Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 213

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 213 205: Uninvited Guest

"So our Kassi is up first, eh?", Nao said with a look of anticipation. Nao remembered that extremely large overbearing fellow who was Krillin's original opponent. He was nowhere to be seen, as Krillin was going to face Kassi in the first round.

"Looks like it. I've been overseein' Kassi's progress during yer times of absence but she still can't control a good portion of her strength. I hope nothin' goes wrong...", Tights said anxiously.

Hearing Tights with a worried voice caused the others to shudder a bit. Next to Nao and Tights was Bulma, followed by Chichi, then the Ox King, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Oolong and lastly Puar, and Marron.

Bulma, who was sitting next to her big sister, turned her head and looked at her with a worried look.

"Considering Nao is a Saiyan himself, Your daughter should be really strong, right? I hate to say it but our planet would have been screwed by now if Goku or Vegeta weren't around. I don't think Krillin would stand a chance if he's fighting someone of their caliber."

"Papa will win. I know it! He said he's the strongest fighter!", Marron yelled with a look of confidence.

Marron herself for those who weren't so familiar with her, was actually the child born between Krillin and Android 18. She had blond hair that was tied into two small pigtails held by two red ribbons. She was no more than a couple feet tall, a similar height to Goten and Trunks. She wore a simple one piece pink dress.

Krillin married Android 18 shortly after the Cell Games ended. Their love bloomed shortly after Krillin decided to save her life instead of destroying it by the bomb implanted in her body. 18 was originally human but had some genetic modifications done to her thanks to the Red Ribbon Army's machinations, specifically by Dr. Gero.

Her w.o.m.b itself and the likes was thankfully untouched, so once all the inside threats were removed, she could still have s.e.x and create children like normal humans could. Not long after, Marron was born.

Android 17, who was 18's twin brother, also shared a similar fate. Yet after the Cell Games ended, he left on a journey. He eventually settled down on a no-named island as a wildlife ranger and created a family of his own. 17, however, wouldn't make another appearance until the gathering of fighters for the Tournament of Power.

Little did most know was that these two actually had human names before they were turned into Androids. 17 was originally known as Lapis, while 18 was Lazuli. This formed a rare blue mineral, known as Lapis Lazuli, a fitting name for twins!

Nao saw Marron's look of confidence and he could only sigh in his heart.

'It's a good thing things turned out like this. I mean sure 18 is really beautiful but she's a money-grubber to her core. I hadn't much interest in touching the main cast, even though Miya liked to tease about it in the past...I don't like most of their personalities if I'm speaking honest here...', Nao began his thoughts.

His eyes then wandered back to Tights. She saw this and smiled. Nao grabbed her shoulders, and placed her head against his chest. She snuggled against it, and closed her eyes, letting her feel his warmth.

Bulma grinned seeing this and spoke out to the two

"You really enjoy spoiling my big sis don't you?"

"Heh, you bet! We love each other just as much as we did over thirty years ago, if not even more. Are things going well with you and Vegeta?"

"Ugh, don't tell me about it. His attitude still needs a huge overhaul. But it has been improving ever since Trunks was born. He actually acts like a Father every now and then. But enough about that, has it really been over thirty years already since you brought me to your wedding? Moreover it's expected you hadn't changed much but big sis still looks the same too!"

''It sure has been over thirty years already. Time really does fly when you don't pay attention to it. It's a shame the others didn't come but you can meet them at another time. As for our appearance...we can tell Bulma, right Tights?"

"Fine by me. She's family. She ought to know, especially once our next journey starts. We may not be around for a super long time...", Tights said as she kept her eyes closed.

"A journey? Are you guys planning a trip or something?"

"Something like that. But regarding the earlier point, we simply used a special type of dragon balls. I'm sure you can figure out the rest."

"So it really turned out to be the Dragon Balls...but you weren't here on Earth to my knowledge. Did you head off to New Namek?"

Hearing Bulma ask that, she did not receive any response. Nao only smiled as he began to rub Tights' head. Nao did not want to mention about the Super Dragon Balls at this point in time.

That's right, he had made use of them! Beerus let Nao use them as a gift for letting the gods witness such a splendid duel against Belmod. He had won them in a bet against Champa after all.

As for Nao's wish? He had basically granted immortality to him, his lovers and wives, and any future harem members, thus eliminating their aging altogether. Moreover he granted everyone a switch, a button of sorts, to their age. If they wanted to age, they could, if not, they didn't need to. This also went into affect with their appearances as well.

