Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 209

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 209 201: Catching Up

"She sure does! I'm the eldest sister of Capsule Corporation, Tights. I've been off planet durin' the last few decades so you guys probably weren't aware of my existence. Did you really not tell them about me, sis?"

"...Off planet? Do you have any idea what this woman is talking about, Gohan?", Videl said with a doubtful look in her eyes.

As most earthlings weren't aware that life existed beyond planet Earth at this point in the story, Videl had a really hard time believing what she was currently seeing. It's not every day you see a person walking around with a tail. Sure there were very odd creatures on the planet itself, but Videl wasn't taking it.

Gohan could only sigh hearing Videl's doubt, lightly shaking his head.

"Please stay quiet for now, Videl. Looks like we'll have to explain things later on. You can at least do that, right?"

"I trust you, Gohan, so I will. Something does seem to be happening. Also once this whole thing is over..."

After Videl said that, she lightly blushed looking back at Gohan. Gohan saw this, and confusion appeared in eyes.

"Is something on my face?"

"I-It's nothing!", Videl said, dodging his question.

Gohan could only scratch his face seeing her head turn away from his out of embarrassment This did not go unnoticed by Nao, either.

'Looks like Videl is already starting to like Gohan. This is a good sign. Seeing the Z Fighters here altogether also means the original story hadn't deviated much. It's still a shame this is just a clone of the actual story created by Rebirth, but it's still blessing. I even have a large family now, considering I was just an orphan with adoptive parents in my last life. Still, there's only about six years left before D*Z/D*S truly ends. I have a few loose ends to tie up as well before we can head off to the next world..', Nao soon entered his thoughts.

'...I need to make sure Fu is dead and his plans stopped. Not to mention there is the Tournament of Power as well. There's also that Moro guy...', Nao continued his thoughts.

"But I won't go after Moro. His battle with the Z Fighters was truly spectacular. It even brought in the rest of the gods. I don't think they would mind if we left before that. I will have my finale with Fu while the Z Fighters and the gods can have their finale with Moro...' '(A/N My own spin on the GP arc ending, especially after seeing the latest manga chapter lol. I know there is another movie in production too...but world one will be ending soon sadly)

Finalizing his plans, Nao ended his current train of thought and moved onto the next one. He was starting to anticipate what the next world laid out for him and the girls. Nao wouldn't be alone either. He would able to take the white Palace into Rebirth's void space and the souls of the girls as well. Anyone who was Soulbound to him could go!

Not to mention Rebirth did another system update during the last thirty one years, giving Nao the ability to split off his soul. After his soul would split, he could enter the next worlds with his second soul and onward. The prior wouldn't go untouched either, he would let the earlier souls become his avatars!

It had a simple name like Soulbound did, called Soul Split!

Not only that, the Soulbound Partners would also be able to form their own avatars while in Rebirth's void space. This space also received a name, simply called Soul Space!

Nao could leave his avatars in the white Palace while his new ones would undergo reincarnations in the worlds the Old Man chose for Nao. Rebirth's main theme was rebirth and reincarnation after all. It symbolized the Phoenix!

As to whether Nao could merge his avatars together again in the future remained undecided, as he did not receive a power for this yet. But what he did know was that in Rebirth's Plane Shop, three worlds appeared before him. The shop became very simplified too. It only showed Planes he could buy.

As for the three worlds Nao could now buy from, they were the worlds of O*verlord, P*kemon, and the continent of Z*muria! Nao was very excited to say the least.

Also, the shop no longer had skills, weapons armors or accessories,tickets for gacha, or any consumables to purchase from, just Planes. Each Plane also only costed 1 Rebirth Point as well.

But there was a catch for Nao to earn Rebirth Points now. The only way he could earn them was by splitting off his soul. Each split gave one Rebirth Point, while each plane costed only one Rebirth Point.

Essentially what that meant was unless he had already created the plane prior, his soul could only venture out into one world at a time! He did not have any plans to split his soul off multiple times at once either. That just sounded like a one way ticket to Hell. Splitting off one's soul was an excruciating pain per Rebirth's warning Nao received a while ago.

Excess strain would likely cause his soul to perish. He didn't want to take any chances. Nao also wanted to look at his status screen once more, but that will be saved for when the group heads off into the tournament area.

For now, Nao finally ended his train of thought. He was to enjoy a short vacation with Tights and Kassi, enjoying the so called Majin Buu Saga. He saw Tights holding out her hand allowing Bulma to stand back up.

