Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 21

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 21 18: Deep Sleep

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Before Nao could explore the growth he received during this battle and the other things Rebirth gave him, he immediately felt fatigued all over his body and felt his stamina completely depleted after launching that final Ki attack. Perhaps it was because they were twins but Nao became inwardly excited when his and Miya's attacks combined into one, as if it were natural. He also knew about the fusion technique that would appear later on in the story and since Nao and Miya shared the same power level he wondered if the two would be able to perform it as well, but for now he just felt completely drained of his energy. Seeing the large cylindrical crater in front of them, Nao and Miya soon started to shrink down. Before long two five year old children stood in place and as they shrunk, the crater in front of them became several times larger. Various wounds and burn marks could be seen on the two and they struggled to walk over to King Vegeta II, who was not sitting on the ground not far away, covered in wounds and didn't fare much better than Nao and Miya.

Nao and Miya sat down next to him and they individually started to treat their wounds. Quite a bit of dust still lingered in the air but once it mostly became clear, Paragus saw that there were no more Great Apes, and the intense energy he felt earlier, especially with that last attack, was no more. He went over to the other four only to see Nappa along with them and informed it was safe now to go retrieve the trio. The four elite Saiyans and Nappa nodded at Paragus and immediately flew on over towards the giant cylindrical crater. According to their ancestors the Saiyans had the power to destroy planets, much like the frost demon race Frieza and King Cold were a part of, but to see such massive destruction up front still surprised the six of them. After a few moments of flying the six touched down and saw the Nao, Miya and His Majesty sitting while treating their wounds.

Paragus informed Oliver, Gin, Fynn and Parsi to standby and then he and Nappa knelt down besides King Vegeta II.

"Hmph. Took you guys long enough to get here. Did the power of these two brats scare you guys that much? The six of you lot are elite Saiyans, and we take pride in our strength! Paragus, why the hell did you issue a retreat!?"

"M-My deepest apologies Your Majesty, but-"

However, before Paragus could finish apologizing to King Vegeta II, a feeling of dread soon started to creep out. Besides Miya and King Vegeta II, Paragus was closest one to Nao and Paragus soon became pale and started to quiver uncontrollably. This dreadful feeling soon spread to King Vegeta II, Nappa, Miya and the others and besides Miya, the rest all became pale just like Paragus. The group looked up into the sky only to see dark purple clouds start to form. Similar to the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation Broly went through in the original series, dark purple aura quickly spread out from Nao and started to consume the surroundings. Miya knew what was happening to Nao and she just kept smiling at the group. A few more moments passed as the dark purple aura continued to seep out of Nao and the group started to feel a hidden pressure, and felt as if something was sapping away at the energy in their bodies. The ground started to quake fiercely and before long within the dark purple aura covering them the group started to see small light blue light particles twinkling around them.

Nao cursed inwardly as he continued to absorb the group's energy and he wondered if the group would turn to dust having all of their Mana absorbed from their bodies,. However he wanted to prevent this from happening from all costs. Nao felt one final push of this sinister aura escape from his body, causing the group to lose their balance. After this last blast of aura escaped, the twinkling light blue particles started to slowly expand and crack the space around them. Once all of them cracked, Nao saw that the group started to fall more slowly to the ground, as if they were being slowed down by time...

Meanwhile, deep within the North Area, not so far away from King Kai's planet. Various moons could be seen floating around in an eternal sunset with two suns placed directly across from each other and were not too far away from the moons. Within the center of these moons and the suns stood a giant inverted pyramid pointing downwards. This pyramid was plated with a sleek unknown purple metal with bushy grass covered on each platform. A massive dead-like tree stood erect in the center of the main platform of the inverted pyramid. A glistening, clear, crystal blue lake with a wide variety of fishes jumping out of the water could be seen around the tree. A giant carved palace could be seen within the massive tree.

Alongside the lake nearby the tree one figure could be seen sitting down on some grass drinking tea, looking out at the lake with a calm demeanor. This figure appeared rather tall, however, unlike normal humans this figure had pale blue skin. A few moments passed and the figure finished drinking their tea and then stood up, placing the cup at a nearby wooden table. He then grabbed a long object that was placed against the table, and upon closer look it appeared to be a giant scepter. Upon closer look at the scepter its height reached all the way to the figure's head. It had a dark blue shaft and there was a shiny black pearl-like ball floating on top of it, which was surrounded by a small light blue ring. Speaking of light blue rings, the figure had another large one floating around its neck. The figure wore a maroon robe and a black cuirass, adorned with an orange diamond decoration, and had a rather feminine look with their long white hair. It was none other than Whis,

Whis was just enjoying another boring day on Planet Beerus, relaxing his mind as he watched out over the lake. Whis then decided to check upon his Lord, however before he headed towards the massive tree in front of him he suddenly felt a disturbance far off into the distance, causing Whis to look at a certain direction. Whis tilted his head for a moment, confused as to what could cause the disturbance. He then raised his staff only to have a giant blue screen appear in front of him and soon an image of a large magenta planet appeared. The view soon changed as it kept zooming in to a particular location and the Saiyan city appeared on screen. It then shifted to a particular area and Whis saw a group of 9 people, three that were sitting, two kneeling in front of another figure, and four standing nearby.

