Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 203

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 203 195: What Do You Do When Two Saiyans Meet?

TokiToki City soon returned to a peaceful nature. No more quakes occurred. The Time Patrollers inwardly rejoiced the fact that Nao had finally left the city, though none dared to say it out loud.

It was only Xeno Vegeta who let out a visible sigh of relief. They handled Demigra's matter very well. It's possible Nao may not see them again until a few years later after the Future Trunks saga with Zamasu ends. That's when Fu is supposed to show up anyway.

But Nao wasn't going to wait till then. Once this vacation on Earth ends and gets reacquainted with his family, he was going to go on a hunt! He wouldn't stop until he saw Fu's head blown into oblivion.

He didn't know what he was up to but Nao likely guessed he was gathering warriors for his 'experiments'. Fu cared about nothing except his results. In a way he was similar to Babidi, an evil wizard, yet way more twisted in the head.

One wanted to gather energy to revive a deadly monster which could destroy the Universe altogether while the other wanted to create a Universe befitting all life by killing off everyone after absorbing their energy. Yet Nao cared not either way, Fu touched his family. That's always been his bottom line. He will kill him. Goku and the Z Fighters will handle Majin Buu, and Nao will handle Fu.

But enough about that. He was going to enjoy a short vacation with Tights and their daughter, Kassi on planet' Earth. And their destination was none other than the huge island hosting Earth's 25th World Martial Arts Tournament! This world tournament marked the start of the World Tournament Saga, in year 744, which was a rather short story arc before the Majin Buu saga starts!

Nao was also considering sticking around long enough to witness one of the greatest battles in D*Z history prior to the start of D*S. A lot of you probably know how this battle went down, but let's not spoil it for those who don't know, shall we?

Year 774, Planet Earth, One Of The Southern Islands, Morning, May 6th.

This Southern Island appeared to be one of the larger islands off the shores of South City. It can take a few hours for normal earthlings to reach it by air travel. Yet that wasn't the case for Nao, Tights, and Kassi.

After using his Kai-Kai spell the three reappeared a bit away from the island itself. It contained dense forests and a huge mountain crags near the center of the island. Further inland Nao saw many modern buildings that were thatched with dark brown straw which made it appear more local than the tall high rise buildings found in the four major cities back on the main continent.

All three arrived floating in the middle of the air. Kassi obviously knew how to fly but Tights also can fly now! Seeing the island in person, Nao smiled before he spoke out to the two.

"Looks like we made it. You two are hiding your Ki right? Everyone's probably already checked in by now. We don't want to ruin the surprise visit."

"Sure am! I'm making myself appear as a regular earthling right now. I'm not too sure about Kassi though. Don't let yer power leak okay?"

"Don't worry, Mother, Father! I'm supressin' it. Ki suppression was one of the first things you taught me, Father. I'm not that stupid."

"I'm just giving you a reminder Kassi. You can lose control of your power still, I can tell. Well it should be fine. I might even let you partake in the tournament. But for now let's go meet up with Shin and Kibito. I've located them."

"Okay!", Kassi said with an excited look.

After conversing for a bit, the three flew toward the big island. The three could see many travel sh.i.p.s flying in the air also heading toward the mainland. Those who sat in the backs of the vehicles saw the three flying and all became shocked seeing people fly. Yet it wasn't unheard of nowadays thanks to a certain group of fighters the three were soon going to meet.

Speaking of which, what does happen when two Saiyans meet for the first time? The likely result is they would want to fight each other! As to whether that will actually happen, it will be revealed shortly once their meeting happens tomorrow. It was still a day away after all.

Nao, Tights and Kassi spent their flying leisurely as they wanted to enjoy the scenery. They were now enjoying some vacation time together. They were still faster than the flying sh.i.p.s though, and eventually made it to the island within thirty minutes.

Upon arriving past the huge mountain crags, they could see a large temple-like structure similarly designed to the temples in Japan from Nao's previous life. Two large gates could be seen on the north and south ends with huge white paved roads crisscrossing around it. Alongside the paved roads stood different colored banners and many white buildings with the same thatched straw covering the roofs. Many stalls could be seen as well, designed for different purposes like entertainment, food, etc.

Inside the the temple itself was the whole World Tournaments ground. It consisted five main areas. The dining hall, the nurse room, the preliminary grounds, a room for the chosen fighters, and the fighting stage itself. The fighting stage was a lot smaller than the stage the Grand Minister created, but it was still very slick and sturdy.

