Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 2 2

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 2 Prologue Part 2: Within The Darkness

*Ding* Rebirth System now active. We hope you enjoy using Rebirth as your path has just begun.

Naoto's body lied motionlessly within a pool of blood in his room. After some time has passed, before Naoto's parents could fully process the situation, a small pale orb of light slowly floated out of his body. Regaining some vision , Naoto looked down, only to see his body stained in blood and his sobbing parents. He shifted his view towards the sky and could see bright white light, which seemed to be calling for his soul. While Naoto was not a fanatic in religion like others, he still believed a God existed and there would be an afterlife.

Naoto decided to persist on and stay in place just so he can have one last look at his parents before flying upwards toward the light. Perhaps it was due to the recent growing phenomena in the last few decades but Naoto's parents senses were quite developed and they finally regained their composure. Before thinking about anything else they saw a pale white orb of light floating closely above Naoto's lifeless body. His parents enjoyed the supernatural and they reached the conclusion that the orb of light must be Naoto's soul and could faintly see his figure. Mama Watanabe tugged Papa'a shoulder.

"Dear, look! Am i seeing things? I thought orbs of light couldn't materialize themselves into figures as they lack the energy!"

"While that is true for most cases...Perhaps there is a God who has taken pity on us and is granting us one last goodbye with our Son..."

Ignoring the growing stench of blood pervading through the room, Naoto's parents continued to stare at their son's soul, eagerly awaiting any action or response. However, what seemed like eternity, a couple minutes have passed and Naoto's soul just stayed floating silently looking back down at his parents, who were now looking up towards him, as if they could directly see Naoto.

"Why isn't our boy saying anything? While I'm not in shock anymore his soul should still be able to do something like projecting his thoughts into ours right?"

"Dear...Hmm. Maybe its due to the fact that his soul and figure manifested that it took a toll on whoever God did this and spent too much energy and was unable to grant our Son anything else during this moment..."

Perhaps this was the only conclusion Naoto's parents could reach with the knowledge they have, as they continued to watch Naoto. Realizing this process must be straining the God's energy, his parents didn't want the God to suffer any longer and quickly started preparing to say their final goodbye. After another minute passed, they gathered their thoughts.

"Little Naoto. I'll always love you no matter what journey lies ahead of you! I wish this didn't happen and hoped to see you get married to start your own family.Perhaps you were too young to remember when we chose your name but I hope you can continue being the honest boy we love!

Before long Mama Watanabe started to cry again. Papa Watanabe took her into his embrace and faced Naoto.

"Son...What I'll say is simple. No matter where you end up, I pray that you should not give up on what you want to accomplish and pray nothing like this happens again...!"

While Naoto did not have the energy to speak anymore, he nodded to his parents final words. His parents were shocked to see the figure nod, and their lips curved upwards, forming a smile. The family finally said their goodbye. As no more time could be spent with each other, Naoto's soul finally started to slowly float towards the light awaiting him. His parents saw that their son's soul was slowly moving upwards. Realizing this, they started to wave their hands.

Orbs of light have the ability to travel at very fast speeds. It did not take an eternity to arrive at the source of the light awaiting him. During this travel Naoto's parents could still see their Little Naoto, in what seemed like to be waiting in a queue.

"Dear, is that..."

Before she could complete her sentence, Naoto's father placed a finger on her lips, as if asking her to shush.

"Events like these should not be questioned. Let's just watch his depart quietly..."

Naoto's mother softly nodded. They continued on watching his son's soul in the sky waiting in line, seemingly waiting for an eternity.

As Naoto waited, he saw a very big oval-shaped golden door with peculiar rune markings located at each corner. These runes depicted mythical beasts, on the top left was a black tortoise, top right a fiery red phoenix, bottom left a ferocious white tiger, and bottom right a menacing azure dragon. Within the center of the door carved a yin-yang symbol, symbolizing balance. Between the bottom left and bottom right runes stood two smaller doors, one clad in all white and one clad in all black.

Naoto assumed the door clad in white lead to Heaven while the door clad in black lead to Hell. He did not know what the other runes and symbols meant but assumed each led to a different destination, as he saw other souls fly toward every one of them after their sentence was given.

