Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 227

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 227 218: Game Plan

The wall indented itself as Toppo grabbed Nao's neck, thrusting him against it. Yet he became stunned hearing Nao say that. Seeing this Nao decided to speak out to him once more.

"Plus I'm not some rampaging monster okay? We've a lot to talk about, Toppo. Would you mind setting me down?"

"...That's right. It's obvious as day you're not currently on a rampage, yet I let my anger take the best of me. I deeply apologize for that. But regardless, we need some explanation. All I remember is seeing darkness as we fought in that hellhole..",Toppo said with confusion in his eyes.

Hearing that, Nao nodded. Toppo released his grip, allowing Nao fall gently back down onto the the ground.

Ribrianne also decided to get off from the combined couch at this time. As Toppo backed away from Nao, Ribrianne approached him. She clung onto the side of his uniform, also donning a worried look. Nao took this time to pat himself down as Ribrianne spoke out to him.

"We really aren't dead are we? Is that really you Nao? You look way different from you know, when you turned crazy..."

"I'm definitely me if that's what you're asking about, that won't change. You two just woke up so your memories may be a bit fuzzy. Let me start things from the beginning. It may take a bit of time, but you two go nowhere to go right?"

"Nowhere to go? We'd be dead by now if we weren't grabbed into that damn portal from who knows where it came from!"

"That's right! Where are we exactly? I'm getting such a familiarity, similar to that of Lady Miya...", Toppo said as his confusion soon turned into doubt.

"Lady Miya? Now that you mention it...I do feel a familiar warmth in this place...", Ribrianne said as she began to wander off.

Hearing this caused Nao to chuckle. He then spoke out to the two.

"Heh, I guess we'll start from there then. Why don't you two fly on outside and see where you are with your own eyes?"

"Outside...?", Toppo asked as his eyes began to wander.

Toppo disregarded Ribrianne and entered a mad dash going straight toward the two large doors which lead outside. Thankfully he entered flight as after he pushed the two large doors opened, the rays of the two suns of Planet Elosyia struck against his eyes, causing his senses to be temporarily blinded.

Seeing Herself left behind, Ribrianne also yelled out to him before she entered a dash herself.

"H-Hey! Wait for me, Toppo!"

After she yelled that out she ended up bumping into Toppo who soon had a stunned look on his face. She saw this and also started to look around, only to gasp in astonishment.

"No way...sea of trees as far as the eye can see, resplendent rivers crisscrossing throughout them, and that massive oak tree beneath us...This is just like the description of the safe haven Lady Miya mentioned to us, Toppo! Where are we!?"

"I'm not sure, but one thing is for certain. We're no longer in that damned place.", Toppo said as he regained his senses.

The two soon heard Nao walk up to them. Turning around, they saw him smile and saw his mouth open.

"Welcome, Toppo, Ribrianne, to Planet Elosyia!"

After Nao announced that to the two with a warm smile, the two remained stunned as they turned around once again to look at the beautiful green planet beneath them.

After a few moments passed, both Ribrianne and Toppo became a bit emotional finally realizing where they were. It didn't take them long and the two returned to Nao's side. Nao in return accompanied the two, and brought them to one of the couches in the main reception room which weren't destroyed.

He didn't want to hide anything from them, especially after learning what Fu did to Jiren. He needed to create a game plan of sorts to tackle the trial by fire, but he was waiting for the girls to return to the Palace.

In the meantime, time soon began to pass once again while Nao took it from the top, explaining what happened to them. Nao felt really apologetic since the main cause of this was him but in an alternate timeline but surprisingly, after that initial round of anger Toppo had, they took it relatively well.

The two knew thrashing at him would be pointless, especially after they learned they fell into a different timeline than of their own. Toppo and Ribrianne were part of advanced civilizations who regularly had contact with their gods and god of destruction, so learning that they time traveled wasn't a huge shock to them. What shocked them was they actually did.

It's a bit hard to explain, but actually experiencing time travel instead of just knowing the theory behind it, was the surprise factor. They also came about to know of Fu's machinations, who was the cause of this whole mess. Nao also described that Fu was linked to Jiren and Jiren was only a mindless monster like Nao became.

The moment Toppo heard that, his anger as a Pride Trooper exploded forth, but he refrained from punching anything. This was an extremely sensitive topic to him of all people. Not only was Nao was sent into a rampage by Hearts' terror, Fu had the gall to manipulate the leader of the Pride Troopers. Even though they were in a different timeline, something had to be done.

However their conversation was interrupted by the sound of feet shuffling from the throne room. Miya, Elsa and Sayuri had finished contacting the girls. They saw their guests were now awake which surprised the three.

Yet they couldn't even do anything before Ribrianne broke out into tears, rushing into Miya's embrace. It felt strange for Miya but she too knew what happened and even saw her own death countless of times when she tried to pull Nao out from that darkness so long ago.

"Lady Miya!"

Hearing Ribrianne cry out her name, she returned her embrace and started to soothe her.

