Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 202

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 202 194: Thirty One Years In A Blink Of An Eye Kassi

Year 774, TokiToki City, May 6th.

TokiToki City could be seen in its full splendor. It was busy as usual, many Time Patrollers could be seen doing about their work. Tokitoki City itself was split into three main sections. The first one was the Industrial Sector, composing of a huge marketplace to where Time Patrollers could conduct business, trades and the like. The second section was the main Docking Station to where Time Patrollers stationed their time machines. It served as a hub to let the Time Patrollers come and co as they please back to their own time periods or to go on missions.

And last but not least was the third section, which was known as the Plaza of Time. This section housed an altar for the Dragon Balls and a portal which lead directly into the Time Nest, which was the Supreme Kai of Time's home.

In the middle where all three sections met stood one giant hourglass which overlooked the rest of TokiToki City. It's glass was pure crystal-like blue as if it came straight out of a beautiful lake. On its bottom stood a grounded metallic cogwheel. On top of the bottom cogwheel hovered one smaller golden cogwheel and another dark silver cogwheel.

Three more golden cogwheels hovered around each end of the hourglass itself. One near the top of it, one near the bottom and a smaller one where the two points met. Most of the sand was still on the upper portion of the hourglass. Only about a fifth of it had spilled to the bottom half.

Every so often Time Patrollers would feel large quakes coming from the hourglass that would last a few moments. By this time they became numb to it and were able to go about their daily lives in this city. Every single one avoided this place, all but four figures. These four were none other than Xeno Vegeta, Goku, Trunks and their newly added member, Pan! Pan came from the same timeline as the other three, she was Son Gohan's daughter!

As for Pan herself, her pure black hair was cut rather short into a bob hairstyle. It was very similar to her mother's hairstyle. An orange bandanna could be seen over her forehead. Two small bangs could be seen going down each side of her forehead, leaving the middle empty.

Pan was currently wearing a red jacket with yellow trims and a black top underneath it, which revealed her midriff. She also wore dark grey finger-less gloves and sage green shorts with large baggy pockets. A worried look could be seen on her face as she and the other three looked upward toward the top of of the hourglass.

Both Xeno Goku and Vegeta sported their same attire to when they were previously shown, but Trunks was now wearing a dark grey full leather jacket with a brown leather strap going over his chest. This leather strap hoisted his sword on his back. A dark maroon bodysuit outlined his muscles underneath his jacket. He appeared to have grown as well, the light purple bangs on the sides of his faces grew longer and his ponytail longer.

Unlike pure Saiyans, hybrid Saiyan like Pan and Trunks still had the ability to grow their hair like normal humans do.

Anyways, all four of them were looking at the top of the hourglass. They actually saw someone seated in a lotus position on top of it! This figure sported white spiky hair that shot all the way up, curving backward at the tip of the spikes. His hair actually had streaks of green going up the middle on each strand as well, making him appear similar to that of a certain talking hedgehog. He had a very muscular body, but was slim enough to where it wasn't overbearing. It was a bit hard to see but this figure was 6'3.

He was currently wearing a purple posh Kai robe with a black bodysuit underneath it. This robe was now equivalent to the Supreme Kai of Time's, as it had golden trims going down its center and the edges! It was no longer white!

Coupled with that, two pale yellow Potara earrings could be seen on his ears. One exquisite silver and green ring could be seen on his left middle and index finger respectively. These were Time Rings! Going back to the figure themselves, a white hairy tail could be seen wrapped around his waist. His black bodysuit ran past his knees and was wearing a pair of black combat boots on his feet.

A dense pitch obsidian-like black aura seeped out of his body. It appeared ominous but was really fierce instead. Black and green lightning streaked across his body every so often, which were the causes of the earthquakes that happened around TokiToki. This figure was of course none other than Nao!

Nao's progress to deepen his affinity with Time had improved leaps and bounds! He could now freely travel throughout the timelines if he so wished to even without the Time Rings, and even incorporated Time into his combat techniques. That's right, he could perform techniques Hit's Time Skip and the likes now!

An eerie silence spread as Nao continued his meditation. This was his go to spot during these last thirty one years. That's right, a whole thirty one years passed by in a blink of an eye! He was no longer a young a.d.u.l.t. Nao was now an older gentlemen at the age of 53!

Yet his appearance didn't change one bit besides the new robe. Saiyans retained their youthful image throughout most of their lives, it was a genetic trait. On top of him he wasn't a mortal any longer ever since his energy was converted into Divine Energy.

To Nao, and much like to Beerus and the other gods, 31 years was but a simple moment in passing. If it weren't for the fact he had family to return to, he probably would have lost track of time.

