Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 214

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 214 206: In Motion

"Hahaha! Oh Nao, you should always fear the unknown and expect the unexpected. That always promotes excellent growth. But fret not, I am not here to take to take anything this time. Last time was enough to set phase one into motion and its now nearing phase two!"

"Fuuuuuuu!", Nao yelled out anger.

In no time at all Nao arrived several meters in front of him. The crowd was still disoriented and shocked seeing a sudden crack in space appear up above them. They were still unknown to the concept of workings of Universe 7, many were trying to process what was currently happening.

They had never seen an alien actually invade them before. The first one was Majin Buu! Piccolo was an exception to this, as he had long been living on Planet Earth.

As for Cell, he was a product of said humans so he wasn't an alien. Yet Fu's appearance made him seem like he was human as well if it weren't for the color of his skin and his ears. As for his current appearance, he looked much older now.

His white hair was more wavy, thicker, and was curved backwards, curling at its tips near the end of his neck. He wore a men's black fine leather jacket, which exposed his front muscles underneath the black body suit he was wearing. He was also wearing some yellow pants.

Despite his obvious growth over the years, his current body was actually translucent. It was a projection of sorts. Yet the crack in space created by his sword was still the real deal!

Fu pushed the frame of his yellow tinted glasses into place again with left index finger. The tint did not hide his red menacing eyes, it actually complimented them. Yet Nao was not faltered by this even though he let out momentary roar of anger a moment ago.

At this time while everyone else was still recovering by Fu's sudden appearance, Goku and Vegeta were the first to regain their clarity. The two vanished from sight and reappeared next two Nao.

Both of them entered a defensive stance seeing as Nao was also in one, having his right shoulder dropping backwards.

"So who the hell is this bastard? You two obviously seem acquainted with one another. Tearing space apart isn't easy to do!"

"Yeah, Nao. Who is this?"

"Stand back, you two! This guy isn't someone you can currently handle. I was going to start hunting him myself but who would've thought you would make the first appearance you bastard!"

"Tch, don't tell me what I can't do. I won't let this guy interrupt my match with Kakarrot. I've been looking to this day for far too long!"

Vegeta clicked his tongue, yet Fu only smiled hearing Vegeta reply with an annoyed tone. He spread out his arms diagonally, and opened his palms, similar to a certain frost demon.

"Like I said I'm not here to fight. I'd much rather watch the two of you fight each other, I won't interfere with that. In fact the more energy you two release, the better!"

"Our energy...?", Goku said as he tilted his head in confusion.

"That's right! So fight. Fight. Fight to your hearts content without holding back! Hahahaha!"

Fu proceeded laugh maniacally. Nao's expression remained serious. Before his training ended the Supreme Kai of Time gifted Nao a high tech communicator watch to make sure he was still in contact with her. If situations like these or time distortions occur around him he could directly open a line of communication with the Supreme Kai of Time.

Not only that, he had the same authority as she did. With a press of a button, he could send all of TokiToki City into code red with a simple press of a button. She truly doted on him like no other. Nao looked down at the slick silver watch, and kept his finger over against that said button.

Nao didn't rush directly at him either as Fu's body was currently transparent, knowing that this likely wasn't his main body. Fu smiled briefly seeing Nao's reaction just now, but that soon turned into a frown. His body started to flicker more and more, causing him to click his tongue.

"Tch, space is as feeble as always, guess I've not much time. I really to need to learn how you can keep so many portals active at once, but that's for another time. You are wanting to fight me, yes?"

"Of course I do you bastard. I was going to start my hunt soon but I may to speed that up. It shouldn't take me long to find you."

"Hmm, hmm, as expected of being a disciple of that brat. I wouldn't expect no less from you. It's not like my doors are closed either. You'll need to find them yourself! But first you must pass a test to reach them!"

"You think I'm going to go that low and continue playing your games!?"

"I know you will. Especially with these two as collateral!"


