Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 226

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 226 217: Alter Toppo And Ribrianne

After Miya, Elsa and Sayuri yelled that out, they immediately rushed at him with excitement and worry in their eyes. Sayuri's three tails began to thump rapidly against the skirt of her dress.

Seeing this distracted Nao quite a bit, and his expression softened. He did nothing but grab Sayuri, and started to feel up her three tails. Sayuri let out a cute yelp in the process.


"I'm not sure why you have three tails now Sayuri, but please let me indulge myself for a bit. It's been far too long. It's like they're calling out to me...", Nao said almost in a trance-like manner.

After Nao said that he knelt down beside Sayuri, and pressed his head on top of her tails, allowing his hands to roam freely. Sayuri's cheeks reddened and struggled for a bit, trying to yell out at him. Yet she found this to be no use, and gave up. She instead brought Nao's head into her embrace.

"N-Nao, now is not the time for this! You just woke up! Can we at least save this for the night...?", Sayuri said while trying to talk him out of it

"Just for a few minutes...", Nao responded to her.

Seeing this happen in front of them caused Miya to giggle while an annoyed look streaked across Elsa's eyes.

"Hehe, that's brother alright. We haven't done too much embracing ever since our wedding night ended and you departed for training. Still I do agree with sister Sayuri, we must do some catching up, in more ways than one.", Miya said with a grin.

"Sigh...look here, there's a time and place for everything. I'm glad our husband is awake again but isn't this too much...?", Elsa said with an annoyed look, only to shake her head left and right.

"What, are you frustrated too Big Sister? I know I'm not ready for a child yet but you gave birth to that cutie of a daughter to take over your royal family right? Ellie was her name as I recall~".

"T-that's not the point here! Toppo and Ribrianne are showing signs of awakening. While we could catch up with Nao, their situation takes precedence. Having outsiders from another time is getting pretty worrisome, especially with Nao's prior vision. Who knows what it's like over there...", Elsa said as she spoke out her worries.

Hearing the topic of Toppo and Ribrianne once more caused Nao to snap out of his current state, and his eyes became serious. He proceeded to stand back up, letting Sayuri remain in a daze as he looked at, Miya and Elsa.

"Toppo and Ribrianne, how are they since I've healed them?"

"Those two haven't shown any signs of pain since then but they've been stuck in a comatose state for these past four years. You were sleeping like a log all that time too you know!"

"I know. I've got a lot to talk about with you guys. Can you go contact the others? We need to develop a game plan of sorts. Things are about to get pretty wild here but first I'm going check up on those two."

"Sure thing, Brother!"

"We can go round up the girls, sure. I'm sure they'd be excited knowing your awake again. Will you be fine checking on those two alone? They still might have some resentment against you."

"I should be fine. I can tell they haven't approached the realm of the gods yet. Plus against me compared to the me of their timeline, I fully mastered the Legendary super saiyan powers. I know Hearts was the one who triggered my anger but I also didn't have that power under control in that vision many years ago..."

"Is that so? Then we'll take our leave. I'm not sure if sister Sayuri will snap out of it anytime soon so can you remain behind with her, Fie?"

"I sure can! You guys leave Mother Sayuri to me."

Hearing Fie acknowledge Elsa, the three nodded. Miya walked up only to give Nao a quick kiss on the lips. Elsa did the same before the two departed from the main bedroom. As for Nao, he saw Sayuri dazed and couldn't help but feel apologetic for what he did a moment ago.

Yet she let him to it regardless since she too was one of his wives. Nao then looked at Fie who smiled back at him, before leaving the room. Fie went to go comfort Sayuri who took a while to regain her composure.

Meanwhile, signs of stirring began to show in the main conception room which still had the connected black leather couches. Both Toppo and Ribrianne could be seen with pained expressions as they slept.

Toppo still had his Pride Trooper uniform on but it was torn in multiple areas. Same went for Ribrianne. Her one piece pink skirt with a white belt had several holes in it. Each hole had dried up red fringes which used to have their blood on each on them, but thanks to Nao's healing, no current blood could be seen.

Nao was walking in the long hallway which lead to the throne room before he suddenly heard a loud crashing noise. He could teleport directly there but to not shock the two, he entered a sprint instead.

That loud crashing sound was the result of Toppo punching the couch in anger, destroying parts of it in the process. Prior before that, Toppo tossed and turned around for a bit before his eyes suddenly shot open. Yet the moment he did he clutched his head in pain.

As he did, he saw an unfamiliar white building around him, causing him to question where he currently was.

"Ugh, my head...where am I?", Toppo said in confusion.

After having a look around, he couldn't determine where he was. All he remembered was vast darkness around him, which was the remnants of Universe 7 as he fought alongside Jiren. He had no recollection of such a fancy building.

He then turned toward his side, only to see Ribrianne also in pain, still asleep. However, she was currently letting out some groans. After another shock streaked across his mind, he grabbed a hold of her with his giant hands.

"Ribrianne! Thank the gods you're still alive! Snap out of it!"

After Toppo said that, he began to shake Ribrianne's body back and forth. Her eyes began to flutter, before they slowly opened. The first thing she saw was a giant clinging onto her.


"You're awake!"

Hearing Toppo yell out to her, she slowly stood up. She began to look at her surroundings and she too was unable to determine where the two were.

"What's going on here, Toppo? Didn't we die from that insane blast? If this is heaven then I must say it's quite beautiful."

"This is no heaven. I'm still trying to piece together what happened but I remember a portal suddenly appearing in front front of us, only to be grabbed into that, and after--Kuh!?"

Yet before Toppo could finish saying that, another round of pain struck against his head. He clung onto his head with his left head and ended up punching the couch beneath him, destroying parts of it in the process.

Ribrianne became worried seeing this and yelled out to him.


After she said that, she grabbed a hold of him and prevented him from falling. However, before the two could do anything, they heard a sound of feet stomping the floor and a voice reaching out to them.

"Hey, are you two alight!?", Nao yelled out to Toppo and Ribrianne.

Yet hearing this voice caused some doubt to appear in Toppo's eyes.

"This voice...", Toppo said in doubt.

"Huh?", Ribrianne also questioned in confusion.

Toppo struggled but he raised his head to see who was fast approaching from the throne room. Ribrianne did the same and shock streaked across their eyes.

Both of them saw a sprinting muscular white spiky haired man wearing a purple posh Kai robe with golden lining. He was wearing a black bodysuit underneath it and white boots. Yet the moment Toppo saw his white tail, it was as if time time had slowed down as something seemed to click inside his mind.

The pain he felt a moment ago was swept away and was replaced by pure anger. Toppo yelled out to him, smashing his fist further into the couch. (A/N Rip couch)

"Y-YOU!", Toppo screamed out at Nao.

As if he received a burst of strength, Toppo made a mad dash toward Nao. This was something within Nao's expectations and he decided to let Toppo do this. Toppo grabbed a hold of his robe near his neck.

He didn't stop his momentum either and pushed Nao up into the wall nearby, creating an indent. Seeing this shocked Ribrianne, and a mixture of emotions appeared in her eyes.

Yet Nao didn't take this reaction of Toppo's seriously and calmly spoke out to him instead, which left him dumbfounded.

"Is this how you're supposed to treat the man you saved your guys' lives?"