Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 204

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 204 196: Remembrance

Quick A/N : I'm planning to do some Side Stories here and there to fill in some gaps and create more character interactions in Arc 2. One is briefly brought up in this chapter, and the first one is going to be a family reunion of Goku, Raditz, Gine and Bardock and the parent's third child who Goku and Raditz have not met yet. If you guys want to see other Side Stories, what do you guys want to see? Let me know here or down below in comments! Enjoy the chap!











For those who aren't too familiar with D*Z, why don't we take it from the top? Nao's influence on Goku's life has been mostly non-existent, barring situations like Bulma's reaction to meeting another Saiyan for the first time that wasn't Nao or Miya and Goku's sending off from Planet Vegeta.

Son Goku, a Saiyan. Sent to Planet Earth back in Year 737 moments before his home world's destruction, Planet Vegeta. Nao witnessed his sending off next to his parents, Gine and Bardock alongside his own parents.

Gine and Bardock named the newborn Saiyan Kakarrot after Gine gave birth to him. Yet not long until he arrived on earth was he picked up by a kind hunched over old man, who took him as his own grandson and named him Son Goku. The old man himself was none other than Son Gohan!

Both Son Gohan the grandfather and Goku's son Son Gohan both shared the same name, as Goku used it as remembrance for his deceased grandfather. Tragedy did strike during Goku's early years causing his grandfather to pass away. Goku lived alone after that until he ventured out.

Yet not too much has changed from the original story. All the way from the DB Saga, to the Frieza Saga, and the Androids Saga. Goku hit his head as a baby inside a nearby ravine next to his house, losing all his memories from the small amount he had back on Planet Vegeta. His entire person changed after his near-death experience and didn't act like a Saiyan anymore.

It was a miracle he survived that, but then again he was a Saiyan. Fast forwarding several years, at the age of twelve, Goku met Bulma, Tights' younger sister, for the first time. Boy was their meeting quite a shocker.

Bulma came into contact with Saiyans prior to meeting Goku thanks to Nao becoming lovers with her sister Tights no less. Seeing another tailed human caused deep shock in her eyes. The moment she inquired about it though Goku said he didn't know anything about his tail and the likes of his race.

This disappointed Bulma greatly but didn't dig deeper into it since he didn't know. The two still joined up together to hunt for the Dragon Balls, which have now been resurrected by Kami. Their wacky adventures ensued. They met the other Z Fighters along the way. Goku became a martial arts student of the Hermit School alongside Krillin, an earthling like Bulma. Their master was none other than the famous turtle hermit, Master Roshi.

The three partied together and met Yamcha, Puar, Oolong, Tien, and Chiaotsu in their adventures. They did manage to gather all seven dragon balls in the end and killed off most of the Red Ribbon army, who was even more prevalent in their actions since Nao's visit to Earth when he a child.

Of course they ran into the three little troublemakers, Pilaf, Shu and Mai as well. Not to mention the Demon King himself, Piccolo. Goku and Piccolo still had their epic clash against each other. Piccolo was able to leave off an as.e.x.u.a.lly-produced offspring, who was also named Piccolo.

This Piccolo ended up joining the Z Fighters in the end thanks to sharing common interests. At the end of the whole adventure Goku married Chi-Chi after meeting her during their childhood years, and had their son, Son Gohan!

That's a wrap for the DB Saga!

Following the years to come, Goku's brother Raditz still came to Earth after remembering about the existence of his little brother. Raditz also remembered Nao and his family. He didn't know if they were still alive, but he mentioned them to Prince Vegeta.

Both Vegeta and Nappa scoffed at him as soon as he mentioned Nao, but Vegeta immediately threatened him that he would personally kill Raditz if he brought up his name up again. Coupled with his killing intent, Raditz could only hang his head down in shame and never brought up the matter again. Looks like the little prince has a bone to pick with Nao, huh?

While that may be true, which was largely thanks to his father's persuasion, the little prince wasn't so little anymore!

It was a shame but Goku saw his own self a being of planet Earth still and refused to join hands with Raditz once he arrived. This led to both of their deaths.

The moment the two perished with the help of Piccolo, Gine, who was still living with Bardock on Planet Elosyia, felt an intense surge of pain in her heart, almost causing her to collapse. When that happened two figures were thankfully in her house next to her.

That's right. It wasn't just Bardock anymore. The two had a daughter! She was born closer to the end of year 743, six years after Goku was born. When her two brothers died, she was already eighteen years old. (A/N, haven't thought of a name yet. Any suggestions or want me to keep using the Saiyan Name generator and twisting the results to my liking?)

