Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 198

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 198 190: Grooming Ii 18

"I'm all yours, my dear husband. Please enjoy me to your hearts content!"

After Elsa whispered that into Nao's ear with a loving tone, she placed her forehead against his. They didn't kiss yet, only to look directly at each other in the eyes. Elsa saw Nao's white irises while he saw Elsa's deep blue irises.

She no longer waited. Guiding her slit with her fingers, her p.u.s.s.y reached the tip of Nao's d.i.c.k. She now felt something hot poking at the entrance of her walls. She slowly moved her h.i.p.s downward.

Nao felt a bit of resistance at first, but he soon felt something tear apart around his d.i.c.k. Her h.y.m.e.n tore, causing some blood droplets to pour down the sides of her p.u.s.s.y and down her leg. Elsa winced her eyes a bit, bur she slowly continued to lower her h.i.p.s.

A couple moments passed in silence while Elsa's breathing turned more haggard. During this time she managed to slide all the way down Nao's d.i.c.k. Her hole completely ate it all up.

As a result, she even saw a small buldge appear on her stomach. That was because Nao felt something block against the tip of his d.i.c.k from pushing any more forward. He had reached her w.o.m.b!

Feeling Nao completely inside her brought a blissful smile on Elsa's face. She took this moment to rub the small budge with her spare hand as she shifted her eyes back toward Nao. Every time she opened her mouth, she released a puff of hot air which tickled Nao's nose.

"Hah...hah...Nao, I can feel you all inside me now. This is such a weird feeling. You're already poking at my w.o.m.b. I feel so hot...", Elsa said as she let out some more pants.

"You're really tight around me, Elsa. Does it still hurt?"

"Just stay still a bit. Let's stay like this for a couple minutes. Can you kiss me to keep me distracted?"

"Sure can do, my dear princess~.", Nao said with a teasing tone.

Unlike her fellow sisters, Elsa was a true bonafide princess. Eir wasn't one but a step up, being the Queen of her planet.

Speaking of which, Eir has been in a daze ever since she started to 'study' Elsa's boob-job from earlier. It was as if she had been lost in thought. Every so often her cheeks would turn red.

It wasn't until Isabella pouncing on her did she snap out of it. Isabella herself dove head first into her massive b.r.e.a.s.ts, allowing her p.u.s.s.y to rest on top of Eir's. It didn't take them long to let out sensual m.o.a.ns while they rubbed against each other, entering their own little world.

Meanwhile Chelsea and Sayuri sat down cuddled next to each other observing Miya's blissful smile as she slept soundly. The two kept talking about something but they kept their voices quiet so Nao wouldn't here it. Chelsea even stroked Sayuri's bushy tail every so often, causing her fox ears to twitch.

As for Nao and Elsa, Nao leaned his face forward as did Elsa. Both of them turned their heads slightly, opening their mouths. Two tongues soon met each other and they locked their lips.

Nao then felt Elsa's body press up against his. She closed her eyes, and had her tongue start dancing with Nao's. Muffled m.o.a.ns escaped from her mouth.

As for Nao, he felt his mouth become really hot and wet as he continued to passionately kiss Elsa. It didn't take him long to notice that Elsa's walls down below started to swerve around his d.i.c.k. She actually began to move up and down as she continued to kiss him.

More m.o.a.ns of pleasure echoed as time slowly began to pass. Love juices now mixed together. Elsa's h.i.p.s sped up and she also began to swerve them left and right. Every time she did so Nao felt her walls shift up and down his d.i.c.k. He too let out muffled m.o.a.ns.

At this time he used his h.i.p.s to match Elsa's pace. He wanted to start thrusting so he gently kept his arms around her back. He then lowered her body in a missionary position, allowing him to get up onto his knees.

Only now did the two separate their mouths. As they did, Elsa let out another large m.o.a.n.

"Ahhhhhhh! Nao, I can feel you deep inside me! You keep knocking against my w.o.m.b!"

"Hah...Elsa your insides out of this world. I'm going to try something okay?"

"What do you mea--Eeeeek!?"

