Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 231

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 231 222: Reaction

Before everyone realized, minutes soon became hours as the giant blue panel went from image to image, revealing the five battles laid out for him. He didn't dare show what came after that though, as if he would reveal his embrace with Fie, Aht and Michael to those besides his girls.

He didn't reveal the other worlds lined up either, as he would only disclose that to his family. If the Supreme Kai of Time were to join his family too, she would come to learn of it as well.

He also did want to get together with the Grand Minister and Lord Zeno one last time as well before his departure so he can inform the two. Thankfully all of Super only happened in the span of the year, as well as the D*S Broly movie happening in Year 780, of which it was now the beginning of year 788.

Nao was thinking of a game plan as to how to tackle the five fights. Rebirth actually dinged multiple times inside his mind as he first witnessed them, but he had those notifications hidden. Rebirth had actually given him the coordinates to what year and where the five would take place!

As such, as much as Nao wanted to align it to get rid of Fu first, Hearts was actually the closest. He would fight alongside Gogeta, Hit, and Jiren against Hearts first. Fu ended up being second and he was actually secluded in a separate dimension right below the Plaza of Time in TokiToki city, yet no one could find it!

The third opponent would be Alter Jiren. He wasn't sure how this fight would go but Nao wanted to rescue him. But if he is too far from saving, death might be the only option.

The moment the group saw Alter Jiren bound by chains sealed in a stone prison on such a hellish looking planet shocked them quite badly. Toppo and Ribrianne had a quite severe reaction as well, as Toppo almost split the ground he currently sat on apart.

Ribrianne felt her heart torn apart hearing Alter Jiren's yells of anguish, and it didn't take long before flames to light up in both of their eyes, becoming even more determined to rescue him. Everyone also remembered Nao's words saying this was but a mere vision. Yet everything they saw looked all too real to them.

Hearts was also a new face to them. After Hearts announced his presence as a godslayer, Beerus scoffed at him. Yet out of the five they saw, Hearts seemed to be handled the best by Nao and the people he fought alongside him. Toppo's and Ribrianne's expression became shocked once more seeing another copy of Jiren fighting alongside Nao.

As for Broly, everyone but the girls were surprised to learn the existence of another Saiyan. And out of the five matches, they could actually see Nao really enjoy this fight!

Only the last match was probably the most shocking of them all. Even Whis had a very serious look in his eyes. The moment they saw Merus slaughtering the other Angels left a deep mark in their hearts.

Especially so for Sayuri.

"Brother Merus...what happened to you?", Sayuri said as another wave of pain struck against her heart.

This resulted in her clutching it. All of a sudden she coughed out, and some blood splattered onto her hand. She passed out almost immediately.

"Sister Sayuri!", the girls exclaimed.

"Not good. Nao you need to come back out!", Elsa further yelled out.

"Already on it."

All of a sudden, everyone heard Nao's voice. The blue panel still floated in the air but it no longer displayed any images. Nao cut his link with Whis and his eyes were now open.

He expected some type of reaction from Sayuri but he hadn't expected it would be this bad. He immediately arrived next to Sayuri who could now be seen unconscious in Miya's arms.

Seeing Nao arrive, she passed Sayuri to him and stood back up, placing her hand on her chest, obviously worried. Nao still felt Sayuri's warmth but a pained look could currently be seen on her closed eyes.

He sent his divine ki sense into her body to check if anything was wrong, only to let out a sigh of relief afterward. Whis also did the same and confirmed.

"You needn't worry about Sayuri, Nao. She just collapsed from emotional distress and severe exhaustion. She ended up biting her lip quite hard causing some blood to spew out of it. That should heal on its own given body's healing capabilities but as for the other...she will require proper rest."

Hearing Whis's diagnosis, Nao nodded in confirmation and replied to him.

"I double checked her interior as well and she is not infected with anything either. I understand the emotional distress but what about the severe exhaustion? According to you guys she did go through some training recently, did she push herself too hard?"

Hearing Nao ask that, the girls looked at each other for a moment. They then looked at Aht who walked up beside him and nodded.

"About that...she joined us in training inside Historia's training grounds, Nao. She came to learn of her bloodline, and wanted to further improve herself. Apparently she is related to that other fox guy with the three tails. You can talk to her about it in further detail, but she did push herself quite hard...Witnessing something like that probably pushed her over the edge."

