Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 221

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 221 212: A Glimpse Into The New World

Another set of rolling images entered Nao's eyes once more. This time he found himself in a completely new land unknown to him. It was akin to that of a medieval middle-age Earth that came straight out of Europe. Plains where Undead roamed, mountains that housed dwarfs in the north, kingdoms and empires clashing against each other on the mainland, a holy empire to the southwest, a theocracy dedicated to Demihumans in the south, and further beyond that was the land of elves and dragons.

All of this was known as the New World, which was the world of unknown to the O*erlord series after Yggdrasil shut down its game and caused a transfer of its remaining characters, only to become real in the New World!

Details remained scarce for now but what Nao could see was the Kingdom of Re-Estize. It was surprising to see how long this kingdom had lasted until now, thanks to the prominent pressure from its neighboring empire, the Baharuth Empire.

Still, Nao found himself travelling straight toward the Palace of the kingdom itself. Every single house had its door tightly shut. He could see its citizens scared out of their wits as he passed by them. One large reason for that were large Undead knights patrolling the streets.

The Death Knights! There were currently hundreds of them!

The city itself was split by a large river. The first half of it housed commoners, the marketplace business districts and the Adventure's Guild among other buildings. The other half, which was closer to the Re-Estize Palace that overlooked the rest of the city and the surrounding forest, housed the nobles, or what remained of them anyway.

The castle itself was multilayered and had white stone spires acting as watchtowers around its periphery. To this day the castle still stood despite the many wars wages against the neighboring Baharuth Empire. It usually appeared calm around the castle but today was an auspicious day.

Many figures could currently be seen inside the rather small throne but rustic throne room. Nao's phantom image easily passed through everything and saw a lot of faces he had recognized. Toward the back of the room stood a giant golden chair with exquisite designs on it standing proudly over five meters tall. An overbearing figure about two thirds of the throne's height.

He was no human. Wearing a large purple gown, a large crystal red ball could be seen imbued where his stomach would be. There is no stomach, nor other organs for that matter, as it was pure white crystal bones. A large golden staff with several exquisite jewels embedded on its ringed top could be seen in his left hand. This of course was Momonga of the O*verlord series.

He was currently going by Ainz Oowl Gown, and had just been inaugurated as the Great Sorcerer King!

His followers could be seen kneeling on the ground in front of the throne, off to the side, The Floor Guardians, Sebastian, and the Pleiades maids! All could be seen kneeling.

Off to the left were ten more figures, all beautiful women in formal attire. These were none other than Nao's wives and lovers. Starting from the top it was Elsa. Miya, Isabella, Sayuri, Chelsea, Aht, Eir, Fie, and Michael. Michael recently joined the group and one more did as as well.

A scaled tail could be seen poking out of her butt. Two light purple transparent wings on her back. Two beautiful, curved silver horns protruded out of her head. She was in a formal one piece purple gown revealing her legs and decent sized b.r.e.a.s.ts. A dominant air emanated from her and her eyes had dragon-like slits. Long violet hair flew down past her slender shoulders.

She was the newest member to Nao's harem. A character he had personally created with 100% freedom thanks to Miya's help in hacking Yggdrasil before its servers closed! She transferred along with him and the girls! (A/N no name, age etc for now, still thinking of one, let me know down in the comments if you guys have a good name for her!)

Tights was currently behind Nao waiting on standby behind him. As for Nao himself, he was standing next to Ainz. He did a light bow as Ainz stood from his throne. The Floor Guardians and the Pleiades maids did not have any scorn or hatred in their eyes as they watched their Supreme Lord reach out his hand to shake Nao's. Only respect.

Ainz was the first one to speak out to Nao.

"It's been such a long time since we've last, my good friend. Have you been enjoying yourself?"

"I have indeed, Lord Ainz. I must offer my congratulations on establishing your first step into the known. The Sorcererous Kingdom has a nice ring to it."

"Thank you. Your presence alone has made this a fortuitous day. You've always been one who uses such pleasantries, huh? Can't you just call me Ainz? We've known each other for a good few years since we've come to this place. I'm glad I wasn't the only one."

"I apologize Lord Ainz, but this is just how I am. Especially with how my past was."

