Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 207

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 207 199: Meeting The Z Fighters

Year 744, Planet Earth, May 7th, Morning.

The sun's rays poured down on planet Earth, signaling the next day. Nao, Tights and Kassi could be seen snuggled against each other, enjoying each other's warmth as they slept.

Shin and Kibito did the same, basking in the warmth of the sun's rays. Those two were propped against a tree not far away from Nao, only a couple meters apart. Nao slowly opened his eyes, only to see Tights' back leaned against his chest, snuggling her body in-between his.

He then recalled the dream he had over the night. The reunion Goku's family had several years ago still brings a smile to Nao no matter how many times he remembers it. Unlike the original story it was able to provide a good sense of closure for Goku's family.

Thanks to Raditz' deeds during his stay in Hell he eventually earned enough karma for a second life. Nao requested Grand Kai and he complied, as Nao's status was now higher than his. He couldn't refuse as the overseer of the Other World.

Thanks to that, Raditz ended up returning to his family on Planet Eloysia. He thought about staying at Goku's side on Earth, but considering he was still dead, he went against it.

He was also shocked to see Vegeta among the Z Fighters when he got resurrected, and thanks to the grudge he still had against him, the two often fought with each other. Raditz decided in the end to head to Planet Eloysia to where his family resided. They warmly welcomed him of course.

Raditz and Rucca would often spar with each other. Every time he would be beaten black and blue, but after enough zenkai boosts, he became a Super Saiyan for the first time. Let me tell you, his hair always becomes pretty crazy looking after he becomes one!

But enough about that, Nao saw Tights' eyes start to flutter a bit. Seeing this, he leaned in over her head, and planted his lips against hers. Tights returned the kiss and parted after a couple moments.

"Good mornin', Nao. Glad to see yer up already. But what is this hard thing I'm feelin' behind me?"

"Good morning to you, Tights. Your face just looked really lovely so I got a bit excited. I've been pent up lately thanks to all of that training. Would you be able to go for a quick round? Looks like we still got time. Goku hasn't left the Other World yet."

"Sure can, but Kassi is here right now. I wouldn't want to trouble her."

"Trouble me with what?"

The two soon heard a third voice, and their eyes shifted, only to see Kassi rub her eyes. Nao chuckled a bit before speaking out to her.

"Oh looks like you're up, Kassi. Your Mother and I are going to have a bit of private time together. The tournament looks like it won't start till a couple hours later."

Hearing Nao say that, Kassi blinked her eyes a bit before she blushed.

"Yer goin' to be doin' it now first thin' in the mornin'!?"

"Of course we are. But why are you still acting surprised to these things, Kassi? My other children are already wanting to develop families of their own. You ought to take a boyfriend soon. You know, Shin has gotten a lot stronger lately after taking his training seriously. While Tights and I are gone why don't you get to know him better?"

"A-As if I'd do that, Father! I don't need a boyfriend right now!"

After Nao said that, Kassi's face turned a deeper red. Nao chuckled once more, and slowly got up from the grass beneath him. He lifted up Tights along the way.

"Heh, your loss then. Just remember you're a grown woman, Kassi, and my second eldest daughter. Let's go, Tights. We'll fly away enough to where they can't hear us."

"Sounds good to me."


As the two left deeper into the woods next to the martial arts temple, Kassi snorted. Shin had long woken up thanks to the noise the three caused and observed all of this with an amused look in his eyes. Kassi saw this and yelled out to him.

"If you dare come any closer I'll punch you straight out of this planet!"

"Oh? Maybe I will. Our race doesn't dive into romance much, so what's the harm? Nao did say you might partake in this tournament. Want to have a little warm up spar?"

As Shin said that, he got up. Kassi wavered for a moment. She then spoke out once more.

"Yer on! Father won't let me spar with him yet so you'll have to do. Don't go off runnin' just 'cause I can't fully control my strength yet."

"No need to worry."

And with that said, Nao and Tights spent some time alone in the woods enjoying each other's embrace while Kassi and Shin enjoyed a sparring session.

Before the two began Shin erected a divine energy barrier to not let any energy escape out, and at the sane time he wanted to see if anyone could probe it. Sure enough one individual was able to, causing a grin to appear on his face.

Who was that individual? He was a certain green skinned individual with pointy ears, wearing a large white cape that had very large white pointy shoulder extensions. He wore a dark blue-purple gi outfit, fit for training. This was Piccolo, one of the Z Fighters, and one of the first to arrive on the island.

