Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 205

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 205 197: Side Story: A Heartwarming Reunion In Hell

Let's go back in time a bit. Thirteen years to be exact. It was a very auspicious year, and on the calendar it marked Year 761!

Year 761, Planet Elosyia , several months after Gine's attack on her heart.

Planet Elosyia has now been thriving, many Elosyians could be seen doing about their work. The Great Forest they lived in situated directly underneath the massive ancient oak tree that housed the royal family's Palace on top of it.

Not only that but everyone had gotten used to the massive floating white Palace hundreds of meters into the air above the wooden Palace. Many carved openings could be seen on the tree itself and each one designated a different home. As long as one had enough money to rent or buy the home, they could live in it.

Directly beneath that was the city's marketplace where wooden stalls could be seen placed around in a circular manner. Everyone could conduct their businesses here. Not too far off from the north side of it stood a decent sized tree that overlooked the marketplace.

A figure soon flew into the tree who was immediately greeted by two voices.



"I'm home. Gine, Rucca. What's dinner for today?"

"You haven't changed a bit, Bardock. Food's always the first thing you ask about when you're done for the day, haha!"

After Gine let out a laugh, she dropped her cutlery on the kitchen table and came up to Bardock. She placed her hands on his h.i.p.s, which still had the same thick white gloves on them.

The other figure who was resting at the dining table also got up and a smile bloomed on her face. This figure was about six feet tall. Her hair was spiked the same fashion as Bardock but the spikes were as massive as Raditz's and her hair flew well past her shoulders. It was pitch black.

She had Bardock's sharp eyebrows as well, making her appear quite fierce. As for her attire, she was actually wearing the same black obsidian-like plated battle armor but with no shoulder pads, much like Nao's. A black bodysuit could also be seen underneath that went well past her legs. She even had black boots on.

A dark brown tail could be seen wrapped around her waist. This was Rucca, the daughter of Gine and Bardock! As to why she looked like this, she was the white Palace's Head Guard! She was destined to become it after Nao learned that Rucca had very similar talent to Goku!

Rucca had received combat training since an early age from Oscar who had long since retired from fighting. She was even able to become a Super Saiyan in her early teens thanks to amount S-Cells her body produced thus far. She was now eighteen years old this year!

As for Bardock, he sported his dark green plated armor. Only light green leather straps went up his shoulders. Most of his chiseled neck and arms were in plain sight. He wore red leather arm guards and leg guards with a black suit that covered his legs.

Gine still wore her same teal one piece suit which had a bit of yellow plating over her abdomen. Yellow straps went over her shoulders. She wore purple armbands and wore white boots with black leggings underneath. She still had her same shaggy hair and large pupils.

Seeing Gine and Rucca walk up to him, Bardock nodded.

"Huntin' beasts outside the city always makes my stomach growl after a full day's work. Living as a hunter here is very fulfillin'. I've no idea why I was made into their Head Hunter though. A lot of them got similar power levels to mine."

"Well you've been in this line of work for far more than the others have. Come in, Bardock. I was actually able to pick up a couple of sea bass for tonight since they were on sale. You best have a full stomach for tomorrow You let the guys know you won't be around tomorrow right?"

"Fish, eh? And yeah I let the guys know. Surprisin' you were able to get in contact with Nao. Heard he been off doin' who knows what recently. Trainin' as I recall."

"Yeah! We have a scheduled meeting. I was surprised to learn about the existence of the Other World. If something really did happen to those two, we'd meet them there...I want to go against my heart this time but I know it's telling the truth..."

After Gine said that, a saddened look appeared in her eyes. Bardock placed his big hand on her hand, causing Gine to close one of her eyes, feeling his warmth.

"Those two. Raditz and Kakarrot, huh? It's been years since we've seen them last. Speakin' of which, you've been wantin' to meet your two brothers, right, Rucca?"

"Yeah! I really want to meet them! I find it hard to believe that two brothers would go at each other's necks. But then again my two brothers were both born on Planet Vegeta, right? It's totally peaceful here but I'm not sure what it was like over there."

"Yeah. We were conscripted into an army, but that's no longer effectin' us. Let's get dinner ready. I'll knock some sense into those two. But for now let's get dinner ready. Tomorrow will come before we know it."

""Okay!"", Both Gine and Rucca yelled out.

Before they knew it the three enjoyed some roasted sea bass for dinner and the next day soon arrived. Little did they know they had a guest waiting for them at the door.

Hearing a knock, Gine yelled out.

"Hold on, I'll be right there!"

Getting up from the couch in their living room, Gine rushed to the door. Both Rucca and Bardock looked on with interest, they didn't know someone would come knocking. After opening the door, she became stunned for a moment.

A white haired Saiyan could be seen with Tights in tow, both of them having a smile on their face!

"Yo, Gine! Been doing well? You look a lot better now."

"...Is that really you, Nao!?"

"In the flesh. Sorry for dropping by unexpectedly but I'm on a tight schedule. Been pretty busy ever since I got promoted as a Supreme Kai."

"You don't need to apologize! Come on in. You're family to us. Madam Iona had always been my best friend ever since we met each other."

"Pardon the intrusion then. Tights, please go prepare some tea."

"Of course, Nao. I'll get right on it."

After the three spoke, Gine, Nao and Tights went inside and Tights immediately went into the kitchen. It didn't take long before using one of Nao's portals to make some tea for the group.

Meanwhile Nao made his way to Rucca and Bardock, who were enjoying looking out the window, and watching the happenings down below in the marketplace.

Nao smiled seeing the two relaxing.

"It's nice to see you again, Uncle Bardock. You as well, Rucca. I hope Fie isn't causing too much trouble for you. Sorry I couldn't be around the Palace much."

"Heh, wasn't expectin' for you to personally come visit us. You look like you been doin' well. We just finished eatin' so we can head out whenever."

As Bardock said that, Rucca eyes beamed seeing Nao enter her house. A smile bloomed on her face, nodding at him.

"Master Nao, you're finally back! Lady Fie is a bit mischievous still but every day has been enjoyable despite your absence. Do you have any idea when you'll be done yet?"

"I'm not sure. I'm still well underway. Master had been rather restless lately after releasing a crucial mission to all of us. Only I'm excluded from it though since she's overlooking my training. But that's why I'm not here today. Are you guys ready to depart?"

"Yeah. We're ready whenever. Let's enjoy some tea first.", Bardock answered while nodding at Nao's words.

"You sound like you're quite busy then, Master Nao. Thank you for coming here.", Rucca said with a smile.

"Not at all. You don't need to address me as Master, either, Rucca. My parents see you guys as family and I as well."

"I will try...but there is proper etiquette for everything, Master Nao."

"Suit yourself then."

After Nao said that the five gathered around the dining table, enjoying some tea. After a couple moments passed, a serious look appeared in Nao's eyes before speaking out to the group.

"I've already checked in with King Yemma so once you guys are done we'll set out. I hate being the bearer of bad news though but it does seem something happened to both Raditz and Kakarrot."

Hearing Nao say that that, Gine, who was currently holding hands with Bardock, gripped her hand tightly. Bardock raised his eyebrows seeing Gine tense up but remained silent.

It was Gine who spoke out with a shaky voice after placing her tea cup down.

"So it looks like my heart was telling the truth then. Tell me, Nao. D-did my two sons die?"

"Yes. Raditz and Kakarrot both passed away a couple months ago."