Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 233

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 233 224: Sealas The Forgotten Menace

'Sealas? Now where have I heard that name before...', Nao began to ponder.

Seeing confusion appear in his eyes did not go unnoticed by the Supreme Kai of Time. Being completely n.a.k.e.d in front of him still embarrassed her quite a bit, but she was still able to speak calmly while feeling his warmth spread throughout her body.

Nao couldn't help but bring her body closer to his by wrapping his arm around her other shoulder. She didn't deny this and saw his eyes with a willingness to listen, so she continued the story.

"It's common you don't know who Sealas is, Nao. I had everyone's memories of him wiped away. Every single being in our Universe. He is a forgotten menace. I can't believe such a long time has passed already...", The Supreme Kai of Time said with sadness in her eyes.


Hearing Nao call out to her, her eyes matched his. She then placed her fingers over his lips ,preventing from him speaking any more.

"Nuh-uh, don't call me that any longer, Nao. Our master-disciple relationship is over. If you truly wish to be with me, you will only call me by my first name, and nothing else."

The Supreme Kai of Time said that with a serious tone. Nao nodded in silence. A smile then crept on her face as she continued to speak.

"Good! You'll have your kiss later. Heck if you don't push me away I'll even offer my all to you after listening to my story. Sealas had his chance at my love as well, but he was too driven with madness before he could claim my purity. But seeing you don't even know his name, I will have to start from the very beginning...", she said, and began her story.

Nao became surprised to learn the fact that the Supreme Kai of Time used to love someone else. And it was Sealas no less! But he didn't want to disturb her current pace and remained silent. Seeing this, she smiled at him and continued to talk.

"Everything began since Time Immemorial, back to when the Divine Calendar was still in its infancy. One bastard being came into existence, even way earlier than I was born or the Super Dragon Balls were created. This being came to earn the name Majin Buu...", she said as she closed her eyes.

"Majin Buu was an atrocity. It was a being made out of pure evil and wrecked havoc all across our Universe. To prevent this madness, the first Supreme Kais, including the Grand Supreme Kai, were born on the Sacred Planet of the Kais, and this happened about one hundred million years ago. I'm sure you know more about this than the average person."

Hearing the Supreme Kai of Time say this, Nao nodded in silence. He knew the sad story of Majin Buu very well, it was a great story saga after all.

She continued to speak after seeing him nod.

"Well you see, these Supreme Kai were known as the creators of life. And with live comes destruction, its counterpart. Lord Beerus also came into existence around this time. And as for me, I was just a little girl born around 80 million years ago. The Old Kai and I quickly became acquainted with each other before Lord Beerus sealed him inside the Z-Sword in a fit of rage." (A/N Beerus actually did this)

"The other Supreme Kai offset Majin Buu's rampage by creating more and more planets before they eventually sealed him off in a hidden dimension. As for me, around 75 million years ago, I rose to the rank of the Supreme Kai of Time after successfully raising a TokiToki Bird. I did have to battle my own evils during that time but I was come out victorious..."

"After that, our Universe was able to thrive and grow out of its infancy for over the next fifty million or so years. Countless races climbed and fell, and I formerly started my role as the protector of Time, ensuring the true history didn't get derailed while correcting any inconsistencies that would occur. To help me with that, I created the Time Patrol. As you know, Trunks is one of its more prominent members right now..."

After she said that, Nao nodded his head once again, confirming her words. She continued to speak.

"As I would protect Time, the Galactic Patrol was formed to ensure the safety of the Universe itself. The Supreme Kai would watch over them from afar, only acting as a last resort. A long earned peace ensued during this time. The Galactic Patrol itself was founded around ten million years ago..."

"And one of first members, including being the very first member of my Time Patrol, was a young grey skinned boy with cute white tentacle-like hair on his head. This boy quickly rose the ranks of the Galactic Patrol, donning the elite armor in no time. He grew up to be an excellent staff user, much like yourself, Nao, and had an extremely strong sense of justice. Nao, this boy was none other than, Sealas!"