After Nao laid Elsa on her back, he started to thrust. He also leaned his body forward, allowing his head to now be directly above Elsa's. He could he more m.o.a.ns escape from her mouth as he continued to lean his head forward.

Nao's head soon arrived next to one of Elsa's very long ears. Her race was that of an elf's, but not just any elf. She belonged to a race of high elves! How could he not tease her ears at this time, after seeing how much she was enjoying his d.i.c.k.

Elsa let out a scream of pleasure the moment Nao opened his mouth and nibbled down onto her left ear, which caused her earlier reaction.

"Aaaahhhnnn! N-Nao, don't bite down on my ear! Not like this...They're super sensitive right now..."

A rush of heat spread throughout Elsa's body after Nao bit down on her ear. Yet he ignored her plea and started to lick her ear instead. Nao also upped his thrusting, letting his chest strike against hers. More sounds of humping echoed around the room.

Elsa could only bear with it and dug her fingers into Nao's back. She started to muffle her m.o.a.ns again as well. Nao soon felt her walls clamp down on hard his d.i.c.k while she spoke out to him.

With his thrusting, Nao too could feel something surge from deep within him.


"I'm almost there, Elsa!"

At this moment, Elsa opened her mouth after she heard Nao say that. He felt another puff of hot strike against his face while Elsa spoke out to him.

"Hah...Please, Nao. I want it all inside me. It feels so good!"

Hearing Elsa say the magic words, Nao felt his s.e.m.e.n rush forth. He even felt her w.o.m.b peak open very so slightly, allowing him to pour it directly inside her. Spurt, spurt, spurt!

Nao took this time to back away from Elsa's ear as he felt her walls constrict him. Elsa herself released a loud m.o.a.n, causing the other girls to look at her.

Nao took several seconds to allow his white liquid to rush forth out of his d.i.c.k. Releasing some pants of his own, he laid his head on top of her b.r.e.a.s.ts, enjoying the soft and squishy sensation.

Seeing a happy smile on Nao's face, Elsa couldn't help but start rubbing his head with her fingers. The two remained connected, not wanting to part away from each other. She then spoke out to him in a loving tone.

"Geez, and I even told you not to bite my ear like that. Still...this felt amazing. No wonder Sister Miya looked like she was in Heaven, I feel so full now myself..."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Elsa. It was amazing for me too. Can we stay like this for a while?"

'Of course we can, silly. You poured so much in me that the bulge became a bit bigger. I want to enjoy this warmth for a bit longer. Do keep in mind I'm not the last one you'll be doing this with tonight though."

"I know. I just want to stay connected with you for a bit longer."

"Nao...", Elsa spoke out his name with a loving tone.

She then leaned in a bit, and kissed him on his forehead. The two didn't say anything more and enjoyed the warmth of their two bodies.

And just like that, Elsa's scene had come to a close after another few moments passed in silence. Before long a n.a.k.e.d Sayuri and Chelsea walked toward the two, both hand in hand.

Seeing the two walk forward holding hands caused Nao to raise eyebrows as he continued to rest his head on Elsa's b.r.e.a.s.ts. He then parted with them, lifting his head up. Seeing the two now in front of Nao and Elsa, he spoke out to them. He even let out a chuckle and grinned.

"Heh, I knew it. Looks like you couldn't hide away from Sayuri's fur, Chelsea. The two of you appear to be so much closer now while I had s.e.x with Miya and Elsa. Your eyes are saying you two want to talk about something. So what's up, Sayuri, Chelsea?"

Hearing Nao say that caused the two to blush a deeper red, but neither of them denied his words. Chelsea instead took this time to speak out to him while Sayuri's tail started to wag back and forth quickly.

"Sister Sayuri's fur is really soft you know. But that's not why we've come. Sister Sayuri and I made a decision while you were busy with Sister Miya and Sister Elsa. We want you to do us at the same time. Is that okay with you?"

"That's right, little brother. The three of us can even enjoy some pampering! We're ready for what you've got for me and Sister Chelsea!"