After Aht said that, Nao could only let out a sigh.

"This silly girl...she really doesn't need to push herself that hard, does she? But if she did discover more about her bloodline, then I must thank Lord Liquiir later. Looks like a lot happened while I was gone, but for now we must let Sayuri rest. Sorry about this but I'll excuse myself for now. I'll go bring her to the bed."

"Do you need me to come with you, Nao?", Tights asked with a worried look.

"Nah. You guys can can enjoy the feast with the others. I'll make sure Sayuri is doing okay. Also I was planning to start this trial shortly after everyone left but I will wait till tomorrow. This will give you guys enough time if any of you want to come with me for each fight. Also Toppo, Ribrianne, you must also decide. Do you want to fight alongside me when I go to Jiren?"

After Nao asked that, Toppo blinked at him for a couple moments. Nao could previously see the determined look in both his and Ribrianne's eyes. Toppo even formed a fist with his giant hand.

"Of course we'd like to go with you, Nao. I do not want to see our leader in pain any longer. If we cannot save him, we must put him to rest. Would it be possible to join you for the other two as well? Any evil like that must not exist!"

"That's right, Nao! You healed us back to full, so it's only proper we return the favor. You also allowed us to meet Lady Miya once again, we've owed far too much. It doesn't matter if she is different. Let us fight alongside you!"

Toppo and Ribrianne sounded even more determined than last time. Nao nodded hearing the two respond to him and smiled. He then turned toward Beerus and did a light bow as he still had Sayuri in his arms.

"Lord Beerus, I apologize for this interruption. I'll excuse myself for now. I'm not sure if you'll have something to discuss with Whis after seeing all this, but you're free to join the guests in the dining room. Regarding your other matter of discussion, I have a vague idea of what it is, it might be best for you to seek out Goku and Vegeta regarding that. Those two are Saiyans like me."

"Goku and Vegeta, huh? When I got a look at those two for the first time I could tell they are still mortals. Also that Fu is a crazy bastard as well for wanting to destroy all of our Universes, I wish I could join you but I fear I may have my hands tied with my other matter here for the time being. I really want to see if a second Super Saiyan God exists! Moreover I'm starving. Whis let us depart at once!"

"As you wish, Lord Beerus."

After Whis said that, he bid everyone in the room farewell, and Beerus and Whis left. The girls, Nao, the Supreme Kai of Time, Toppo and Ribrianne in the Garden. The girls also talked for a bit before they excused themselves with Toppo and Ribrianne. Nao did ask Aht the Supreme Kai of Time to remain behind, causing their eyes to become curious. It didn't take long before Sayuri, Nao and Aht were alone.

Without saying anything, Nao picked up Sayuri and left the room with Aht and the Supreme Kai of Time following behind him in silence. Several moments passed in silence before they entered the main bedroom. Nao placed Sayuri onto the bed and caressed her cheek for a bit. Feeling Nao's warmth on her relieved her pain and a smile soon crept on her sleeping face.

Seeing this Nao let out a sigh of relief. Aht and the Supreme Kai of Time remained by the bedside, waiting for him to speak. Nao turned around and spoke out to the two.

"Thank you for coming with me, Aht, Master. I did want to invite Fie as well but she had already come to a resolution of her own. This is more of a private talk I don't want anyone but the girls to hear. Yet I still had them join the feast, since they seemed rather hungry."

"A private talk...? To be honest I can't even processed what happened just now...Nao, are you really alright even after seeing all of that?", the Supreme Kai of Time said with worry in her eyes.

"Don't worry, Master. I was prepared this time since I had a talk with the old man prior to it. Speaking of which, those fights weren't the only thing that I envisioned. But before we come to that, Master, we've known each other for a few decades now. I've been wanting to confirm your feelings, especially seeing you react like that earlier."

"You saw even more than what we saw on that screen? Can't say I'm not curious but why are you talking like that, Nao? Why do want to know what I feel?"

"There's no use beating around the bush, Master. I'll be direct and straight to the point, do you like me?"

Hearing Nao's sudden question like that left the Supreme Kai of Time in a stupor. Even Aht looked at her with eyes full of curiosity, waiting to hear her answer!