about love above all else!"

"Lady Heles, stop shaking Miss Belle like that, can't you see the situation she's in?"


As Heles said that, she stopped shaking Isabella's hand. She then moved her eyes up and down, getting a good look at her. Her eyes then landed on her stomach, a clear bulge could be seen sticking out a few inches. Seeing this, Heles spoke out in a a serious tone.

"Miss Belle, don't tell me you're pregnant? Is that why you haven't been performing lately?"

"I indeed am, Lady Heles. Its nice to meet you too. I did mention I wouldn't be around for awhile during that final performance I hosted a while back, didn't I?"

"I do remember you mentioning that, but to think you would be marrying the man who defeated that fool Belmod. Only someone strong like that deserves such a personification of love!"

"Uhh...thank you?"

Isabella said that, but only confusion could be seen in her eyes. Heles smiled. Heles then wrapped her arm around Pell's shoulder and shouted for everyone to hear.

"Come, everyone, tonight is a celebration for all! A celebration of love! Tonight won't stop until we drink till we're drunk!"

"But Lady Heles, time doesn't exist here. Doesn't that mean we'll keep drinking for forever?"

Hearing Pell say that, Heles bonked him on the head with her fist.

"Grr, you old coot, you know what I mean. Let's get started!"

Nao and the girls talked for a bit, and split up to different parts of the table as Heles and Pell did the same. It didn't take long before the two started to drink glasses of wine.

Only Nao, Chelsea and Sayuri remained standing. They did so as Liquiir could be now be seen walking toward them. Sayuri felt a strange connection to Liquiir, as she looked quite similar to him, but more in human form.

Liquiir even did a light bow, causing some shock to appear in the other gods' eyes.

"So you must be the person I've been having this strange connection with. I can't seem to have ever met you before. Yet you look a lot like me, how strange."

"I also have this strange feeling. Are you a Sunlit Fox like me?"

"Sunlit Fox...? Perhaps, but I've long forgotten the name of my race since they died out countless millennia ago.You can call me Liquiir, the God of Destruction of Universe 8. You're free to drop by anytime."

Sayuri became inwardly startled seeing the fox in front of her introduce himself as a God of Destruction, but she still spoke out to him.

"Thank you, Lord Liquiir. I'm Sayuri. I hope you enjoy the dinner tonight. Nao and I have officially been wed a few moments ago."

Hearing Sayuri say that actually caused Liquiir to laugh a bit.

"Haha! You did well in choosing, Miss Sayuri. I offer you my congratulations. It's not every day you see a God of Destruction get defeated, let alone a knockout. I'm going to look into your heritage later, I'm curious to see where yours stems from."

"Thank you! I hope you enjoy the dinner here tonight as well."

After Sayuri said that Liquiir smiled. He didn't say anything else and only waved his right hand as he returned to his seat. Sayuri decided to join him, and entered their own world of discussion. Nao was also curious to know what Sayuri's heritage was. Could she and Liquiir actually come from the same race?

Nao guessed only time would answer that. Liquiir would probably ask his Angel attendant to assist him on the matter. But with that said, Nao and Chelsea made their way next to Beerus and Whis and joined in on the fun.

An unknown amount of time passed thanks to being inside the Null Realm before everyone passed out drunk beside Nao and the girls. Everyone soon left one by one to their respective Universe after giving a round of thanks.

The Supreme Kai of Time notified Nao to come to TokiToki City to start his training once he was ready. Before long only those of Universe 7 remained.

Whis took this time to remind Nao that he could take this white Palace out of the Null Realm by himself, thanks to the control room the Grand Minister installed next to the private quarters behind the throne room.

Whis also reminded Nao that he would receive the Origin Ki the Grand Minister promised as a reward when he start his training with the Supreme Kai of Time. It was already given to her. He also warned Nao to not absorb it all at once but in increments, as it was enough to fully unblock the rest of his meridians.

Hearing that alone caused a great shock to Nao, but he still nodded seriously in response.

With that said, Whis took Beerus, his family and the girls' families back to their respective homes, as well as Fie and Aht. Nao, and the seven girls, including Eir now remained alone inside this massive white Palace in the Null Realm.

Their next destination? Straight into the bedroom of course. Things were about to take a heated turn!