"Ribrianne, I know a lot has happened but Brother did tell you the details right? Then you ought to now the Miya that I am is different from the one you're familiar with..."

After Miya said that, she wiped away the tears that were pouring down the sides of Ribrianne's cheeks. She became a bit puffy but eventually calmed down and nodded at her.

As for Toppo, he too was inwardly shocked seeing Miya alive, as he saw her die in Ribrianne's arms. Yet he knew this Miya had a different, less mature air around her. She was different.

Learning that there were multiple timelines and each one had different but similar entities can be quite mind-boggling, but one question remained, why him? Why them?

The answer was simple, as Nao explained about the Green Time Ring's existence to him. It was absurd to learn that not only him but the entire D*Z multiverse was born from his thoughts that lead into a vision. Such an existence which are known as alternate timelines is scary in itself.

Yet regardless of how absurd that sounded he knew it was real. No more wishes could have been made in his timeline. Hearts destroyed the gods along with Zamasu's help and Nao was their last lifeline, only to turn into a rampaging monster himself.

The safe haven the Miya of their world often described in the tales she spun to pass the time was literally beneath his feet. He was standing on it and he could see the planet with his own eyes. He knew it well, he had to believe the current circ.u.mstances.

Meanwhile, after Ribrianne calmed down she spoke out to Miya once more.

"I-I know you aren't our Lady Miya but just knowing there's another you out there puts my mind at ease. We've seen too much too destruction...", Ribrianne said with a somewhat shaky voice.

Hearing this, Miya's expression softened and rubbed her head some more.

"Don't you guys worry, you're here with us now. I believe we're about to develop a game plan to tackle our next steps, right Brother?"

"That's right. Speaking of which, where is Fie?"

"Oh we sent her off to collect Tights. Bulma's birthday party is starting soon so we sent her to being in some more guests. We need to be absolutely prepared for what's to come. Us three contacted the girls. All of them canceled their current plans so they should be here in the next few minutes."

"Is that alright? I know some if them have been super busy."

"Nonsense! We can tell what you want to say is serious. All of us should be here to support you. Besides if things go well Goku, Lord Beerus and the others should arrive as well."

"You're bringing them into this matter? You know how sensitive Lord Beerus is to matters of time. He may give some leeway knowing I'm the disciple of the Supreme Kai of Time, but if he catches onto Toppo and Ribrianne here he will know."

"I know, but from your first vision alone its matter pertains to the safety of our Universe. We have to take the risk. You're strong enough to be on par with Lord Beerus aren't you by now, Brother?"

"That is true, the more the merrier as they always say. I was only shown who I was going to fight, there could be many unknowns still."

Hearing Nao and Miya converse with each other shocked Toppo once more as the two brought up some names he hadn't heard in a while. He took a good look at Nao as well, and something clicked inside his mind.

"Now that I got a good look at you, you really are dressed similarly to the Supreme Kai. I don't who this Supreme Kai of Time is but now I know why you're acting so calmly despite all of this happening. You're a god in this time, aren't you, Nao?"

"A god? Nao is!?, Ribrianne also asked with curiosity in her eyes. It was funny to see that reaction as the skin beneath her eyes was still puffy from crying earlier.

Hearing Toppo ask this, Nao nodded.

"That's right. What was I like in your time, Toppo? Was I not a god?"

"Far from it, Nao. We learned that you ventured all around the Universes to collect sources of Origin Ki. You transcended mortal limits time and time again but never achieved Divine Energy. You pursued the limits of your bloodline that was locked within. Lady Miya mentioned this story quite often and through the most part you kept the power stabilized but near the end it went haywire and that bastard Hearts showed up. I'm sure you can figure out the rest."

Ribrianne nodded, confirming Toppo's words.

"Yeah, pretty much what Toppo said. Out of all of us I fear you may have received the biggest tragedy, Nao. But after learning where we are now, I can see our long lost hope has returned!"

"Well put, Ribrianne, haha! For what Fu has done to Jiren I swear I will crush this evil with my own hands, I will put my last pride as the surviving member of the Pride Troopers for it. Yet even then I fear my strength will not be enough. Nao. Will you consider aiding us and putting an end to this filth once and for all?, Toppo asked with a new look of resolution in his eyes.

Hearing Toppo say that with a laugh, Nao smiled. He then nodded as he answered him.

"No need to ask that, Toppo! I was planning to crush Fu with my own hands. On top of what has,already happened, he dared to touch my family. But we mustn't make too much haste. Let us wait for the others and plan out our actions first."

"Yes, I agree with doing that! I don't want to experience any more of this sadness! We need to return love to our time!", Ribrianne also shouted with a look of resolution.

Now nodded once more seeing Ribrianne's resolution. Before the group realized, Nao heard some activity in the Portal room and felt many [Gates] activate at once. It didn't take long before multiple sounds of stomping feet to echo in the throne room. He spoke out out to the group hearing this.

"Speak of the devil, looks like everyone is starting to arrive. I wonder how many of us will appear this time?"