Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 223

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 223 214: And So The Vision Ends

The final set of images began to roll in front of Nao's eyes, replacing the vast darkness. Nao had no idea how much time had passed since the start of the visions, but he had a very anticipated look in his eyes right now.

It didn't take long for the continent of Zemuria to come into his eyes.

Meanwhile, as the images were starting to get clearer, there was a stirring back inside the floating white Palace in Planet Elosyia's skies. Lots of time had indeed passed since he passed out shortly after the world tournament began on Earth.

Several months to be exact! The Majin Buu saga ended while Nao was still fast asleep, enjoying his vision! All the girls and even his children rushed back home, stopping their current activities after learning he collapsed in Miya's embrace on that fateful day.

Yet it wasn't like the first vision at all. It didn't long for Nao to enter a peaceful sleep. Everyone saw,Nao's expression as if he were actually enjoying it, and not tossing and turning at all while letting out screams of terror like the nightmares did. This alone satisfied them.

Some of the girls returned to their jobs. Some of the children resumed their space exploration looking for fun, finding sparring partners or remained in their rooms with their lovers. Most of Nao's children were a.d.u.l.ts by this point in time and had lovers of their own.

The white Palace acted as their home as well on top of being the main house for Nao and the girls. Speaking of grandchildren, none have been born yet but Nao and the girls were patiently waiting for those days to come. They would be able to spoil them like no tomorrow!

Anyways, after learning that Nao was in a stable condition, only Tights, Miya and Fie remained behind. Elsa was given the role of watching over Toppo and Ribrianne after Chelsea, as Chelsea herself entered secluded meditation after learning Nao was having another vision.

She knew something was going to happen, and she wanted to be ready for it. As for Aht, Eir, and Sayuri, they used the [Gate] to go inside Historia. It proved as an excellent training ground just like in the original game, so how could they not take advantage of it?

As for Isabella, she was still on tour but she announced to her fans all across the galaxies and Universes that she would be on another leave of absence. She took one during her pregnancy so the fans thought it was for a similar reason again but she explained it was for something else, she too would enter another bout of training with her family. It was them who taught her what she currently knew after all.

For the three girls who remained behind, they brought Nao over to the main bedroom, stripping off his robe and made him as comfortable as possible. At the moment, Tights could be seen sitting behind him. Fie clung to his arm with a lovable expression and Miya sat in a lotus position in front of him.

"Are you sure it's fine for you to be clinging to Nao like that, Fie?"

"Of course it is, Mother! No way I'm going to pass this up. Papa finally returned to our side. I don't want hide these feelings of mine any longer. I'm not sure when he'll wake up but telling this to him is going to be one of the first things I do!"

"Hehe, that almost makes me a little jealous. You won't cuddle with your Mother anymore, will you?"

"Geez, Mother don't tease me like that!"

After Fie said that with a frown, Miya crawled up and and hugged her, rummaging through her white mohawk at the same time. Fie's reaction caused her and Tights to laugh as well. Miya then spoke out to her.

"Still, you're our child no matter how much time passes, Fie. I know we aren't related by blood but we have a connection deeper than that. I'm sure Nao will accept you with open arms.'

"Mother...", Fie said with longing look in her eyes. Yet before the three could continue their conversation, they suddenly heard a calm voice speak out to him, only to have two figures appear at the doorway.

One of the two raised their hand, covering their mouth seeing the three girls next to Nao.

"Oh my, I do apologize if we're disturbing you guys. We've come to check on how Nao was doing. It seems he is still asleep."

Hearing the source of this voice, their gazes found the two figures. Fie's eyes lit up and flew over to them, leaving behind Tights and Miya. Miya could only sigh seeing her quick change of emotions.

"It's Uncle Beerus and Whis! It's been a while since you two last dropped by. Welcome!"

"Don't you dare call me an Uncle you little brat. Do you want me to destroy you and this damn Palace!?", Beerus said with anger in his eyes.

Yet hearing that only caused laughter to echo in the bedroom. Whis let out a chuckle as well.

