Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 217

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 217 208: Meeting The Old Man

Nao soon felt his consciousness fade away after he finished his healing chant. The last thing he saw was the worry in Miya's, Sayuri's, and Aht's eyes.

As for Toppo and Ribrianne, their deep wounds closed all the way up and their breathing returned to normal. They were now sleeping peacefully on the couches.

Nao could be now be seen collapsed in Miya's embrace. Both Sayuri and Aht rushed toward the two.

"Sister Miya, is Nao alright? Should we move him to the bed?"

"For now, yes. I'll keep an eye on Brother. It's better not to move him at the moment. If it's anything like last time his mind will be really active."

"Like last time? Now that you mention it something similar happened in the Other World after that tournament right? Don't tell me he's going to see another vision!?"

"The effects are lining up to do that. I hope it's not anything bad this time. Sayuri, Aht can you watch over Toppo and Ribrianne? They're mostly healed now and should wake up soon."

"Got it. You watch over Nao okay?"

"Don't you two worry. I'll make sure he's as comfortable as he can be. Brother, I pray you have sweet dreams this time around..."

Miya said that with a soothing tone. Similar to a mother's embrace, she kissed Nao on the forehead. She then wiped away the blood on his nose and scooted away from the connected couches, giving Nao and her enough space to sit down.

She essentially gave Nao a lap pillow after Miya got down onto her knees. Nao's breathing turned steady. Yet now his mind was in full speed, as someone decided to pay him a visit! Someone who the others have met before, but not Nao!

Deep within Nao's Mindspace.

Endless white space could be seen all around. It extended outward in all directions infinitely. Deep within this vastness of white space stood a relatively large pure golden ball of solid light. Not a single spec of impurity could be seen on it, causing its appearance to be ancient.

This was the result of Nao's bloodline evolving into an Ancient Saiyan back when he was on King Kai's planet while learning Kaioken from him with Miya. This golden ball of light itself signified Nao's soul.

The soul chains that were bound to it could no longer be seen. No chains could be seen actually. Nao had long broken through the threshold of achieving the Legendary Saiyan veins during his thirty one years of training with the Supreme Kai of Time.

This was the same thing Broly had! Nao was now akin to a second Broly!

Green streaks of lightning crackled and danced around his soul, making it appear more domineering. That's not all that encompassed his soul either. Three auras circled around it as well.

One aura was pitch black obsidian. Another was pure gold much like his soul but a lot more dense and somewhat darker. The last one was a crystal clear blue aura, as if it was an infinite string of ice crystals.

These three auras signified Nao's mastered affinities of Space, Ice and Time! He did know how to utilize Reality as well, yet he did not dive into any practice of it as of late. Hence it did not appear as a clear aura around his soul.

Seeing this made Nao giddy and a sense of pride swelled within him. Yet that didn't last long as an aged voice suddenly interrupted Nao's train of thought. He then saw two figures appear beside his soul.

One was an old man with a shaved head and a long white beard, wearing a simple white daoist robe. He could be see stroking his beard nonchalantly, which connected to a bushy white mustache.

Next to him was none other than the busty, beautiful long haired twelve-winged angel with pure blond hair. She was named Michael. While that name was more masculine, she was not to be underestimated. Especially when she had a three pronged trident towering above her and silver plated armor equipped. It only covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts and waist, revealing a large portion of her slim belly.

However, she currently had her eyes closed as she stood beside the old man. As for Nao, he sensed a familiarity from the two. But before he could do anything, the old man spoke out to him.

"Hi there, youngster. Glad to see Rebirth has been treating you well. Your soul is already this powerful and you haven't even started your third life yet."

"So it really is you...I've heard quite a bit about you already from Chelsea. I was wondering when you would show up. You did make Rebirth after all, didn't you?"

"I sure did, haha! Speaking of that lass, how has she been doing?"

"Just fine. She isn't ready for a child just yet but we'll get there eventually."

"Glad to hear that! If it wasn't for her strong will she wouldn't have persevered in Babel Tower. She grieved for quite a while after learning about your death. Though hers wasn't that far away from yours. It's a shame for what happened to your planet."

"So I heard. I don't really want to talk about that. I've been enjoying the second chance you gave me. Since you've taken the time to appeared in front of me, could you talk a little bit about yourself?"

"You're a strange one. You want to know this old man better? Sure, why not. I've long since retired after creating Rebirth. I've been out exploring new areas in the Multiverse until I decided it was time to meet you face to face."

After the old man said that, he waved the sleeves of his robe a bit, and a plain wooden circular table appeared in front of Nao. The old man calmly walked up to the opposite end, and sat down cross-legged.

He then turned toward the angel who was still standing still, and spoke out to her.

"Say Michael could you pour some tea for us?"

"As you wish, Your Eminence."

"Excellent. Since you're the man of the hour you say can what type of tea you want, Nao."

"I won't hold back then. Let's go with Green Tea."

"A plain and simple choice, but good nonetheless. It's as he said, Michael."


After the angel said that, she reached her hand into a pocket dimension of sorts, before pulling out a aged teapot. She poured tea for the two.

The two took a long sip each before Nao continued the conversation.

