Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 196

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 196 188: A Sleepless Night Ii 18

Nao didn't want to turn down Miya's wish, so he complied. He felt how soft Miya's butt was, yet it was still muscular like every other part of her slim body was. It was such a strange feeling, but Nao really enjoyed it.

After rubbing his d.i.c.k inside the crevices of her butt for a couple moments, he pressed its head against the entrance of her walls. He felt some resistance as he began to push his d.i.c.k inside. But it was only for a moment. Miya wanted to have Nao shove all the way inside, so with one big thrust, he did!

Miya actually yelped feeling a sudden intrusion go deep inside her.

"Ahhhhhhhh!", Miya yelled out in a loud m.o.a.n.

As that happened, droplets of blood splattered onto his d.i.c.k thanks to the force Nao used a moment ago, claiming her v.i.r.g.i.nity. Her loud m.o.a.n caused the other six to look at her.

Even though she m.o.a.ned loudly, Miya could be seen wincing in pain. Her breath also turned haggard. Isabella acted first. She wiggled her way toward Miya. Isabella immediately brought her head onto her chest, allowing her to rest on it.

She then began to rub Miya's head and spoke out to her in a loving tone, as if she was trying to console Miya.

"Shhh...Sister Miya, everything will be fine. You can feel Nao inside you now, can't you?"

"Huff...Huff..I definitely can, but it hurts so much. Brother you're really trying to break me here, haha..."

Miya said that trying to shake off the pain was currently feeling in her lower abdomen, but that proved futile as she winced her eyes once more.

In response, Nao let out another groan. He felt Miya's walls clamp down hard onto his d.i.c.k, preventing from pushing in any more forward.

"Kuh...You're definitely not alright, Miya. You're tightening down so much. Why don't we stop for now?"

"No! We're finally connected! I want to savor this feeling, Brother. Just don't move for a bit..."

Hearing Miya say that, Nao saw Isabella come closer to where the two were connected. Gently placing her hand on Nao's d.i.c.k which was covered in both blood and love juice, she looked back up and saw Nao's eyes. She then spoke to him as she started to caress his d.i.c.k.

"Sister Miya's right, Nao. She's the second youngest of us girls, so its bound to hurt a lot more for her. Still, once your walls start to take the shape of Nao's d.i.c.k, you'll feel a pleasure like none other, Sister Miya, hehe.", Isabella said with a giggle.

"I can already feel my insides churning around. I don't think it will be much longer before you can start moving, Brother." Miya said as she slowed her breathing.

"Then let's stay like this for a bit. Speaking of which, I don't think I ever asked about everyone's age yet."

Hearing Nao say that, Isabella giggled once more before speaking to him.

"Hehe, don't you know it's rude to ask a girl's age, Nao? But seriously speaking, I do believe we should tell you. You're now our husband after all. It's only right you should know. You're fine with that, right, big sister?"

"I completely agree. I'm surprised you haven't asked us about it sooner, Nao. Though it will be a surprise for us too. Of all the things we talked about in our girls' talks, age wasn't one of them actually. "

Elsa spoke that as her, Sayuri and Chelsea all had their eyes on Miya with worried looks. That loud m.o.a.n earlier caused Sayuri to stop kissing Elsa while Chelsea stopped licking her b.r.e.a.s.ts. However, Sayuri's bushy tail kept wagging back and forth without a care in the world.

It even constantly thumped against Chelsea's face but she paid it no mind, as Chelsea's eyes was locked onto Nao and Miya. Isabella then spoke out once more to keep the conversation going and alleviate Miya's pain.

"Well there you have it, Nao. I'll start things off then! Counting the three years we spent in that room, I just turned 53 this year!", Isabella said full of pride.

Yet as soon as Isabella revealed her age, everyone but Miya spat out. Elsa even coughed up a bit after hearing Isabella's age for the first time.

"Cough....Cough...Are you really 53, Sister Belle?" That's over half a century!", Elsa exclaimed.

"I know. Impressive, right? Our race has pretty large lifespans. Heck even I was stuck inside my Mother's belly for over fifteen years. Last time Grandpa mentioned his age, he was older than 1000 years old. Daddy recently had his 500th birthday too. Mother is a lot younger though. What's it like for you, big sister?"

Hearing Isabella reveal her age to the group shocked them quite a bit. She did mention prior her race lived long lives, but they weren't expecting that. It took a moment for Elsa to snap out of it before she replied.

"...Your family is pretty extraordinary, Sister Belle. I'm impressed. As for me, it's just Mother and I. Father passed away during that war a couple decades ago. I was just a little girl before I met big brother Oscar. I wasn't any older than six at that time. Fast forwarding till now, I turned 35 this year."

Hearing Elsa speak hers, everyone nodded. Everyone knew her race also lived on for quite a long time, so being 35 was still quite young for her. Yet out of everyone, she acted the most mature. She was now Nao's Head Wife after all.

Elsa's eyes then shifted towards Sayuri, who still had her tail thumping against Chelsea's head. Chelsea didn't mind it as it felt really fluffy against her head. She actually felt it quite soothing.

Elsa didn't speak up about it since she saw that Chelsea didn't seem to mind it, so she continued the conversation along and spoke out to Sayuri.

'What about you, Sister Sayuri? You've quite the background, don't you?"

"I'm not sure if it's as impressive as you two are. I wasn't even a princess or anything before my race got destroyed by alien invaders. I was the only one who managed to survive. I'm not sure how but I had to resort to thievery before the Galactic Patrol helped me turn over a new leaf. Since I'm a retired cop now I'm aiming to be a good housewife for Nao. I can't believe 27 years passed by like that, I just turned 27 this year."