"Ara? To think a Saiyan would be able to cause a space-time disturbance...Moreover this sinister purple energy does not appear to be from this universe. Is this child's power awakening? This is most interesting."

Thinking about whether to report this to Lord Beerus, Whis decided to continue watching the disturbance. However he became slightly disappointed as to what he saw next. As if Nao was reeling in the purple energy, what exploded forth immediately did a reverse and entered back into Nao's body. Whis saw the shaking ground lessen, and the dark purple clouds soon vanished, and time seemed to resume as the other figures sped up again and collapsed onto the ground due to the imbalance caused from earlier. Whis further zoomed in on the boy and had a good look at his face. He was pretty surprised to see it toned and not contain much baby fat and what he saw next further intrigued him. There were fluctuations in Nao's right pupil, which eventually turned dark purple. He then peered further inside, as if he was able to see Nao's soul. He saw a bright golden sphere that was surrounded by an unknown force, however it appeared Whis was able to immediately determine what it was.

"Ohohoho, I wonder if this child knows the power that dwells within him...Regardless of what was currently awakening inside him just now, this boy has the power of a God resting within. A Saiyan God hasn't emerged since the first one who appeared over thousand years ago. It truly was a pity how that Saiyan God died though...he couldn't even maintain his form for long. However, this child already appears to be far more promising, and the powers resting within him does not appear to be just limited to that of the power of a God. It seems I must waken Lord Beerus at once."

Whis grinned after watching the events prescribed just now, but before Whis dismissed the panel in front of him, he saw the white Saiyan close his eyes, before slumping over. The white Saiyan soon fell onto his back and started snoring, as if he entered a deep sleep. Whis nodded at the sight of this and finally dismissed the panel, With his scepter in hand, Whis eventually made his way to the entrance to the massive tree, with the intent of waking up his Lord Beerus. Before long Whis made his way to a certain part of the main floor only to see a small circular bed made out of gold. The bedding was magenta in color and on top of it rested a purple Anubis-like figure with jackal-like ears tossing about in his sleep. Drool could be seen dripping from his cheeks as he chewed on a pillow...

Whis sighed and shook his head upon seeing this and he approached Beerus. Without thinking of anything else, Whis raised his scepter and quickly swung down, striking Beerus's head. Feeling a sudden strike to his head, Beerus's eyes immediately flew open and saw Whis smiling at him, before feeling his head.

"Lord Beerus, did you have a good beauty nap?"

"Oi, Whis! That hurt damn it! You better have a good reason for waking me. I was having a very good dream just now you know!"

"Of course I do, Lord Beerus. Didn't you want to battle a Saiyan God?"

"Hah? A Saiyan God? Didn't the last one die out over a thousand years ago? Why bring this matter up again Whis? If it isn't important I'll go back to my good dream!"

A devilish grin appeared on Whis's face and Whis started to describe what he just saw moments ago to Beerus...

Meanwhile, back on Planet Vegeta. The sinister phenomena that just occurred soon vanished and the pressure the group felt dissipated. Once they regained their thoughts, the group of Saiyans saw Nao sleeping peacefully while resting on Miya's lap and they let out a sigh, knowing what happened just now finally ended. What's more is that each one felt their energy more depleted than it was several moments ago. However before anyone questioned about what just happened, Miya spoke out to King Vegeta II.

"Your Majesty, please do not be alarmed. My brother is currently undergoing a slight change to his body. It is still integrating as we speak and he will probably be asleep for a long time."

"Little brat, you dare call what just happened a slight change? You two really like to cause trouble for this King you know. But that shitty computer is now dead and we have completely wiped the rest of the Tuffles. We can now officially call this planet Planet Vegeta! This was mainly thanks to you two. I used to think I was the strongest Saiyan but after watching you two grow and that battle I've come to learn that there is always going to be a stronger threat out there. You two now are far more powerful than this King but as long as you don't threaten, this King will continue watching over you two. By the way you said the brat Nao will be asleep for a long time. How long exactly?"

"Thank you for your kind words, Your Majesty. I can speak for my brother that we have zero intent for your throne. Besides didn't you say you were going to pass it on to your son? Anyway, it seems brother Nao may be asleep as long as up till the next year."

"Of course I plan to...wait, ONE YEAR!?"

Shock appeared on King Vegeta II's face as Miya grinned at him. However Nao was unaware of this conversation as he was already fast asleep. He heard Rebirth give another notification right before he passed out. However, as if someone was peering into his soul, he felt strange as his eyes closed shut...

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