Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 210

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 210 202: Anticipation Of The Future

And just like that Bulma, Tights and Nao went along the main road joining the massive crowd of people swarming the crowds. They were soon interrupted by a wave of children rushing toward a certain corner of the main road, and everyone heard a loud rough voice laughing their head off.

It looks like Mr. Satan had finally made his appearance, who was none other than Videl's father. Videl actually loathed his attitude most of the time, basking in glory that didn't belong to him. It wouldn't be until the end of the Majin Buu Saga that Mr. Satan's personality changed for the better. But until then, Videl stayed by Gohan's side most of the time.

Anyways, the three dodged all the rushing children who wanted his autograph and continued walking along the main road. 'I guess now is just about as good as any. Rebirth can you display my status?', Nao asked inside his mind.


All of a sudden a blue panel shone inside his mind. Previously he had to close his eyes to view it but he didn't need to now. If one looked closely at his eyes a blue screen could be seen in front of his irises. It was a strange feeling, but he had long gotten used to it.



[Hosts : 2]

[Name] : Nao


[Age] : 53 (Physical), 69 (Mental)

[Race] : Ancient Saiyan, Legendary Saiyan

[Current Level : - ]

[Current Ki Remaining - 100%]

[Fairy : Miho]


[Name] : Chelsea

[Age] : 49 (Physical) 65 (Mental)

[Race] : Human

[Current Ki Remaining - 100%]

[Current Level : - ]

[Fairy : Mist]


[Active Quests : -]

[Active Side Quests : -]


[Inventory Access - Pocket Dimension]


[Active Planes] - DBZ, Vainqueur/Historia


[Plane Shop]

Purchasable Planes : O*verlord, P*kemon, Z*muria


[Titles - The First Player, Creator of Planes, Reincarnator]


Soulbound Partners -

-Miya ( 0 Children)

-Elsa (1 Child)

-Sayuri (3 Children)

-Isabella (1 Child)

-Chelsea (0 Children)

-Tights (1 Child)

-Eir (1 Child)

-Aht (0 Children)

-Fie (0 Children)


Soul Split Avatars - 0


Affinities :

Lower Elements - Ice

Higher Elements - Space, Time


[Transformations Display - Off]

[Active Skill Display - Off]

[Passive Skill Display - Off]


Seeing Rebirth's display in his eyes caused Nao to stop talking. A few things of the display changed as well. Before long he stopped walking altogether while his pupils continued to dart back and forth.

Tights and Bulma were in their own little world catching up with each other for a while but they soon noticed Nao wasn't behind them any more. Well he was, but he was quite a ways away now. Seeing this after turning around caused Bulma to speak out to him.

"Is something wrong, Nao? You stopped walking all of a sudden."

Yet Nao didn't answer her. Tights placed her and on her cheek and observed Nao for a bit. She soon looked at his face and could make out a very tiny blue screen in his eyes. Tights then sighed.

"It's nothin' to worry about, sis. Nao is just lookin' at somethin'. Can't say much but you can treat it similar to alien technology that was planted inside his mind."

"Alien technology planted in the mind? Like how those androids got created?"


"Oh right, you were off planet so you wouldn't know what happened in the recent years. In fact 18, who was with us, used to be one of them. Krillin sure lucked out marrying such a beauty. Can you at least tell me the specifications? Must be nice to have alien technology like that. Being a proud genius like I am, can't say I'm not jealous, haha!"

After Bulma said that, she laughed. Yet Tights could only shake her head, letting out another sigh.

"I'm not at the liberty to say, unfortunately. We're almost at the entrance to the temple anyways. There's such a long line now. We should join the others and look for our seats. Just let Nao do his own thing. He'll be with us again before you know it, sis."

Tights spoke out to Bulma with a playful tone. It caused Bulma to squint her eyes a bit in suspicion, but ended up letting out a sigh. She then linked arms with Tights and the two made a mad dash toward the large line of people who were making their way to the audience seats. It was actually quite a large stage, with a capacity of letting several tens of thousands people sit in it at once.

It was the stage to determine the world's strongest fighter after all. On Planet Earth at least!

Ditching Nao, the two vanished from sight. Meanwhile Nao remained silent, letting people walk past him left and right. He was silent as he was currently looking at his Soulbound Partners list. He sighed mentally in his heart.

'So Rebirth is already treating both Aht and Fie as Soulbound Partners... I ought to meet up with them after we head back. Aht did say she wanted to speak to me about something recently and only mentioned about wanting to do her first time in a special location. As for Fie...I should come to terms with her. If what Tights said really is true, I won't deny her feelings. But besides that Rebirth even lists my children under them. That's quite handy if you ask me. Looks like the affinities were finally split into the different categories too...', Nao thought as he continued to look through his status window.