"Ohoho, did you forget that this Palace has a protective barrier around it, Lord Beerus? Even you might not be able to destroy it."

"Oh yeah, there was that, wasn't there? Anyways, I was quite sleepy still but thanks to that comment just now I'm wide awake now. How's Nao doing you brat?"

"Papa is still sleeping as you can see, Uncle Beerus. I feel he is going to wake up soon though. I can tell since I recently established my lifelink with him. You can tell too since you have a special bond with Papa as well, right, Mother?"

"That's right, Fie. It shouldn't be much longer, Lord Beerus."

"Is that so? Have those other two waken up yet? It's rare to get invaders from another timeline, let alone one's that don't appear hostile."

"It's strange but I have this feeling those two will wake up soon as well. We were actually about to have dinner soon so why don't you two stay?"

Hearing Miya say that, Beerus's eyes immediately lit up.

"Just the words I wanted to hear! I can finally have a decent meal after waking up from my nap. But listen here you brat, you just tossed out a word I didn't want to hear. Did you really establish your lifelink with Nao?"

"I sure did! I will follow no other man in my life than Papa, it's obvious it's I would sync my life with his. It's a special trait we Supreme Kai have after all. You accepted Uncle Shin's lifelink, didn't you, Uncle Beerus?"

"I did, but it's only cause he started to take training seriously. He also tamed that unruly Saiyan daughter of yours as well, Tights. Speaking of which, I've had prophetic dream of a second Super Saiyan God. I'll tell you right mow Whis this one is going to be true just like the last one was!"

Hearing Beerus's remark like that caused Whis to look at him but remained silent. A glint streaked across Tights' eyes but she too remain quiet. She was used to Beerus's frank personality by now. Miya spoke out once more tilting her head in confusion.

"A second Super Saiyan God?"

"That's right. You guys ever meet such a Saiyan before? I'm already getting an itch to fight him seeing how powerful Nao became."

"Not that I'm aware of sadly. We do know of a few Saiyans living on Planet Earth though. You were asleep Lord Beerus so you may not know but Shin was able to defeat Majin Buu with the help of the Z Fighters, as they're known by."

"Wait did you say Majin Buu? Now where have I heard that name before?"

After Beerus said that, he propped his hand against his chin and started to tilt his head back and forth, which caused his ears to flop around. Whis smiled and answered him.

"Majin Buu was that monster wrecking havoc on Universe 7 during those hundreds of millions years ago. As I recall Shin was able to locate his position after it was sealed up. To think it'd be on Planet Earth, I wasn't expecting that. You said defeated, not killed?"

"Yes. A lot happened actually. Shin came to learn the Grand Supreme Kai was sealed inside of him. At some point their good and evil personalities split apart. Shin and the Z Fighters were able to kill off the evil entity, and the good entity is still alive."

"Is that so? I was busy looking after Lord Beerus's napping so I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings lately. It's good this matter was settled. Lord Beerus, we have a few scheduled meetings with other Planets in case you forgot. It may take a couple years to finish them all. We can enjoy dinner here tonight but you will need to complete these first before you can head off to Planet Earth to search for this second so called Super Saiyan God of yours."

"Ugh, damn it Whis you don't need to remind me of that. Those planets won't live for long if they don't please me enough. But enough about that. I'm famished. Let's go eat!"

After Beerus said that, he rubbed his stomach and excused himself from the room. Whis sighed and did a light bow to the girls. He spoke out to them after seeing Beerus's figure not there anymore.

"I do apologize for that you guys. Lord Beerus is often cranky when he wakes up after taking a nap. He won't settle down until he gets some food. I've been meaning to correct this behavior of his."

Hearing Whis say that with an apologetic tone, the girls giggled.

"Hehe, you needn't worry about that, Whis. Your guys' fates are tied to ours We can talk about this second Super Saiyan God during dinner too. Sister Tights, I'm going to take Fie with me, you want you come along?"

After Miya said that with a giggle, she turned her head toward Tights and asked that. Tights shook her head.