Nao had thought about doing this for a while, and in such cases when his future souls get reborn into other worlds, he would only need to switch it off, letting him and the girls experience growth again. And to fit his corny naming sense, he called this ability, The Button of the Ages!

As for Rebirth, it hadn't added this to Nao's status screen yet as he had not activated it for the first time. Sure this ability might be redundant to himself since he has his own Divine Energy, which granted him unlimited lifespan as a boon.

This Button was mainly for those who were to accompany him on his future journeys. He was a god but the others weren't. It would slowly get phased out if the others decided to attain divinity but as of now, his girls were still mortal.

Nao also offered this wish to his family members as well but they actually declined. Most of them had fulfilling lives and once their time had come they simply wish to pass on normally. Nao's parents were approaching their age limit as well, but they roughly had about half of their years left. Saiyans who trained both their body and Ki well get the benefit of extended lifespan, as Ki was the breath of life.

His parents at this point could live well up to 200 years, They were well in their 80s now. Queen Elena had been alive for a few centuries while Nim over a millennia. Altogether everyone was living well.

But with aging no longer a point of concern, he could enjoy his future travels. But enough about that. Time seemed to have passed enough as the audience could now see the fighters near the entrance of the of the fighters' room. The announcer himself walked toward the stage as the two assistants walked off with the stage whiteboard which had the tournament bracket on it.

It didn't take him long for the announcer to reach the center of the stage. He spoke loudly into his microphone, riling up the crowd in excitement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for patiently waiting during the intermission! The main division is about to be underway! We will be starting the first match shortly!"

After the announcer said that, the crowd roared loudly. Tights opened her eyes and proceeded to lay down on Nao's lap. She could still clearly see what went on down below. There was enough space between the rows of seats.

Nao chuckled seeing this and spoke out to her.

"Heh, you wanting to be spoiled already? It's still the middle of the day you know."

"I'm just takin' back what you owe me. You were quite rough this mornin'."

"Oh my.", Chi-chi chimed in. She then covered her cheeks with her hands and began to reminisce her past with Goku.

"Tch, lucky bastard. Guess we're in the same boat eh Master Roshi?", Yamcha said, clicking his tongue.

Yet Master Roshi didn't say anything. He only had his eyebrows raised as he looked into the clouds above.

"...Master Roshi?", Yamcha asked with a hint of worry in his eyes.

"I fear our days of peace may soon be over. I'm feeling a disturbance, but I can't exactly place my shell on it."

"Oh, so you can feel it as well, Master Roshi? You've great intuition just as the rumors say. I'm feeling the same. Yet I think there may be more than one cause this time...", Nao said with a serious look as he watched Master Roshi say that.

Hearing those two say that, a worried look also appeared on Bulma's face.

"What's with you two? We've been in a period of peace ever since the Cell Games ended over 7 years ago. Can you not say such foreboding things for once? Let's just enjoy watching the World Tournament!"

"Heh, suit yourself. Looks like the first match is about to begin anyways."

After Nao said that with a grin, the announcer continued to speak.

"I will now commence the first match. Fighter Kassi, Fighter Krillin please make your way onto the stage!"

After the announcer yelled that out into the microphone, the crowd roared once more in cheers. Kassi and Krillin didn't say anything as the two but Krillin could feel drops of sweat pour down his back as he walked beside Kassi.

Only a couple moments passed in silence before Kassi and Krillin squared each other off. The announcer was about to reveal some backstory of the two fighters to rile up the audience even more, yet an imposing voice suddenly echoed all around the ring.

Nao's expression became extremely serious the moment he heard it too.

"Hmm, hmm. Such a marvelous audience today. To think you would trouble yourself with such foolishness. Oh well, at least I have an audience this time to make my grand appearance!"

This voice suddenly echoed around the temple itself, causing shock to appear in some eyes and confusion in others. They eventually began to look where it originated from. Yet before they could anything else, a sound of metal slashing struck deeply in everyone's ears.

The normal earthlings had to cover their ears to prevent their eardrums from being pierced. Goku and the others inside the room also became serious as they looked into the sky. They could see space being forcibly torn open way above them before their very eyes!

Once the torn space gap was big enough, a pale purple skinned pointy eared humanoid figure squeezed their way through it. Yet something seemed strange, as he was semi transparent. But nonetheless Fu had managed show up once more, and this time on Planet Earth!

Tights saw Nao's seriousness and lifted her head off his lap. Nao nodded silently at nights and immediately took flight, arriving in front of Fu. He then yelled out to him, causing shock to appear in Goku and the other's eyes. They could see the two had some sort of past history with one another.

"So you actually have the balls to make a preemptive appearance, Fu!"