Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 201

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 201 193: And So The Curtain Closes Light 18

The curtain would soon fall to the night of which Nao had thought was one of the best nights he had ever had. He now had caring wives and everyone was in a harmonious relationship.

A blissful smile could be seen on his face knowing how much had happened so far ever since he first crossed into the D*Z world Rebirth created for him. He knew this world wasn't the original, but a copy of it which meshed different parts of D*Z together, including the movies and its video games.

Yet he put all of that to the back of his mind. The curtain would soon to fall on this wondrous night, but not before he was to have s.e.x with the remaining girl, Eir. She had been patiently waiting after all.

Nao reluctantly ended his grooming session with Chelsea and Sayuri. The latter two could now be seen sleeping in each other's embrace next to Miya, Elsa and Tights. His white liquid obviously could be seen coming out from their two slits.

The five girls gently snuggled up against each other. Two blankets now covered them instead of one. The ones who remained awake beside Nao was Isabella and Eir now.

Both Isabella and Eir walked up to him with smiles. Isabella was the first to speak out.

"Looks like tonight is coming to a close, Nao. It might be rude to speak on behalf of everyone but I can say I'm proud to be your wife. Our little one inside my belly is proof of our love. This night brought you and our Sisters even closer together. I wish it could last forever."

"Heh, we all know we can't stay here in this realm like that, Belle. I need to start prepping for Master's training. I feel like her training will take me several years, maybe even a couple decades to complete."

Hearing him say that caused the two to frown.

"Must you be away for that long? I know you'll still be able to visit us, but that's quite a long time you know."

"What are you going to be training in, Nao? Twenty to thirty years is not a short time! I'm not as fortunate as Sister Belle or big sister, I can only live up to a couple hundred years at most."

"I'll be deepening my affinity with Time for the most part, and maybe learn some more combat techniques from the other Time Patrollers. Time can be very fickle, so I was just giving a rough estimate."

"Mastering Time? You did say you had Space mastered already. Having control over Time, you would be able to freely use those Time Rings then!'

'That, and many other things. I'm going to hunt down and kill that bastard Fu for what he did to you. He already had a handle over you before I could do anything last time. I won't let him play his games anymore."

"That man was really scary. I couldn't move no matter what I did. Such a bastard shouldn't exist. I wish I could kill him myself for taking away my gems like that!"

"Don't you worry, he won't find it coming. It's a good thing he used a bit of his Ki for when he collected them so I can trace him after finding out what time period he's hiding away in."

"Great! But to start your training we need to finish our night first. Isn't that right, Sister Eir?"

Eir couldn't find a reason to butt into the two's conversation so she remained quiet. Hearing Isabella's question after the two concluded caused her to blush a bit and nodded. She saw Nao's d.i.c.k was still rock hard.

"Yes...I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is love since I've never been in love before. These last few months have been the most enjoyable time I have ever spent besides the time I spent staying beside Lady Aht's side. You treated me like a normal girl. Those bastards with those marriage proposals can go screw themselves. I'd rather spend the rest of my life with you."

Eir said that with a loving tone, and she unraveled her wings, letting them bloom once more. Before Nao could speak to her, Eir walked up to him and gave him a hug, letting her wings fully envelop Nao's body. Nao could feel Eir's warmth and her heartbeat began to thump faster.

Nao smiled at at, and returned the hug before speaking out to her.

"Thank you for those words, Eir. They truly mean a lot to me. Even though our time spent had been short so far, I see both you and Aht as part of my family now. Speaking of which, I haven't seen the Light Chronicle recently. Did Lippti and Teo manage to find another host?"

Eir immediately nodded while enjoying Nao's warmth spread across her body. She also started to feel Nao's d.i.c.k move against her p.u.s.s.y, and love juices slowly poured on top of it.

"Yea they did, actually. The two told me the new host went by the name Stocke. Apparently he's the top dog in the SI division in Alistel. He's a pro spy and had done a lot of covert operations. I wonder why such a fellow was chosen, makes no sense if you ask me."

"Stocke, eh? Guess that story is finally starting...", Nao said as he started to mumble.

Seeing him quiet down, Eir raised her eyebrows she couldn't fully hear the latter part of what Nao just said. She spoke out to him once more.

"Do you know something, Nao? You're trailing off there, it's a bit hard to hear."

"Oh, I was just speaking to myself for a moment. It's a good thing those two were able to find a new host. They must have their reasons for choosing a guy like Stocke. I guess we probably won't see them for a while?"

"I don't think so. The two did leave me a way to enter Historia as we please though, so it's possible we could meet this Stocke guy in person in the future!"

"Is that so? Rebirth did mention that both Vainqueur and Historia were planes now besides the world we currently live in, so I guess it was likely their doing. Looks like we may be able to take a vacation sometime to your hometown after all, haha!"

"I'd love that, Nao. It's been several years since I was stranded here. I would love to show you around Celestia. I owe you so much already so I'm sure the others would love you. Speaking of which, I don't think I can hold back anymore. I can feel your d.i.c.k rubbing against me. Have you been doing that intentionally? Shishishi."

"Perhaps. You're already getting wet. Let's save the rest of our conversation for later. Get ready. Belle, you can either join in or take a rest with the others."

Hearing Nao say that, Isabella soon felt her stomach start to gurgle. She could only smile wryly as she spoke out to him.