His attention was immediately caught by the barrier being erected in the woods nearby, causing his eyes to open. Confusion appeared in his eyes the moment he tried to see where the barrier was.

"Strange...I sense no evil intentions, but why was a barrier placed here? It won't even let me see inside...", Piccolo uttered to himself.

As he could to doing nothing about it, he let out a sigh. Yet the energy he was trying to sense had some familiar with it but he couldn't get a good grasp on it.

"Moreover, this energy...could it be...?"

He then entered own thoughts but eventually shook them away, His sight soon landed on one of the many flying capsule jets heading to the tournament grounds.

It was pale yellow in color and had the number 576 labeled on the front. This was Bulma's exclusive capsule jet! Bulma herself was now a middle aged woman, containing an air of maturity around her. She was seated in the pilot's seat controlling the jet's wheel.

Next to her in the co-pilot's seat was her husband, Vegeta. The prince of the Saiyans!

Behind them were a couple rows of seats on each side. On the right was Goku's family, Chi-chi and the Ox King, Yamcha, as well as Krillin and Android 18 with Marron in her arms.

Master Roshi, Gohan, Oolong, Puar, Goten, who was Goku's second child, and Trunks, who was Bulma's and Vegeta's child, could be seen on the other side. Friendly conversation could be heard going around the group and laughter erupted every so often.

During this time, Gohan spoke out to everyone with a question of his own.

"By the way, Vegeta. This goes for as well, Goten. You too, Trunks. Would you guys mind if we don't turn into Super Saiyans during the tournament?"

"Why not?", Vegeta asked with a stern voice.

Hearing Vegeta question that caused Bulma to turn and look at him before speaking out.

"Don't you know? You guys were already shown on TV during the fight with Cell. Now try transforming in front of them. They'll remember who you guys were!"

"Yeah! If that happens we'd get swarmed by TV reporters."

"Hmph, if that happens I'd just beat the crap out of all of them."

"Heh, you can't do that, Vegeta!"

After Gohan said that with a chuckle, everyone let out a laugh. Even Vegeta let out a small laugh before he continued to speak.

"Well, all right. As long as nobody turns Super Saiyan, nobody will have an advantage. It won't effect my superiority."

"I don't mind!"

"Me neither!"

After Vegeta said that with an arrogant tone, Trunks and Goten chipped in as well. Gohan happily responded hearing the three of them confirm.

"Awesome, thank you guys!", Gohan said happily.

"Besides, Super Saiyans should be illegal. It's impossible to fight against something like that, hahaha!", Krillin said with a nervous tone. This incited the others to laugh once more.

After everyone finished laughing, Bulma was the next one to yell out after seeing what she was seeing in the near distance.

"Look everyone! This is the island that's hosting the 25th World's Martial Arts Tournament!"

After Bulma said that, all eyes landed on the window, allowing them a good look at the island. Before they realized it they touched down and they began wandering toward the center. They could see stalls containing various things to sell along the way. Everyone was anticipating Goku to arrive soon.

The group soon met up with Piccolo as well. Piccolo remained quiet about the barrier since he couldn't do anything about it. Besides, the barrier vanished in a few moments after it was erected. Shin had actually won against Kassi after successfully dropping her guard multiple times.

She was pissed off about her loss but didn't throw a tantrum. She only waited for Nao and Tights to return. The moment the two did, Kassi saw Tights was blushing a deep red, but otherwise looked normal. Nao also saw Kassi and Shin. He knew the two fought against each other, and only smiled back at the two.

Shin nodded seeing Nao return. With the five grouped together again, they also began heading toward the temple grounds where the tournament was held. Kassi didn't speak a word as they walked. Shin decided to play a bit, even going as far as trying to reach for Kassi's arm to hold to, but he only received a fierce glare.

Nao chuckled seeing this. Kassi was one of the more stubborn children he has, even with her tomboyish appearance. As to whether Kassi and Shin would grow closer as a result of this, he wouldn't know. He had his own wives and family to look after, and seeing his children spread out brought warmth to his heart.

He would catch up with the others soon, but for now it was time to meet Goku and the Z Fighters. Not only that, but two sides of a coin were about to meet. Being from the righteous faction, Nao was a Saiyan prodigy. He was bound to meet the evil faction's Saiyan Prince, Prince Vegeta!

Although Vegeta's overall character turned for the better during the recent years and even went as far as creating a family of his own, Nao was still very excited to meet the group!