Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 228

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 228 219: A Full Gathering

Before the group realized it, multiple sounds of rapid shuffling feet suddenly echoed from the throne room. Out of the arriving figures, two suddenly made a mad dash toward Nao, ultimately clinging onto both of his sides. Compared to the rest they were rather small in stature.



These two were none other than Fie and Aht! Fie was still wearing her purple robe while Aht was wearing her traditional Celestia shaman outfit. It had an extremely short frilly skirt that wasn't even a foot long and it had three cute bells attached to its hem. The rest of her body besides her chest was exposed. This was fine though and even the rest of her lower body was covered in lush white fur. Her small dark blue tipped tail swung around happily. Her two rather large curved horns atop her head didn't bother Nao one bit, and he proceeded to rub their heads with a smile.

Aht still had a childish side to her but also an air of maturity as well. She was well over forty five years of age now.

Meanwhile, Toppo and Ribrianne saw more figures arrive one after another.

The next to come down were Isabella and Chelsea. Isabella was still dressed in a slick white idol outfit which revealed large portions of her skin. As for Chelsea, she was actually dressed in a black kimono with blue moon imprints on it. Seeing this shocked Nao quite a bit and he could feel her temperament has changed a lot. She donned a lot more serious look now and her naivete had vanished.

Her two pure obsidian-like black katanas were hoisted at her hip. It was clear she was ready for battle. She had her brown mahogany hair tied up by a white ribbon into a ponytail. One of the cute things that remained with her were the dimples in her cheeks and not to mention her inverted, but only Nao and the girls knew that. She was also one of the few girls who decided to not have a child yet like Miya.

As for Isabella, her bust was almost on par with Eir's now after having gone through childbirth. She had wavy hot pink hair that went down to her waist. A slender black spade shape tail poked out of her butt. She ended up gave birth to to a girl. Speaking of which, the only child of Nao's children which had been introduced thus far was Kassi.

Ellie was mentioned for a brief moment, who was the child born from Elsa. Elsa passed her duty as Queen down to Ellie and now she herself resides in the white Palace in leisure. As for the daughter born from Isabella and Nao, the Gemmed Dragon clan was looking after her back on her home planet.

Once Isabella's fans learned of the birth of their daughter, they went into a craze. This lead into countless interviews held by her agency no less. Nao never came to learn the name of her agency but he was glad they were competent enough to handle this storm.

Isabella long knew what their daughter's name would be, and seeing such resolute eyes he could only comply. She wanted a play on words of sorts, and named her Isabelle, officially receiving her nickname, Bella!

The idol duo would thus be born from Bella's debut into her mother's agency, Belle & Bella! Yet as of now she was still an idol in training and took martial arts as a precedence. That's why Bella was still in their clan on Planet Nem, she was still training in their martial arts.

Unlike the other children she was one of the youngest, as Isabella remained pregnant for a few decades. She was still a baby compared to the rest of her race as they could live on for millenniums.

At this time the girls who were now around Nao, Toppo and Ribrianne were Miya, Elsa, Sayuri, Fie, Aht, Isabella and Sayuri. The last two to arrive were Tights and Eir.

Yet Nao could still sense several figures behind the two. He could also sense two figures fast approaching the white Palace from outer space!

As for Tights, she was currently wearing her black combat maid dress. There wasn't much to say there but the moment she saw Nao fully awake a loving smile bloomed on her face. Kassi was not with her.

Shin offered Kassi to live with him back on the Sacred World of the Kais, and she accepted. They had a budding relationship at the start of the 25th world tournament on Earth and it bloomed during the Majin Buu saga She fought alongside side him with the other Z Fighters as well. She was now living with him on the Sacred World of the Kais.

Beside Tights was Eir. She had lime green straight hair that flew past her shoulders. Out of the girls her b.r.e.a.s.ts were the largest. She was wearing her same green leather combat dress she wore when the Other Wold Tournament happened so long ago.

Her wings were visible on her back and spanned several feet long. Her feathers were pure white and had green tips. She, along with Aht and Sayuri were training inside Historia's training grounds for the past several years and Nao could tell her strength had improved leaps and bounds. Perhaps no one would be able to challenge her speed now.

Eir too had given birth to a daughter, who was also mentioned for a brief moment. Silver was her number one confidant as she learned to handle royal matters her mother passed down to her. She had received the name, Aura!

Four girls. There were three other children to talk about, and those were the three children Sayuri gave birth too. They were triplets to be exact, and they were all boys! The three boys often fought with each other to see who was best in seeking out their parent's affection, but Sayuri managed to straighten them out while Nao was in training. As a result the three boys grew up rather well and ended up following Sayuri's footsteps, joining the Galactic Patrol.

Each of them built a squad of their own, and as of now all three had enough strength to be elite members! As for Sayuri herself, the moment she learned she was going to have triplets, she became very emotional. She did have a desire to rebuild her race, as she was the sole survivor. But no longer she was!

That was it for the children Nao and the girls currently had. Before long, Tights and Eir joined the girls as well. As Nao began his his short reunion with them, Ribrianne collapsed onto her knees in shock. She spoke out to Toppo as he to was shocked seeing everyone alive and kicking.

"T-Toppo, I'm not dreaming, am I? Everyone that Lady Miya described in her tales are here in front of my own eyes!"

