Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 211

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 211 203: Goku And Shin

The Z Fighters in the audience also became numb seeing Nao just be there right next to Tights, as if he had been there all along, while Tights just sat there nonchalantly.

Yet they didn't question him further as the junior division was underway. Just like the original the kids were pretty pathetic in the matches themselves. Very much matching to that of a backwater planet compared to other planets in Universe 7.

The only one worth watching was match between Trunks and Goten. It lasted quite a while as the crowd didn't make a single peep while they watched the two fight in the air. At one point Trunks knocked Goten down and he had to turn Super Saiyan to prevent his body from touching the grass, which would have signaled a knockout.

The others turned a blind eye to this and the two continued fighting. Seeing as Goten was the first to transform, Trunks followed suit. He later took advantage of one of Goten's weak points, smacking his body all the way until the stands on the right side of the fighting stage.

Goten tried to halt his body while still being in the air, but unfortunately for him, his feet touched down on the seats. The onlookers watched him without saying anything and it even took the announcer a few moments before he announced the winner of the junior division.

With that, it ended with Trunks' victory. Goten complained but Trunks didn't take it since Goten did the same thing earlier on in the match. Yet Trunks still made his promise to alleviate Goten's anger.

After that match, Mr. Satan still had his promise to the victor to keep. It truly was quite funny seeing Mr. Satan take a punch straight to the face, getting smacked all the way into the wall on the right side next to the entrance that led into the fighter's rooms.

He calmed the masses, stating that was intentional and lost on purpose. But we all know that was a lie, right? Nao could only snicker in his heart seeing how ridiculous Mr. Satan behaved during this time. No wonder Videl hated his attitude. He truly was full of himself.

After the junior division ended, an intermission happened, allowing the fighters of the main division to warm up. It was at this time the Z Fighters left one of the wings for a relaxing stroll. It didn't take them long to encounter Shin and Kibito. Kassi was with them as well of course. She no longer held Shin's arm but if one looked closely, Kassi's cheeks appeared to be red.

On one side of this right pathway was Shin, Kassi and Kibito behind the two, as if he were watching over them. In front of them was Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Android 18, and Videl. If one looked closely at Shin, he was actually hovering off the ground, causing Videl to look at him questioningly.

"Hey, Gohan, this guy is floating, isn't he?", she leaned in toward Gohan, asking him.

Yet Gohan didn't respond to him. The others also looked at Shin without out saying anything. Piccolo was the first to react, letting out an audible 'huh?'. Yet before anyone could say anything, Shin left Kassi's side, and floated toward Goku.

"Hello. You must be Son Goku, yes?"

"W-Why do you know about me?"

"I've heard many rumors about you. You're also acquainted with a friend of mine you see. I was hoping to engage in a sparring match with you. I also made it through the preliminaries that happened earlier. I hope the pairings will go well and I'll be able to fight against you. I'm interested to see how strong you truly are."

After Shin said that, he paused for a moment. Letting out a smile, he continued to speak.

"Please, let me shake your hand."

"S-Sure. It's a pleasure."

After Goku said that, Shin extended his right hand out. Goku matched his right hand and the two shook their hands. Shin let out a smile, and chuckled. Goku was still confused by his behavior. Shin then let go of his land and spoke out to Goku once more.

"I see. It is just as the rumors say, you indeed possess a good soul."

After Shin said that, he stopped floating, and touched down on the ground. Placing his right arm over his chest, he bowed.

"I bid you farewell, everyone."

With that said, Shin turned around and started to walk toward Kassi and Kibito. It didn't take him long enough to rejoin the two. They slowly vanished from sight, leaving the Z fighters behind. As they distanced themselves, Kassi had one last look behind her, and her eyes landed on Vegeta. She scoffed a bit and turned around in silence.

Once they were out of sight, Shin linked his arm with Kassi's once more, speaking out to her.

"Is something wrong, Kassi? Are you sure you don't want to meet him?"

"Nah. Unless Father wants me to, I'd rather not meet him. I can tell he's a stuck up person from just his appearance alone. I can't believe Auntie married such a guy."

"That Saiyan is still your Uncle though, isn't he?"

"Well yeah, but if anything I'd rather meet him in a fight when we first meet. He looks pretty strong."

"A contest of strength, huh? Think you can win?"

"I don't know. Father did mention he was the Prince of Saiyans. I hope that title of his isn't just for show. I'll pummel his ass into the ground if he doesn't take me seriously though."

"Hahaha! Well said, I guess. Looks like we all got something to look forward to. How does things look on your end, Kibito? Were you able to have a good look?"

"Unfortunately, no. My sensing isn't as good as yours is, Master. That Son Gohan seems to be hiding most of his strength. I guess we will find out once we meet on the stage."

"Ah, how unfortunate. Well with this many fighters gathering I'm sure taking down Majin Buu won't be a problem. The existence of the whole Universe is at stake here if that monster gets revived."

"Majin Buu?", Kassi asked with an interested look in her eyes.

"Yes. You see..."

After Kassi asked that, Shin began to reveal the story about how Majin Buu came to be to Kassi and they vanished into the crowds of people who were buying food in preparation for the main division. The main division wouldn't start until 1:30 in the afternoon, they had about an hour of time to spare.

Meanwhile, Goku and the others remained standing still on the same path Shin, Kassi and Kibito were on just moments ago. Piccolo now took this time to walk up next to Goku and a serious look appeared in his eyes.

"Do you have any idea who those guys are, Goku?"

"I don't. But one thing for sure is this tournament ain't goin' to be so easy anymore. I couldn't even sense them."

"So you couldn't either? Also...did you have a close look at the girl next to him? I could've sworn I saw a tail."

"A tail?"

"Yeah. Also her eyes resemble that of Bulma's sister who we met earlier. That Nao did say they wanted to introduce someone to Bulma. Could it have been her?"

"Who knows. I'm startin' to get all excited now! To think there could be more Saiyans out there than just us two, right, Vegeta?"

"Tch. All I care about is fighting you to settle this debt once and for all. This will be for all the the humiliation I've suffered throughout the years. I don't give a damn about that white haired Saiyan. My Father said to not pay him any attention, so neither will I."

"Are you bearin' a grudge against that guy or somethin'? He didn't seem all that bad to me. You couldn't even touch him though, haha!"

"Not really. His family line runs deeper than you think, Kakarrot. He was around the time my grandfather was still alive, let alone my father. According to him Nao and my grandfather were pretty close at one point but thanks to my father's intervention, he was banned from our Palace. Hadn't of heard of him since."

"Is that so? It's a shame he ain't participatin' in this tournament. But is is true I'm itchin' to fight you, Vegeta. I've been trainin' all this time you know. I want to show you how much I've improved!"

"Hmph. I wasn't slacking off either. Hopefully we can settle this once and for all."

"Yeah! I think we walked around good enough. Let's head back, everyone. It looks like they're going to be drawin' lots soon!"

""Yeah!"", the other Z Fighters exclaimed. And with that, the group slowly walked back toward the fighter's group. Anticipation could now be seen in everyone's eyes. Yet little did they know they were about to receive a rude awakening!