Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 20 17: Hidden

"Your Imperial Majesty, we made a massive discovery!"

"Oh? We are in the middle of watching a good show right now, Kikono. You do know I hate being distracted, right?"

"Ohohoho, Lord Father, seeing Kikono rush in here does mean he has something to report. Though it better be good to interrupt the good show we've been watching, otherwise you wouldn't want to swim with the debris now would you, hmm?"

Hearing this, a cold chill ran down Kikono's spine and his two antennae started to twitch nervously. He quickly looked to his right and saw a relatively small figure sitting within a black pod with a white pointed bottom and orange contours around its sides. The figure wore purple and orange plated battle armor and had pink muscles on his arms and legs. His head feet and hands had purple skin and and a giant purple gem led inlay on his forehead surrounded by white bone. On top of of his head stood two sharp black devil-like horns pointed diagonally upwards. It was none other than Frieza, albeit a very young Frieza as his father is currently still in reign. After having a quick look at his young Lord Frieza, seeing that he had a smirk on his face, his gaze then switched back to the giant figure sitting in the giant throne-like pod attached to the center of the Mothership.

Unlike his young Lord Frieza, a massive ten foot figure with purple muscles sat in the giant pod. This figure wore dark blue plated battle armor and a large black cape dr.a.p.ed downwards, although it was a bit hard to see as he was currently sitting on his throne. A dark blue gem rested on his forehead surrounded by the same white-bone Lord Frieza had. Unlike Lord Frieza however, the two black horns this figure had were more crooked and pointed upwards. It was none other than King Cold, and seeing his face rest on his right hand with his finger tapping, Kikono started to become more nervous. Not wanting any trouble to befall on him, Kikono immediately gave the report that just occurred in the laboratory moments ago.

"I-I wouldn't dare, Lord Frieza. Your Imperial Majesty, our laboratory just had a slight accident, and one of our main computers went up in flames. It's being taken care of but this computer was one of our main power level detectors. It detected three really strong power levels before it went up in flames!"

"Is that what caused that quake from earlier? Kikono, last time I was aware our current technology can detect power level readings up to 100,000 correct? Are you implying that there are three power levels that are over this?"

"It's very possible, Your Imperial Majesty. We were able to pinpoint its location and its several hundred light years away from our current position. According to our current database it's currently home to the Tuffles and Saiyans and they appear to be fighting each other. Tuffles are known for its technology and the Saiyans are a warrior race, and the Saiyans even claim themselves to be the strongest in the galaxy. It shouldn't take us no more than a year to arrive there."

"Hoh? The strongest in the galaxy you say? I do hope we can have some fun this time seeing Planet Grados wasn't much fun at all. They refused to give us their technology and ended up resisting. At least we got to see a good light show. Set course for this planet immediately."

"As you wish, Your Imperial Majesty!"


Year 730 Planet Vegeta Outside Western Gate

Unbeknownst to the Saiyans that a threat so large that could end their race set a direct course to their planet, the battle between Nao, Miya and Hatchiyack continued to rage on. A few hours have passed as Planet Grados was blown up by King Cold, and unlike previously where Hatchiyack split into two, four figures could now be seen facing against two giant Great Apes. Nao immediately swept his large tail at one of the two Hatchiyack's causing a loud bang upon impact. A few seconds later its body flew down diagonally at a fast speed and dug deep into the magenta scorched earth. However, soon after green light converged in front of the other Hatchiyack and a huge green beam shot out at Nao. Screeching sounds could be heard once the beam was launched as it tore through the air and as Nao was distracted with the first Hatchiyack, he braced himself for impact. Unlike previously where Nao skidded all the way to the west gate wall, once the green beam struck his arms, he felt a strong impact and soon a burning sensation, as it burned his white fur for several moments. After getting hit again by this attack he saw his health whittling down and knowing he didn't have much time left he knew Nao and Miya had to finish this battle quickly.

As Nao continued to feel the burning sensation on his fists, his fur started to catch on fire and felt an intense heat spread through his body. He immediately shook both of his hands causing big gusts of air blasting to his left and right. The Hatchiyack in front of him got caught in these powerful wind gusts and it pushed him back several feet. Not too long after that the other Hatchiyack flew out of the pit that was hollowed out and several injuries could be seen on its body, and was drenched in green blood. Nao sent another transmission to Miya in hopes to finally end this battle.

"Miya, can you hear me?"

"I can read you loud and clear, Brother! My fur has already been burnt in several places, it hurts and it smells bad."

"Now is not the time to cry, Miya. Look, that bastard isn't much worse than us right now. It's about time to end this battle. I'm letting you know that Great Apes can store a massive amount of energy and can shoot giant beams similar to that bastard Hatchiyack. However unlike his where it converges in front of him, we shoot it out of our mouths. It may sound crude but it's a lot more effective. Can you try condensing your energy, Miya?"

"I can try, Brother! But I don't think I can handle too much more in this form. I'm starting to feel sluggish."

"I know you can do it, Miya. We will be able to rest well once this bastard is dead."

"Yes, Brother!"

