Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 229

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 229 220: The Z Fighters And Beerus The God Of Destruction

Vegeta, who became distracted by the word, 'Beerus', suddenly had a strike of lightning boom inside his mind, as if he had come to a revelation. He couldn't help but utter some words, causing Goku to turn to him.

"Beerus...Now where have I heard that name before...And Trunks, is that you? I take it these two are us from your time?", Vegeta started to question with eyes of doubt, ignoring Beerus's question.

"Beerus? Are ya referrin' to this purple cat?", Goku couldn't help but retort. Yet his words acted like a chime, and it took no time at all for a certain scene to replay in Vegeta's mind. One he hadn't seen ever since he was a child back on Planet Vegeta.

But before Trunks could walk up, anger streaked across Beerus's eyes once more and yelled out to Goku.

"Hey I heard that! I'm no mere cat you fool, I'm the God of Destruction! I could blast this whole damn place into oblivion if I wanted to!", Beerus yelled out as he formed his right hand into a fist, shaking it.

Nao was going apologize but he suddenly saw Vegeta snap out of his realization. He reacted very quickly, smacking Goku on he head, causing him to fall over. Bulma was surprised to see this but became even more shocked once she saw Vegeta kneel down in front of Beerus.

Beerus's anger subsided seeing Vegeta's quick action, and he grinned seeing this. Vegeta spoke out to him in a polite tone.

"Now I really has been a while, Lord Beerus..."

"So it looks like you finally remember, Prince Vegeta. I still haven't forgiven your father's treatment to me back on your shitty planet. It's a shame I didn't blow it up personally back then."

Vegeta's mouth twitched as he tried to smile, but he remained silent. Nao's mouth also slightly twitched since he too was on Planet Vegeta back then. He even met up with Whis and the Supreme Kai of Time while Beerus took care of his business in the Palace. It was too bad he didn't witness that scene in person, he would've liked to see the King grovelling at Beerus's feet, the very same one who banned Nao and Miya from entering the Palace.

Even though the two were 'banned', Nao just took it as an excuse to not meet up with the King any more. He really was conceited after all. Heck even he could've destroyed the place back then if he wanted to.

Seeing Vegeta remain silent, Beerus continued to speak.

"But you know, it has been half a century since that happened. I happen to be a very forgiving god, Prince Vegeta. I do have a question regarding you guys but before I get to that..."

As Beerus continued to speak, his eyes became serious once more, and shifted toward Nao. Goku was able to recover, standing back up but he remained silent. All eyes slowly shifted toward Nao.

"Nao, why the hell are you keeping two people here who don't belong in this time?"

"Two people who don't belong in this time?", Goku couldn't help but utter that out in a whisper.

"S-Shut it, you fool! Keep that mouth of yours quiet, the less you do the better!", Vegeta smacked Goku on the head once more as he whispered back, who was now beside him.

"Ouch! Vegeta stop doin' that! Why do I need to stay quiet?"

"Just do it, you'll thank me later!"

Goku and Vegeta started to bicker back and forth in whispers. This was quite funny to see but Beerus's seriousness in his eyes remained. After hearing Beerus question that once again, the Supreme Kai of Time's eyes blinked a couple times, before her eyes shifted back and forth between Nao, Toppo and Ribrianne.

As for Toppo and Ribrianne, the two were shocked seeing more gods arrive, they were quite familiar with Beerus and Whis before the two were destroyed in their timeline. In the end, no one said anything,more after Goku and Vegeta finished their bickering and became quiet. Everyone now waited for Nao to speak up.

The moment he did a calm voice echoed around them.

"That is a story in itself, Lord Beerus. Still, I welcome you and Whis in joining this gathering. The same goes for everyone else too. It will take some time to explain. However, before we get to that, it seems you have a matter of your own to discuss? Which one do you want to start with?"

"I indeed do. It appears both matters are up for discussion? Whis?"

Hearing Beerus ask that, his eyes looked toward Whis, who had a nonchalant expression despite the many presences in the room right now. He even let out a chuckle.

"Ohoho, unsure of how to proceed, Lord Beerus? I agree both matters are quite serious but before that, I see several new faces here. It's only proper to introduce yourself right."

After Whis said that, Beerus let out a sigh and shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess you're right. Listen up, I'm Beerus, the one and only God of Destruction. I'm quite a generous god myself, seeing as I will forgive Prince Vegeta here if he agrees to my request."

The girls and Nao remained calm hearing Beerus's introduction, as they were already acquainted with him. It was the Z Fighters to become shocked this time, and cold sweat started to pour down Piccolo's back. Even though he didn't know what a God of Destruction did, he just pronounced himself as a god nonetheless! That and seeing Vegeta kneel before him, he couldn't help but curse inside his mind.

However, Bulma, being fearless as ever, soon recovered from her shock and approached Beerus, and extended out her had. Seeing this Beerus nodded and shook hers.

"So you're called Beerus, huh? You seem to be quite familiar with Nao, let alone my husband. I'm Bulma, his wife. You must be quite powerful to let Vegeta act like this."

Hearing Bulma introduce herself, Vegeta tried to lash out at her for her sudden action but received a bonk on the head. Beerus let out a laugh.

"Hahaha! You could say that. Yet even in front of a god you're acting normal unlike little Prince here. I like that. Some of you mortals know how to properly act. You aren't backing away in fear."

"Why would I need to fear you? Unlike these irresponsible Saiyans, we Earthlings don't live in a power struggle right now. Besides, you introduced yourself, it's only proper we do the same, as this guy mentioned."

After Bulma said that, Whis let out another chuckle and responded to her.

"Ohoho, Bulma, is it? It's nice to meet you too. I'm known as Whis, Lord Beerus's one and only faithful attendant. We may see each other more times than not in the future, but that all depends on how Lord Beerus wishes to proceed right now. I fear these two guests place far more importance, Lord Beerus."

"Is that so? I was thinking of the same thing."

"Guess the matter from my side mustn't be delayed then."

After Nao said that, he turned toward Tights and spoke out to her.

"Tights, can you bring Goku and the others to the dining room? They can enjoy some food while I can take the others and Lord Beerus to the Garden. You will also need to accompany us once the rest have been taken care of."

"Sure can do. I'll join you guys in a moment then."

As she said that, Tights nodded. Nao's eyes then wandered toward the Supreme Kai of Time, who was still clinging onto the front side of his robe. He couldn't help but grin seeing this.

"Also Master, your presence will be required as well. Also how long do you plan to cling to me like this?"

Hearing Nao ask that, the Supreme Kai of Time's eyes changed from Toppo and Ribrianne back to Nao. Only now did she realize she was still clinging to him. A light blush appeared on her face, immediately retracting her hand.

"I-I got it! You require my presence right? If you had a vision then it's obvious that I be there. Hmph!"

Letting out a light snort, she let go and turned away out of embarrassment and folded her arms. Nao and the girls let out a laugh seeing her reaction, while Elsa gave Nao an irritated look but she remained quiet. Well Nao and the Supreme Kai of Time did spend over thirty years. He found this reaction of hers rather cute but he refrained from doing anything.

He just nodded to her words. Tights went ahead and rounded all of the Z Fighters up and departed toward the hallway on the right. Nao, the girls, Toppo, Ribrianne, the Supreme Kai of Time, Whis, and Beerus remained in the main conception room. Without saying anything else, he brought the group toward the hallway on the left.

Once they arrived in the garden room, the atmosphere became very peaceful. It was similar to the outside on Beerus's planets, and he was pleased with the setup. Before long, everyone got settled in and he started to dive right into the vision he had...