Surrounding the giant temple was an endless sea of trees. Off to the right, two figures could be seen sitting under the shade of one, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere watching everyone slowly arrive. One had light purple skin wearing a dark blue posh Kai robe that had red lining around its edges and was wearing a sky blue long sleeved shirt and pants underneath.

The other figure was about twice as big as the prior figure, but had pinkish-red skin. They also wore a red posh Kai robe with orange lining around its edges with a teal undershirt and pants. A rather large orange leather belt could be seen around his waist which had that went past his knees. These two were Shin and Kibito, and their eyes were currently focused on the three figures slowly flying toward them!

Shin long had a smile appear on his face as he could tell who these were. All but one anyways but he would soon find out. After a couple moments of time passed, Nao, Tights and Kassi landed beside Shin and Kibito.

Both Shin and Kibito stared at Nao without saying anything as they had a good look at his new robe. It's been over thirty years since they've last seen each other, but the two could tell Nao had a completely different air around him now. It didn't take Kibito and Shin long enough to realize what happened to him. Shin smiled and Kibito immediately stood up. Rushing to in front of Nao, Kibito knelt down and spoke out to him with a polite tone.

"Greetings, Supreme Kai Nao, It's been a while since we've last met. Welcome."

"It's nice to see you to, Kibito, Shin. You can rise. We're not here on formal business. Just taking a short vacation and thought we'd catch up with some family here."

After Nao said, that Kibito stood back up and returned to Shin's side. Shin also stood up at this time and went over to Nao. The two shook hands before Shin smiled at him .

"Welcome, Nao. I must say you becoming a Supreme Kai was far outside my expectations. It must be quite an honor for Lady Chronoa to oversee your promotion. How has the new robe been treating you?", Shin said with a smile on his face.

"It indeed was, haha! I'm very grateful for Master and for what she had done these last few decades. She did give me some insight letting me know you two went to this planet for a special reason. Have you managed to locate it?"

Hearing Nao ask after letting out a small laugh caused some shock to appear in Shin's eyes, but he nodded in confirmation.

"Yes. I'm sure Lady Chronoa must be excited as well after we have finally found that cursed monster. To think he would be sealed away in such an outlying planet. This area is near the edge of our Universe."

"So you really are referring to Majin Buu?"

Shin nodded once again before speaking out to him.

"Yes. Ever since what happened millions of years ago, I recently broke out of my conceited shell and started to train seriously. Though I still don't think I can match up evenly to Majin Buu, I should put up a good chance. In fact the reason for us being here at this location is to scout some fighters. I was thinking of going to other planets, but to think Earth would contain such special fighters. Would you be interested in meeting them with me?"

"With pleasure! I actually believe part of our family is related to those fighters you're referring to. Such a coincidence, huh?"

"Is that so? Well you're free to hang around with us and enjoy this pleasant atmosphere. The air is really nice, similar to our Sacred World of the Kais. But now that I think of it, I'm not sure who this third person is with you. Who is she?"

At this time, Tights and Kassi remained quiet letting the two Supreme Kais talk. It wasn't until Shin who asked that did Kassi walk forward and bowed. Tights smiled seeing this and walked up to Nao, locking arms with him.

"It's nice to meet you, Supreme Kai, and Kibito. I'm Father's second oldest child, Kassi! We're here to meet our Aunt and Uncle. I hope we aren't intruding."

"She's your daughter, Nao? Sounds like you've had some fun during the time we haven't met!"

"That's right. I hope you'll get along with our daughter, Supreme Kai. It's nice to see you again. This is actually my home planet and my family belongs to Capsule Corporation, so if you need anything, just let us know."

"You've changed quite a bit Tights, but it's still a pleasure. If we're in need of any assistance, we'll let you know. Let us pass the time now, everyone is still gathering. The events won't start until tomorrow."

"Sounds good!"

Hearing Shin acknowledge Tights caused a smile to bloom on her face. She nodded and the three sat down next to Shin and Kibito. Being the maid she is, Tights even prepared some rounds of tea and sweets for the group to snack on during their passing. Before long twenty four hours passed in a blink of an eye as the five enjoyed spending time together.

Their fun time was soon ruined by the honking sounds of fanfare being blasted in the background and some firecrackers launching into the sky. Nao knew what this meant seeing the temple now swarming with people. It was time to meet Goku and the fighters and watch the tournament!