Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 212

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 212 204: Drawing

And just like that, an hour past by in a blink of an eye. The audience became riled seeing a large visible whiteboard be brought onto the middle of the fighting stage.

Meanwhile in the area closer to the back of the temple that was used for the preliminaries stood nine fighters, two assistants and the announcer. The moment the announcer saw Goku's group arrive, he greeted them. This announcer was none other than the good one announcer that actually acknowledged the existence of how strong the Z Fighters were.

"Ah, you guys are here!"

"Hey!", Goku replied back, raising his hand.

"Gather around, everyone. We will now begin the drawing to determine the pairs to decide the top sixteen! When we call your name, please come forth and draw a lot!"

After the announcer said that, Krillin clasped his hands together and wished he wouldn't fight in the first round. Unfortunately for him that is exactly what ended up happening. Yet unlike in the original, his opponent Puntar was nowhere to be seen.

He didn't pass the preliminaries and instead got outdone by Kassi! At first he wanted to berate her harshly but seeing Kassi destroy the punching machine like Vegeta did, he could only gulp down in silence and accept his loss. Not much of him was heard from after.

As for the other fighters, Kassi, Shin and Kibito could be seen together. Killa and Jewel could be seen together not too far away from them. Spopovich and Yamu were farther away. Blue veins appeared on their bald heads anytime one looked at them. It was out of anger. They appeared tough on the outside.

Besides those two, there was a masked fighter wearing a long plain white robe tied with a brown belt. Their face was hidden by a large pointy teal mask, similar to that of a witches' hat that pointed backwards, combined with a large teal cape. It finished off with large yellow boots and gloves.

It was likely this outfit could fool a normal earthling but a dead giveaway was two small holes that were cut open near the waist. Two small eyes could be seen within. It was obvious this was Goten and Trunks who secretly knocked out the original Might Mask fighter, essentially robbing him in the process.

It was all so they could participate in the main division. There was one missing fighter who was taking a rest thanks to Trunks' earlier strike, and that was Mr. Satan. These people combined with Goku's group totaled 16! It was a top sixteen knockout tournament much similar to that of the one Nao witnessed in the Other World Tournament!

Seeing everyone now waiting after the announcer said that, he spoke out once more.

"Well then, I'll be calling you all starting now. First up is Killa!"

"Yeah!", responded Killa. Unlike everyone else his skin was actually all black. Yet it was clear well developed muscles could be seen on his entire body. After walking up to the small table that had a box on top of it, he reached in and grabbed a green ball.

"Number 14."

"Yes. Fighter Killa, Number 14."

As the drawing started, the audience saw the assistants, who were in the middle of the stage, start writing names down on the large whiteboard. They became excited seeing it. Meanwhile, the announcer steadily continued to call out names.

Kibito drew Number 7. Krillin still drew Number 1, even though he didn't wish for it. Gohan drew Number 8 and still paired with Kibito.

Shin saw this and nodded at Kibito with a smile. Kassi also watched all of this happen an interested look in her eyes. Goku took this chance to warn Gohan about Kibito. After that, the numbers continued as the announcer spoke.

"Next is...Fighter C-18? Eh?"

As the announcer said that, 18 calmly walked up next to him and she could see confusion in his eyes.

" this a name?"

"It doesn't matter, does it?"

After 18 said that, she also reached in and grabbed a numbered ball. She tossed it at the announcer, causing him to fumble it and it almost landed on the ground. It revealed Number 9.

The announcer regained his composure quickly after and continued to announce the names.

"Next is Fighter Kassi!"

"Got it."

After Kassi acknowledged him, the eyes of the Z Fighters became serious. Piccolo walked up next to Goku.

"Hey Goku, have you felt anything from this person at all?"

"Nope. She must be good at hidin' her energy "

"Is that so? Well just from their tail alone I can tell she's a Saiyan like you. Moreover, it seems she's related to those two somehow too..."

After Piccolo said that, his eyes landed on Shin and Kibito, who were both observing Kassi walking up to the announcers. Goku then spoke out to him.

'She ain't so simple, that's for sure."

