Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 218

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 218 209: One After Another

Michael soon turned torward The President while the two were in limbo flying through the vastness of the Multiverse, heading back the golden door they called home. She then spoke out to him with a somewhat worrying tone.

"Was it alright for you to not tell the Young Master about what he will see after he sees who his opponents are?"

"Nah. I only did a little tinkering to it. The lass already told him what the next couple of worlds he can choose from are. There's no harm to letting him catch a glimpse to what he will see inside them. I'm not a prying bastard though so I'm not sure what those futures will be in store for him."

"That's not reassuring at all."

"Haha! Don't be like that, Michael. Let him have his own worries, but this might instead be a reward for him. It's always fun exploring the unknown, isn't it?"

"You really dote on him just for being the first host of Rebirth, don't you?"

"Does it really appear that way? Maybe I should treat that lass to something too, but when we spoke last their wedding she said her life was very fulfilling."

"Maybe give Rebirth an additional perk or something during the transfer process?"

"That could work. I'll give some thought. Say Michael, have you ever given virtual reality a spin?"

"Not that I'm aware of. Why the sudden question?"

"It's truly a fascinating technology mortals have ever created. You ought to brush up on it. In the meantime you need to make sure Raphael is brought up to par with your current duties.That way you can go to Nao's side leaving things in her capable hands."

"As you wish, Your Eminence..."

After Michael said that, she closed her eyes once again. The old man sighed seeing this, and decided to up their speed.

Meanwhile, back in Nao's Mindspace, the activity inside his mind started to rapidly speed up. Rolling images began to appear, as if he had entered a movie theater. He had long lost how much time he had spent in here. Let's take a look at what was on these images, shall we?

Nao soon found himself in a vast darkness. Yet this darkness he felt was as if he was all alone in solitude. No noises, no outside distractions. Yet it wasn't completely void of light. What Nao saw in the far distance was a massive tree.

Bright red spiky fruit could be seen in full splendor on its branches. It's branches had vibrant green leaves. Connecting to its trunk near the bottom of it was an embryo of sorts. It was golden-yellow in color and it thumped every couple moments, as if it was a heart!

Further below the trunk were twelve massive roots. These roots vanished into swirling white clouds, connecting to none other than each of the twelve Universes. Every so often globs of yellow light would crawl up the roots, getting absorbed into the embryo sac.

This was the Universe Tree! Fu was the one who was culminating it ever since he started with the Universe Seed. It's end goal was to create a brand new universe free from strife while destroying all of the others in the process.

This in itself made Fu a madman. The Universe Seed was Phase One of his plan, while the tree was Phase Two! As for the man himself, Nao approached the three and saw three figures.

He saw Fu, who had a big grin on his face seeing how the Universe Tree was currently doing. On top of his left shoulder stood a divine bird similar to TokiToki, yet it was deep violet in color and had yellow crosses for its pupils with very fluffy feathers. This was the bird of destruction, DogiDogi!

DogiDogi was a failed experiment by Mechikabura in his own attempt to create a second TokiToki!

As for the third figure next to them was Towa, Fu's mother!

Fu turned around after speaking with Towa for a bit, yet he found nothing. Nao saw Fu remove his sword from its sheath and sliced down in front of him, aiming directly at Nao. Nao couldn't even do anything before his vision was suddenly obstructed, and he vanished from sight.

The rolling images soon ventured onto the second place in question. Did Fu actually feel Nao's presence, even though Nao was only witnessing a vision? He would have to confirm with him when their fight begins.

The vast darkness was soon replaced by a fiery red sky. It was as if he had entered Hell itself, as everywhere around stood a fiery inferno with stone crags and sharp stalagmites sticking from the ground up. Boiling lava bubbled in lakes around and in between. Deep within this fiery world was a massive prison pillar, bound by slick metal chains.

It had two round platforms. On top of it stood a giant stone pillar with a barred window, similar to those found in prisons. Nao was momentarily stunned by Fu's actions from earlier but he could only push them back for now.

Seeing this new area reminded him of the captive evil Saiyan Fu had captured during his Prison Planet experiment. 'Don't tell my my second opponent is going to be C.u.mber?', Nao thought to himself.

Yet little did he know this area was currently holding someone else. His thoughts were soon interrupted by a very loud crazed voice, as if they were in pain. This voice shook the area he was in to its core.


Nao then saw a massive fiery red Ki burst out of the prison, yet it remained in tact. Nao immediately frowned hearing this sudden yell. 'That voice doesn't belong to C.u.mber. No way...Jiren?', Nao thought to himself.

Yet his thoughts were interrupted by a sudden burst of fiery red Ki bursting out of the stone pillar. Sure enough this Ki belonged to Jiren, but before Nao could catch a good glimpse of him, the disturbance of the Ki caused his sight to vanish. The darkness of Nao's mind resumed once more.

Moving right along to the third set of rolling images, Nao found himself right in the midst of a destructive battle. Destroyed buildings could be seen all around him. Craters created with sizes as large as if nukes were dropped down onto it could be seen. Having a closer look at these destroyed buildings, most of them were domes created by Capsule Corporation Hoi-Poi capsules!

This was indeed Planet Earth Nao was currently on! He see Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo and Android 17 fighting a pale white skinned humanoid with six rainbow sharp protrusions sticking out of his back. A rainbow sphere could be seen imbued in the center of his chest.

A large X scar was on his chest. His chest was completely bare revealing his rather large frame. He had rather short spiky hair and had an orange visor over his eyes. At the moment his whole body was surrounded by a yellow hue and aura, making his whole body appear yellow.

This was Hearts! 'So it's Hearts this time. Is that me fighting along the Z Fighters? Guess this one will be a team battle.', Nao thought to himself.

Sure enough Nao did see himself battling alongside Goku and the others. It wasn't just them either, Jiren from the true timeline and Hit, Universe 6's number one assassin, could also be seen! It was about to reach the finale of the fight.

Goku and Vegeta were about to do the fusion dance. Yet once Nao saw Gogeta be born his sight blackened once more, returning to his Mindspace. 'Guess I'll have a chance to fight alongside Gogeta!', Nao thought excitedly to himself.

Yet he thought that would only occur once. He didn't think he fought fight alongside Gogeta twice! The next set of rolling images soon revealed itself before Nao.

Nao found himself back on Planet Earth, but found himself in the midst of ice caps and glaciers all around him. Below him were giant pools of magma. Nearby he could see an intense fight like no other.

He saw both him and Gogeta no less fighting a massive figure, who was none other than Broly! He was enraged at this point in time. Nao paused still for a moment, as this fight was one of his favorites of all time. To think he would be in it as well!

Regarding Broly, he and Miya didn't stop Paragus from leaving on that fated day when they were still on Planet Vegeta. He didn't really want to interrupt Broly's upbringing, and he would slowly change for the better after this fight thanks to Goku's persistence. He couldn't see Paragus around anywhere, so Nao thought it was safe to assume Frieza had killed him like in the movie.

The moment their fight cracked reality and space open forming a rift they would enter, Nao's sight blacked out again, ending the fourth vision. 'It looks like each fight is building things up to an extent, so maybe Fu was the weakest out of them all? I wonder what the last one will have in store for me...', Nao thought to himself.

It didn't take long before the fifth set of rolling images to appear before him. Little did Nao thought the rolling images wouldn't end here. These upcoming images would detail the last fight, but he didn't expect he would catch glimpses of the rewards to come too!