"Hmm, your past, is it? We did have a few offline meetings before but nothing too serious. You've always been quite vague about that. Speaking of which, your maid always gives off a feeling of familiarity. I can't quite place my finger on it."

Hearing Ainz say that, Nao let out a light chuckle.

"Haha, that's so like you, Lord Ainz. You've always had a good eye for things."

After Nao said that, those who were kneeling on the right side nodded in agreement. Demiurge was the next one to speak out.

"It's as Lord Nao said, Lord Ainz. It pleases me greatly that you've accepted this one's invitation. I hope everything is to your liking."

"Oh, Demiurge, is that you? It really has been a while, hasn't it?", Nao said with an interested look in his eyes.

After Nao said that, Demiurge, who was one of the Floor Guardians, stood up and did a forty five degree bow, greeting Nao.

"It has been two years, three months and fourteen days since we've last met, to be exact, Lord Nao. Today should be a cause for celebration. For the birth of the Sorcererous Kingdom and the return of Lord Nao!"

(A/N random time placed here, may or may not use it in world 2. Who knows lol)

After Demiurge said that with loud voice, applause erupted from both sides. The girls looked at Nao full of smiles and loving gazes. Seeing this caused Ainz to let out a large bellow himself. He then tapped the floor with the Staff of Ainz Oowl Gown, causing a small echo to resound around them.

"Hahahaha! Well said., Demiurge! This indeed is a cause for celebration! How long are you planning to stay for this time, Lord Nao?"

"It actually won't be for long this time unfortunately. I fear there have been some disturbances beyond the Theocracy to the deeper south. Mana has become unstable, I must go investigate it."

"Disturbances in the deep south caused by Mana? That does sound pretty interesting. Doesn't that house the land of the elves and the draconic tribe?"

"Yes. It shouldn't be much of an issue for us to get granted access to their lands. I do hope it's not those Slane Theocracy bastards again."

"You've got capable hands plus your strength matches similarly to mine so that shouldn't be much of an issue. Would it be fine if I were to send someone with you this time?"

Hearing Ainz ask that, Nao raised eyebrows. Demiurge also had his eyes light up, as if he had realized something. He spoke out to the two before Nao could answer Ainz. He even let out a chuckle and extended his arms out.

"Hahaha! So that's how it is, Lord Ainz. Your insight is as impeccable as always! I must apologize beforehand though."

"Oh, so you've realized what I was planning? As expected, Demiurge."

'What did the hell did Demiurge figure out this time!? All I wanted was to send someone with Nao to scout those lands since they are still unknown to us!', Momonga's inner mind cursed.

"You flatter me too much, Lord Ainz. But to realize your dream, my assistance and identity as Yaldaboath will be needed in the Roble Holy Kingdom. Albedo will be managing the affairs of your new kingdom. You're planning to take Aura, Mare and Shaltear to the land of the dwarves in the Azerlisia Mountains. I'm afraid our personnel may be lacking to accompany Lord Nao."

"Hmm, that is true, Demiurge."

After Ainz said that, his eyes swept over his followers. His eyes soon landed on an enormous figure who had an appearance of an insect walking upright, a fusion of a mantis and an ant. He had a tail that was twice as big as his height and was covered in large spikes and icicles.His ant-like jaw was strong enough to snap people's hands clean off.

He had four arms, two of which held a silver halberd. His body was covered in hardened blue bone armor which would ooze out diamond dust. He also breathed out cold air every time he took a breath. This was Cocyutus, the Floor Guardian of Nazarick's fifth floor!

Sensing his gaze, Cocyutus looked back at him, awaiting a further response.

"Cocyutus, you've nothing right now, do you? Your experiments with the Lizardmen have ended, right?"

"Correct, my lord. Our schedule is free."

"Excellent. You will go with Nao and investigate the disturbances in the deep south. I expect to hear good results."


"We accept your command. We will ensure Lord Nao's protection and determine if the deep south is fit to be ruled by Your Grace."

"Just the words I wanted to hear. Let us put aside that natter for now. My inauguration as the Great Sorcerer King has had just begun. I look forward to you all bringing this nation to prosperity. But for now, we dine!"

""Hear-Hear!"", everyone shouted as they burst out in cheer.

Nao himself nodded calmly and took away his hand. And just like that the curtain closed, and the images of the New World vanished from Nao's eyes. Only anticipation could be seen in them now!