Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 232

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 232 223: Private Talk

A/N : Damn onion ninjas, they always strike unexpectedly. Not too much a lemon chapter but I fleshed out Chronoa's character here and her emotions. If I'm to introduce someone into the harem, I will never half-ass it. Enjoy and don't forget to read author's comments at end like always! Cheers!













"I'll be frank and ask you directly. Master, do you like me?", Nao asked with a serious look in his eyes.

Hearing Nao ask that all of a sudden, the Supreme Kai of Time stared at him for a couple moments before her cheeks reddened.

"W-W'-What is this about liking anyone!?", the Supreme Kai of Time couldn't help but jump back a bit, blushing by Nao's sudden question. She even stuttered a bit, it was very cute to Nao's eyes.

Aht also blinked at her before she hopped on the ground, causing some noise to echo from her hooves. A grin then appeared on her face.

"So you do like Nao after all, hehe.", Aht chimed in with a cheerful voice.

"I do not! I'm just his master, nothing more, nothing less!", the Supreme Kai of Time denied Aht as she said that.

Yet Nao didn't take that to heart one bit. Her reactions have been increasingly suspicious throughout the last few decades he had spent with her, and seeing that he could only sigh in his heart. He became more serious and got off the bed after making sure Sayuri was sleeping peacefully.

The Supreme Kai of Time saw this and despite her usually cheerful attitude, she couldn't help but back away a couple steps every time Nao took a step forward. Nao chuckled seeing this.

"If you're just my Master, then why are you acting like this?", Nao said as he slowly pushed her toward the nearby wall. It didn't take long before the Supreme Kai of Time to feel something hard press against her back. It was none other than the white wall.

With nowhere else to run, she could only speak out to him.

"Nao, you're the one acting strange! You better stop doing this or I-I won't let you step foot in my domain anymore!", the Supreme Kai of Time yelled out.

"You know, Master, the more you dodge this the more suspicious you become. What's troubling you from staying true to your heart?", Nao couldn't help but ask with a serious look.

Hearing Nao ask that, a wave of emotion struck against her heart. Tears started to form in her eyes and they fell down her cheeks. She collapsed onto her legs in front of him and began crying.

"H-Hick...I-I just can't! I don't want these feelings! It doesn't matter if we're master or disciple, I'm a goddamn Supreme Kai with my own domain to look after!", the Supreme Kai of time cursed out.


"So what!? Don't you get it!? I'm not like that princess of yours! I'm bound by duty! I can't be by your side no matter what you do!"

"Both Elsa and Eir were bound by their duties, both being a Princess and Queen respectively. Yes they did have much smaller domains than the domain of time you rule, but they were able to pass their roles down to their next generation. It's not like you're the only Supreme Kai out there, Master."

"!!!", she couldn't even utter a word as shock appeared on her face after hearing Nao say that, which halted her tears dropping down. Seeing this, Nao took this opportunity and grabbed her chin, clasping it in his right hand. He then spoke out to her with a serious tone again.

"So I'll say this again, Master. Do you like--no, do you love me, as a man?"

Seeing Nao be forceful in this situation surprised Aht quite a bit as she watched this scene occur. But it couldn't be helped since the Supreme Kai of Time was being very dodgy with this. Amus.e.m.e.nt could be seen in her eyes, waiting for her answer. Even though she was denying it with words, she could tell that the Supreme Kai of Time liked him. Quite much at that.

"N-Nao, you better stop this! If you do I'll forget everything that happened right now and we can still go back to a normal master-disciple relationship!"

"That's not what I want to hear, Master. Please, I don't want any pain to befall you if you miss your chance in doing this. It won't be much longer...", Nao said as he closed his eyes, as if he drifted off into his imagination.

"H-huh?", the Supreme Kai of Time asked as confusion appeared in her eyes. She still stuttered even though Nao currently clasped her chin in his hands. She blinked for a couple moments before worry appeared in her eyes.

"Why does it sound like you're about to die!?"

It was now Nao's turn to remain silent for a couple of moments after hearing the Supreme Kai of Time suddenly yell that out in worry. It ended with him letting out a laugh, causing her face to blush. He opened his eyes back up. She looked quite cute with her cheeks scrunched up by Nao's hands.

"Did you really thought I was going to go into those fights with the intent to die? Sadly, that is not the case. This was a trial set for me to complete. I said it like that since I plan to travel other worlds with the girls. You remember our long talk with the Grand Minister about the concept of the Multiverse, right?"

"Other worlds...and the Multiverse?", The Supreme Kai of Time questioned. She also took this time to calm the turmoil inside her heart. Seeing this, Nao let out a sigh if relief in his heart as well and let go of his grip. He bent down some more and wiped away the rest of her tears.