"That's right. You retired pretty early, huh? At least you can enjoy your freedom now, it must of been terrible what you went through. I went through a war myself but a race's near extinction is on a whole other level. Still I thought you would be older than that, you're only 27?"

"Yep! All of that is in the past though. Speaking of which, Nao, Sister Miya, how are you two holding up? You two haven't moved an inch and you're still connected like that."

After Sayuri asked the girls eyes wandered back toward Nao and Miya. They now saw Miya arching her back, allowing her butt to hang high above the rest of her body. Her breathing also stopped being haggard.

Her cheeks were now deep red and if one looked closely, she started to slightly move her h.i.p.s. This caused another wave of pleasure to spread. Nao let out a groan as he spoke out to the girls.

"'s still pretty tight, but I think everything is fine now. I'm going to start moving. Brace yourself, Miya."

"Hah...give it to me, Brother! I think I can take it now!"

Hearing the two say that say caused Isabella to let out another giggle. She then released her grip on Nao's d.i.c.k with her hand.

"Hehe, looks like we'll have part two of this conversation in a little while. Sounds good, big sister?"

"Yup! Sister Sayuri, Sister Chelsea, let's continue what we were doing."

However, as soon as Elsa said that, Sayuri grinned once more. She then pounced on top of Elsa, and started to kiss her some more. Chelsea also snapped out of it and went along as well. She began to cope and lick Elsa"s b.r.e.a.s.ts, entering their own little world again.

Isabella smiled seeing this. She then turned toward Tights and spoke out to her.

"Let's continue what we were doing as well, Sister Tights."

Yet after Isabella spoke Tights, the three suddenly heard a gurgling sound escape from her stomach. Tights burped a bit, before immediately standing upward.

"Urp...Of all the times to happen, why now!? Belle, yer goin' to continue without me. Sorry!"

After yelling that out, Tights made a mad dash toward the door, and left the dining room. She went straight across the hallway. Thankfully one of the many bathrooms in the white Palace was directly across. Tights soon vanished into the bathroom.

Isabella could sigh seeing her abruptly leave. But she didn't say anything as it could happen at any time to her as well. She squeezed her butt through Nao and Miya, sliding underneath them.

Opening her mouth, Isabella started to lick Nao's d.i.c.k and Miya's p.u.s.s.y as Nao began to move his h.i.p.s.


"Aaahnn!", Miya said, letting out a m.o.a.n of pleasure for the first time.

Nao smiled hearing Miya's cute m.o.a.n. Slowly but surely, he began to speed up. He now felt Miya's walls swerve around his d.i.c.k, letting him push deeper.

He kept pulling it almost all the way out every time he Nao thrust his h.i.p.s. Even then love juice spattered onto Isabella's face. But she didn't mind it and had her eyes closed. She continued to lick where the two met.

Sounds of humping and sloshing sounds soon echoed around them while Nao slapped against Miya's butt with his h.i.p.s. Miya felt waves of pleasure one after another, her pain seemed to have faded by now.

Miya also began to pant, letting out more m.o.a.ns while Nao

"Aahhnn! Aaahhhnnnn! Yes, Brother! Your d.i.c.k feels really good now. The pain is no more!"

"Great! I'm not going to stop. I'll pour it deep inside you!"

"I want us to come together!"


"Hehe, look at the two of you go!", Isabella said with a giggle.

After the three said that, Nao sped up even more. Miya's m.o.a.ns overpowered Elsa's at this time causing the other three to look over once more.

Miya began to thrust her h.i.p.s as well, matching Nao's pace. More and more love juices splattered onto Isabella's face. Only a couple moments passed before Nao felt Miya's walls clamp down onto his d.i.c.k. Miya then yelled out at him.

"Brother, I can feel something coming! Aaahhhnnn!"

At this time, Nao also felt a surge deep inside while Miya let out another m.o.a.n. He also spoke out to her.

"I'm almost there as well, Miya. Here it comes!"

"Yes! Please give it to me, Brother!"

With one final thrust, Nao felt his d.i.c.k knock up the entrance of Miya's w.o.m.b. Her walls also constricted once more, causing Miya to let out a giant m.o.a.n. Nao felt his d.i.c.k spasm a bit, before his white liquid spewed forth. Spurt. Spurt. Spurt!

Nao's s.e.m.e.n rushed out, pouring it directly inside her w.o.m.b. It didn't stop either. Miya also came at the same time, arching her back again. She soon felt a rush against the entrance of her p.u.s.s.y, and a huge splash of love juice suddenly splattered onto his d.i.c.k and Isabella's face. She had actually squirted.

Without saying anything, Nao continued to let his s.e.m.e.n pour out, before pulling out his d.i.c.k. The remainder of it splattered on top of Isabella's face and onto Miya's butt.

Nao then collapsed onto his butt while Miya kept her position, letting out more pants. Even Nao let out some pants of his own as he spoke out to her.

"Hah...hah...that felt amazing, Miya. How are you feeling?"

"Hah...I feel so full, Brother. Your milk is now deep inside me, hehe.", Miya said with a giggle. She then rubbed her abdomen with her hand.

At this time Isabella also pulled her head out, savoring the mixture of Nao's s.e.m.e.n and Miya's love juice on her face. After licking it off, she spoke out to the two with a giggle as well.

"Hehe, look at you two. You created such a mess already. You two really enjoyed it huh? But with that said, the first round is now over!"

That's right, Miya's scene had now come to a close. She wasn't done there of course, but she now had to let Elsa, Sayuri, Chelsea, and Eir go next.

Miya felt pure bliss after having s.e.x for the first time. She was now going to take a bit of rest and join in again after the others have gone through with it as well. It was now time for Elsa to step up to the plate.

A long sleepless night was indeed waiting for the group!