Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 23 20: Waking Up Only To Hear A Frost Demon Come Knocking At His Doorstep

Year 731 Planet Vegeta Iona's Residence

Another year dawned on Planet Vegeta. The Tuffle-Saiyan War officially ended a year ago when Nao and Miya landed the killing blow blasting Hatchiyack into oblivion. Thankfully the war didn't reach the city itself and besides the badly damaged west gate wall, everything else in the low class, middle class, high class and Vegeta Palace all remained intact. It didn't even take long for the palace guards to restore their training ground situated within the mountains behind Vegeta Palace, after it was torn up during the duo's three year training period. About 360 days have passed since Nao fell into his 'coma'. While his body did shut down to undergo a strengthening process, it wasn't a true coma as he was able to see the time remaining Rebirth displayed before his mind went blank, knowing he would wake up in 365 days. Unlike previously where his mind would remain active while his body remained unconscious, Rebirth actually shut his mind down as well. He finally got to experience what it was like being 'frozen' for a long period of time.

As day by day passed and Nao continued to sleep, a seed slowly started to take root in Iona's heart, and her worry for him slowly deepened. If it wasn't for Miya comforting her on a daily basis, who knew would happen to Iona as losing her son would only deepen her sadness since she already lost her husband. Miya exclaimed that Nao would definitely wake up in a few days, as she also had visibility to the timer, which currently displayed : 5 days remaining. Perhaps Nao's 'coma' was actually a blessing in disguise as this allowed Miya to spend more time watching over him and a lot of quality time with her mother. She even learned that her mother was a stay-home wife who watched over her children. The two were fortunate to be born into the high class district with high battle power as they didn't get shipped off to a random planet after they were done growing up in a pods. Only those unfortunate Saiyans within the low class district that were born with low battle power were usually shipped off to random planets in hopes to conquer them so they could be put up for sale later, otherwise they would just perish to its indigenous races there.

At the beginning Miya didn't fare much better than Nao as she was also heavily injured. The main bedroom situated on the second floor only contained the main master bedroom that Iona and Oscar shared, and it was immediately occupied by Nao. Reluctantly, she had to be placed in one of the smaller beds in the room next door. While Miya was recovering her injuries, she wondered if Nao forgot about a genetic trait unique to that of a Saiyan, but whenever Saiyans fully recover their injuries after a battle, a Saiyan's battle power actually increases than what it was previously, commonly known as Full Recovery. Miya rested for a full three days before the rest of her injuries vanished. Surprisingly enough the Full Recovery trait took full effect and raised the two's battle power by a full 6,000, and Miya's and Nao's battle power reached 35,000. Only Miya knew of this of course as Nao was already out cold. After a complete recovery Miya decided to take it easy and spent the remaining time with Iona, and after the year went by in a blink of an eye, Miya actually grew a few inches taller. Miya was about 3'2" now, which caused her to grin, knowing that she can take advantage this against her brother in the future.

Speaking of years, the Saiyan calendar shared the same 12 months as Nao's previous life had and the battle with Hatchiyack happened within the first month of Year 730, and it is now the beginning of February in year 731. Miya was currently enjoying her mother's embrace as the two looked at a peacefully sleeping Nao.

"Silly Mama. You keep worrying over nothing. I keep telling you that brother Nao is completely fine! Look, I only spent three days recovering from my injuries and brother fully recovered after a week. You should only think about being happy about seeing him wake up in a few days, Mama."

"Little Miya...I keep causing you to worry, don't I? Seeing my own son bedridden for a year right after Oscar passed away, I can't help but worry. If something happened to him too I don't know what I would do..."

"Turn that frown upside down, Mama! I can guarantee you that before the week is over, you will see Nao wake up. In fact he may be a lot stronger than you think he is now. After all he currently is experiencing a body strengthening...Oops! Pretend you didn't hear that Mama. Hehe."

Hearing an unfamiliar word come out of her daughter's mouth, she tilted her head in confusion before looking down at Miya.

"Little Miya, what is body strengthening?"

Miya remained quiet for a few seconds, pondering about whether she should answer her as it was a technique that was not very well known to Saiyans. In the end she steeled her heart and decided to inform her.

"Weeeeell, I guess I can tell you since you're Mama. To put it simply, it's like the three year training brother Nao and I received, but done internally! It can make the insides of your body become a lot stronger!"

"Make the insides of one's body stronger? That sounds pretty painful. Don't tell me Little Nao has been doing this for a full year...? Why does he look peaceful though, shouldn't he be hurting a lot?"

"What Mama says is partially true. Body strengthening can be quite painful depending on the technique, but brother's technique is rather special you see. It allows him to sleep through the whole process without feeling any pain at all, hehe!"

"...If what you say is true Little Miya, as long as he wakes up again I'll bear with it this final week. If Little Nao becomes stronger after this as you say, I bet he can become one of the best elite Saiyans, just like your father was!"

"Of course Mama. You know I will never lie to you! Was Papa really that strong? I know the power brother Nao and I have is a bit abnormal but could still you tell me more of Papa's stories? Listening to them is the best, hehe!"

"Of course I can, my dear Little Miya. I did instantly fall in love with your Papa at first sight you know? Fufufu."

With beaming eyes, Miya began to listen to more of her father's stories. Iona used a voice loud enough for both Miya and Nao to hear, which brought her some more comfort. Time seemed to pass more slowly during these last five days but there was slight unrest with Palace Vegeta while Iona continued to spend quality time with her two children.