"You two can have your fun. Looks like I need to go to the bathroom for a bit. Guess even tonight couldn't have been avoided, hehe."

"Are you going to be okay? Do you need me to come with you?"

"Don't worry. I'll be fine, Nao. This one doesn't feel too strong. I'm going to join the others for a nap after."

"Sounds good!"

And just like that, Isabella made a mad dash for the bathroom, leaving Nao and Eir behind. The two didn't talk anymore and kissed each other. It didn't take them long for Nao's d.i.c.k to enter inside her.

Moments passed before the two knew it and he ended up releasing his s.p.e.r.m inside her. A blissful smile appeared on Eir's face and accepted his wholeheartedly. She let out some pretty crazy m.o.a.ns during their s.e.x too.

After having s.e.x, the two cuddled while Nao groomed her wings. Isabella eventually returned looking a bit more pale causing Nao to worry. She immediately joined the others and napped.

And just like that Nao's wedding night with the girls had come to an end. Still, they didn't stop having s.e.x for a couple days before they all got it out of their system. In no time at all Nao learned how to use the control room, and everyone eventually left the Null Realm while controlling the white Palace.

The Elosyians on Planet Elosyia became shocked seeing a white Palace suddenly appear above their royal Palace. Queen Elena calmed down the masses, telling them it belonged to Nao.

Nao didn't waste time either and gathered up his things as he was going to depart. He gathered his family up, letting them know he would be gone for several years, but he would come come back and visit often.

Everyone was obviously saddened but they knew he was going to enter a long period of training with the Supreme Kai of Time. The only one who bawled their eyes out was Fie, she practically clung onto him not wanting her father to leave her.

In the end, Nao mentioned Fie could come visit him anytime she wished to since the area he was going to was under a Supreme Kai's jurisdiction. Fie even saw the Supreme Kai of Time as her own aunt!

But with that said, he said his goodbyes to everyone, heading off to TokiToki City by using the Time Ring. He didn't know thirty years would pass by in a blink of an eye before his training was completed!

Meanwhile, as Nao began his Time training, something else in an unknown part outside the Universe's areas began to stir.

Unknown Time, Inside A Certain Sealed Realm.

Shifting gears for a bit, a vast darkness could now be seen, very similar to the emptiness that resides inside the Null Realm. Yet unlike the Null Realm, it wasn't completely empty.

A very dark blue metallic building could be seen. It wasn't big but was actually rather small. A bunch of random futuristic equipment could be seen littered inside the place, as well as a bunch of monitors. Tall metallic containers containing green-blue liquid could also be seen scattered around. Nothing was inside them but they were designed to store living beings inside.

Closer to the center of the room stood a large metallic golden ring, which was hooked up an iron-plated supercomputer with lime green plated rings around the edges. Hovering over this golden ring was a a circular teal three dimensional panel, similar to the panels the Angels use to observe.

Massive amounts of information could be seen on it as it was constantly scrolling. Hanging above this large circular panel was another rectangular panel. Several smaller oval panels could be seen to the left and right of it.

In front of this was a hovering chair, and inside of it sat none other than Fu! Fu himself was holding an incubator of sorts. Inside the incubator's green glass was a huge tree-like seed. Yet it wasn't fully composed of bark. It had an orange glow to it, and it beat like a heart, as if it had a life of its own!

Every so often Fu would twirl the incubator a bit, letting the seed cling against the many pink gems resting beneath and on top of it. These were none other than Isabella's heat gems! The panels hovering over him all displayed different images, yet Fu's eyes were focused on the giant rectangular panel. It showed Nao hugging Eir.

Fu had recently tuned in to see how Nao was doing, and seeing him n.a.k.e.d didn't bother him one bit. A big smile crept on Fu's face the moment he heard Nao's declaration that he would hunt him down and kill him.

His eyes then looked down at the seed onside the incubator, and let out a crazed laughter. He even clapped his hands a bit in a playful manner.

"Hahahahaha! Oh Nao, you've become such a fine specimen for my experiments. Hmm, hmm. It's not easy to reach this place you know. You need to grow much stronger! Phase One is already underway. The Universe Seed has started to gestate. The Heat Gems actually acts as catalysts for it. They're truly marvelous!"

Fu let out his crazed laughter for a couple minutes and even thanked Nao for giving him such a wonderful present. He soon dismissed image of the rectangular screen and looked over to one of the smaller ones on his right.

A grin appeared on his face seeing the image on the screen once more.

"You must grow stronger and stronger, Nao! The Universe Seed is waiting to absorb your energy, hahaha! I ought to reward him. I wonder if he'll like this present of mine. You always wanted to kill him tor what he did to your Universe. How about it, Alter Jiren?"

After Fu spoke that, a loud angry roar shook the laboratory. On the screen showed a chain-bound Jiren inside a massive lava pit, a similar area to where the Evil Saiyan resided after Fu captured him. Clarity could no longer be seen in his eyes, and they didn't have irises. All it contained were bright red hues.

It looks like Fu had managed to capture the alternate Jiren who made an appearance in Nao"s vision! Nao had no clue this had happened. He would make his own plans soon but Fu had started making his own as well!

But with that said, the curtain has now fallen and this place vanished from sight. Nao's future was now uncertain. What will happen to him once either side starts to take action?

Things will pick up again after a passage of time. How long exactly? In a blink of an eye, three decades soon passed before Nao finished his training under the Supreme Kai of Time!