Covered in wounds and burn marks, Miya had a mix of red and black fur at the moment with a bunch of red blood dripping down. She saw that the two Hatchiyack in front of her were badly wounded just as she were and given one final push she knew they would be defeated. Listening to her brother, Miya's aura started to flare up and was soon covered in a dense red aura. Seeing Miya power up, the attention of all four Hatchiyack soon looked at her. Despite being heavily injured, Miya's power level started to increase rapidly, and Nao felt that she broke past her limit, causing him to grin. Hatchiyack, seeing a rapid rise in Miya's power level, merged his clones back into his main body and rushed out.

Seeing Hatchiyack focused on Miya, Nao took this opportunity to release a dense white aura and started to condense energy within his body. His power level also started to rise rapidly despite his injuries. Seeing Nao's power level also rise rapidly, Hatchiyack became distracted for a moment and looked at him. Miya saw Hatchiyack look away from her and she grinned, seeing an opportunity. While she continuously stored energy inside her, she raised her left foot and slammed it down on top of Hatchiyack, who soon saw a giant shadow approaching him from above. Hatchiyack crossed his two arms together and flew up. Once Miya's giant foot landed on Hatchiyack's arms, a giant shock-wave blasted the air but Hatchiyack felt a force that pushed him downwards. A few moments later Miya felt that she was in a stalemate as her foot refused to lower down and felt a large pressure underneath it. Underneath her foot, a giant green flash lit up and Hatchiyack began to charge up another attack.

Both sides continued this stalemate and Paragus, who was still on the western wall, saw a mix of green, white and red cover the area. The auras became denser and rocks started to float up around them. Paragus wanted to rescue His Majesty from this mess but the Ki he felt from the three was too powerful. All Paragus could do was watch from the west gate lest he would end up getting killed in the process. He tried scanning the three's power levels for fun, only to get a scouter that blew up in his face once the number went past 10,000. It really did confirm what he saw as he currently felt shivers down his spine and was constantly short of breath. After seeing Hatchiyack charge his attack up, Paragus saw it a few times already and he roughly estimated that 15 seconds passed during its charge. 15 seconds soon passed as Paragus watched on in anticipation.

More green light flashed as Miya felt an intense heat strike against the sole of her giant foot. As Hatchiyack was right up against her foot, the green beam had nowhere to go and burrowed a few feet into her foot, causing more blood spatter, and it landed on Hatchiyack. The force of the green beam caused Miya to skip to the right a couple times, leaving craters but she immediately stomped down onto the ground and balanced herself, seeing a motionless Hatchiyack in the air right beside her.

Not soon long after Miya felt full of energy deep within and wanted to release it. She sent another transmission to Nao stating she was ready.

"Brother, I can't hold on much longer. I'm ready!"

"Great! Let your energy flow upwards and release it all at once. Let's attack together and finish this bastard!"

Miya nodded inwardly and allowed a the warm energy flow from inside the pit of her stomach to her throat. Seeing Miya about to attack, Nao timed his and directed his flow of energy in the same manner. Opening both of their mouths, they took aim at Hatchiyack. Two large streams of Ki exited their mouths and the the rocks around them shook violently. As Nao and Miya were nearby each other, the two large white and red streams of Ki twirled around each other and eventually merged, becoming one massive stream of pink Ki. Seeing a massive stream of pink Ki several meters wide approaching, Hatchiyack formed a green defensive barrier around him to defend. It only took mere seconds for the giant stream to hit his barrier and not even a sound was heard before the blast crumbled his barrier to bits. Seeing his barrier destroyed, Hatchiyack crossed his arms but inevitably, the giant stream continued its path and struck Hatchiyack. Hatchiyack started flying backwards and became engulfed with pink Ki. Even if he started to scream now it could not be heard and the energy started to disintegrate his feet. After his feet were no more the rest of his body soon followed, ending Hatchiyack's life. The mass of pink Ki did not stop at Hatchiyack's death and continued to leave destruction as it burrowed past on the horizon. Several magenta mountains stood erect past the horizon and the energy struck the mountains, creating a giant cylindrical hole, before the energy soon started to dissipate.

Giant clouds of dust obstructed the view for a while but once it vanished Paragus saw a huge cylindrical hole carved deep into the ground expanding out to the horizon, which shocked him greatly. However he could not remain in shock for forever and soon used his Ki to detect the nearby presences and only counted three far off in the distance instead of four. It appeared that Hatchiyack was dead for good now and he let out a huge sigh of relief. Seeing the final fight between the trio and Hatchiyack, the other elites couldn't stand back during their battle as their blood boiled and took that time to clear out the remaining Tuffles. It appeared the Tuffle-Saiyan War has finally concluded, and once Hatchiyack was blast into oblivion, Nao heard another Rebirth notification, which also gave him relief, knowing Hatchiyack was finally dead.

*Ding! Host has killed Hatchiyack and completed Main Story Quest I. Host has defeated their first boss, received experience has been doubled. 20K RP received. Host has received random skill : Flux (SSS). Congratulations!*

Flux - SSS


The power of Flux allows host to freely manipulate Mana to their will and becomes more in tune to time and space elements. Further improvement allows host to imbue the power of time and space into host's techniques.

Chapter Title: Frieza, King Cold & Flux