Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 225

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 225 216: Catching Up

"Welcome back and welcome home, Papa! How are you feeling? You've kept a lot of us worried you know."

Hearing a loving voice reach his ears, it took a second for Nao t realize who it was. His eyes landed on a beautiful sky blue skinned figure with a long white mohawk clinging against his left arm. He felt her skin warm and very soft. She herself was very ethereal, as she was a goddess. The Supreme Kai, Fie!

She was currently clinging to him fully n.a.k.e.d. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts were rather small compared to the other girls, but the a.r.e.o.l.a around her were actually a dark blue. He couldn't see a spec of hair or blemish on her body. Her slit down below was closed and untouched to man thus far.

That's right, she did have one! Supreme Kai were always born from the Origin Tree's fruits back on the Sacred World of the Kais, but perhaps her body went through some adjustments thanks to Nao's blood pact with her. He could only speculate for now.

As for Nao, he actually felt refreshed and not clammy. He hadn't known how long he was asleep for but he could feel his Divine Energy was currently active, keeping him safe from any malnourishment. That was another benefit of being a god. He could still enjoy food but as long as his body consisted of Divine Energy, he could keep it moving without rest until it was depleted. The same logic applied to sleeping.

Beerus was known to sleep for ages after all! He had actually slept for another thirty years during Nao's training and before he and Whis had checked up on him to see how he was doing.

Whis himself wished he have come in person more than just that once but Beerus had terrible sleep patters which required his constant attention. Even a sneeze from Beerus would cause a Sphere of Destruction to form, exploding parts of his Palace. Whis had to make sure that wouldn't happen, so he couldn't come to checkup on him.

Anyways, after getting distracted by Fie's figure, she saw Nao's eyes wander and let out a giggle.

"Like what you see, Papa?"

"I very much do, my little Fie. Well I guess you aren't so little anymore, haha!"

Hearing Nao speak so relaxed like that eased her tension. She smiled back at him.

"Well you look like you're doing well. That's good! Everyone was initially worried if you'd experience nightmares again but you showed no signs of pain during your sleep. That eased our tension but we still monitored day by day to make sure nothing went wrong."

"Is that so? I really do feel refreshed now that you mention it. Must be the perks of being a god."

"That's good to hear! I do have plenty of things I want to talk about with you Papa but that can be saved for another time. I'm sure you want to know our current situation yes?"

"That I definitely do. I've news to share with you all as well. Let's just say I've...seen a lot of things. It may not be bad per se but it's regarding our futures as a whole, both near and far. As for what you want to talk about with me, I may have a general idea of what it is. I'll wait for you to properly speak what's on your mind."

"Papa...", Fie said as her expression softened.

Fie didn't say anything else and took in a deep breath, closing her eyes in the process. She leaned toward Nao, planting her lips on his. It only lasted lasted a couple seconds, and she pulled away. This left Nao blinking at her for a couple of moments as Fie proceeded to fly off the large bed.

Nao managed to catch a glimpse of her bare butt before she landed onto the ground. She turned around and spoke out to him.

"You'll have to make due with that for now, Papa. We will surely have our special night together one day. I'll tell you properly then. As for now, I'll go notify the others that you woke up. Our two guests are still sleeping but they are showing signs of waking up too."

"Oh yes, those two. Toppo and Ribrianne were quite in a terrible state when they arrived from that time rift by that bastard before I managed to heal them. Their matter is also up for discussion since my vision pertains to those two as well. But you're not going to go out like that are you?"

"Of course not. I'll let you witness something cool! More and more knowledge the Grand Kai sealed within me is now available for use!"


After Nao said that, he sat his body upward, and watched Fie with an interested look. Fie rose her right hand stretching out her palm and let out a chant in a very obscure language, but it was something he knew well.

"!No MroF", Fie let out a chant. (For those who don't know what this language is by now, just reverse it. The Divine Language is English spelled backwards)

After she did her chant, her body began to shine brightly and with a poof, a purple robe in the same design Nao wears appeared on her body. It even had golden lining which signified her status as a Supreme Kai. Seeing this, Nao smiled.

"So you know how to use the chants now. That's great! It's very similar to Word Magic. Since Supreme Kais are known as the deities of life, they can pretty much create anything if they put their mind to it. That's in link with the Reality element and that's something I plan to explore at a later point in time. Speaking of which, besides those two who are here currently?"