TokiToki City itself did render Time to be useless in the whole city!

But that didn't stop his affinity training, it only encouraged him even more. The Supreme Kai of Time even gave him a training method to perceive Time itself, allowing Nao to still feel the flow of Time while being in the city. He sure is a lucky fellow, isn't he? None of the other Time Patrollers were ever granted this technique.

The reason why he was on top of the hourglass was it gave him a whole view of the city as he meditated. The hourglass according to the Supreme Kai of Time was said to be a conduit to the flow itself, and being right next to it allowed Nao to improve by leaps and bounds.

Anyways, more moments passed and Nao still didn't show any signs of waking up from his meditation. Even black mist poured out every time he let out a deep breath.

It wasn't until a golden [Gate] appear behind the four did they finally react.

The four of them soon saw a figure appear standing about 5'8 tall. They were wearing your typical Japanese maid attire. A full white one piece dress with frills on the hem and shoulder extensions. A black undershirt could be seen which was torn up at its edges.

Sporting a short cut style, her blond hair went right down below her neck. It was rather round and stood out a bit with most it her hair flowing on top the right side of her head. She still had her large beady eyes. This was indeed none other than Tights! She turned 58 this year!

Yet she didn't appear to have aged a bit. She still looked like the young a.d.u.l.t she was 31 years ago, but we'll get to that explanation later. Because she wasn't the only one who came out of the [Gate]!

Next to tights was another beautiful woman. She had long silver hair with blond trims at the tips of each bang. It flowed down much longer than Tights did, almost to her waist. Similar to how Tights' hair looked when she was still a teen.

She had two large bangs going down each side of her face which flew onto her shoulders as well. Unlike Tights though she sported some overall jeans. A maroon bodysuit torn at its edges could be seen underneath her overalls. She also had the same beady eyes as Tights did.

Not to mention a silver tail could be seen wrapped around her waist. If one looked closely very defined muscles could be seen on her body! It was hard at a first glace but this figure appeared to be very strong!

She appeared beautiful on the outside but acted very tomboyish much like her Mother. This was Kassi, Tights' and Nao's daughter!

Kassi was born just a year later than their marriage night they had 31 years ago, born in Year 744. She was now a clear a.d.u.l.t much like her Mother but appeared much younger thanks to her Saiyan genes.

As for Tights herself, she underwent Maid training with the help of Neo and Roti after giving birth to Kassi. It took her a few years to complete but she could proudly call herself as Nao's Head Maid now. If one looked closely, defined muscles could be seen on her body as well. She was no longer a weak human!

Seeing Tights and and Kassi arrive in front of the four caused Pan's eyes to light up while Vegeta clicked his tongue.

"Kassi and Tights too! You both made it! Can you two snap some sense into Lord Nao? He's been like this for the past few years now. You guys are heading off to Earth today aren't you?"

"Well if it isn't young Pan. It's been a while since we've last met, hadn't it? 'Course we are. We're goin' to meet Goku and his family for the first time. I don't think Nao would want to miss that."

Hearing Tights said that caused Kassi to nod her head. Kassi also had a similar accent to her Mother's every time she spoke.

"Want me to go punch Father? That ought to wake him right up. I'm very confident in my fists!"

Tights could only let out a sigh hearing her daughter' speak that way.

"Sigh...Listen Kassi violence is not always the answer, got it? Nao would get seriously injured if you do that durin' his meditation. You haven't fully learned to control your strength, right?"

"I'm gettin' there, Mother. I'm makin' progress every single goddamn day yet Father still won't let me spar with him!"

"That's cause he just be lookin' out for you Kassi. You know how overprotective of his children he can be. Speakin' of which where are the others? Did they decide not to come?"

Hearing Tights ask that, Kassi shook her head.

"I'm afraid my other sisters and brothers decided not to come for tomorrow's gatherin'.. It's just goin' to be us three and those two gods. Are any of my other Mothers goin' to come?"

Tights also shook her head in disappointment.

"I'm afraid I'm in the same boat as you Kassi. They're all either tied up with their work or relaxin' back home. Especially Belle, she's currently on tour again. Her life must be really busy right now."

"Mother Belle is singin' again!? Why didn't you tell me this!?"

"Slip of the mind, haha! You best enjoy her new albums later. I do hope Nao will wake up soon. It's almost time to head off to planet Earth."

As Tights and Kassi continued to speak, they felt one final quake before their bodies suddenly froze. The other four did as well, in fact all of TokiToki City froze for a mere second.

In that second, Nao opened his eyes and vanished from sight, reappearing next to Tights and Kassi. He released his aura and his appearance returned to normal. Resuming time, he spoke out to the two.