"!!!", Nao couldn't utter a word after hearing the beginning of Sealas's origin. Another wave of sadness appeared in the Supreme Kai of Time's eyes. She snuggled against his body to stop shivering.

She took in another deep breath before she continued the story.

"Sealas soon became the love of my life after he accepted his position as the very first Time Patroller. I had even taken him as my own disciple. He was the first, and you are my second. I wanted to give him my everything. Yet everything came crashing down. Hard and fast. All thanks to another dastardly being, an evil wizard who went by the name Bibidi...Bibidi came into existence shortly after the Galactic and Time Patrol were formed, around ten million years ago..."

"Thanks to Bibidi's magic, he was able to set free that abomination of evil free from that sealed dimension, the very same one, Majin Buu! Thanks to him, Majin Buu wreaked havoc across the Universe once more destroying all things in the process. Many time distortions appeared as a result and my domain got extremely busy with mission after mission..."

"While the Supreme Kais and the Galactic Patrol went to the front lines, mostly sacrificing their lives to help stop his rampage, I had Sealas and other Time Patrollers close as many distortions as they could. That's where things took a turn for the worse, and a decision I still regret to this day..."

"You see, Sealas ended up on a rather primitive planet with a race that was just starting out, much like what he used to be before he grew up. This planet was rather close to the front lines of Majin Buu's rampage. Sealas had a chance encounter with a young boy who he could see in himself back then, but he was utterly helpless, witnessing the destruction of that entire planet by Majin Buu's hands..."

"Sealas did not want this to happen. As a Time Patroller, he sought every possible remedy. He wanted to save that boy no matter the cost, even if it meant to alter the flow of time itself! He knew very well that was against our policies, but he knew that and still went against it! Nao, altering time is one of the biggest crimes we have!"

"I know with the Time Rings we can only go into the future but with your training I fully developed the element to go wherever I want to, I can even incorporate your Time techniques in battle too . I'm not some idiot who would go change the past wantonly either."

Hearing Nao say that, the Supreme Kai of Time's heart softened quite a bit. She snuggled more against his body and continued to speak.

"I know you wouldn't do such a thing, Nao. But Sealas was different. He was so determined to rescue that boy that he even stepped into the Time Vault and read the Scroll of Eternity without my permission to view the boy's fate. He felt true despair after coming to learn of the truth. He resorted to altering time but no matter what he did the outcome always remained the same, destruction. He mentally collapsed after countless tries and became a mindless monster..."

"Sealas caused so many distortions during that time, we had to fix them all to ensure the true history was back on track. I won't go into all of the details, but I ended up burning his soul into timeless ashes, never to be reincarnated again. Inside the Time Vault I even confessed my love to him, but he was already at the point of no return. These sword scars were the wounds he caused me as I burned his soul. No matter what I do they won't go away, they'll always re-appear given enough time..." (A/N Well Sealas was beaten by the DB heroes game protag, but I twisted the story to this)

"Chronoa...was that man truly beyond redemption to receive an ending like that?"

"He was. people everywhere he went people called him the Forgotten Menace of Time. I saw no other way than to end him myself. Tell me, Nao--, No please promise me you will never end up like him!"

Yet before Nao could respond, the two of them saw three bushy orange-auburn tails wrap around their waists and a warm soft feeling touched their backs, hugging them into an embrace. It was none other than Sayuri, who currently had tears dripping from eyes. She had woken up during her story. Even Aht could be seen with tears falling down her cheeks and she too hugged them.

It took a moment for Nao to register Sayuri now awake, but she spoke out to them while sniffling.

"S-Sniff...That was such a sad story! I had no idea you went through such an ordeal. Even though I was part of the Galactic Patrol I hadn't ever heard of such a character joining it. I-Is it fine if I call you Chronoa too?"

Hearing Sayuri ask that, the Supreme Kai of Time nodded with a smile.

"I'd like that very much, Sayuri. If I'm to join you guys I will stop being the Supreme Kai of Time. I will just be another little girl who fell for you, Nao. The question is, will you still love me after listening to my story, even with a body like this?"

After the Supreme Kai of Time said that, she looked at him straight in the eyes. Nao responded by wrapping his arms around her back, bringing her into his embrace. He then spoke out with a serious tone.

