Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 195

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 195 187: A Sleepless Night I 18

A wild night of s.e.x was about to ensue. This was still technically considered the first night of their marriage after all.

Still in the main dining room, the girls slowly made their way to Nao. Everyone else had long left the Null Realm. Only Nao, Miya, Elsa, Sayuri, Isabella, Chelsea, Tights, and Eir remained behind. This massive white Palace was now theirs to deal with as they pleased.

It was actually Miya who acted first. She began to remove a long red ribbon which held up her phoenix gown at the waist. With a 'thud', the ribbon dropped onto the floor. She then slid her arms downward from her shoulders, causing another 'thud' to echo around them.

She took off her gown all at once, shocking the girls and even Nao. Miya's defined body could now be seen in its full splendor, and a red rail could be seen around her waist. She was now only covered by a pair of red panties.

"Sister Miya, can't you wait until we the reach the bedroom?", Elsa said as her long ears started to blush a deep red.

"No, I want Brother inside me now. I'm not going to wait any longer."

"Are you sure, Miya?", Nao questioned.

"Yes, Brother! Can I suck you off to set the mood?"

Hearing Miya ask that, Nao shifted his gaze towards Isabella for a brief moment. She smiled at him, as if she knew what his next intention was going to be, and nodded slightly. Nao's eyes then landed back on Miya and smiled.

"I'm fine with that, but there's something I should show you. You see, during our time spent in the Room of Spirit and Time, Belle taught me a couple of additional techniques unique to her family. But they weren't related to combat. Well, its best to just show you guys."

"Special techniques?"

Nao nodded to Miya's question. He didn't say anything else, and just proceeded to remove his purple posh Kai robe. It didn't take him long before Nao was only in his black bodysuit.

The suit defined all of his muscles and clear six-pack. He had a lot more muscle than a typical swimmer's build had but it wasn't crazy as a bodybuilder's. Still, he no longer had an inch of fat left in him. The benefits of being born in a race of warriors. A white tail also wrapped around his waist.

He proceeded take off his bodysuit as well, revealing his full splendor for the girls to look at. They soon felt their hearts pumping and cheeks turning red. Isabella and Tights both remained calm but still had loving looks in their eyes.

Miya, being the closest to Nao, looked downward and saw his d.i.c.k half erect. Her eyes then shifted up and down a bit between Nao's eyes and his d.i.c.k. Confusion could be seen in her eyes as she spoke out to him.

"Brother, are my eyes playing tricks on me or is your rod bigger than the last time I saw it?"

Hearing Miya ask that caused Nao to laugh.

"Haha! It's exactly as you see it, Miya. Thanks to Belle I was able to increase it by another inch and a half. Technically Belle's technique can increase its size indefinitely, but I know if it gets too big it would only hurt." ( A/N : Belle's other half is a race of succubi in case you guys forgot, it's only logical for her to know some techniques taught by her family. This is for those who complained about Nao's size previously, so now its 8 1/2 inches long. Any more might be pushing it, enjoy!)

"Is that so? Well, it looks pretty big now as it is, Brother...I hope it can still fit inside my mouth."

"It should be fine. Belle has tested it out quite a bit already. Why don't you give it a shot?"

"That's right, Sister Miya. Pretty awesome ain't it? Don't let it scare you. I helped you prepare for this moment, didn't I?", Isabella said with a light giggle.

"You sure did. Let's do this!", Miya exclaimed with a resolved look in her eyes.

After she yelled that out, Miya walked to where she was only stood a couple feet away from Nao. Nao could smell her fragrance as she bent her knees downward. Getting onto her knees, Miya's face now rested besides Nao's d.i.c.k.

Even though it was only half erect, Miya found its size to be a bit imposing, but she disregarded that feeling, and went right into it. She tapped it a few times with her finger before gripping it with her right hand

Miya proceeded to open her mouth, letting a puff of hot air escape from it. Nao felt his d.i.c.k tickle as it did before he felt a warm sensation start to slither around his shaft. Miya began to lick his d.i.c.k!

Meanwhile as Miya started to get busy, Nao looked toward Isabella and Tights. He even glanced at Eir, who was looking at this scene with a serious look in her eyes. Nao then spoke out to the three.

"Tights, Belle, why don't the two of you come and assist Miya here? Also Eir you should take this time to learn as well. You'll be taking this inside you later, you can't run anymore.", Nao said with a mischievous smile.

"Sure can do, Nao."


"Of course! Tights and I had long decided to be your supporters tonight. You need to f.u.c.k everyone else first before you get to us two. I hope you don't mind."

Even Eir began to laugh as Tights and Isabella responded to Nao.

"Shishishi, I've no intention of running away. I did receive guidance on how to mate from Sister Elm during my time as Lady Aht's personal guard. I'll even let you cope my b.r.e.a.s.ts for as long as you wish for! I take pride in these beauties.", Eir said while she cupped her b.r.e.a.s.ts with her own hands causing them to jiggle in place.

