Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 216

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 216 207: Healing

Nao vanished in a blink of an eye after chanting a Kai-Kai spell.

The 25th World Tournament restarted after quelling the confusion and shock the crowd experienced back on Planet Earth. If anyone was wondering about Spopovich and Yamu, they were actually too stunned during Fu's sudden appearance and Fu left before the two could do anything.

That meant the two couldn't use their energy absorption device to scan him. It was too late. It wouldn't be until Gohan's match with Kibito would they find their target.

As for Kassi's match with Krillin, it ended before the crowd could even react. It went very similar to how Krillin finished off Puntar in mere seconds. Kassi didn't even exert any energy, and punched Krillin right in the gut. He was knocked out cold for a good while. The announcer announced the winner of that match, allowing Kassi to advance onward.

The second match proceeded as normal. Piccolo vs Shin. At this point in time only Goku and Vegeta were aware of the existence of a Supreme Kai. And the person they knew was Nao, not Shin. Yet Piccolo had been wary ever since he first saw Shin.

Once the two went up on stage, silence echoed around them after the start of the match was announced. Cold wind blew by as drops of sweat poured down the sides of Piccolo's cheeks.

The crowd started throwing jeers at the two for not starting the match. The announcer blinked his eyes a couple times, before he spoke into his microphone. Shin only smiled seeing the sweat pour down, causing Piccolo to become more nervous.

"...Is everything alright? The match has started already you two."

"...Sorry.", which was the only word Piccolo could say, gulping the rest down his throat. He turned back toward Shin. Shin's grin grew wider seeing Piccolo behave like this.

After another moment of jeers and slander from the crowd, Shin finally spoke up for the first time.

"You'll find out who I am in due time.", Shin said with a smile.

Yet once Shin said that, a crack of lightning boomed inside Piccolo's mind. As if he figured out who Shin was, Piccolo turned around and looked at the announcer once more.

"I concede this match."

Hearing Piccolo say this caused the announcer to blink his eyes in confusion for another moment before responding to him.

"Are you sure you want to forfeit?", he asked.

Piccolo didn't say anything and only nodded. He proceeded off the stage while Shin stood there watching him leave.

"T-the winner of this match is Shin by default!"

After he said that through the microphone, some of the crowd let out some boos while others who were dense and couldn't see Piccolo's identify as a Namekian questioned the complexity of his skin color, as he appeared similar to that of a sick person in their eyes.

Piccolo didn't bother with that of course and walked off in silence. Shin slowly started walk off as well. Once Piccolo arrived at the others' side, Goku questioned him.

"What made ya concede like that, Piccolo? Did ya have any confidence in winnin'?"

"Not exactly. I fear our strengths may be dimensions apart."

"Dimensions apart!?", Goku said with shock in his eyes, causing shock to appear in the other Z Fighters around them.

"Wait, could that guy be like Nao...?", Goku questioned before anyone could do anything.

Yet it was Kassi who now had an annoyed look on her face. She was standing off near one of the corners but ended up approaching Goku.

"Father told you to keep yer yap shut didn't he?"

"He did...but if Piccolo is like this, somethin' must be goin' on. That guy from earlier was no earthling, that's for sure."

"Father is huntin' that guy so don't waste yer breath on him. What's important right now is the Tournament. If anythin' is indeed happenin' it will get revealed soon. I'm goin' back to my corner. If I hear one more peep about this I'll do the same to you like I did to that bald guy."

"Right...", Goku said with a blank look as he watched Kassi leave. The others didn't say anything either. Piccolo was the one to speak next.

'What she says does have a point, Goku. Something is definitely happening, and I'm not getting a good feeling about it. Guess only time will tell."

"You're right about that, Piccolo. All we can do now is wait for the third match to start. That guy with the bulging muscles is givin' me a bad vibe.", Goku said with a serious look in his eyes.

He then turned toward Gohan and Videl, who were nearby, and spoke out to him with a serious tone.

"Gohan, if something bad happens to her you rush in immediately, okay?"

"You got it, Dad."

"Don't worry about me! I've trained hard for this. I'll come out on top!", Videl said with a look of confidence.