"I'm fine for now, Miya. I want to remain by Nao's side. Especially so after hearing he may wake up soon. I will notify you guys immediately if that happens."

"Sounds good."

After Miya said that, she got off the bed and arrived at Fie's side. Miya, Fie and Whis exited the bedroom, letting Tights remain behind. A smile bloomed on her face as she began to caress Nao's head and whispered at him.

"We're all waitin' for you to wake up, Nao. I'm really interested to see what you're seein' this time...", Tights whispered.

As for Nao, he was having a meeting of sorts after He got a clear image of Zemuria. Let's take a look shall we?

After Nao found himself in the skies above the massive continent, he flew until he arrived at a giant metropolis covered in red brick buildings. separated into several districts.

Train lines could be seen going into the center of the city while smaller tram tracks took centerplace among its massive highways. Rural farmlands could be seen on the outskirts of the city.

All the way back in the city stood a giant red brick multilayered Palace. Its main building was cylindrical and towered over its other smaller buildings and watch towers.

This city was known as Heimdallr, the capital city of the Erebonian Empire! And this Palace was where the Erebonian Imperial Family resided in, serving as the seat of the Imperial Government.

Inside this Palace was a hanging harden of sorts with elevated platforms. Waterfalls of crystal blue water poured down from large aqueducts near the roof. Each platform was separated by hanging staircases and had teal flooring.

This room served both a relaxation spot for the Imperial Family and a meeting spot to relief high tensions during meeting with the Imperial Government. This was the Esmeldas Garden!

On the south side stood a large wooden circular table was none other than Nao. When Nao had a good look at himself he became shocked. He was wearing a vibrant red robe embroidered with golden flames. Yet he had light purple hair cut right beneath his forehead and tied into a small ponytail going down his back. It was no longer white!

Golden dragon-like irises could be seen in his pupils surrounded by a light purple hue. He had a very imposing air around him yet that air vanished the moment he heard two sets of footsteps approach.

Nao shot right up from his chair seeing two beautiful ladies arrive in his view. A beaming smile appeared on his face.

Both of them wore black tailored school uniforms which had six golden buttons on its center. Two small white pointed drew over their b.r.e.a.s.ts and had white cufflinks.

The first girl had two very long single braids of hair going down each side of her face. The rest of her hair was golden blond and very curvy, going all the way down to her knees. She herself was petite but appeared very angelic. This was the first and only Princess of the Erebonian Imperial Family, Alfin Reise Arnor!

The other girl was the Princess's best friend and her attendant who recently became the student council president of St. Astraia All Girls' School. She wore the same uniform but had pale purple straight hair. This was Elise Schwarzer, Rean Schwarzer's sister!

Seeing Nao in sight, both of them curtsied with their uniforms. Alfin then let out a giggle as she spoke out to him.

"Fufu, I'm glad you were able to accept our invitation, Vermillion Flame, and my husband to be. I finally get a chance to meet you in person for the first time. You must be very busy back in Liberl."

"Not at all, Princess Alfin! Sure my hands are tied up most of the time back at Jenis Royal Academy thanks to being a member of the Auslesse royal family but I can always make time for you. I just happened to be free this time."

"Oh please you can drop that act. Father kept denying my previous requests to allow this to happen but he finally gave in. Your deeds are quite known by now you know? Isn't that right, Elise?"

"I'm only here as your aid, Your Highness. But seeing the Vermillion Flame here in person, wow! I really want to see how you'd fare against my brother."

"Oh there you go with that brother complex already, Elise. We've just started this meeting, fufu."

Hearing Princess Alfin say that with a teasing giggle, Elise blushed and shook her fists up and down in anger.

"I-It's not like that, Your Highness! Besides, that idiot is too dense to even realize my feelings..."

"Oh, is that so? I can Help you a final push my dear Elise. Besides, my husband to be isn't dense like your brother. He accepted this invitation right away."

"I-I'll take care of this on my own! What is this gathering supposed to be about anyway!?"

"It was to meet me right? What other reason is there?"

