Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 206

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 206 198 Side Story: A Heartwarming Reunion In Hell Ii

Hearing Nao announce that, sadness appeared in Rucca's eyes. Bardock's expression remained unchanged but he let a sigh. It was actually Gine who had the most visible change.

A momentary sadness appeared in her eyes, but before long the group heard the sounds of crushing glass. Snap!

Gine had actually broken her cup of tea, causing the remaining tea to spill onto the table. No one said anything. Tights remained quiet as she took out a clean rag, and slowly began to clean it up.

It was obvious anger could now be seen in her eyes. She then stood up and yelled out.

"Those damn fools! The two of them are brothers! I don't care what happened to cause them to kill each other. If I don't go knock some sense into Raditz and Kakarrot right now then I'm not fit to be their mother. Sure we're Saiyans but we ought to look after each other, especially since our home world got destroyed. We've barely a handful of our race left too. Nao, let's go I can't wait any longer."

After she yelled that out, Nao remained calm and spoke out to her.

"We can go, but are you fine, Gine?"

"Don't give me that look, Nao. I'm perfectly fine right now. Isn't that right, Bardock?"

"Don't bring me into this. But it us true we ought to go. Rucca you got everythin'?"

"I do!"

"Well then, then depart everyone. Please get up and place a hand on my back. We'll go to King Yemma's office directly.

Everyone nodded at Nao"s words after he spoke that. Tights had long since cleaned up the spill and the cup's broken glass thanks to her efficiency and returned to Nao's side, placing a hand on his back. Gine, Bardock and Rucca did the same.

Feeling everyone's hand on his back, Nao nodded. He then let out a chant.


And just like that, the five vanished from the three's tree-house. Their destination? King Yemma's office in the Other World!

Meanwhile, in the Other World it was actually quite peaceful now that Demon King Piccolo's attempt at world domination on planet Earth had long ended. There weren't any souls lined up as pale blue puffy clouds waiting to be judged. Earth and its surrounding planets were currently at peace in the many galaxies around them.

All of this brought a smile to King Yemma's face. For once his deck was actually clean and not piled up with paperwork! Yet before he could kick back his chair and relax, five figures suddenly appeared in front of his desk, causing him to raise his eyebrows.

Upon seeing Nao arrive he panicked, causing him to tumble back in his chair anyways, falling onto the floor with a loud thud. Nao laughed seeing this.

"Haha, King Yemma did I come at a bad time? We'ere a bit early for our scheduled appointment."

After Nao said that, King Yemma quickly dusted himself off and rushed toward Nao's side and knelt down. It was weird seeing a giant well over a hundred feet tall kneel down in such a small figure in front of him, but he still contained a respectful tone once he spoke out to Nao.

"Not at all, Lord Supreme Kai. It's been pretty quiet lately. Welcome to the gate to the Other World. You're scheduled to take a visit down to Hell today. I'm assuming its for these guests?"

"That's right. Speaking of which have you managed to locate the person called Son Goku after the last time we spoke? I did tell you about Raditz previously but Son Goku's whereabouts shouldn't place him in Hell."

"I did. Both that Son Goku and Raditz were able to keep their bodies, which is very unusual. It's not every day you see that. Thanks to Kami's interference Son Goku was granted passageway straight to King Kai's place for training. Do you want to go to Hell or King Kai's place first?"

"We'll go drop by Hell first. I've already located Raditz. Thank you for doing this King Yemma."

"Not at all. Unlike certain people I know, you actually managed to properly submit a request to do this. Have a safe trip."

"Thank you!"

Nao smiled after King Yemma said that. The other remained quiet only to hear the two's exchange. Without anything else to say, Nao chanted another Kai-Kai spell, directly arriving down in Hell.

Hell itself was the place sinners and evildoers went to repent for their sins, much like any other Hell. Yet unlike other Hells, in D*Z it was inhabited and subjected to laws, much like Earth. Those who followed the laws were able to enjoy more freedom.

