Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 199

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 199 191: A Moment's Reprieve 18

"Heh, you two want to take me on at the same time? I think I can make that work."

"Really!?", Sayuri yelled out in excitement. Her wagging tail even sped up its speed.

Chelsea too sighed inwardly in her heart and sunk into her own thoughts. But then her face turned more red knowing what was about to come. She didn't know she would end up liking girls as well, or was it because they all equally loved Nao and each other?

Without a doubt Nao was her number one person in her heart since she transcended both time and space to come here. She wanted to be with him regardless of him having a harem or not.

She thanked deep down in her heart all her Sisters love each other dearly. Yet Chelsea knew this probably wasn't the end and more girls would join them eventually. Especially once they started traversing more worlds after D*Z. She could tell he was interested in Aht too when she turned older.

She had a vague inkling of the next world as well thanks to the worlds the Old Man was going to scout next for Nao. She knew Nao liked to play both video games and watch anime in his past life and often brought them up as discussion material.

It was the only two things Chelsea herself could relate to back then, otherwise she would have run away most of the time.

According to the Old Man's words, she could guess the first world was from O*verlord, the second being P*kemon, while the last one she had no clue. She would have to ask Nao about it later.

Yet her thoughts were soon interrupted, as both Nao and the three suddenly heard two loud m.o.a.ns.

"Aaaahhhhnnn!", Isabella yelled out as she arched her back.

"I-I feel a deep one coming! Aaahhnn!", Eir m.o.a.ned while squirming her body.

Isabella and Eir were rapidly thrusting their h.i.p.s against each other. Eir was on top now letting Isabella rest on her back. Eir even had Isabella's left leg lifted up above her body pointing outward. Sloshing sound could be heard as the two came to an orgasm.

Eir's love juice splattered onto Isabella's belly while Isabella's splattered on the backside of Eir's butt. She even extended her wings out, letting them bloom. Eir then laid back down on top of Isabella, panting heavily.

A smile appeared on both of them. Isabella then turned her head, only to see Nao and the girls looking at them. Nao smiled seeing the two then he spoke out.

"Having fun there, Belle, Eir? You've got great timing since Elsa and I finished not too long ago ourselves."

Hearing Nao asked that caused Isabella to giggle while speaking out to him.

"Hehe, we sure are! Sister Eir is now ready whenever, Nao. Though from the looks of it it seems Sister Sayuri and Sister Chelsea are eager to have a go at it next?"

"Yeah. Though let's take a short break here everyone. As much as I want to stay inside Elsa, I need to go check up on Tights. I haven't heard her voice in a while. I hope she didn't pass out over the toilet."

Hearing Nao mention that, worry appeared on the girls faces and nodded immediately. Tights was pregnant herself after all. Isabella wasn't the only one.

Even though Tights was only about a month into hers, she showed signs very early on. It was different for each girl. Isabella hadn't had any issues during this night of s.e.x so far.

Reluctant as he was, Nao pulled his d.i.c.k out of Elsa's p.u.s.s.y. The girls saw a a stream of white liquid gush out of her slit. Elsa released another small m.o.a.n as she felt Nao's warmth leaving her body.

She herself wasn't too far from the sleeping Miya, so she wiggled her way to her and cuddled next to her. Elsa too soon fell into a peaceful sleep.

Seeing Elsa and Miya now sleeping peacefully in each other's embrace brought warmth to Nao's heart, and smiled at the two. The girls even prepared a few pink blankets before their fun night started. Seeing them off to the side near the left wall, he went to go grab them. Nao then placed a couple blankets over their n.a.k.e.d bodies.

He took one last good look at the two, he could still see his s.e.m.e.n dripping out of their two slits. He nodded then turned around to speak at the other four.

"I'm going to go check on Tights now. Chelsea, Sayuri, be ready for when I get back. I'll take you on both at once."

"Yes. Please let us know if Sister Tights is alright. The baby inside her must be a feisty little thing haha!", Sayuri said with a laugh.

"Will do, Nao. We actually have a treat for you so please hurry back soon, okay?"

Hearing Chelsea say that, Sayuri quieted down after her laugh and started to blush. Nao raised his eyebrows seeing Sayuri's reaction, and she only nodded in response.

He then turned his back to them and left the big dining room, still n.a.k.e.d of course. His d.i.c.k dangled down below as he ran out. Sayuri and Chelsea still saw him drip some s.e.m.e.n onto the floor.

