Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 22

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 22 19: One Year

*Ding! Host is currently in a deep sleep state. Current time remaining : 365 days...

Planet Vegeta's sun started to descend and dusk soon arrived, however the stench of blood still lingered in the air. While the Tuffles turned into that weird mist, most of the Saiyans became injured at some point. Moving along, Paragus and Nappa didn't say anything more and helped King Vegeta II to stand up, while Miya grabbed hold of Nao, who was literally sleeping like a baby. No matter what Miya did to him, he would not wake up, but as they shared a conscious, Miya saw the timer within his mind. She did become slightly sad at the fact that she wouldn't be able to do things with him for a year. The nine Saiyans eventually made their way to the west gate with Paragus, Nappa and King Vegeta II in front, Miya carrying Nao in the middle followed by Parsi Oliver Fynn and Gin in the rear.

Most of the Saiyans that stayed behind to watch the battle have already departed as it was already far into the night now. Once Miya arrived at the west gate, she looked to her left only to see a partially destroyed wall, which was caused by Nao at the beginning of the battle, when Hatchiyack launched him. Seeing the leftover wreck caused her to shiver a bit but seeing Nao sleeping peacefully in her embrace caused that feeling to immediately disappear. However, the group spotted three people, two of which were the west gate guards and unexpectedly a beautiful woman with long straight black hair that flowed down to her waist and brown tail wrapped around it. Upon seeing Iona, without any regards to her seniors, Miya sent a bit of Ki to her feet which caused a burst of air and dashed ahead. A few seconds later she landed in Iona's embrace together with Nao and started to rub her head.


Seeing this, a feeling of warmth soon spread which Iona has not felt for the last three years, and Iona smiled gently seeing her two children return triumphantly. She grabbed a hold of the two, and saw that Nao was sleeping peacefully despite the many injuries he sustained earlier.

"Welcome home, Little Miya, Little Nao."







Meanwhile, back on Planet Beerus.

Two figures could be seen outside of Beerus's Palace, resting near by the one table Whis rested nearby earlier. A giant blue panel was currently open and Whis was standing in front of it as it floated in the air. Beerus could be seen floating upside down beside Whis with his two purple ears drooping downwards. He was currently picking at his sharp teeth with a toothpick scraping off leftover food while watching the screen before him. Beerus saw 3 figures on the screen and Whis zoomed in on one of the three.

"So Whis how exactly is this brat a Saiyan God? Even his Ki is a piece of shit!"

"Not is, Lord Beerus, but what it will become. While this boy's current strength isn't worth mentioning I've discovered his genes have been mixed the power of a God. It's not impossible for this to happen at birth but this boy really lucked out. Given the proper training he will have a greater chance at becoming a Saiyan God, ohohoho."

"Are you suggesting to bring him here? You know that I don't take in disciples Whis! How the hell could a God of Destruction teach someone? I will be better off killing this brat!"

"Ohohoho, Lord Beerus, that won't be necessary. In fact you may even get to meet him personally without having to bring him here."

"Oi, Whis. Don't tell me you looked into the future again!?"

"I couldn't help it Lord Beerus, I was simply too curious. Moreover the little girl besides the little boy might even interest you as well, Lord Beerus. She currently has Saiyan blood running through her veins but she appears to not have originally been a Saiyan."

"A Saiyan who isn't a Saiyan? Now is not the time for riddles, Whis!"

"Ohohoho, Lord Beerus. Perhaps only time will tell. You'll be able to meet them within the next five years. Ara? It seems the Planet's name has changed. The Saiyans killed off the remainder of the Tuffles and is now called Planet Vegeta. As expected of a warrior race."

"Within the next five years at the Saiyan's planet? This still gives me time for another nap. *Yawn*"

"Before that Lord Beerus, it seems there is a certain someone we need to visit. It appears they've been keeping a very important secret from us and didn't bother reporting it. Let's go visit an old friend, shall we?"

"An old friend dares to keep secrets from a God of Destruction!? They must have a death wish! But who could it be?"

"The only friend who bested you in a game of hide and seek, Lord Beerus. If I recall it happened about 400 years ago? Anyway, let's depart at once."

Whis dismissed the giant blue panel and raised his scepter. The black orb that hovered at the top of the scepter shined and before long Beerus and Whis vanished. Using his technique to fast travel through space, Whis set their destination, which would take about thirty minutes to arrive.







Back on King Kai's planet.

King Kai could be seen sitting at a wooden table nearby his dome house, drinking some tea. The original story has not started yet as Goku has not been born. King Kai's planet was relatively peaceful and in his down time, King Kai would enjoy drinking tea and taking naps. Every so often he would monitor the two souls that entered his area, of which he found it very surprising for them to be born as Saiyans. He saw that by the time the two reached three years old, they already had the highest battle power of the Saiyans that settled on the magenta planet, and by the time the two reached five years old, their power could already cause massive damage to their planet. However the most interesting thing he found is no matter how the two trained themselves, they always shared the same power level. Once the battle with Hatchiyack ended he also sensed the disturbance caused by Nao, realizing his potential could be limitless.

