Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 220

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 220 211: A Glimpse Into The Continent Of Vainqueur

Sure enough, another set of rolling images appeared in the darkness before Nao's eyes. It didn't contain any bloodshed or anguished woes. On the contrary, the first thing that came into view was the white Palace.

It quickly went past the reception room that connected to the sky around the floating Palace. It didn't stop at the large throne room either, it went all the way until Nao's private quarters.

Compared to the previous Palace, the size of the circular white bed was over twice as big. If the previous was barely over fifteen meters then this one was about twenty five meters all around!

This size was decided upon the girls, as they knew Nao would increase his number of partners in the future. Rebirth had officially recognized Fie and Aht as Soulbound partners. Michael will eventually take that mantle as well. As for who else, Nao had vague ideas already for when he will venture into the next worlds.

Nao had the three worlds to choose from at the moment, and he was currently leaning towards O*verlord. Yet he didn't really have a crush on the women that were shown in that series. The original author must have had a fetish for Yanderes, as O*verlord consisted of quite a few of them!

As beautiful as they were, Nao wasn't much of a fan of Yanderes. He didn't want them to destroy the harmonious relationship he currently had with his nine girls, soon to be ten. Especially since some had already went through childbirth.

Nao couldn't help but reminisce for a moment of everyone he had met thus far in his life. He then thought about his girls, and a smile crept on his face. 'I've really been blessed with such a life that's filled with unknowns. The D*Z world does span across multiple Universes after all. It's far from worlds like O*verlord or P*kemon...', Nao began his thoughts.

'Still I'm glad things turned out this way for the better. Miya, Elsa, Sayuri, Isabella, Chelsea, Tights, Aht, Eir...and Fie. I can't wait to see you all together once again. I made it back home safely but ended up passing out. Meeting the old man was pretty heartwarming too, and there's the vision on top of that...Speaking of which, it's finally letting me get a clearer image.', Nao thought to himself once more.

As the image in front of him was now clear, he ended his thoughts. Yet his mind was soon interrupted by m.o.a.ns of pleasure. Nao's heartbeat sped up a bit as he could immediately recognize who this voice belonged to.

He saw a figure about 5'6. Their skin looked ethereal, and it was as blue as the sky outside. Long silky white hair bundled as a mohawk flew down most of her back. It was all natural and wasn't held up by a perm.

Her hair currently flew down the left side of her back. Overall she had a petite, slender build and her b.r.e.a.s.ts were only slightly larger than Sayuri's. Of course Nao saw her completely n.a.k.e.d right now, down on all fours near the center of the massive bed.

Nao also saw himself thrusting his member in and out of Fie while holding onto her chest, which caused Fie to arch her back. Every so often Nao would nibble on her pointy ears.

It was clear Nao could tell the two were extremely in love with each other. Every so often Fie would m.o.a.n out 'Papa', which enticed the Nao in the vision even more. The vision abruptly ended the moment Fie and Nao reached an orgasm together.

Darkness soon entered Nao's eyes once more. He entered his thoughts after witnessing that.

'...I'm not sure when this will happen, but you really love me, don't you, Fie? It's clear that I need to respond to your feelings. I hope me not being there didn't make you too lonely...', Nao thought as a hint of sadness struck against his mind. (A/N: before anyone complains, Nao and Fie aren't related by blood but possess a strong bond comparable to that. Nao raised her on his own with the help of the girls and Queen Elena, and she eventually developed feelings for him. They bloomed during Nao's long training)

Yet he ended his thoughts there, as another set of rolling images came into view. This time it featured the hallway leading to the throne room.

Three figures could be seen chatting with each other as they walked. They were none other than Nao, Aht and Eir!

Aht actually hadn't changed much despite a passing of thirty one years. Her height was only about half a foot taller. Overall she now stood about 5'5, a couple inches shorter than Fie. She was no longer the ten year old child she once was though. She was now over forty years of age.

As a result of that, she now sported a mixture of playfulness while holding a slight charm of maturity. Aht still acted like Aht however, and skipped around a lot jumping on her two hooves.