"I guess since we haven't formally introduced each other, we can start from there. I'm sure you know me already but I'm like to properly introduce myself. I'm Nao. It's a pleasure to finally have met you."

'Likewise. The rank you currently have in this world taught you some good mannerisms, I like that. It's been eons since I've remembered my mortal name that I've forgot it. You can just call me like you know ready, The President."

"You were mortal once?"

"Sure was! I was born in a vastly different part of the Multiverse though before I ascended my tribulation into godhood. I now have a life and death domain where all souls get judged accordingly within my jurisdiction. Your previous planet was within that. Michael here is the one who does the actual judging though."

"No wonder I saw a familiar face. She's the same angel I saw who was behind that gold pedestal. You know before that giant hand grabbed me."

"Hahaha! I'm sorry if that startled you when I took your soul into Rebirth's Soul Space. I couldn't think of a quicker way than to directly throw you in there and experience it firsthand."

"None taken. It's an amazing feat in itself to create such a place to where one can create planes on such a whim. I do have a question though, it only copies planes from the existing Multiverse itself, right?"

"Yep! Rebirth let's you mirror the actual Multiverse planes and creates an exact clone of it. Though once you get strong enough Rebirth may adapt and connect to the Multiverse itself before long. It really depends on its host. The clone may contain the original story but it can change depending on how big the host's influence can get."

"That makes sense. I've figured out the world I'm in is a bundle of all the D*Z worlds combined. It's end is soon approaching, is that why you decided to show up now?"

"Part of the reason, yes. But another part is to tell you that you will indeed have another vision of sorts. It's not abrupt or terrible like the other one you had though. Well it may depend on how you take it."

"Another vision, huh?"

"Yup. You entered a relatively high level plane to begin with, since it has both mortals and gods alike. I've already decided on the next few you can choose from so when you're ready you will be able to split your soul and venture off into the next unknown. But as for the vision, you know part of it already, since it was caused by that Fu fellow."

"So it's really related to that bastard...I hope you're not here to dissuade me from killing him."

"Not at all! In fact he's part of a trial of sorts you will undergo shortly. Treat it as a baptism of the Soul. He lined up very challenging foes for you to defeat. Kill him and defeat the others, and you'll be able to pass onto the next world without any more worries."

"A trial by fire essentially?"

"Pretty much. You don't need to worry about Moro either. He does get taken care of eventually."

"Is that so? I'm glad to hear that. I'm guessing you won't be able to tell me who my opponents will be, will you?"

"Oh, I won't need to. The vision you'll experience shortly will fulfill that role."

"I see..."

After Nao said that, he decided to drink more of his tea. The President did the same. The two continued to converse with one another, and Nao got to know more about Rebirth. Overall it turned out to be a pretty fun but relaxing experience at the same time.

Who knew conversing with a god would be this enjoyable? Yet as more time passed, The President got up and stretched his body.

"Mmm...that was a nice talk. I'm glad I was able to get to know you better, Nao. I fear the time to leave is soon approaching."

"Must you go?"

"Yes. There's still much of the Multiverse left to explore. It's like taking a permanent extended vacation, but I'm already retired, haha! But I do have to ask, are you interested in Michael by any chance? I know you got a lot of girls by your side already."


"Eh!? Y-Your Eminence!"

Nao was not expecting a sudden question like this. As for Michael, she finally opened her eyes and shock could be seen all over them. Nao looked toward her, then back toward the old man.

"I'm not sure where you're getting at here...I mean I do have quite a few girls by my side already, and I love each and every one of them dearly."

"That's what I wanted to hear! Tell you what, pass the trial by fire and I'll gift Michael to you when you enter Rebirth's Soul Space again. I feel I can place her in your capable hands."

"I refuse to accept this, Your Eminence! I'm your protector and your judge. How could I leave those roles which you've blessed me with!?"

"Oh put a sock in it, Michael. You got fellow archangel sisters don't you? As I recall, Raphael is the next in line. She just became a twelve winged angel, didn't she?"

"She did...but are you sure of this?"

"Treat it as a reward for Nao. Besides, Angels have a very large influence to one of the next couple of worlds lined up for him. Your presence alone will make his life easier in the long run."

"I-I understand...If that is what you wish for, Your Eminence, then I can't go against it."

"Good! Well there you have it, Nao. It may still be a while till Michael joins your side but I hope you'll get along with her."

"Guess I can't say no if you're being this pushy about it, eh President? I will look forward to working with you when the time comes, Michael."


As Nao said that, Michael could only nod her in silence. The President nodded seeing this and smiled. He then started to stroke his beard again.

"Well then, we will take our leave for now, Nao. Michael may see you soon, but I probably won't. I don't know the next time we will meet each other. It may not be for a very long time. So please enjoy Rebirth's capabilities to its fullest extent. I'm glad it chose you as one if its hosts."

"Don't worry, President, I will. I hope you have safe travels to where ever you go."

"I will, don't you worry. Any last minute questions before we go? If not your sight will black out and the vision will start."

"Can't think of any more. Take care."

"Then I bid you farewell! Come, Michael. Let us depart."

"As you wish, Your Eminence."

After the angel replied that, the two vanished from Nao's Mindspace. Yet as soon as they did, Nao's sight blacked out. As if he had entered a movie theater, a moving image soon appeared within his mind!