Just as King Kai finished drinking his tea, his two long antennae started to twitch fiercely. Time flowed on and thirty minutes soon passed. He started to feel a fierce Ki approach his planet, one that he had not felt for the last few centuries. However before he could guess on who was coming to his planet, two figures suddenly appeared floating above, surrounded by golden clouds. Once King Kai saw Lord Beerus, he started to sweat bullets, knelt down on both knees, and bowed. He started to sputter as he greeted the two.

"L-Lord Beerus. L-Long time no see. W-What brings you here to my humble abode?"

Beerus soon floated down and landed. As King Kai's planet was relatively small he landed right near by King Kai, with Whis soon following after him. Without speaking Beerus raised his finger, only to form a small sphere of purple Ki that started to emit small streaks of lightning around it.

'Whis told me you've been keeping something to yourself during the last few years. Did me losing that one hide and seek game with you cause to to become this complacent? Do you want me to blow up what little of your planet is left?"

"O-Of course not, Lord Beerus. H-how could this little one hide anything from you?"

"Stop beating around the bush! If you don't answer me I'll blow up your little planet and you along with it!"

Seeing the small purple Ki sphere floating above Beerus's fingertip start to expand slowly, cold sweat continued to pour down King Kai's back. He started to wrack his brain on what could have been kept from Lord Beerus, and according to him it was within the last few years. The only thing that King Kai has been doing the last few years was relaxing and monitoring a couple people. Perhaps his Lord Beerus is referring to those two?

"L-Lord Beerus. T-this little one hasn't done much in the last five years. I've been enjoying my time here relaxing but it does seem two souls have entered the North Area, only to be born as Saiyans. T-the souls of the two were rather unique so I've been monitoring their progress. C-Could Lord Beerus be referring to this?"

"Oh, so you actually have been keeping something from me. Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you."

"I-I deeply apologize, Lord Beerus! I only wanted to monitor them to see if they could pose a threat to this universe. I never knew that they were being watched by Lord Beerus. The color of the two's souls were rather unique actually. One of them was rather large and pale white while another was smaller but bright red."

Seeing that he provided some information Beerus didn't know yet, the purple Ki sphere shrunk a bit, and King Kai sighed in his heart. He continued to relay the information of what he's gathered thus far.

"Additionally, I've also found something recently, They were born as twins five years ago but no matter how they trained their Ki, they always appear to share the same power level!"

"Twins who always share the same power level? Whis, have you ever heard of this?"

Beerus shifted his head to his right to look at Whis, and saw Whis close his eyes. Seeing him contemplate on such a matter, Beerus became distracted and the Ki sphere he created gradually grew smaller and smaller, until it vanished completely. Sensing the fierce Ki vanish, cold sweat ran down King Kai's back, knowing that he dodged a bullet, knowing he would get to live another day.

"The color of their hair threw me off but to think they were twins, and even share the same power level...This is most intriguing..."

Whis soon drifted off into his own little world. Seeing this, Beerus decided to sit down and cross his legs as he waited for Whis to finish his thoughts. King Kai debated whether he had enough courage to speak out to Lord Beerus again, and decided to muster up his courage as he remembered another thing that happened.

"L-Lord Beerus, I happened to remember one more thing. N-Not so long ago the child triggered another anomaly. I sensed a sinister Ki leak out of him before it got absorbed back in. W-Would you know what could have caused that?"

"Nng? Whis said the cause was due to him awakening his space-time element. Didn't you sense that? Or maybe that's why you are still just a Kai. You ought to train more."

"M-My apologizes, Lord Beerus, space-time isn't exactly my forte..."

King Kai was surprised Beerus actually answered him but he then saw Beerus pick at his teeth his his hand, as if he didn't care at all. Awakening space-time element was no joke but of course Beerus would be the one to shrug it off, given his position. Whis finally ended his contemplation.

"Lord Beerus, this is just getting more intriguing the more I think about it. It seems King Kai has said what we wanted to hear as well. You can say your fortune is good to not have your planet shrink again, King Kai, after all it is already small, is it not? Ohohoho."

"Whis, let's go. You said that I still have up to five years right? I want to go sleep some more. A mountain of food is waiting for me in my dream!"

"As you wish, Lord Beerus."

Seeing drool start to appear on Beerus's mouth, Whis shook is head and sighed again. But at Beerus's request, he raised his scepter only to have the black orb shine once again. Two figures then vanished from King Kai's planet. Once King Kai saw that the two were gone, he dropped dead on the floor, panting heavily. Another 30 minutes passed and the two arrived back on Planet Beerus. Beerus started to yawn some more and flew back to his Palace, eventually nesting in on his bed. A few moments passed and snoring could be heard from Beerus. As he continued to sleep on, his body started to float up a bit, before he remained hovering in place. Whis on the other hand remained outside the massive tree and opened up the blue panel again, only to see it was the next day on Planet Vegeta.







Back on Planet Vegeta, Nao could be seen inside his house resting on Iona's bed. Some medical equipment could be seen attached to him. Miya informed her mother that Nao may be asleep for up to a year and this was the best method the Saiyans had for a body to still receive nutrients. His chest rose and continued to breath in and out. Seeing a sleeping Nao, Iona smiled at him knowing he was now safe for now. Time started to flow again with the rising sun, and the sun seemed to rise and fall faster and faster, and in a blink of an eye, another year passed on Planet Vegeta, marking the year 731.