The fur which covered all of Aht's legs was a lot more lush and vibrant than before. Her tail was a bi more puffy, and curved at its tip. The tip itself was no longer dark blue but light blue.

She currently sported her formal Holy Shaman attire, revealing most of her bare front side. At the moment Nao saw Aht literally dragging him by hand across the hallway and was in a very excited state.

If one looked closely a light blush could be seen on her cheeks. As for Eir, she was donned in a similar fashion. She wore a light green woven mantle behind her white green-tipped wings.

She wore a tight leather chain armor, which criss-crossed around her extremely large b.r.e.a.s.ts all the way down to her waist, revealing most of her belly. She did not shy away from this current appearance, as she still remained as Aht's private guard all this while. She too had experienced childbirth and passed her title of Queen to their daughter. Silver had become her closest confidante and continuously helps their daughter's ruling in Eir's absence.

Eir herself had an air of maturity around her. The only thing she did not know was her age, as it was unknown exactly when Lippti and Teo first found her in Historia.

Speaking of Historia the three were actually on their way right now! Nao had his doubts seeing this pairing but when they reached the Portal Room, which had the same layout as it did back on Planet Elosyia, he was able to confirm his suspicions.

He saw the three enter a [Gate]. It didn't take them long to arrive at Historia. It's not like his connection to it ever vanished. Eir no longer had the White Chronicle after returning it to the twins, but before they left for good Nao learned that he was able to leave behind an active [Gate]. This allowed them to come and go as they please into Historia, which will in turn send them off to Vainqueur. Vainqueur was the continent Aht and Eir hailed from!

Nao also discovered the events of R*diant Historia had long ended and the desertification issue finally ceased thanks to the efforts of a special intelligence agent named Stocke. Aht was able to give a tour of her land, meeting some of the affluent people. Princess Eruka, a Gutral named Gafka, even the famed mercenaries Marco and Raynie. He got along with the Satyros tribe and the natives to Celestia.

Boy was Elm in for the shock of her life after seeing Aht return with Eir by her side. She cried in her arms for several hours knowing the real body returned. They questioned who Nao was as well and became stunned after learning that he was Aht's fiance. That's right, Aht proposed to him right underneath the holy Boundary Tree shortly after they arrived!

After a celebratory feast held by all the natives to Celestia where all the races joined hand in hand, Aht offered herself to Nao that same night. Eir was also there for support. The moment Aht dropped all her clothes onto the grass spreading her arms wide open did the vision finally come to a close.

Nao, in response to the darkness returning to his eyes, entered his own thoughts after witnessing all of that. 'So that's Vainqueur, huh? That was definitely a land of fantasy. Those two said it was a short vacation before heading off to the next world, but I didn't know Aht would do that. Guess that was the special moment she wanted me to be a part of. Well, the next time we meet I'll keep my silence, but I'm really looking forward to it!', Nao exclaimed inside his mind.

Seeing the darkness persist, he knew the visions haven't come to a close yet. However this next one ended just as fast as it started. It only lasted for a couple moments.

Yet those couple of moments made Nao's heart thump faster. It showed his bedroom once again. This time he had seen a rather unfamiliar face fully n.a.k.e.d on top of him. Her twelve angel wings fluttered about as she continued to ride his member. Nao would fondle her large b.r.e.a.s.ts and the moment they reached an orgasm together the vision ended.

This one contained the archangel Michael! Nao could see a loving look in her eyes, so he could only assume the two entered entered a relationship at one point in the future. This would be the second girl who had angel wings, with the first being Eir. Yet unlike Eir, Michael was a full blown archangel.

This wouldn't happen for some time though as Michael wouldn't leave the old man's side until Nao completed his trial by fire. A look of anticipation appeared within his eyes. He had some good things to look forward to!

Yet the darkness persisted even till now, so the vision hadn't stopped yet. Little did Nao know he was about to take a glimpse of the lives he would experience in the next three worlds!