"None. Why don't we get to business? I know this marriage was set up by our parents but seeing all your recent heroic actions is making me fall even more for you. On top of that, to think there would be someone with the Arnor blood born in the Auslesse royal family. So scandalous~."

"There was such a thing?"

"It's a family secret so please don't reveal it to the public. It's not hard to point it out though given the color of my hair. Anyways, Would you two like to see Testa-Rossa upfront? I'm sure it would be on par with that Valimar the Ashen Chevalier drives."

"Is that really fine?"

Nao nodded his head hearing Princess Alfin ask that. After the three talked to each other a bit more they arrived to one of the center platforms. Yet before they could do anything, the two girls saw Nao's expression turn serious.

Elise expected Nao to raise his hand to call Testa-Rossa out but he entered a defensive stance instead. Nao then yelled put as he felt a very imposing aura strike against all around his body.

"Show yourself!"

"Eh!?",the two girls yelled out. Shock soon appeared in her eyes as they heard a feminine voice resound around them.

"Looks like your strength precedes you, Vermillion Flame. You did well in detecting my arrival. I've come to see in person just what the Vermillion Awakener is like. Do forgive me being impolite."

After this voice resounded around them, a bluish-white aura circle appeared out of nowhere several feet in front of the three. A long blond haired woman dressed in ancient Valkyrie armor appeared before them. A long coned spear towered over her figure. Nao couldn't see her face as she was hiding behind a helmet but he knew very well who she was.

The Seventh Anguis of the society, Ouroboros! The Iron Maiden, Arianrhod!

"I had a feeling this day would soon come. Are you looking to drown this city into civil war once again!?"

Hearing Nao yell that out, shock appeared on the two girls' eyes. Yet Arianrhod spoke out before they could say anything.

"Do not be alarmed. I'm on no such mission. Our forces are currently elsewhere. I merely want a bout in battle against you, Vermillion Flame. Your strength has been rapidly rising lately. Could it be you're reaching the peak of this realm?"

"...This..Realm?" Princess Alfin asked with a curious look.

"So a bout, eh? And no less by the famous immortal maiden herself. You want to see how far my strength has become? Fine! I'll challenge you over the Palace!"

"Then let us meet there."

After the two said that, Arianrhod and Nao vanished from sight, leaving behind two stunned girls. It took them several moments before Elise snapped out of it, tugging on Princess Alfin's arm.

"Your Highness...I'm not dreaming am I? What should we do!?"

"I'm going to the roof to watch this match! I want to see how strong my husband to be is!"

"But shouldn't we inform your parents about this first? It's going to get really chaotic soon!"

"No need to worry my two little flowers. I will go inform Royal Father and Mother. You two go on ahead.", A charming voice suddenly spoke out to them.

As soon as Princess Alfin heard that voice, a smile bloomed on her face. She then turned around and curtsied at him.

"Thank you very much, big brother Olivert! Come Elise, let us make haste!"

"Y-Y-Your Highness!?", Elise yelled out, suddenly being grabbed by Princess Alfin's arm and dashed out of the room.

Prince Olivert remained behind and looked out the window, entering his own thoughts.

"To think the society would dare step into our Palace once again, I say this does not bode well. Still the Iron Maiden versus the Vermillion Flame, this will definitely be an exciting battle to watch, yet I cannot help but be worried for our citizens. Oh woe is me, can't anyone help soothe this poor minstrel's heart?"

After Prince Olivert said that, another figure approached approached him while Prince Olivert took out a stringed instrument of sorts, playing it in the process. This figure sighed seeing this.

"This matter is serious, Your Highness. We must go report this to the Emperor at once."

"You're always so serious my dear Muller, but it is true we cannot delay ourselves. Let us go meet with Royal Father."


"As you wish."

After the two said that did the vision finally come to a close. Darkness appeared momentarily but it didn't take long for the vast white landscape containing Nao's soul to come into view. Everything returned to normal and the whole vision finally ended.

Yet Nao didn't move a muscle. Only shock could be seen in eyes after witnessing that vision!