"Yeah.", Piccolo nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Kassi arrived in front of the box next to the announcer. The announcer had more confusion appear in his eyes after looking at Kassi close up for the first time. He spoke out to her as Kassi reached her hand into the box.

"...Say, are you reslly going to be alright fighting while you're dressed like that? Also, have we met before?"

"What? I can't wear a pair of overalls to a fightin' tournament?"

"Well, there are no rules against it..."

"There's no problem then. I just like wearin' these like Mother did. Here, catch."

After Kassi said that, she tossed a green ball toward the announcer. She then turned, only to look at everyone watching her. She then spoke out in a loud voice, allowing everyone to hear her.

"Listen up, you lot! I'm Kassi. My Mother is the eldest daughter of Capsule Corporation, so if you dare underestimate me then I'll kick yer asses straight into the curb!"

"C-Capsule Corporation?", a few exclaimed with a surprised look in their eyes. Others just remained quiet. The announcer was also surprised, and almost ended up dropping the ball onto the ground, but he managed to catch it. He then looked at it, and it numbered Number 2.

"Kassi, Number 2!"

Her name went right next to Krillin. Krillin also had a surprised look seeing her opponent walk away, returning to Shin's side. He then let out a dejected sigh.

"Sigh...good luck never comes my way, huh? I get to fight her out of all people. She may look pretty but her tone is something else."

"Heh, tough luck for you, Krillin. You asked for it. I can't sense her strength but if it's much like any other Saiyan, don't lose too badly.", Piccolo said with a grin on his face.

Hearing Piccolo say that, Krillin became more dejected. Meanwhile the two within Mighty Mask's outfit could be seen having a conversation of their own.

"Hey, Trunks, did that pretty lady just say she's from the place your family is at?"

"She did. I've never met her before but Mama did always mention she had a sister who was off planet exploring space. It looks like she returned. I didn't think Mama's sister would have such a pretty lady as a daughter. The way she speaks is similar to Mama though, so I can definitely relate them."

"She was off exploring space? That sounds really fun!"

"I know, right? I doubt Mama will let us do that though. Space is really dangerous according to her. Anyways, I'm now more looking forward to this tournament!"

"Me too!"

Both Goten and Trunks said that with excitement in their eyes. Meanwhile, the announcer continued to call up names. Shin was called next, and drew Number 3. The Z Fighters also watched him go up with serious looks in their eyes.

As Shin finished his, the announcer called Spopovich next, who drew Number 6. Jewel was after and drew Number 16. Goku was next after Jewel and he drew Number 11. The announcer kept announcing names one after another in quick succession, and Videl went next, drawing Number 5.

Only Goku reacted with visible shock in his eyes after learning that Videl was Mr. Satan's daughter, but the the drawing proceeded nonetheless. Piccolo was next after Videl, and drew Number 4, which paired him against Shin. Piccolo became full of sweat but he remained quiet after learning who his opponent was. He closed his eyes and started to meditate to calm himself down.

The next two to go up were Mighty Mask, who drew Number 13 and Yamu who drew Number 15. Yamu didn't say a thing like Spopovich did when the two went up to draw. Vegeta was the last to be called up, and he drew Number 12, which matched Goku. A grin appeared on his face while he showed off the number directly in Goku's line of sight.

The announcer ended drawing the lot with Mr. Satan's number as he was taking a rest. He drew Number 10, and was paired against 18. With all of that said, the pairings were finally done!

The end result was:

First Match : Krillin Vs. Kassi.

Second Match : Piccolo Vs Shin.

Third Match : Videl Vs. Spopovich.

Fourth Match : Gohan Vs. Kibito.

Fifth Match : Mr. Satan Vs Android 18.

Sixth Match : Goku Vs Vegeta.

Seventh Match : Mighty Mask Vs. Killa.

Eight Match : Jewel Vs Yamu.

Seeing the whiteboard fully labeled with names now caused the audience to roar in excitement once more. Just like in the original, most of the matches remained the same pairings, except for match number one! The 25th World Tournament was about to go underway as the fighters began to disperse into the fighters room, waiting for the first match to start!