"Good! Then you best be prepared for what's to come. Also Miya keep going like that, your tongue feels amazing."

Hearing Nao say that, Miya tried to smile as she was moving her tongue up and down Nao's shaft. He could feel her warmth spread all around his d.i.c.k, causing it to slowly rise. Only a couple moments passed before Nao's d.i.c.k became fully erect.

Tights, Isabella and Eir also made their way toward Miya, kneeling beside her, but still kept their clothes on. Only Elsa, Sayuri and Chelsea remained behind still standing. Seeing this Elsa spoke out to Nao.

"Nao do you want us three to do anything for you? You're the star tonight, we've no restrictions for anything.", Elsa said with a smile.

"You're free to do what you want, Elsa. I'm sorry I couldn't get to you first. Looks like Miya couldn't wait anymore."

"You don't need to apologize! I'm going to go next after Miya though, okay? Sister Sayuri, Sister Chelsea, come help your big sister get ready."

"Of course, big sis!", Sayuri exclaimed.

"Big sister?", Chelsea questioned.

"Well I'm now Nao's Head Wife. It's not too much to ask for to start calling me that is it, Sister Chelsea?"

"Not at all I was just a bit surprised, that's all. I haven't called anyone big sister in my life, so I'd be glad to, big sis~."

Hearing Chelsea say that in a teasing tone, Sayuri's bushy tail started to wag back and forth happily. A glint appeared in her eyes, before she jumped at Elsa.

"Now lets get these clothes off!"

"S-Sister Sayuri!"

Yet before Elsa could react any further, Sayuri started to strip Elsa's dress. It was as if she knew how to untie it in the first place. Chelsea could only shrug, looking at Miya licking Nao's d.i.c.k in delight. The three soon entered their own little world.

Meanwhile, Nao soon started to feel waves of pleasure one after another. The three girls beside her also started to take off their clothes, and before long a small pile of clothes appeared in the dining room.

Miya now took the initiative and opened her mouth all the way, before taking his d.i.c.k inside her mouth. She struggled a bit at first, but she soon took it all the way to the base.

In the meantime, Tights and Isabella joined in, and grabbed a hold of each of her b.r.e.a.s.ts. They both started to suck on them, causing Miya to let out muffled m.o.a.ns.


Yet Miya still focused on pleasing Nao with her mouth. Her eyes matched his and she tried to smile seeing the enjoyment in Nao's eyes. She heard Nao let out a groan of his own. He even latched onto her head with both of his hands.

"Kuh...I'm almost there, Miya. I'm going to pour it all down!"

As Nao said that, he started to thrust his h.i.p.s. He soon matched Miya's pace, causing more muffled m.o.a.ns.

"Mmm...Mmm...!", Miya m.o.a.ned as she continued to pump her mouth, matching Nao's thrusting.

Only a couple moments passed before Miya felt Nao's d.i.c.k start to convulse. Spurt. Spurt!

Her eyes then turned wide for a moment, before they softened as Nao's s.e.m.e.n started to pour down her throat. It lasted several seconds before Nao pulled his d.i.c.k out, letting some of it splatter on her face.

Miya herself panted a bit before she spoke out to him.

"Hah...hah...How was that, Brother? Did you enjoy my mouth?"

"Definitely! You made me come in no time. How's the taste of my first shot?"

Hearing Nao ask that, Miya grabbed some of his s.e.m.e.n trickling down the side of her cheek. Scooping it up with a couple of her fingers, she began to lick it. Savoring it for a dew seconds, she gulped it down. With a 'Pah', she opened her mouth again, letting another puff of hot air escape from it.

Miya then giggled as she spoke out to Nao again. Nao saw her do this, and it caused his d.i.c.k to shoot back up.

"Hehe, it's definitely your taste alright, Brother. I really enjoy it!"

"You horny sister of mine, but you really do look like you enjoyed it. Get up and get on all fours, we're going to start the real thing."


After the two said that Miya let out another m.o.a.n while Tights and Isabella continued to suck her b.r.e.a.s.ts. The two of them then parted their mouths to allow Miya onto the next step.

Sitting down onto her butt, Miya removed her red panties, leaving behind a string of love juice as she tossed it aside onto the pile of clothes. Miya didn't say anything else and allowed Nao to get a good look at her wet slit.

Miya then shifted her body and turned her head, and placed her arms on the ground away from Nao. After getting down on all fours, her long red fiery hair parted down the middle of her back splitting evenly on each side. Miya then reached out her right hand, reaching towards her p.u.s.s.y.

She then spread it apart, and it glistened with love juices pouring out from it. Nao saw how pink it was, and he could clearly see her h.y.m.e.n was still there. Miya then happily spoke put to Nao once more while he shifted his h.i.p.s, letting his d.i.c.k rest on top of her butt.

"I'm ready when you are, Brother. Shove your d.i.c.k in all in go!"