"It truly is hard to believe...But these people do fit Lady Miya's depictions without a doubt. It looks like more more people arrived too."

"Oh?", Ribrianne asked as she followed Toppo's large hand, pointing directly at the large staircase. Upon doing so they heard a loud yell calling out to Nao, which caused his attention to turn toward that voice.

"Heyyyyyyyy, Nao! Long time no see huh? Fancy meeting you again here of all places!"

Nao then saw a middle aged short blue hair woman who had her hair curved down the right side of her forehead. She wore a simple pair of jeans and a white short sleeved shirt. She even had a short red scarf tied around her neck. This was Bulma!

Seeing her, Nao smiled and parted from the girls. Toppo helped Ribrianne back up and the two approached Miya's side. Miya took this time to introduce the two to the other girls as Nao reunited himself with Bulma. He technically was her Brother-In-Law now.

"Is that really you, Bulma? It's been a few years since we last met."

"Sure has. I'm surprised big sis sent an invitation to us after she received a sudden call moments ago. I brought the others with me. I hope you don't mind."

"Now everything makes sense. I was starting to get suspicious, Bulma. You said we had to go somewhere but I didn't think it would be the home of this bastard!", a rude voice suddenly echoed behind Bulma.

This voice belonged to none other than Vegeta the Prince of Saiyans and Bulma's husband!

Yet another voice interrupted them, as if it was trying to calm Vegeta down.

"Hahaha, come on Vegeta, don't be like that. Yo, Lord Supreme Kai, it's been a few years hasn't it?"

It was this time for Goku to appear beside Vegeta, raising his hand as he greeted Nao. Vegeta's eyes almost popped out of his head hearing what Goku just said, and ended up retorting him.

"You babbling idiot! We were told to keep that a secret!"

Hearing Vegeta yell at Goku, Goku could only scratch his cheek in embarrassment.

"Whoops. Sorry 'bout that. Guess it slipped from my mouth."

After the two had a quick exchange, Nao let out a light chuckle. Meanwhile, Bulma started to rub her eyes with her hands while watching Nao. It was obvious shock could now be seen in them after listening to Goku say that.

"Did Goku just call you a Supreme Kai? Nao, what's going on here?"

"Heh, sorry about that. I asked those two to keep this a secret of mine, but yeah. I'm similar to Shin, the Supreme Kai you guys met on Earth beside me. Though I wasn't naturally born as one, I rose through the ranks. Revealing this back then was a bit problematic on my part, I apologize for keeping it hidden."

After Nao said that, he did a short bow. Meanwhile, the other Z Fighters showed up beside Goku, as they were in a strange place they had not seen for the first time. Piccolo was the next to speak out.

"No wonder I felt such a large disparity. So you did happen to be a God. Even though we solved that incident with Majin Buu, I'm still trying to wrack my brain on what happened back then."

"That's right. I ought to formally introduce myself to you guys. Welcome to my Palace. Tights brought you guys through a Portal i had created. You guys are no longer on Planet Earth but I think only Bulma actually knows of it. I'm Nao, a Supreme Kai but also a Saiyan. This is Planet Elosyia!"

After Nao formally introduced himself to the Z Fighters, the girls couldn't help but applaud after he did a light bow. The other Z Fighters joined in but Vegeta remained silent.

As for the Z Fighters, on top of Piccolo, there was also Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi, Android 18, Goten, Trunks, and Marron. Goku, Vegeta and Bulma were obviously there as well. As for Nao's side, it was him, the girls, Ribrianne and Toppo.

Yet it didn't seem like the gathering wasn't going to stop there. On top of the two who were about to arrive, another Portal suddenly distorted in the reception room. All eyes went toward it, especially Nao. He was quite familiar with this certain Portal. It didn't take long before four figures showed up.

However, a voice of worry escaped from one of the figures, who was way smaller then the other three. She immediately ran up to Nao with a worried look. It was the Supreme Kai of Time!

"Nao! Thank the gods you're alright. I heard you collapsed and had another vision. Is that true!?"


She appeared to be quite shaken up. To calm her down, he took her into his embrace and rubbed her head. He then continued to speak.

"It's alright, Master. I will reveal everything shortly. I'm just waiting for everyone to finish arriving. Also do be mindful of the other guests, I'm sure they will receive some shock once they see the three arriving with you."

"What do you mean?"

After the Supreme Kai of Time said that, she managed to calm down a bit, and Nao directed his finger toward the Z Fighters. A look of surprise appeared on her face, as she saw Goku and the others for the first time. The other three also exited the portal at this time and they were Xeno Goku, Vegeta and Trunks!

The Z Fighters stood in place blankly seeing other versions of Goku and Vegeta arrive. Yet they couldn't even speak out before everyone was interrupted by a large rainbow pillar suddenly descending nearby the portal the Supreme Kai of Time created. A laugh echoed around the room as the pillar vanished.

"Ohoho, it seems the party has started without us. I'm seeing some new faces here as well."

Of course, the two figures who appeared were none other than Whis and Beerus! Yet Beerus didn't say a word. Goku and Vegeta couldn't help but walk toward their counterparts as the latter did the same. Beerus saw this and he too walked up. Yet the moment Beerus's eyes wandered from them, more specifically onto Toppo and Ribrianne, he became serious.

"I was wondering why Whis wanted me to come to this place. You got three seconds to start explaining things, Nao. We got plenty of people who don't belong here."