"No need to wake me up. I just finished a moment ago. Looks like you finally made it here, Tights, Kassi."

The six were momentarily stunned seeing Nao's figure just reside next to them as if it were natural. Pan even stomped her feet a bit as spoke out to him.

"You just stopped time again, didn't you Lord Nao!?"

"Haha, sorry Pan. It just feels natural every time I do it."



Both Tights and Kassi ran up to Nao with excited looks. Tights gave him a quick kiss on the lips while Nao ruffled Kassi's hair. He then turned toward Vegeta, Goku, Trunks and Pan.

"It's nice to see you three again too, Trunks, Goku, Vegeta. It's been a few years since we've last seen each other. Has the Demigra incident been resolved?"

Trunks gave Nao a quick salute before nodding his head.

"It indeed has, Lord Nao. Demigra is no more and the time flow has returned to normal. We're still trying to find that bastard Fu though. It's like he doesn't even exist in our Universes."

"Excellent. Don't worry about him, Trunks. I'll soon start my hunt. Fu won't be able to hide much longer."

"Is that so? If Lord Nao is personally going to take action then that puts me at ease. Though I do have to question, is it really going to be your first time meeting Goku and the others in your timeline?"


"It sure is! He has his own life while I have mine. We just happened to be born of the same race. I'm more looking forward to meeting Bulma again if you ask me. Introducing Kassi to her going to be such a shocker! She can be considered your half-sister in a way, Trunks."

"I know...I was shocked to learn Mother even had a Sister, though I don't think she has anyone special in her heart in our timeline. You felt the same too didn't you Father?"

"Tch, don't bring me into this. Let's just go report our completed mission and leave. I don't want to be around this guy any longer."

"Come on, don't be like that Vegeta. Lord Nao recently became another Supreme Kai. Even I know to use the proper mannerisms. It's nice to see you again, Lord Nao."

After Goku said that, he walked up to Nao. The two were pretty much the same height and even similar builds. Goku took out his right hand, requesting a handshake. Nao complied and smiled.

"It's good to see you again as well, Goku. Has there been any disturbances in your timeline?"

"None in fact. It's been pretty quiet nowadays after we killed Demigra. But it looks like Vegeta can't handle bein' here any longer so we'll take our leave. Don't trouble my other me too much!"

"Hahaha! I'll try not to. Pan and Trunks you take care of yourselves as well. It's possible I won't return here for a very long time. I'll be spending time again with my family. But you guys are always free to drop by the Palace."

After hearing Goku say that, Nao let out a laugh. Pan became dispirited but only for a moment as her eyes lit up after hearing Nao say that. Pan and Trunks thanked Nao for the assistance he provided the four during the Demigra mission and bowed. They soon left the Plaza of Time and headed inside the mission building to report their completion.

Before long only Nao, Tights and Kassi were left behind. The [Gate] was still open as well. It never closed. He looked at the [Gate] and back to Tights before speaking out to her.

"Where are the others?"

"It's a shame but they didn't want to come have been too busy with work. I didn't want this reunion to be a big one anyway. I have been in touch with Bulma by video call but she's definitely goin' to have a heart attack seein' Kassi."

"You're absolutely right about that! The 25th world tournament is going to be starting tomorrow. Shin and Kibito should already be there. Let's go meet up with them. I also haven't seen them in a while. Wonder if they know about my ascension into a Supreme Kai."

"It's hard to say but knowin' Lady Chronoa she wouldn't want to hide that news from the others. Also you didn't forget anythin', did you, Kassi? We'll likely be gone for a week or two. Treat this as time off from your trainin'."

"Nope, I didn't forget anythin', Mother! Let's go, I want to meet Aunt Bulma and Uncle Vegeta already!" (A/N : I can't see Vegeta as an Uncle. I laugh every time I see this xD)

"You're pretty eager, aren't you, Kassi? Haha!"

Hearing Nao laugh, the other two joined in. Nao had one final look at TokiToki City before he entered his own thoughts. 'Time sure flies no matter what you do, huh? I really do thank you for all the training I received here, Master. I won't ever let you down being your only disciple. For now, let's move on with the actual story of this world. The Majin Buu saga is already well underway at this point if I remember correctly.' Nao thought to himself.

Yet those thoughts soon vanished after he shook his head a bit. His eyes landed on Tights and Kassi. Bringing them into his embrace, he let out a change.

"Let's go. Kai-Kai!"

After chanting a Kai-Kai spell, the three vanished from sight and the [Gate] disappeared. The Supreme Kai of Time saw this happen from afar and only smiled at them before returning into her own portal which led into the Time Nest.

Nao was about to meet Goku and the other Z Fighters for the first time in his timeline!