Year 731 February Palace Vegeta Throne Room

Outside the Palace Room, Paragus, Nappa, Parsi, Oliver, Gin, and Fynn could be seen standing on standby. All six of them could hear shouting beyond the closed palace doors and they sighed inwardly. They knew Prince Vegeta III's coronation was set to happen the following year but hearing more shouting again they knew he was probably up to no good again. Within the throne room, a figure could be seen tapping his left finger on one of the throne's armrest. Upon closer look this figure has gray hair and not the pristine black he had a year ago. The battle with Hatchiyack really did take a toll on King Vegeta II. While Saiyans could develop stronger life force through training, they generally lived the same lifespan as human's did during Nao's previous life. However unlike humans, Saiyans had an advantage in their genes, which allowed them to appear young during most of their lifespan but they would suddenly age once they reached a certain age. An old King Vegeta II could now be seen upon the throne, looking down at his son with an annoyed look on him.

"Lord Father, look at you! You're already so old now, can't you speed up my coronation for the throne to be a year earlier? Who knows when you could collapse!"

"Cough, Cough...My foolish son. I already made my decision and that can't be changed! Besides there are two individuals you need to meet before you ascend the throne. Until then, no further questions asked, do I make myself clear?"

"...Yes, Lord Father. You keep mentioning these two. Why are they so important that I must personally meet them? You do remember we are Saiyan royalty, right Lord Father? Are those two that important to where we must discard our pride as Saiyan royalty?"

"Hmph, you still dare mention pride in front of this King? Don't let your pride cloud your judgement, boy. This King hasn't turned that senile yet. Besides, they could kill you without even batting their eyelids! Cough, Cough..."

"Lord Father, our Vegeta family is known to contain the strongest Saiyans! How could you even compare those two to our family? Such an utter disgrace to our royal lineage!"

Just as Prince Vegeta III finished saying this, a loud bang resounded in the throne room after his father slammed his fist down on the throne's armrest.

"ENOUGH! If this King hears one more damn word out of your mouth about pride, I'll strip your right to the throne right here and now. You will be meeting them in five days. Until then you better keep your damn head screwed on straight. Go retire to the back of the room for the night."

Hearing his father's outburst, Prince Vegeta III looked downward in shame before responding to his order.

"I understand...Lord Father. Please be mindful of your health."

Seeing his son retreat to their private quarters in the back of the room, he looked at him in disdain. King Vegeta II had his thoughts straightened out ever since the fight a year back and he wondered if he could fix that foolish son of his as well after he met the two brats. Hell, would he even survive the struggle of putting up with his son during next five days? Well, as if he had his prayer answered, the sun started to rise and fall more quickly, and the fated five days passed by in a blink of an eye. Back in Iona's residence, more clamor resounded on the second floor after Miya rushed to grab her mother who was enjoying lunch on the first floor.

"Mama, come quick, hurry!"

"What could it be this time, Little Miya?"

However, before Miya answered her back, the two swiftly made it two Iona's bedroom. Miya brought her mother to the side of the bed and shifted her attention to Nao. Seeing her daughter focus on Nao, she started to look at him, and after a few seconds, Nao's eyelids started to shudder for a bit, before they started to open.


Seeing her son wake up again, Iona couldn't hold back her tears any longer and she started crying.

"Little Nao, you're finally awake! You made Mama worry too much you know?"


Nao slowly started gaining control of his limbs again after entering deep sleep for a year. A few more seconds passed and he regained enough strength to sit up. However just as he sat up on the bed black sludge started to pour down from his body onto the bed and a foul stench spread out across the room, causing Miya and Iona to immediately cover their noses.

"Brother, you're too stinky! Go take a bath, now!"

"That is something I can agree on with you Little Miya. I'll go start running the bath. Why don't you get Little Nao straightened up and join him in the bath once you're ready?"


Iona soon departed the bedroom and headed towards the bathroom to start the bath. Miya took this time to get her brother back to normal and Nao soon regained his senses. She unequipped the medical equipment tied to him as it was no longer necessary. Before long the two started to hear running water nearby and they headed towards the bath...

Meanwhile, deep within space several light years away, King Cold's spaceship could be seen traveling through the stars at a fast space, with several smaller circular sh.i.p.s floating around it, which were known as King Cold's Force. King Cold could be seen sitting on his throne chair situated on the main deck, looking out at the stars passing by, with his son floating in his pod nearby. In front of King Cold stood a petite figure. This figure had blue skin and light purple hair. They wore a black plated battle armor suit with beige stomach and shoulder pads. A long white robe covered their stomach area and this figure appeared to have aged quite a bit. It was none other than Berryblue, giving her most recent statement she received to King Cold. She grinned as she gave her report.

"Your Imperial Majesty, we have been travelling for about nine months now. It shouldn't take us any longer than one more month to arrive at the Saiyan's planet. Do you think those monkeys will try to resist, Your Imperial Majesty?"

"Excellent question, Berryblue. That last planet we conquered wasn't that entertaining. If these Saiyans resist, I do hope they can at least put up a fight this time. I might even have them join the King Cold Force if they can prove themselves worthy. If we can bolster them to our Force, it will speed up conquering the rest of the planets so we can start ruling the Northern Area!"

"Ohohoho, Lord Father, is it fine for me to sit this one out? I don't think those dirty monkeys are worthy to test out the extent of my power. I think the Ginyu Force should be enough for those dirty monkeys."

"Is that what you truly want, my son? I'm personally curious to see why they claim themselves to be the strongest in the galaxy. I will accompany the Ginyu Force once we arrive. It's so tiring sitting down for a year. Berryblue, go notify the Ginyu Force and have them get ready for battle."

"As you command, Your Imperial Majesty."

Berryblue bowed at King Cold and retreated off the main deck. After Berryblue left, a grin appeared on King Cold's face, as he continued to watch the stars pass by his ship...