Hell was split into several different areas with many sectors. Such a few examples were the Bloody Pond, a massive lake made out of pure blood. A torturous mountain made up of pins and needles, called the Pin's Mountain. The Frozen Tundra which consisted of only glaciers and ice. The Yemma Forest, a big mountainous region which housed large amounts of trees and vegetation. (A/N The Frozen Tundra was named my me, I'm not sure if the frozen area was even named, if it was please let me know.)

The Yemma Forest was Nao's destination this time around. The other villains who had died already mostly resided near the Bloody Pond which had endless dark blue stone crags sticking out from the ground around it. Raditz himself was resting underneath one of the many trees in the Yemma Forest.

His resting was interrupted by the sound of five figures suddenly arriving nearby. His eyes opened and an annoyed look appeared on his face.

"Who the hell is bothering me this time? Can't you tell I'm trying to rest right now?"

Raditz didn't see who arrived yet but for some reason he felt a strange familiarity, causing him to open his eyes. Yet before he could do anything Gine walked up to him and yelled out once more.

"That's not the way you should speak to your mother, is it now? My dear R-A-D-I-T-Z!"

Seeing Gine still like this, Nao leaned his head toward Bardock and whispered at him.

"Is Gine always like this, Uncle Bardock?"

"Not always, only when she's really angry. Let's just sit back and watch the show. ", Bardock answered nonchalantly.

"So this is what one of my brothers look like, huh? He looks similar to me, hehe!", Rucca said in a quiet tone, obviously excited.

After the three said that, they didn't say anything more. Shock appeared in Raditz's eyes, unable to comprehend seeing Gine stand before him. Yet before he could react further, Gine raised her right hand, striking out at his cheek. SLAP!

A loud slap echoed around them, causing some birds to fly away that were resting inside the nearby trees. Raditz rubbed the wound on his cheek, after a large hand print appeared on it. Raditz looked at the figure standing in front of him. Sure enough it indeed was his mother!

" that really you?"

"Of course it is you stupid idiot. You just had to go and die like that, didn't you?"


Hearing Raditz call her out, tears slowly formed in Gine's eyes. She then grabbed onto Raditz's head, bringing him into her chest. Raditz didn't say anything. He felt a warmth that he had not felt for a very long time. Sure they were Saiyans but unlike others Raditz was actually quite close to his family, despite his rough appearance. He then spoke out in a soft tone, enjoying his mother's warmth.

"My eyes aren't tricking me, are they? Mother, what exactly are you doing here in a place like this? Moreover I don't see a halo above your head. Our planet was destroyed by a meteor, how exactly did you live that?"

Before long Raditz started to fire off question after question, yet Gine disregarded most of them. She instead replied back with her own statement.

"Look Raditz, lots of things have changed. We can slowly catch up but before that we're going to have Nao take us to Kakarrot. We can explain everything that happened up until now then."

Hearing his mother speak about his brother, Raditz clicked his tongue.

"Tch, don't bother doing that, Mother. Kakarrot's changed. He no longer sees me as his brother. He refused to join our side after I offered him to join hands. That fool went and had his memory wiped clean! He sees himself as a native to that backwater planet, not as us Saiyans!"

"Kakarrot...lost his memory?"

"Yeah. Moreover I heard you called out that bastard's name, Nao was it? That bastard is still alive?"

"Don't you dare call him that, Raditz! Nao is our savior! Come, according to him Kakarrot is also here in the Other World. IF the two of you had any past grievances I'm sure they can be amended."

After Gine said that, before Raditz could do anything, Gine tightly gripped one of his ears. Wiping the tears away with her spare hand, she started to drag Raditz away, and approached Nao again. Rucca hid behind Bardock, as she wanted to surprise her to brothers.

As for Nao, he grinned seeing Gine drag along Raditz like that. The group placed their hands on his back once more. Nao only spoke out once, causing Raditz to glare at him before he chanted another Kai-Kai spell.