"Chronoa, look at me. I swear I will forever love you and not become a monster like Sealas once did. Nor will I ever turn into what I became in that vision. Your wounds on your body mean nothing, I will love you for who you are. I hope you will treat me and the other girls the same, will you join our family?"

Hearing Nao not shove her away and even wanted to welcome her, tears started to form in her eyes. Pouring down her cheeks, she wrapped her arms around his back and leaned in. "Yes!", she yelled out, confirming him.

Nao smiled hearing her confirmation, and the two closed their eyes. The both of them leaned further forward to where their faces touched. Nao planted his lips against hers, and Chronoa responded back, sealing the deal. Both Sayuri and Aht felt their hearts warm up seeing this and applauded the two.

Their kiss lasted for a few moments, it wasn't a deep one, only enough to where the two could feel their heartbeats patter. After those couple of moments, their tongues separated from each other. (A/N : From here on she will be called Chronoa, no longer the Supreme Kai of Time, in case the switching between the two got you guys confused)

Nao then spoke out to her once more.

"Welcome to the family, Chronoa. We will no longer be master or disciple, and stand as equals. I will love you as a woman from here on. You should get dressed, we can have some more private time later. I'm sure you will want to announce this to the others?"

Hearing Nao ask that, Chronoa nodded her head.

"Yes. As of now, I officially am stepping down from being the Supreme Kai of Time. I know you said there are more Supreme Kais out there, and Shin is a very good candidate, but I want to follow my heart and promote Trunks. You yourself was once a mortal who rose the ranks into the Supreme Kai, so why can't him?"

"If that is what you wish, I won't go against it...", Nao began to say. He then turned toward Sayuri, who was currently wiping away her tears from earlier. He even saw her three bushy tails thump against the bed.

"And Sayuri, are you fine to be up now? You took quite the blow earlier. Is everything fine?", Nao asked with worry in his eyes.

"Oh that...yes I was able to rest for a while, thank you for worrying about me, Nao. I found it very hard to believe brother Merus would do such a thing, but I saw you kill him with my own eyes. If he is like this man Sealas that Chronoa mentioned earlier in her story, and is beyond redemption...can I come with you to witness the ending?"

"Are you sure? That place is going to turn into a battlefield."

"Yes! I've been training fervently and you weren't here so you wouldn't know, but I actually underwent an evolution. According to Lord Liquiir my ancestors were actually part of a race of nine-tailed foxes he hailed from. Who knew, huh?"

"So you're really related to Lord Liquiir in one way or another. I'll have to find some time to thank him. Are you a nine-tailed fox now?"

"Not yet, but I'm getting there. Lord Liquiir is able to transform to bring out all nine of his tails, yet I can only release three at most right now. Also this is just between you and me...but I expect my tails to have three times as much grooming as you used to do...", Sayuri said as her cheeks began to blush.

"You gave birth to triplets already yet you're still wanting some action. You're one lewd fox you know that? Hahaha!", Nao yelled out with a laugh, which brightened the current atmosphere.

"Hey! Don't bring those three into this. They're my pride and joy! I still want to have many, many more puppies!"

"Sure, sure. but we need to save that attitude for later. I'm sure the other girls have made their decision by now on who wants to join me in the first few battles. Merus won't be until last so I will make sure to come bring you when it's time."

Hearing that, Sayuri calmed down and nodded. Aht also had a look of anticipation appear in her eyes and she spoke out to him.

"Say Nao, before we head back could you tell us a little bit more about what else you saw after those fights? You mentioned that wasn't the end of it."

"Right, there was that wasn't there? Since you didn't reject me then I guess I'm eligible to hear that part too~", Chronoa chimed in with a teasing voice.

"Hey, don't be like that. I can mention a bit, some of it actually involves you, Aht. It showed me who I would embrace next, and my lives in the next few worlds I would live in. I tell you after seeing all three of those worlds, it's quite hard to choose which one to start with. That part I wait until I discuss it with all of you."

"It went so far!?"

