Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 208

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 208 200: Meeting The Z Fighters Ii

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"Looks like the fighters we have been keeping an eye on have arrived. Why don't we check ourselves in? Would be better to get there early before the lines start to crowd. There's quite a few earthlings here."

"Yeah, I'm always one for being early so let's do that. But first..."

After Shin and Nao spoke to each other, Nao looked over to Kassi. Anger could be seen all over face as she kept quiet. She really was a stubborn girl despite being very beautiful.

"Kassi, I know you're pretty stubborn, but a loss is a loss. Let Shin hold your arm while you two go register for the tournament."


Hearing Nao say that, Kassi's cheeks became a bit red. She then looked over to Shin, who only shrugged his shoulders in response. Nao let out another chuckle seeing Kassi react like this. He then placed his hand over her silver hair and ruffled it.

"You know Kassi, I'm just looking out for you. Having a partner is amazing. Moreover, Shin hasn't been slacking in his training either. He's a god like me too."

"I indeed am. Having a partner doesn't really sound too bad if you ask me. Once that bastard is dead I might settle down for good. Nao's already giving his blessing, Kassi. You certainly are a breathtaking woman."

"...I know my attitude can be pretty bad at times, but do you really think I'm beautiful?"

"That would be an understatement."

Hearing Shin say that with a genuine smile, Kassi felt her heart thump a bit. She then became quiet and turned the other way. The only thing she did was open her right arm out, giving a signal out to Shin. Shin complied and linked his arm with hers. She then spoke out once more.

"Just so yer aware, I'm only doin' this 'cause I lost! Nothing more!"

"Sure, sure. Let's go register ourselves already. Make sure you enter as well, Kibito. We need to you to test that Saiyan's potential."

"As you wish, Master."

After Shin said that, Kassi and Shin slowly walked into the crowd of people on the main road leading to the entrance of the martial arts temple where the registration is hosted at. It was quite funny seeing the two walk arm in arm since Shin was quite smaller than Kassi. It garnered onlookers but the two ignored them.

Meanwhile, Kibito walked up next to Nao while he had his arms bent horizontally behind his back and his fists curled up, appearing stoic. He then spoke out to Nao.

"Is it fine letting the Young Miss be like that with Master? As I recall Master had never taken in a lover before."

"It should be. It'll be many first experiences for the two of them to say the least, haha! Besides, it'll bring another god under our wing."

"So you really did have other intentions, Nao?", Tights asked. She remained quiet during their talk but she now spoke up

" could say that. We'll need to see if the ship sails first. She really should find a lover soon though."

"It is true she's one of yer only children left who doesn't have a lover or two by now. Fie is another one but she's an exception. I don't think she sees any other man her life other than you, Nao."

"Fie's still like that? Maybe it's because of the blood pact we initially bonded with...She hasn't awoken to any of those types of feelings yet, has she?"

"Not as far as I'm aware of, Nao. But I would overhear her callin' yer name durin' yer absences every so often when her door was closed. If it were me, you ought to embrace her."

"That's what's been happening lately? I still see her as my own child, but it is true we aren't blood related. I don't l.u.s.t after my own children this might be a bit troublesome. I guess we could always leave it up to fate. Besides, it's Aht's turn next. She's been patiently waiting all this time."

"Haha, yer right about that! If you hadn't started yer Mana trainin' with her, Aht probably would have gone crazy by now. She was distracted at first helpin' raise Eir's child but a whole thirty one years passed. You got a lot of catchin' up to do."

"You were training with Lady Chronoa for thirty one years?"

Kibito, who listened in on Nao and Tights' conversation, asked that. He turned toward Kibito and nodded.

"That's right. But we should cut this talk short. You should go catch up with Shin. We'll go meet Bulma and the others."

"Acknowledged. I hope your meeting goes well."

After Kibito said that, he turned his body around and began walking to where Kassi and Shin was. They were now quite a ways away and soon approaching the temple gate. He was quite tall too so Nao was able to see Kibito flow through the incoming crowds of people.

Nao saw Kibito dodge every single one of them, not allowing to touch his body as he faded into the distance. This caused Nao to raise his eyebrows.

"Heh, looks like Kibito also hadn't been slacking in his training either."

"You can tell just by his movements?"

"You can say that. I'd love to go into detail but we ought to go ourselves. Goku just arrived. I also can't wait to see your sister again after all these years."

"She'll definitely receive a shocker lookin' at me in this outfit of yours. You said it was a combat maid outfit right?"

"Yep! It's also time to meet our dear Prince Vegeta too."

Hearing Nao say that with a playful tone, Tights only nodded in response. He could tell the guys were on the left side of the south entrance while he and Tights were on the east side. By foot alone it would take a good fifteen minutes.

Nao thought of teleporting directly there, but opted not to. He instead locked hands with Tights, and the two started to walk westward. People who saw them got out of their way, mostly assuming Nao to be a noble of sorts since he had a maid with him.

Meanwhile, Goku had long touched down nearby the Z Fighters who were eagerly awaiting him. Lots of tears were shed once everyone saw Goku with Fortuneteller Baba. Goku even met his second son for the first time, Son Goten!