"It's nice to see you again as well, Raditz.", Nao said in a playful tone.

After he said that, he let out another Kai-Kai chant, not giving any time for Raditz to respond other than giving a glare at him. The six vanished from the Yemma Forest. They immediately arrived at King Kai's planet!

King Kai's planet looked peaceful as always. It's only inhabitants were King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory. Yet now there was a new addition, Son Goku!

Son Goku could currently be seen wearing his orange dougi, throwing out fists and kicks left and right with weights on them. King Kai was overseeing it before suddenly felt a fluctuation, causing his head to turn around. Goku also saw this, and spoke out.

"Somethin' wrong, King Kai?"

"Looks like some guests have arrived. Stop your training for a bit. Put on a respectful tone, this is someone who you do not want to anger."

"Guests? Are they strong?"

"Hoho, strong is an understatement. This person was actually my student at one point, much like you."

As Goku said that, he let out a deep breath, and slowly dropped back down onto the ground. He took his off his weights and an excited look appeared in his eyes. Even though King Kai's planet was small, Nao and the group appeared quite a ways away. Goku decided to spread his Ki out, and the first one he sensed was Raditz's Ki, which caused anger to appear in his eyes.

"Raditz!", Goku yelled out, entering a defensive stance.

"I'm not here to fight, stupid brother. Can't you see the people around me?"


After Raditz said that, Goku's eyes shifted around. He soon saw Gine and Bardock standing next to Raditz and Nao. He also saw another figure standing behind them but it was hard to see her. Yet the moment he looked at Bardock, Goku became stunned.

"Who are you guys? Moreover you look exactly like me...?"

Seeing Goku's appearance for the first time brought a rare smile to Bardock, but he didn't say anything. Gine eventually let go of Raditz's ear and also became stunned seeing Goku in person for the first time. Without saying anything, she walked up to him. Goku was still wary but he soon felt a warmth spread throughout his body as Gine hugged him.

Goku also felt a familiarity to this warmth, much like Raditz did, causing confusion to appear in his eyes. Gine smiled at him before speaking out.

"You're Kakarrot alright. You've got the same look as your father's. Raditz said you lost your memory, is that true?"

"What is with this 'Kakarrot, business? My name is Son Goku! Who the heck are you guys?"

Hearing Goku said that did cause some sadness to appear in Gine's eyes, but she calmly replied to him.

"Let me ask you this, Goku, was it? Have you ever wondered where exactly you came from? I'm sure Raditz told you already, didn't he?"

"I did, but he wouldn't listen. Without using some threats that is."

"That's 'cause you took my son hostage you bastard! I'm not this Saiyan you keep talkin' about, I'm a full fledged earthling, just like everyone else!"

"That's wrong. Kakarrot. We were the ones who sent you to Planet Earth. It's range was outside of Frieza's army so we hoped you would live a comfortable life away form that guy's iron grip."

"I was sent to Earth? Now that you mention it, Grandpa did mention he found a strange pod where he originally found me...But why I am I feeling this way? It's my first time seein' you guys but it feels like I've known you guys for a long time!"

Hearing Goku say that, Gine looked at Bardock and asked him a question.

"Should we tell him, Bardock?"

"Up to you. You're the one who requested Nao to do all of this anyway. We even brought Rucca along. Why wouldn't we do an introduction at this point?"

""Rucca?", both Goku and Raditz questioned with a doubtful look in their eyes.

Taking this as a sign to start, Rucca slowly walked in front of Bardock. Both Goku and Raditz now saw a Saiyan looking similar to them. She had Bardock's hairstyle but Radit'z spiky hair. Before the two could do anything, they heard Rucca giggle, speaking out to them.

"So you two are my idiot brothers who killed each other, huh? It's nice to finally meet you, Raditz, Kakarrot. I'm Rucca, your sister! Gine and Bardock are indeed your true parents, Kakarrot. This is your true family!"