'There's also a count for my Soul-Split Avatars. It's obvious it's currently at 0 since I've not done it yet but it looks like Rebirth is already prepping me for our next world. I'll likely be choosing O*erlord next. I've never truly played a VRMMO before, let alone get transferred as my game character into a new, unexplored world, so both experiences should be a blast for me. It should be the same for the girls too. I wasn't expecting Rebirth to be something like this either. I can't say I'm not disappointed for wanting to play a VRMMO, since that was my main goal for buying Rebirth in my past life, heh.', Nao continued his thoughts with a chuckle.

'But I digress. This status screen looks a whole lot better than what it originally looked like. I'm sure my level and stats will return once I actually log into Yggdrasil for the first time. Hopefully it will mirror its layout, but I can only hope for that. I think that's enough looking for now...', Nao finally ended his thoughts.

After blinking his eyes another time, his status screen vanished, and his vision returned to normal. A massive line of people entered his view. He no longer saw Tights or Bulma in front if him.

Spreading out his Godly Ki, it didn't even taken a second to locate Tights and Bulma. Those two were already seated in the audience next to Goku's family and the other Z Fighters. The Fighters themselves were enjoying a meal backstage before the junior division started.

Yet the moment Nao spread his sense out, he covered the whole place just to make sure no one was hiding that he didn't expect. Sure enough no one did but a smile crept on Nao's face. He let out a chuckle seeing that he pranked Piccolo once more.

As for Piccolo himself, he stumbled over his chair which almost caused the massive pile of cleared plates stacked high up to fall over. Seeing this Gohan spoke out to him after finishing up his bite of noodles he was currently eating alongside Goku and Vegeta.

'That was a pretty strong reaction there, Piccolo. Are you alright?"

"I-It's nothing. I just felt a massive energy sweep over this entire place. I felt like an ant compared to theirs. It was from that guy we just met..."

"That guy? You mean the Saiyan who's familiar with both my Dad and Vegeta?"

"Yeah. I'll say this right now, do not engage a fight with him. Thankfully he doesn't seem to have any evil intentions nor is he intending to join this tournament...", Piccolo said nervously.

Yet before Gohan could respond to him, the space all around them suddenly froze. Their bodies froze as well and the color around them turned dull. In the next instance, Nao appeared next to the Z Fighters enjoying their meal.

Well they were currently paused, but he arrived next to them nonetheless. He had stopped time and made use of his space affinity once again.

He wanted to join in for a meal with them even though he wasn't allowed back here. This moment was right before the group met Shin and Kibito and the junior division. The preliminaries had long since ended.

The preliminaries was the same punching machine routing like in the original story. The only difference was on top of Vegeta destroying the machine, Kassi ended up destroying it as well. Most of the other fighters became numb and avoided the group from there on.

Yet once he arrived he couldn't see Kassi with them. He sensed her quite a ways away and was still with Shin. Guess she stuck around him longer than he expected, causing Nao to lightly smile.

But with that said, he returned time back to normal. He then spoke out to them causing shock to appear in their eyes.

"Hey guys, mind if I join in? Looks like you guys have already started eating."

'W-What the!?", Piccolo shouted in shock.

The other Saiyans also remained stunned.

". .Is something on my face?"

"How the hell did you just appear like that out of nowhere!?"

"What, I can't?"

"I would like to say no, but ugh...this isn't even like Goku's Instant Transmission. Who are you, really?"

"You'll find out soon. But for now, I'm famished. The food here looks really good."

"It really is! You should join in!", Goku finally said after his clarity returned. He spoke out with a mouth full of food like he always does.

"I don't give a damn on how you were able to get back here, but get out. This area is restricted for fighters only.", Vegeta said with a stern voice.

"Come on, Vegeta don't be like that. Let Nao join in on the fun. It would be a waste for all this delicious food to go to waste."

"And you, don't talk with your mouth full like that, it's disgusting! But fine, whatever. I don't care anymore."

After Vegeta said that with an annoyed look in his eyes, laughter spread among them. Seeing this as a sign, Nao pulled up a chair and before long, hundreds of plates became stacked against the side of the table.

The personnel refused to serve him at first but eventually agreed after finding out his status being related to Capsule Corporation's eldest daughter. They didn't want to anger such a person so they could only comply. Flaunting such status was great for times like these.

Eventually Nao burped in satisfaction, and dismissed himself from the group, arriving back at Tights' side in the audience. Before they knew it time sped up once again and everyone enjoyed the final fight of the junior division.

It went the same, and Trunks came out on top, beating Goten!