Meanwhile Vegeta scoffed but didn't say anything. He too was inwardly surprised learning Bulma had a sister. Let alone she was dating the guy who he was told to never meet in person by his own father.

The shock in everyone else's eyes also remained for several moments. Goku kept blinking his eyes as he shifted them between the two, finding many similarities.

It wasn't until Chi-Chi who berated him with an angry voice that Goku stopped doing this.

"Goku, don't you know it's not polite to keep staring like that!? Welcome! Tights, was it? You definitely look like Bulma, but this outfit of yours...are you a house maid or something?"

"You can say that. Nao and I have been together for over thirty years together. We do have someone we'd like you to meet as well, Bulma."

"My, such a strong relationship after being together for so long! If you're Bulma's sister then you're a friend of ours. But to think there would be more Saiyans out there...At least you seem to be proper unlike these two idiots."

"Hey, I take offense to that!'

"Oh shut it will you, Vegeta? Just keep sitting there. You deserve it for pulling a stunt like that."

"Now listen here you lousy woman--!?"

"Care to say that again, my dear Vegeta!?"

After Bulma spelled out that last part while yanking on his ear, a wave of laughter echoed around them causing Vegeta to click his tongue once more. Goku smiled seeing this and spoke out to Nao.

"So ya really are a Saiyan like me and Vegeta huh? You look pretty strong too and Vegeta couldn't even touch you earlier! Wanna have a little spar with me?"

"Hmm...what do you think, Tights? By the way it's nice indeed to meet you all. I'm called Nao. We're pretty much on a short vacation before we head off to our next destination."

"I don't see why not but you guys are goin' to miss the registration window for the tournament if you are goin' to wait around any longer."

"Ah, that's right! We gotta go register for that! Let's go everyone. Nao was it? It was nice to meet ya. We can have a spar later if time allows it."

"As expected of Goku. Fighting is the only thing on your mind even when you're dead, hahaha!", Krillin said with a laugh. This caused another round of laughter while Videl looked at Gohan with confusion in her eyes.

Gohan could only let out a sigh, reassuring her that everything will be explained later. In response she gripped onto his hand with hers, causing Videl to lightly blush once more.

Nao saw this happen too of course but he didn't say anything. Before long the Z Fighters left, but Nao asked Bulma to remain behind. Vegeta also got up and left in silence after the others.

'Say Bulma can you stay behind fir a bit?"

"Sure, it's not like I'm participating or anything. But wow, Nao, is that really you? I've been keeping tabs with big sis but I haven't been able to contact you at all!"

"Haha, I apologize for that. I've been in a rather secluded place. I was training with my master for the last thirty one years."

"How can you spend that long just training!?"

"I'm different from those guys, sadly. Thirty one years is but a drop in an ocean for me now. You should know since we brought you to that place in the past, right?"

"You did mention that...but you at least stay in contact with your family, right? That's one thing in itself but I didn't think you would make my big sister like this! You've got some explaining to do!"

"Come on, don't be like that, Bulma. I offered her this position and we're lovers anyway, so what's the harm?"

"That's right, sis. I had a chance to decline at first, but I truly love Nao. If he wants me to be his maid, then I'll do it. I've had a very fulfilling life so far. Watching over Nao's children has been a blessing."

"Wait, did you say children?"

"Sure did! We even brought our daughter and a couple of Nao's friends along to participate in this tournament. The others remained behind though."

"Well, you do seem to be in high spirits, big sis so I guess I can accept this. But to think we sisters would both marry can be pretty cruel, right?"

"Hehe, I can see how much you care for that guy. Vegeta was his name right? We'll have our daughter meet him later. He is technically her Uncle after all!

"Pffft, I can't imagine him as an Uncle. He's always so full of himself. I'm sorry for what he did earlier, Nao. I also want to meet your daughter as well! Also big sister, you look like you haven't changed a bit besides gaining a motherly aura. Can't say I'm not jealous, haha!"

After Bulma said that, she let out a laugh. Nao and Tights joined in too. Nao then spoke out once more.

"You look like you've been enjoying yourself lately as well, Bulma. Also it looks like our daughter finished signing up and she's heading here as we speak. Why don't we join the others along the way? That way we can catch up and introduce our daughter we're at it."

"Sure! Let's go!"