"Tch, I'm no idiot. Kakarrot is the idiot for not realizing who he was!"

Hearing Raditz say that while Goku let out another question, a wave of laughter spread out around the group. Seeing them start to get familiarized with each other, Nao stepped away and approached King Kai's side. Nao and King Kai decided to catch up with each other, entering King Kai's house. Tights followed Nao of course, before having another look at the Saiyans.

Time started to speed up again. It took a while for Goku to recover himself, but he couldn't get rid of the familiarity he was constantly feeling. Sure he grew up without parents, only knowing his grandfather. Perhaps what he was feeling was familial love? He didn't know.

He always remained wary of Raditz of course, but he eventually dropped his guard seeing that he didn't attack. In fact Raditz actually seemed to enjoy himself being in the presence of his family. Rucca also started to get along with Raditz, bringing a smile to Gine's face. All while Bardock leaned against a try, watching the bonding happen from afar.

It wasn't until Goku who spoke out with a another question, causing the group's eyes to land on him.

"Are you guys...really my family? And I'm actually a Saiyan?"

"That's right, Kakarrot. Your son had a tail, didn't he? Speaking of which what happened to your tail?"

"Mine was cut off a long time ago. I refuse to let myself transform into such a monster...after learning what happened to my grandpa."

"But that's our race's true form! Such potential laid waste now. How can you call yourself a warrior now?"

"I still beat you didn't I? Besides I've been training these last few months to get ready for those two other Saiyans arriving on planet Earth soon."

"...Shit, that's right. Prince Vegeta and that idiot Nappa are on their way now. How dare they call me a fool. Sure I know my strength doesn't match up to theirs, but to think they'd have the balls to call me useless. You said you were training, right?"

"I did. Don't tell me you want in?"

"What, I can't?"

"As long as you promise to fight against those two bastards, I guess you can join. But it would be up to King Kai, not me."

Seeing Goku and Raditz start conversing with each other about training brought a smile to Gine's face once more. She could see her two sons starting to get along! Even Rucca joined in, slowly getting to know her two brothers. Seeing them enter their own little world, Gine approached Bardock once more.

"Are you sure you don't want to join in, Bardock?"

"Nah. Let the three be. Kakarrot looks like he grew up to be a fine Saiyan. I'm fine watchin' things from here."

"If you're like that then I'll join. The three of them are starting to spend some quality time together. Raditz even brought up the idea of training!"

"Is that so?"

And just like that, Gine stayed back with Bardock, allowing the three siblings to get to know each other better. Raditz eventually apologized for kidnapping Goku's son as well, causing shock to appear in his eyes. Goku in turn started to talk about his own family, which caused Rucca to fire off question after question.

And with that, Goku had finally met his true family. He slowly opened his heart to them., and the other did the same. It was a very heartwarming one. It started out from Hell, and made its way to King Kai's planet.

As for Raditz, King Kai made the exception to train Raditz as well at Nao's behest. Raditz also decided to repent for the sins he caused. Once those were clear, he would be able to revive again, like Goku but that would be much farther down the line. Yet he would be given an exception to return back to the realm of the living to fight alongside Goku and the Z Fighters once Vegeta and Nappa arrive. It ended up in an epic clash, but that too would be a story for another time...

As for Nao, he did not introduce himself to Goku at this time. He also spoke to the family besides him to remain quiet as well. He would introduce himself alongside Tights later on. The group complied.

Before long it was time to go, and Nao brought Gine, Rucca and Bardock back with him before leaving behind Goku and Raditz on King Kai's planet. The latter two were saddened but knew they had to go, they couldn't stay here for forever.

And just like that, this Side Story had come to a close. Goku was able to meet his Saiyan family, and eventually develop a bond between siblings as well. Raditz had a change of heart, and Rucca got to learn about her two brothers. This was all thanks to Nao.

As for Nao, he returned to his Master's side and continued his training. Things slowly moved back to its present state, and it was high time that Nao was to introduce himself to the Z Fighters!