Baba warned Goku that he only had 24 hours to be in the realm of the living. He was able to return since he had earned enough good karma while training under King Kai since he passed away from Cell's fight many years back. Goku acknowledged her and she soon left.

Yet as she floated away, she suddenly felt someone's gaze lock onto her. She noticed a very particular white haired man looking right at her. The moment she saw him she cursed inwardly.

'Shit, it's that guy! I have to get out of here pronto! What the heck is he even doing here!?', Baba cursed inwardly in her heart.

She then sped up even more and vanished from sight. Nao chuckled seeing her leave like that but didn't say anything. Before long he could see Goku getting reunited with his family and the Z Fighters. Laughter constantly echoed from their group as Goku spent quality time with Goten.

Nao and Tights walked for a few more minutes before they were only a few meters away. Nao calmly spoke out to the group, interrupting their reunion.

"Yo, Goku. Long time no see!"


The group suddenly became quiet hearing this voice reach out to Goku. Goku himself was also not expecting someone to reach out to him. He placed Goten back down on the ground. He then turned around, only to see a rather tall white-green haired man with spiky hair that shot straight up, curving backward at their tips, much like Vegeta and a beautiful short blond haired woman in a maid outfit holdings hands with him.

Confusion appeared in most of the group's eyes, all but a couple. Shock appeared in Bulma's eyes not believing who she was currently seeing. Vegeta saw Bulma's reaction, and had another look at Nao, but remained quiet.

Goku was the first to speak out, as confusion could be seen in his eyes as well.

"Who are ya? Wasn't expectin' anyone else to show up since the gang is all here. Have we met before?"

"Sure did, though I didn't introduce myself at that time. I was on King Kai's planet thirteen years ago with you. Surely you must remember that?"

"""King Kai's Planet!?""", everyone shouted in surprise.

After that was said, Gohan leaned toward Piccolo and began whispering in his ears. Videl was also with the group at this time, but she hadn't been able to confess her feelings to Gohan yet.

"Piccolo, do you know this guy? He's dressed very weirdly!"

"I don't. But for him to mention King Kai, he must be affiliated with the Other World somehow. That appearance though...It's very strange indeed. Wait a that a tail!?"

"A tail?"

After Piccolo whispered that, the two managed to spot Nao's tail around his waist. Nao's eyes shifted and locked straight onto Piccolo's. Seeing Nao smile, a shock went down Piccolo's back, causing him to curse softly.

"Shit, Gohan! We can't mess with this guy. He already saw through me!"


Seeing that happen, before anyone could do anything, Piccolo rushed put in front of Goku, entering a defensive stance. This shocked everyone even more but Nao didn't do anything. Piccolo then yelled out to him.

"What's another Saiyan like you doing here on this planet!?"

"A Saiyan?", Goku blinked with his eyes. His eyes then moved downward and saw Nao's white tail.

"You really are a Saiyan!"

"Hmph, no wonder why I was getting a familiar feeling.""


Hearing Vegeta ask that, Goku shifted his head and saw him walk up next to Goku, still having his arms folded. Nao smiled seeing the Saiyan Prince right in front of him now.

Nao let go of Tight's hand and walked up to him too. Nao performed a bow with his left hand, causing more shock to appear in everyone's eyes.

"It's finally a pleasure to meet you, Prince Vegeta. Your grandfather and I go way back."

"White hair, and a white tail, though you have some green now too. But it doesn't natter. Father always warned me when I was a kid to not meet a white haired Saiyan under any circ.u.mstances, I How the hell did you survive our planet's destruction?"

"Trade secret~"

"You bastard, if you won't answer properly then maybe I'll have to beat it out if you!"

"Want to give it a try?"

Having successfully taunted Vegeta, Vegeta unleashed a bit of his Ki. This caused those nearby to fly back a bit. Vegeta rushed forward, striking out with his right fist. Yet Nao did nothing which caused more anger to appear in Vegeta's eyes.

"You dare underestimate me, the Prince of all Saiy--huh!?"

As he yelled that out, his voice was cut off as he stumbled onto the floor. Nao was able to influence the space around him, allowing his body to become intangible. Vegeta phased right through him, and ended up tumbling into the ground behind him! A loud crash ensued!

"Vegeta, don't act so rashly! Don't you know who this guy is!?", Bulma panicked, running up to his side.

"As if I give a damn about who he is. He dared to mock me!"


Unexpectedly a loud slapping sound suddenly echoed around them, and a red hand print appeared on Vegeta's face. He scoffed in response but didn't get back up, and allowed Bulma to slap him. She then looked at Nao once more, confirming what she was really true.

"I'm sorry about my husband's actions just now. But is that really you, Nao? Moreover, this one next to you...Big sister!? And what's with this outfit!?"

After Bulma yelled that out, Tights smiled. She then lowered her hand, allowing Bulma to stand back up again. Tights then spoke out to her.

"Long time to see, sis. Nao and I decided to pay a visit to earth since his training was recently completed."

Seeing Bulma call her sister out like that caused everyone to blankly stare for a good moment. They then yelled out simultaneously.

"""Bulma has a sister!?"""