"I'm glad this suits your taste, Papa. As for my Mothers, only Mother Miya, Elsa, and Sayuri are here. Since your condition was stable throughout we decided to set up a rotation with us four while the others were free to return to their work. Mother Belle is currently hosting a live performance right now since she's in the middle of her tour finale. Mother Chelsea secluded herself in deep meditation in the voids of space. I know where she is so we can pick her up if she's not busy. As for Mother Eir and Mother Aht, they're actually inside Historia's training ground.. Mother Sayuri joined them for a while too but she returned not so long ago. Mother Tights is on a short break with Auntie Bulma since her birthday is around the corner.", Fie said with a smile as she proceeded to give an account on what had happened recently.

It took a few moments for this information to settle inside Nao's mind. He then nodded at Fie'a words, and spoke out to her after his ears perked up listening to that last line.

"Seems everyone has settled to doing something they enjoy, that's good to hear. Yet I can't help but think, you said Bulma's birthday is right around the corner? That reminds me, exactly how long as I asleep for? I had no relative passage of time during my vision. But now after waking up I can feel a lot of time has passed."

"It sure did! You collapsed not long after the 25th World Tournament started on planet Earth. It became pretty crazy with all that Majin Buu stuff going on but it's great Uncle Shin was able to handle that. Four years have passed since then, Papa! Four years!"


Hearing Fie announce that, Nao's body shot straight up as he got out of bed. He immediately arrived at Fie's side and pit his hands on both of her shoulders.

"What the hell do you mean I was out for four years!?"

"I meant what I said, Papa! You should know well yourself. Was that not within your expectations?"

Hearing Fie ask that calmly, Nao was able to catch a breath of his own and he released his hands.

"Not at first, but after having a talk with the old man, I knew it was a good possibility. But really, four years, huh? Guess that time is rather short looking at it from a gods' perspective...", Nao said as he began to ramble off on his own.

Fie smiled him react this way. Yet before the two could do anything a voice called out from beyond the door leading into the main hallway which connected to the throne room.

"Is everything alright? It's pretty noisy in there, Fie. Do you need Mother's help again?"

After the two heard this voice the door creaked open, Nao and Fie saw three figures standing in the doorway. One was carrying a bucket of water while another hot towels.

One of them was wearing a fiery red phoenix gown which split at her near her h.i.p.s, revealing most of her legs. It had a diamond cover over her b.r.e.a.s.ts, only revealing parts of it. She had long fiery red hair that dropped down to her waist, similar to that of Erza from Fairy T*il. This was Miya!

The second figure was taller than the first one and had pretty big knockers to say the least, but still not big as Eir's. She now had cut ocean blue curvy hair just past her shoulders. Unlike her Mother, she had gotten used to Earth's fashion of clothes and started to like it. She was wearing a light blue shirt with a pretty white skirt underneath. She had black leggings on making her appear more mature. Don't forget her very long pointy ears, signifying her to be a high elf of sorts.

She looked very similar to Asuna's ALO appearance from S*O! This was Elsa!

The third figure was the tallest of the three, and she was naturally tanned. All around her body as well, and it was the result of long exposure to cosmetic radiation during her time int he Galactic Patrol.

As for her current appearance, she was currently wearing a long white one piece dress with purple frills Her b.r.e.a.s.ts were not completely flat anymore and had some reveal inside her chest, but it wasn't much. She had short blond cut hair with one large bang going over her forehead and the rest didn't even go past her neck. On top of her head was orange-auburn fox ears.

Her dress had a relatively small hole cut from her butt, letting not one, but three very bushy orange-auburn tails flow freely. She appeared similar to a mix of Kate from Gravity R*sh and Senko the fox. This was of course none other than Sayuri!

Yet before Nao or Fie could do anything while Nao was stunned seeing Sayuri's three tails, a loud thud echoed around them as the bucket of water Miya was carrying dropped onto the floor. Yet Miya didn't seem bothered by that as only shock appeared in her eyes.

Elsa also dropped her hot towels. Shock appeared in the three girls' eyes. They took a couple moments before they were able to react seeing Nao awake and standing. They then yelled out to him, rushing forward with excitement in their eyes.