Gine herself was a non-combatant Saiyan who had deep familial ties with both her husband and children. That explained why she almost collapsed. She was bedridden for quite a while afterward. After recovering she had a determined look to find out what exactly was the cause if it. Of course Bardock and their daughter helped look after her until she was better.

In the end she went out of her way to visit Nao, who was only recently promoted to a Supreme Kai. She remembered Nao had the ability to see visions and the likes after learning about it with her friendly talks with Nao's mother, Iona.

The two were essentially best friends so Gine trusted Iona and Iona to Gine. After getting an audience with Nao during one of the lulls in his training, he hinted to her that her reaction was likely caused by her two sons. He only wanted to point her the way, and scheduled a visit to the Other World.

Only then would Goku, Bardock, Gine, and Raditz have a family reunion in Hell. They even introduced their daughter to the two for the first time It was rather a heartwarming scene despite being in such a location. But this was a story for another time...

Moving along, the Frieza Saga happened after Vegeta had an intense clash against Goku with both sides barely making it out alive. It was at this time Vegeta lost his tail. Nappa was also unfortunately killed by Vegeta all the same. Nao was not there to prevent it. The last two Palace guards, Oliver and Parsi had perished before the two even made it to planet Earth.

Yes Nao was grateful for having Gin, Fynn, Oliver and Parsi's teachings on combat and training, but he had zero ties with them ever since the Saiyan-Tuffle War started.

After Goku had his epic clash against Frieza, Goku 'killed' him and left planet Namek before the planet blew up. He had his own adventure on planet Yardrat, and learned Instant Transmission. After Goku returned to Earth, more time had passed.

Before he did though a mysterious youth arrived in front the Z Fighters telling them of Goku's arrival. They were soon interrupted by a big spaceship landing beside them though. This was Frieza's mothership!

This part of the original story actually played out a bit differently. Cooler had received a report saying his brother almost died to a Saiyan. This enraged him very much. He also found out that his father picked up the bits and pieces of his remains and managed to put Frieza back together. It wasn't long until the three sought their revenge.

The mysterious youth turned out to be Trunks, Vegeta and Bulma's son. Bulma at this time had a small child in her arms wearing a dark blue cat-like hat making him appear very cute. She had gotten married to Vegeta and they had a kid. This Trunks in front of them was different from Xeno Trunks though, they were from two separate timelines.

An epic clash of Frost Demons and the Z Fighters ensued. King Cold actually managed to reveal some transformations as well shocking the group. Trunks killed off Frieza with his signature slash from his sword while King Cold and Cooler fought against the rest.

In the end the three Frost Demons succ.u.mbed to their fate and got destroyed into oblivion. (A/N Would this be another side story you guys would be interested in?)

The rest of the Android Saga went as the original did. 17 and 18 rampaged. Cell rampaged and then hosted the Cell Games.

After Earth returned to peace once more after Gohan finished off Cell, several years passed by which brings us to now, Year 774!

As of now, Nao, Tights, Kassi, Shin and Kibito were resting in the shade of some nearby trees, waiting for the main cast to arrive. As for Goku himself, why don't we see what he's up to?

Year 774, Other World, Mountainous Region

Very tall mountain peaks could be seen stretching on infinitely throughout the golden clouds of the Other World. Near the entrance of this training ground stood King Kai with a solemn look on his face. He could see a figure sitting in meditation with his eyes closed on the very top of one of the mountains far off into the distance.

This figure was over six feet tall and had a very muscular build. Black spiky hair shot up curved, with more bangs poking out from his right side than his left side. He was wearing an orange dougi and it had a Kanji on the back of it, which read as 'Son'. This was Son Goku and he currently had a halo above his head.

That's right, Goku had died during the fight against Cell and he was currently meditating. He had finished his training in preparations for the World Tournament on Earth after notifying the Z Fighters he would return to participate in it.

King Kai watched on in silence before he was interrupted by an aged voice and the sound of a hovering orb.

"Is Goku ready yet, King Kai? Isn't it time to depart?"

"Shortly, Baba. Goku is currently sharpening his mind. It won't take much longer."

"Good. I'll wait around then. I'll only be giving him 24 hours to return to the world of the living. He best make full use of it."

"Oh, I'm sure he will, hoho."

Letting out a small laugh, Fortuneteller Baba and King Kai passed some time together making light conversion. After some moments passed, Goku opened his eyes, ending his meditation. It was time for him to descend back down to Earth once more!