"Yeah. But first thing's first, Aht. You would officially declare your love to me back on your home land, and you even proposed to me, wanting to become my wife."

Hearing that, Aht's cheeks turned beet red. Yet not even a moment later she stomped the ground with her hooves out of anger and she puffed her cheeks, appearing very cute.

"Aww man, I was wanting to keep that a surprise for you, Nao! I know I'm part of the family now but I really do want to be one of your official wives. Still knowing my plan with big sis Eir was a success, I guess I'll let it slide~", Aht said with a giggle.

"I know you've been planning something, so I won't bother with it until you're ready to say it, Aht. I did happen to see Eir helping you out with your first time too, heh.", Nao said with a chuckle.

"Big sis Eir...", Aht said as her cheeks became more red.

Hearing that, Sayuri chimed in with a giggle herself.

"Hehe, looks like you'll soon have your spotlight, Aht. Were there any others?"

"There were. One of them is a bit more sensitive topic...It's Fie."

After Nao brought up Fie to the girls, they blinked at him. Chronoa had the worst reaction of them, and she yelled out.

"...Fie!? But she's your daughter, Nao! I had given the golden apple to you in hopes you would raise it as a father and let it experience a life of a mortal!"

"I know, but it's become pretty serious, Chronoa. During my time of absence when I was training with you, Fie's feelings swelled up quite bad and she let them loose. She sees me as a man. I...don't want to betray her feelings..."

"Has it really gotten that serious with her?"

"It has.", Nao nodded with a serious look in his eyes. At this moment both Sayuri and Aht remained silent as Nao brought up Fie's matter. He saw this and called out to them.

"Sayuri, Aht, is there something wrong?"

"Nao, there's something you should probably know. We also came to learn of Fie's behavior during your absence, and to quell her feelings each of us devised a special shift to help her during the nights, and we would accompany her. Sister Miya took the main helm but Fie still longs for you. Nao, you really should respond to her feelings sooner than later, I don't want to see her hurt."

"Sister Sayuri's right Nao. Even I would sleep with her every so often. It's not like you won't allow us girls to sleep together, but recently it's become quite serious. Fie would even have a rare night where she would be in pain."

"Fie...I know we came to some terms already since she accompanied by my side when I first woke up, but if it's gotten has bad as you two have said, then I will need to take this as a priority. I cannot delay the fights but after them I will attend Fie's matter. Chronoa, our alone time may need to be put off for a bit."

Hearing that Nao thought Chronoa would become dispirited but she actually smiled.

"That's fine by me, Nao. This matter really does sound serious. I'm just glad you accepted me for what I am, Nao. That alone makes me a really happy girl. I also used to see Fie as my own niece, but I guess I can see her as a daughter now, huh?"

"Hahaha! True that. Come. Let's get going. I'm sure enough time has passed. I hope there's still some of Tights' cooking left for us. I really don't want to ask her to make some more at this point in the night."

"Oh you, Tights is your personal maid, Nao. I'm sure she'll cook up something no matter the time of day. But I do agree, I'm getting quite hungry myself.", Sayuri said.

After she said that, her stomach started to rumble, causing the three beside her to laugh out.

"Heh, let's go eat you guys. Shall we?", Nao said as he got off a bed. He then extended his hand toward Chronoa. She gladly accepted. She no longer cared she was n.a.k.e.d in front of him, she had seen and heard her everything, and still accepted her in his heart.

Chronoa also got off the bed. She went nearby and put her posh Kai robe back on, hiding away the many sword scars on her body. Sayuri hopped off the bed and went to go put on a simple one piece white dress, while Aht waited for her to finish.

Before long an unknown amount of time while the four walked through the throne room, eventually making their way to the dining room. Nao and Chronoa walked hand in hand, full of smiles while Sayuri and Aht walked beside the two.

The moment the four arrived in the dining room, all eyes went to them. They became shocked seeing Chronoa holding hands with Nao. Yet before they could do anything, she called for everyone's attention. A very loud voice echoed around them full of disbelief after she spoke out. This voice belonged to none other than Trunks, and he ended up dropping his silverware and food right back onto his plate.