Yet little did they know that would come crashing down as the crowd and the Z Fighters witnessed Videl's brutal beating in the moments to come. It was surprising she came came out if it in one piece.

Sorry for those who wanted to see this in a different light but this was necessary to urge Gohan to save Videl from death's imminent grasp and develop the two's relationship to the next level. This was a big turning point in Gohan and Videl's lives. Their love didn't take long to bloom after this happened.

All in all the 25th World Tournament was back on track. Why don't we change things up a bit and see how Nao was doing with the two figures.

He arrived back at the white Palace with no time to waste. That was the two in his arms were also in death's grasp with their serious wounds and erratic breathing. The two were indeed none other than Alter Toppo and Alter Ribrianne!

A couple of the girls of the girls were hanging around their home the moment Nao arrived while the rest were either at work or busy with with royalty duties. Miya, Sayuri and Aht came rushing into the main reception room which lead into the throne room.



"I'd love to catch up but we can do that later. Miya can you push two of the couches together?"

"On it!"

"Good. Sayuri, Aht can you go get some sterile wet towels just in case these two break out in a fever after my treatment?"

"Sure thing!


After Nao said that, Miya went to the two closest black leather couches next to them, grabbed one and pushed it against the other, connecting the two. Sayuri and Aht rushed off toward the left hallway, going into one of the nearby rooms. Miya watched on with worry in her eyes seeing Alter Toppo and Ribrianne unconscious. Every so often they would squirm and wince their closed eyes.

Nao didn't hesitate, and placed the two's bodies onto the connected couches. Their expressions were relieved slightly. Miya turned toward Nao and spoke out to him. The two haven't seen each other in quite a while, who would've thought this was the first thing Nao did when he returned.

"Brother...are these two...from that?"

Nao could only nod seriously.

"Yeah. Toppo and Ribrianne from my vision. So they're from the alternate timeline. Must've dropped into a time rift. Fu is no doubt the perpetrator behind this."

"Fu? Did you meet him?"

"I did. Bastard wasn't using his true body though and only a projection."


"Don't be like that, Miya. We knew this would come at us one day. It can't be a vision for nothing. Stand back I'm a bit. I'm going to do the chant."

Miya didn't say anything else, and stepped back, arriving beside his side. She gripped onto his robe ignoring the blood stains caused by their wounds. Nao focused himself, and spoke out in the Divine Language once more. This time it was an additional line to the spell he's often used in the past.

'LeaH RojaM!"

As soon as Nao chanted that, he felt Godly Ki surge from within. It soon focused onto both of his hands. One was hovering hover Toppo while the other over Ribrianne. His palms started to shine a bright white light. The white light actually condensed into small white sphere, shooting directly into various parts of their bodies.

The serious wounds on both Toppo's and Ribrianne's body began to close as a visible rate! Nao also felt his Godly Ki rapidly drain and his breathing turned haggard. Yet he focused on his healing. Several moments passed in silence as Nao's healing echoed around the room.

Sayuri and Aht returned with several wet towels in their hands. They saw how focused Nao was at the moment and the knew not to disturb him. Aht on the other hand pulled out an ancient wooden flute from inside her b.r.e.a.s.t area. A calm and soothing melody began to play out from its tip. At the same time a blue aura circle shone from beneath her hooves.

Aht began to twirl around as she played her melody. Mana surged out from her body and converged together into a blue aura. It joined together with Nao's white condensed spheres, and seeped into their bodies. This not only sped up the healing process but eased their expressions quite a lot.

Nao nodded seeing Aht's assistance. More moments passed before Nao and Aht started to slow down their healing. At this time Nao felt somewhat light headed. He thought it was the result from using a lot of his divine energy at once, little did he know the cause was something else.

Miya immediately took notice of this, only to see blood start dripping out of Nao's nose. Even though Nao was still focused, she still yelled out to him.

"Oh no. Brother, your nose!"


Hearing Miya shout that, he looked down for a bit, only to see blood start dripping down from his own nose. Confused, his mind was suddenly hit by a powerful wave. Nao's healing light vanished shortly after, and Nao's consciousness faded away. Seeing Nao collapse next to the couch, shock appeared in the three's eyes.