Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 219

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 219 210: A Glimpse Into The Angel Realm

The fifth set of rolling images soon appeared before Nao inside his Mindspace. Yet what confused him was the scenery itself. It was as if it had been taken directly out of Xianxia novels!

Floating islands as far as the eye could see. Endless white clouds drifted both above and below them. Lush green land forests spread far on the islands themselves. Large waterfalls poured down the sides of them. Lakes and mountains could also be seen scattered.

It's scenery was really breathtaking and angelic. Yet Nao immediately frowned, as he could see all the water on every island in his sight was currently dyed red and even the clouds themselves! Every so often thunderous booms would echo and the realm itself would violently quake.

That's right, this was the Realm of Angels. Or commonly known as the Angel Realm! Nao could see fantastical birds fly away in terror. He could only assume these to be the Jiru-Jiru birds Whis would mention on occasion. (A/N If anyone knows of any images circulating about the Angel Realm let me know. Couldn't find any. This is my spin on it.)

Everything felt ominous seeing the whole realm dyed in red. If it weren't for this, this realm would've been similar to a heavenly paradise. Islands passed by Nao's eyes until he saw a few which were scattered with blood. He could see the bodies of various Angels, both known to the other Universes and unknown, lying dead face down with heavy injuries to their bodies.

As for Nao, his sight landed on three figures. If he could feel, he would feel a very intense heat releasing from the three. The trees nearby had long burned down from the extremely high temperature alone. As for the three figures themselves, two had the same aura while the other didn't.

The two who had the same aura, sporting a crystalline color of blues and whites. Globs of purple and even a reddish hue oozed out every so often. Their hair remained normal however, unlike Goku whose hair changed to silver. This was indeed the mastered form of Ultra Instinct!

This power was said to be the strongest form any god could reach to!

As for the other figure, the aura around him was dense, pure white. Hints of light blue could be seen on top of their white spiky hair and tail. The upper half of his robe had long been torn off revealing his muscled body. Green lightning danced around his aura. This was of course none other than Nao, who had reached a new height of strength in this vision, different from Ultra Instinct.

This form was known as Super Saiyan White! It was the final evolution a Super Saiyan God could transcend to. It's strength was no laughing matter either. It was far, far stronger than Super Saiyan Blue and could evenly match the strength of the Angels themselves.

Speaking of the Angels, Whis could be seen alongside Nao. Whis was in his mastered Ultra Instinct form, but had a weary look in his eyes. Even he was riddled with injuries. As for Nao, he was in a similar state, yet his eyes were focused on one thing.

That was none other than the Angel who was currently in a grip-lock around their neck, held tightly by Nao's left hand. They had severe injuries to their body. Open holes could be seen and blood splattered onto the ground as a result. Anger could be seen in Nao's eyes as he spoke out to this Angel.

"Snap out if it, Merus! Haven't you killed enough already!? What made you so hellbent for you to turn out like this!?"

"Heh...*cough*, cough*...this is nowhere near enough pain to deliver onto this place! It must be brought into ruins...I won't die until it is!"

"Have you gone crazy from so many years spent in reflection!?"

"Not at all...I'm actually quite calm and focused, it's almost scary. You see, something dawned on me one day. How can I enjoy a life of justice without being free from Father? Justice always has two sides you know. I'm finally giving justice for what Father deserves! At least this way Mother will be able to rest in peace!"

"So you really haven't been able to forget our Mother's face, Merus..."

"That's right, brother! You should join me, or do you still wish to be a slave to Father's orders!?"

"Is that really how you've seen this all this time, Merus?"

Hearing Merus yell that out after coughing up more blood, he saw Whis let out a deep sigh and disappointment appeared in his eyes. Merus yelled out once again seeing that.

"Don't give me that look! All the others gave me that same look of pity and see how they ended up!?"

"...It truly indeed is a pity, Merus. My brothers and sisters have sacrificed their lives to reach this point. I've nothing more to say to you. Nao, we will go retrieve the Super Dragon Balls after this. You may...dispose of Merus as you please. He is no longer a brother of ours."

"As you wish, Whis. It's a shame things turned out like this, Merus. Sayuri would be very disappointed knowing you became like this."

"Don't you dare get me started with her you bastard! Once I kill you I'll go after that bitch ne--!?"

Yet before Merus could finish saying that, his eyes turned wide. A loud crunching sound echoed around them. However, Nao's sight suddenly went dark once more, and his vision ended.

Still, witnessing such a scene left Nao gobsmacked. The other four opponents left him rather excited with the exception of Jiren, as Nao clearly saw he was in anguish. This fifth opponent turned out to be none other than Merus!

He soon entered his own thoughts. 'So the final one is Merus...I was not expecting that. Fu did mention that he picked fighters from other times, so maybe this Merus is from a timeline where his isolation caused him to become evil? Either way I feel I should report this...', Nao thought.

He was going to continue thinking about the five opponents lined up for him, but the darkness around him didn't vanish and return to the vast whiteness of his Mindspace. This caused Nao to raise his eyebrows. 'Don't tell me there's still something more to be seen? It showed me the five who I am to battle. Could it be...?', Nao thought to himself.

Sure enough, before long another set of rolling images emerged from the darkness before him. Little did he know that these upcoming images would give him glimpses of the worlds the rewards to follow and the worlds to come!