Nao became confused at Fu's sudden words just now. What did 'these two', refer to? Fu didn't speak anymore and turned around toward the space crack he slashed open with his sword moments ago.

He actually reached his arm inside it as if he were trying to grab a hold of something. He actually did, and two large shadowy figures appeared from it. With a very fast flick of his arm, Fu yelled out.

"Think fast!"

After Fu yelled that out, he tossed two figures directly at Nao. Nao wasn't expecting this to happen at all, but he still reacted quickly, and managed to catch the two. One figure was extremely large while the other was relatively small.

A three star and a two star orange dragon ball could be seen on their bodies. Both were heavily dressed with wounds and appeared unconscious. Nao was shocked to see who these two figures were but before could do anything, he saw Fu toss out one more thing at him.

This time it wasn't another figure, but a small orange Dragon Ball. Nao instinctively caught it but said nothing as he currently had his hands full. This was a four star Dragon Ball!

Trying to assess the situation at hand, he saw Fu's body start to flicker more and more out if existence. It was at this time the space crack he slashed open started to close. Fu yelled out one last time before he vanished into it.

"Well Nao it seems we must cut our time short. I hope you like the gifts I sent you this time. I've placed four other fighters in different times and locations. Fight them and take the remaining Dragon Balls. Only then will a path open to my location to where we can fight to our hearts content. This is ta-ta for now. The real finale has just begun, hahaha!"

Fu laughed maniacally once more His laughing soon faded out as he vanished into the space crack. The space crack itself closed up and the atmosphere returned to normal in no time at all.

Everyone down below was still confused as to what was happening. The announcer had long dropped his microphone onto the ground. As for Nao, he wanted to deal with the two figures in his arms, but he still saw Goku and Vegeta next to him with shocked expressions.

He then yelled out to the two.

"It seems things are back to normal for now. Goku Vegeta, please don't speak of this to anyone. We are high enough off the ground as it is to where they can't see us clearly."

"And why should we listen to you? You're a Saiyan like we are right? You know we aren't to be trusted with words."

"Yes, but that's not all at what I am. Do you dare mock the words of a Supreme Kai!?", Nao yelled at the two with a serious look in his eyes.

"A-A Supreme Kai!?"

"Ah I heard about those! Are ya really a Supreme Kai!?"

"Yes! I won't repeat my words twice. I'll go heal these two. Goku, Vegeta, go return to the tournament grounds and make sure the proceedings still happen. Time must flow on."

"Time?", Goku asked in confusion.

"If there is a chance to meet again I'll explain things then, but I've no time spare. This is goodbye for now. Kai-Kai!"


Yet before Goku could reach out to Nao once more, Nao chanted a Kai-Kai spell and vanished from sight. Seeing this Goku could only sigh in defeat and flew toward Vegeta.

"Vegeta, do you have any idea what's going on here? Who was that guy talking to Nao?"

"How the hell should I know? This is my first time seeing him too. But did you forget what Nao said? The tournament must go on, which is exactly what my ears needed to hear. Just wait till I beat the crap out of you once and for all!"

"Hehe I feel the same. But to think Nao was a Supreme Kai.. .Just wait till the guys below hear this."

"Tch, do whatever you want. I'm going on ahead. Everyone still seems confused from this mess."

"H-Hey, Vegeta!"

Yet before Goku could finish speaking, Vegeta started to fly back down towards the fighting stage. Goku sighed. He had one last look at the space where the crack used to be, then turned his head back forward and flew off, following behind Vegeta.

It didn't take long for the two to quell the confusion of the crowd and before long the announcer regained clarity and proceeded to start the first match. Meanwhile, Tights received a message from Nao stating he will be returning to the white Palace to heal the two figures.

Tights asked if he wanted her to be by his side but Nao replied that it wasn't needed. He wanted her to remain by Kassi's side for now just in case something went wrong.

But for now, it was time to heal those two! As to who these two were, they gave Nao a big shock once they woke up!