Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 230

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 230 221: Reveal

Tights took the Z Fighters to the main dining room of the white Palace. They were in awe seeing how big and regal it was. Goten, Trunks and Marron wanted to explore the whole Palace but they were stopped by the a.d.u.l.ts. With Bulma's help, Tights arranged a full course meal for the Z fighters.

Once Tights saw everyone was enjoying themselves, she excused herself, letting her sister become the main watcher of the group once again. It didn't take long for Tights to re-unite with the group at the Garden. Despite the white Palace's many rooms and corridors, she never got lost once.

As for Nao and the group, Beerus started to look around the Garden for things of interest. It contained many exotic flowers, fishes, even fruit trees and the like, all surrounding a massive pond. Beerus felt a good familiarity with the place as it was similar to the outside of his planet back home.

The girls were grouped together with anticipation in their eyes. Toppo and Ribrianne were seated on the grass not too far away from them and they too were able to calm down thanks to the pleasant atmosphere.

The Supreme Kai of Time still had reddened cheeks but she too was able to calm herself down as well, but she still watched Nao with a bit of worry. Little did she know she was going to have one on one talk with him after this whole reveal happened. Even though she had lived for millions and millions of years like Beerus, not once she had ever experienced love.

Nao wasn't sure what the Supreme Kai of Time had thought of him, if it was more than just being her one and only disciple, but after seeing her strange reactions and the time he spent training with her, he decided in his mind to have a serious talk.

He knew he was no longer for this world soon, he wanted to travel to other places and planes with his family. The Majin Buu Saga ended while he experienced his vision, only the events of Super remained. If the Supreme Kai of Time wanted to take her chance, now would be it.

But enough of that. At the moment, Nao could feel Tights' Ki approaching from the left hallway, she would arrive in a few moments. He also saw everyone now sitting on the soft grass, everyone but Beerus anyways. Nao saw Beerus standing, look around with an interested look in his eyes.

He even startle to whistle as he spoke out.

"This really is a nice room, Nao. The calm atmosphere is really relaxing. You don't mind if I snag one of these, do you? Can't believe you have fruits of the gods here."

"Go right ahead, Lord Beerus. Tights will arrive in a moment, we will begin then."

"Just the words I wanted to hear!"

After Beerus yelled that out, the group saw him approach one of the palm tree-like trees, and jumped up. With a quick spin of his tail, he sliced off a couple of green jagged, spiky-fruit, allowing them to fall into his palms.

He approached Whis and sat down, and was ironically in front of Nao and the rest of the group. A look of bliss appeared on his face as he began biting into the exotic fruit. The only one who remained standing now was Whis as he held his Angel Staff upright.

Seeing this, Nao spoke out to him, which only garnered a chuckle from Whis.

"Say Whis, why don't you join us as well?"

"Ohoho, thank you for your concern Nao, but this is something I've always been used to. I've been in service attending Lord Beerus for millions of years, so it's natural I stand beside him. Speaking of which, Lord Beerus the fruits Nao offered you were personally hand picked by Father to be planted here, so be sure to thank him later."

The moment Whis said that, Beerus suddenly choked on the fruit he was currently eating, causing Nao laugh.

"Whis, are you saying these fruits were picked by the Grand M-Minister too? Just how much was he involved in building this place!?'

"The whole thing, Lord Beerus. Well only the physical portion at least. It was truly a collaborative work. It was the girls who made the designs. Father just made it a reality and made that his gift to him."

"I do remember you mentioning to that before Whis, maybe my memory is still a bit foggy since I was sleeping for a while."

"Maybe what you'll witness will jog your memory, Lord Beerus. Speaking of which I do have a question. Whis, are you able to transpose memories into a physical form? It's probably best for you all to just directly see what I saw instead if me just describing it."

After Nao asked that, the Supreme Kai of Time blinked her a couple times as she sat next to him. She then had a moment as if a light bulb inside her head.

"Now why didn't I think of this the first time!? I know back then was a pretty dire situation, but that's a great idea, Nao!", the Supreme Kai of Time Kai of Time said as her eyes started to sparkle.

She then turned her head toward Whis and questioned him as well.

"Can it be done, Whis?"

After she asked that, all eyes went to Whis. He wasn't bothered by this and he clasped his chin with his spar hand, entering his own thoughts. A moment passed before Whis nodded in confirmation.

"It should be possible. I would have to ask your permission first to link our two memories together, Nao. By then I should be able to transpose it into a viable image for everyone to view. Don't worry, I'll make sure to block out anything unnecessary, which also includes my memories, ohohoho."

Whis let out a chuckle covering his mouth with his hand. Everyone let out a sigh hearing his response. Nao also nodded as he responded back to him.

"Of course you have my permission, Whis. Let's start this, it seems,Tights just arrived.", Nao said with a smile on his face.

After Nao said that, the door leading into the Garden opened once more. Everyone expected Tights to be rushed but she appeared calm and a smile crept on her face seeing everyone sitting.

"Sorry for the wait you guys.The other guests are now enjoying a banquet. Once we are wrapped up here we can go join them. But I'm probably not the only one who is interested in viewin' this, am I? Haha!"

Seeing Tights arrive, every saw her laugh. They couldn't help but nod agreeing with her. She took this time to walk toward the group and decided to stand by Nao. Nao offered her to sit by him but refused. Seeing this got a nod of approval from Whis.

Before Whis did anything more, however, Nao gathered the attention of everyone once more.

"By the way, everyone. Before we start the viewing I would like to point out a couple things. One is regarding you two, Toppo and Ribrianne, while the other is for Whis."

"What is it, Nao? Don't tell me it really is in regards to Jiren?"

"Pray tell. Even I can say I'm a bit curious. Could it be a matter involving the gods or us Angels?"

Both Toppo and Whis asked that, and Nao nodded to answer them. He then replied back.

"Indeed. Just remember what you're going to witness is nothing but a vision. The last one...may be a bit cruel to the eyes."

"Cruel? Very well. I'll take this seriously. Nao, if you are ready, let's start the link."


After Nao confirmed Whis's words, Whis approached him. He rested the black orb of his staff against Nao's head. Nao closed his eyes in response. All of a sudden, Whis chanted out in a foreign language, but was all too familiar to Nao, which surprised a bit.

"MroF!" Whis yelled out a chant.

As he did, a couple moments passed in silence while his staff shone a bright green light. Nao entered his own Mindscape. The moment he did he actually saw Whis there, who now appeared looking at his soul with great interest in his eyes. He couldn't help but take a marvel at it.

"Such a pure, l.u.s.trous soul, Nao. You really do impress me with your growth. I see it's no longer bound by those dreaded chains either. It's such a young soul too but it also feels ancient at the same time. Truly marvelous."

"Receiving praise from one of the strongest beings in our Universe is something I'll gladly accept Whis. I take it you know what it used to look like?"

"Yes. I was there next to Lady Chronoa as your sister helped pull you out from the depths of that despair. Such an interesting little creature she is, isn't she?"

After Whis said that, Nao didn't answer him and only smiled in return. Miya has been with him since the start of his new journey. She used to be a creature of artificial intelligence but thanks to the old man's help she achieved true sentience and was given her own soul, only to be reincarnated beside Nao as a Saiyan.

Nao shook that thought away for now. He spoke out to Whis.

"She sure is. Let's get this thing started. What do you want me to do, Whis?"

"Oh, you only need to place your hand on my back and imagine what you saw in your vision. While you do that, I'll channel my energy and create a screen on the outside."

After Whis said that, Nao nodded. He proceeded to do as Whis said and before long, a large blue screen suddenly appeared back in the Garden, which drew everyone's attention to it!