Speaking of sentences, he now arrived at the front of the line, and saw a 5 foot long pillar made of gold, thinking it to be a stand. Behind the stand stood something his eyes dared not believe, but is now ironic due to his situation. He saw a figure, who was dressed in a white gown, and white wings spread out from their back, an Angel. The angel had long golden hair that fell down to her shoulders and he could see her large b.r.e.a.s.ts, which appeared to be D-Cup b.r.e.a.s.ts.

The angel starting to sing a couple hymns to put Naoto's soul in a relaxed state, before the Angel decided on his sentence. However just as the Angel finished her final hymn, another natural phenomena broke out. Several feet away from Naoto, cracks started to appear in the sky. Curious to see what was happening, Naoto looked toward his right. Not before long the cracks expanded to what appeared to become a circle that spanned several feet long. Naoto peered into the circle only to see nothing but void and endless darkness. As if the darkness was calling out to him, a large black hand suddenly materialized from the darkness and reached out and took a firm grasp on Naoto's soul. Naoto did not struggle as the darkness was indeed calling for him, and the giant dark hand took his soul and retreated back into the the darkness. A couple minutes passed, and the space crack slowly dispensed, as if nothing was their anymore and the sky returned to normal.

While the mortals back down on Earth couldn't see the giant golden door, they could still see the space crack form in the sky as it was caused by a natural phenomena. Those who didn't have sharp senses could only see the space crack but those who did have sharp senses, including Naoto's parents, saw the giant dark hand emerge from the space crack and saw it took hold of their Son's soul, before retreating back into the space crack that soon vanished. Seeing their Son's soul not struggle as he was taken away relieved them greatly and thought where he was taken to. Perhaps he was taken to start his next journey, Naoto's parents thought...

As Naoto's parents were in deep thought, a scene occurred behind the giant golden door. The Angel who stood at the stand saw the giant golden door crack open slightly, enough for her to enter. While she herself resided in Heaven, she still worked as Heaven's Judge for the God who lived behind this golden door. As she walked in, all she could see was a plane with endless white clouds. Within the white clouds stood a haggard old man dressed in a white gown, had white wings and a white beard, seemingly ageless. He was the one who called for, Heaven's Judge. He conversed with her to respond on the occurrence that happened. He told Heaven's Judge that it was a planned event, so it should not cause her to worry. He soon dismissed her and the golden door closed again. However before it shut the old man could be seen to have slowly vanished where he was standing at.

As Naoto's parents were still in deep thought, a figure slowly started to appear above Naoto's corpse. Feeling excited they might get to see their son again after the phenomenon that just happened, that feeling soon dispersed as the figure that manifested was the same haggard old man that resided behind the giant golden door.





"Who are you...?"

"Within the mortal world I am known as the President of Cosmos Corporation. However given the severity of this situation you may refer to me as God."

It was indeed God himself! Naoto's parents quickly knelt and gave him a bow.

"There is no need for such pleasantries. It is very hard for myself to manifest in the Mortal World and my time in short. In order for you to understand what happened I'll explain to the best of my ability."

""Yes, God-Sama!"" Naoto's parents exclaimed in unison.

"My company has developed Rebirth, of which your Son was given the chance to enjoy. Out of the candidates in the Mortal World we could only choose one person to fully experience its contents. I know this World has some deeply rooted sins and that made this selection easier On top of this unfortunate accident your Son has also earned merits as well. We decided to choose your son to experience another life with Rebirth..."

It took a while for Naoto's parents to accept this situation but as a family it made them extremely happy and content, knowing that their Son was still out there and was granted the ability to start another life. They thanked God and his figure soon disappeared, leaving them in what used to be their house. Even with knowing their current situation, God gave them the comfort they needed to help rebuild their lives...

A few minutes have passed since the crack in the sky closed and the people of Earth resumed their daily lives. Behind the closed crack, within the endless darkness, a single orb of light could be seen. Naoto was still trying to pile his thoughts together. As he was in deep thought, he soon heard a small girl-like voice within the back of his mind.

"Master! Wake up!"