"Guess Nao forgot to clean himself up again. He really is taking full advantage of tonight, isn't he?"

"Well big sis did say there's no holds barred tonight. Let's go ready our 'treat' for him, Sister Chelsea. It might be a bit simple but I'm already getting excited just thinking about it!"

Hearing Sayuri say that, Chelsea nodded. Chelsea then turned around to Isabella who could now be seen resting on top of Eir's chest, enjoying some cuddling together while Eir rubbed Isabella's belly.

Seeing Chelsea look at the two, Isabella raised her head a bit. Chelsea ended up blushing a deep red as she spoke out to Isabella.

"Say Sister Belle...I think most of the chocolate we had got used up during that big banquet...Would you happen to know if we still had some dark and white chocolate left over?"

Hearing Chelsea nervously asked that, Isabella stared at her with a surprised look. She didn't even blink for a couple moments, before a big grin appeared on her face. She then let out a giggle. Even Eir was stunned hearing a question like that.

"Hehe, you're actually in luck Sister Chelsea. I've stored away plenty of materials for any type of play Nao is interested in, but to think you're going with that one...You're rather kinky, aren't you?"

"Geez...Don't tease me like that, Sister belle. We don't have much time so I want to get this set up immediately."

"Haha, sorry, Sister Chelsea. But I've got a good idea of what you're wanting to do, need me to help put on the finishing touches?"

Isabella let out a chuckle as she spoke out to her. Chelsea's eyes lit up and smiled. She nodded, speaking back to her.


After Chelsea said that with a nod, the three soon got to work on the two's 'treat' for Nao. Eir soon snapped out of her shock as well, and looked at the three in confusion. She was taught on how to mate thanks to Elm, but she had no idea what plays were or what they did.

So she only watched on in silence, wondering why they wanted to use chocolate. Were they hungry and wanted a snack before Nao got back?

As Eir stared at the three in silence, Nao had long been inside the bathroom directly across the hallway. It was pure white marble like the rest of the Palace was. It wasn't their master bathroom next to the master bedroom, only a normal one.

Yet it still contained a few toilets separated by marble tiling and a couple of marble sinks. It even had two showers in the back. It had a very modern look to it.

Yet the moment Nao went inside an unpleasant stench reached his nose. He saw a n.a.k.e.d Tights looking directly into one of the mirrors. She was panting but they weren't m.o.a.ns, but more of those as if she had her stamina drained. Upon a closer look Nao saw she was a bit pale, and he frowned.

He then calmly spoke out to her.

"Hey Tights, I've come to check up on you. You've been quiet for a while now. Is everything alright?"

" took yer sweet ass time comin' here. I feel awful.."

Hearing Tights say that, Nao rushed up and ignored the stench around her body and immediately dove in, embracing her from behind. He then started to ruffle his fingers through her short hair.

"'s going to be alright, Tights. Do you need me to bring some medicine? I could use my spell to heal you as well."

Having offered that only received a head shaking no from Tights. Tights then wrapped her arms around his and spoke out to him in a loving manner.

"Thank you for askin', Nao. I really do appreciate it but I've already taken some medicine for my stomach. These experiences are part of my path to becomin' a mother, so I want to deal with them with my own two hands."

"You're strong for saying that, you know? But remember we're in this together Tights. You've got your Sisters to assist you too."


Hearing Nao say that as if he was trying to soothe her, a smile appeared on her face. She then felt tears form in her eyes, and they started to drop down into the sink. Nao took the initiative and wiped them away.

He then turned turned Tights' body around, and he could still see some vomit stains still on her chest. Yet he ignored that and planted a kiss directly on her forehead, causing Tights to smile.

He then spoke out to her while continuing to ruffle her hair.

"Let's go get cleaned up in the shower. Do you want to join Miya and Elsa after? They're currently sleeping now."

"Thank you, Nao. Let's do that. I'll think about it but a nap sure does sound fine right about now. Can you wake me up when you start doin' it with Belle?"

"Sure can do. Let's go in."

Hearing that, Tights nodded and before long the sounds of running water echoed the bathroom. This sound soon reached the dining room as well, and it caused the girls to smile. They figured Nao was going to clean up with Tights before continuing on their wedding night together.

Little did Nao know he was in for a very special treat prepared by both Chelsea and Sayuri thanks to Isabella's help!