Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 224

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 224 215: Recollection

And just like that, the darkness within Nao's Mindscape vanished and the vast whiteness returned. He could see his multi-aura' bright golden soul once more. The green lightning dancing around it never faded away.

The visions ended. Not only was he able to witness the opponents he would face in his upcoming trial by fire, he also witnessed some rewards he would receive and even managed to take glimpses of his future lives in the next three worlds currently available for his choosing!

That alone made him very anticipated for what was to come. More girls soon would soon be embraced by him. Miya and the first girls who joined his harem didn't take them long to realize more would come to be loved by him. The harem itself was established to relieve his nightmares, and Nao was worried he would develop them again from having another vision, but he felt calm.

This vision was far different after all. As for the girls he would embrace, he had to respond to Fie's feelings. Aht would also come to marry him once they venture to the land of Vainqueur for a vacation tour. He was surprised Michael would join as well.

After getting a first impression, Nao could tell she was very prideful of her duties. He didn't really want her to relief herself of that, so the first thing that came to mind was to make her a maid and she would be trained by Tights. As to whether that would actually happen, only time would tell.

In regards to the girls he had yet to meet, the first one was that extremely ethereal violet haired dragon girl. Nao didn't catch her name but he knew she was the first NPC to be created by him unconditionally with Miya's assistance.

He saw a very loving gaze from her eyes whenever she looked at Nao in the vision. Similar to that of Albedo's love for Ainz but he could also see she wasn't annoyed by the presences of the other girls that were around her. As for her settings, he didn't know what they were configured to but he was interested in learning what her settings were.

As for the P*kemon world, he was unsure who he would encounter, but it was one of his dreams to associate himself with Cynthia. He didn't think he would get involved with the Draconid tribe, let alone getting a chance to embrace Zinnia as well. He was very much looking forward to that and raising some Dragon Pokmon.

In regards to the last world, he was very shocked to see him take over Prince Cedric's role as the Awakener for Testa-Rossa, one of the seven Divine Knights. He knew those were only pawns to enter death matches with the other Divine Knights to awaken the Great One, so it's possible he may become Rean's enemy in the future.

Nao also appeared to be of mixed blood, being both of the Auslesse royal family and of the Arnor line of the Erebonian Empire. It wasn't too hard to tell since the Arnor blood was required to pilot Testa Rossa in the first place.

Let alone being engaged to Princess Alfin. She was a beauty in of herself. He wasn't sure of the others but he may have a chance to get with Klaudia as well once she takes over the Liberl throne. Then there's the matter of Arianrhod.

The famous immortal immovable 'Iron Maiden', said to live hundreds of years in a plane of mortals while being a mortal herself. Nao wouldn't mind taking the challenge of moving her frozen heart ever since it was sealed during that bloody war.

All in all, Nao was able to recollect his thoughts after witnessing all of this. He wasn't really sure which world he would choose to enter first, but with the way things are currently heading, he would enter O*verlord. He really wanted to play an actual game of virtual reality, and rise up to greatness. The game Yggdrasil had endless potential, and a lot of it came from Nordic myths.

Joining Ainz's side while creating a guild of his own would be the aftermath of his rise to greatness. He wanted to see what the New World was all about too.

Anyways, with all that said and done, Nao's thoughts shifted to more current matters he would soon take a part in. The trial of fire! He now knew who his opponents were.

Fu, a crazed scientist artificially birthed by Towa, who was one of the Supreme Kai of Time's nemesis, and was hellbent on destroying all of the current Universes to create a new one. This new Universe would be the sole one, befitting all life, or so he says. This made him appear a crazy scientist.

Hearts. The leader of the group of fighters Fu personally recruited to help him achieve his goal. Yet Hearts had a different desire. He wanted to destroy all of the gods as a Godslayer, aiming for Zeno all the way at the top to restore 'true freedom' to all mortals. He had the power to control space to his bidding so he could prove a worthy match to Nao if they were to compare the two elements.

Alter Jiren. A captive Fu captured in the alternate timeline Nao's vision created. He was taken after the point of no return, when all of Universe 7 was mostly destroyed by Nao's rampage and only he was the last one standing. Jiren became lifeless as a result and only anguish strikes his heart now, eventually turning into a crazed monster.

Broly from the D*S movie and the same Broly Nao saw Paragus chase after back when he was sent off by pod by King Vegeta III. Broly was 'sent' off to Vampa to capture it but it actually turned out to be exile. Paragus swore he would get revenge on King Vegeta III.

Nao could have interrupted at any point in their lives and rescue them, but much like Goku and the Z Fighters, Broly too had his own life to live by. So Nao decided against it. It's not like Nao and Paragus were on bad terms either since he also acted as Nao's intelligence Teacher when he was still a child. Paragus would be in for a nice surprise seeing Nao still alive after all these years.

Nao would also get to fight alongside Gogeta, it couldn't get any more exciting than that!

As for the last opponent, it was the one who shocked Nao the most.

Merus. The Angel in training under Whis's supervision as he trained among the mortals in Universe 7. As time passed Merus developed a heart of righteousness, much more so as it was noticed by the Grand Minister.

The Grand Minister made the decision to recall Merus to reflect on his actions back at the Angel Realm. Angels are only observers under Zeno's rule, and do not directly interfere with any if the Universes. They could live among the mortals, give guidance and the likes, but were restricted in using their full powers.

In an alternate timeline, one unknown to Nao, Merus eventually turned crazy during his self-reflection period and ended up slaughtering his kind to end the Grand Minister's persuasions and to live a life of his own. Among his opponents, this one was the most brutish.


Yet Nao saw he himself achieved a new state of transformation, but he couldn't recall what it was. There were rumors of a stage far beyond Blue that was different from Ultra Instinct for Saiyans. The true ascended god of the Saiyans, Super Saiyan White for short!

All in all, these five were now set in stone. He didn't know which one he would fight first, but if there was a choice, Nao was going to go with his original plan and hunt Fu down. A look of resolve now appeared in his eyes, and soon ceased any further thoughts.

It didn't take long for him to leave his Mindscape. The moment his senses returned he felt something warm, soft and squishy press up the left side if his body. He released a low grown as his eyelids began to flutter.

Meanwhile, back in the main bedroom of the white Palace, only Fie could be seen looking at Nao with a caring expression. Tights and Miya were currently either helping Elsa watch over Toppo and Ribrianne or were doing household chores like cleaning.

Yet his low grown didn't go unnoticed by her, causing her ears to perk right up. Fie saw Nao's eyelids flutter for a bit before they slowly opened. She smiled seeing Nao finally return.

As for Nao, she saw a beautiful light blue skinned beauty hugging his left side. He smiled back at her, getting readjusted to the room's lighting. Excitement appeared on Fie's face as she spoke out to him.

"Welcome back and welcome home, Papa! How are you feeling?"