He stood back up and walked away a bit from her. Turning around, Nao's back could now be seen, and he folded his arms behind hit. A look of melancholy appeared in his eyes as he spoke out to her once more.

"That's right, Master, the Multiverse. You see, before my departure, I want to leave with the girls with no lingering attachments. But I do have one right now, and that is you. I will need to confront my children too but that is a separate matter."

" really have the intent of leaving, don't you?", the Supreme Kai of Time asked with a worried look

"Yes. That's why I'll tell you a little bit more about me. You see, the old man gave me something very special at the start of my new journey. It has the ability to create planes in its own sealed dimension. I have a couple planes lined up to create inside that space."

"W-What!? You didn't mention any of that during the meeting with Lord Zeno!"

"I know, but I see you as part of my family now, Master, only those know of this. I recently gained the ability to split my soul, and once that new soul starts its journey, I likely won't be coming back here for an extremely long time."

"Nao...", the Supreme Kai of Time said as her worried look soon changed into that of sadness.

After she said that, Nao turned around once more and looked straight at her.

"So, Master--no, Chronoa, are you willing to accept my love?"

Hearing Nao call her by her first name for the very first time, she couldn't help but be shocked with her mouth agape. It took her several moments to recover. When she did she spoke out to him, only to start trailing off.

"Nao, I...", the Supreme Kai of Time trailed off. At this moment her memories began to replay inside her mind. The very first time she met Nao back on Planet Vegeta m, to the nightmarish vision he had in the Other World with her providing her full support, to the few decades the two spent together in training.

The two had their fair share of laughs together, their private moments and the like. It only spanned about forty something years which was but a droplet of water in an ocean compared to the millions of years she had already lived.

She could feel her heartbeat pitter faster and faster, and her cheeks reddened. She didn't say anything and just walked up to Nao in silence. She actually embraced him!

Looking up into his eyes, she spoke out to him with a loving tone as she caught him off guard with his hug.

"Of course I love you, how could I not!?", she yelled.

"Chronoa", Nao said.

After hearing the Supreme Kai of Time finally confess her love to him, he closed his eyes. He puckered his lips and leaned inward, approaching her face with the intent of kissing her.

She saw this and raised her small hand, causing Nao's lips to plant themselves onto her palm. Nao felt something soft and tender against his lips but he opened his eyes, only to see it wasn't her lips.

Confusion streaked across his face.


Hearing Nao ask that, she felt her heartstrings pull down as sadness appeared in her eyes. She then spoke out to him.

"Say Nao, before we continue any of this, are you willing to listen to a little tale of mine?"

"A tale?"

"Yeah. But before that it's best to show you something. I beg you, please don't let your anger be consumed by this...", the Supreme Kai of Tike said with a look of sadness in her eyes.

"...", Nao couldn't say anything in response to that. All he saw was her taking in a deep breath before releasing it. As he did he felt worry creep inside his heart.

Without saying anything else, the Supreme Kai of Time unraveled the gold belt tied beneath her chest which hoisted up the rest of the posh Kai robe. The only bare skin she ever revealed was the first half of her shoulders and upward. Nao always wondered why that was the case. Little did he know he would find out right now!

He saw her take off her clothes slowly but surely. He could see her hands start to tremble once she started to remove her grey robes underneath, revealing her pink/purple skin. She had very small b.r.e.a.s.ts with purple aerolas around them. Her slit down below was tightly shut.

Yet it didn't take long to blink a couple times as anger swept over him. Her whole body was covered in sword scars! She couldn't help but bite her lip as she covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts with her hands, turning her head to the left and looked away from him.

" must think I look hideous like this, don't you, Nao?" (A/N : this is my personal spin on Chronoa, hope you guys like it)

"How awful...", Aht who had remained silent until now watching this couldn't help but utter that.

Nao's anger soon subsided and she immediately took him into his embrace.

"Who!? Who the hell did this to you, Master!?", Nao yelled out.

The Supreme Kai of Time didn't say anything and just enjoyed his warmth for a while. She soon parted from him and approached the bed. Sitting on it, she tapped it with her palm, beckoning the two to come sit next to her.

Nao immediately sat down next to her and Aht sat down to his left, with the Supreme Kai of Time to his right. Leaning her head against Nao's right arm, she began to speak out and start her story.

"You see, Nao, even though I announced you as my first and only disciple to the public, you aren't actually the first one. You are actually my second disciple."

"I'm not your first disciple!?", Nao yelled out with shock in his eyes. Shock appeared in Aht's eyes as well after hearing that. The Supreme Kai of Time nodded at their words.

"Yeah...There used to be another. A boy similar to you, Nao, but with a sense of Justice as large as Toppo's, if not even larger. The Forgotten One lost in the annuls of time, a man that went by the name Sealas...", the Supreme Kai of Time said, beginning her story.