Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 234

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 234 225: Xeno Trunk's Ascension Ceremony

"YOU WHAT!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE STEPPING DOWN FROM BEING THE SUPREME KAI OF TIME!? CAN THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?", Trunks's voice yelled out, bouncing off the walls of the dining room, creating quite the large echo. He even slammed his fists down onto the table.

Chronoa flinched, putting her fingers in her eyes to offset his loud voice. Seeing him not yelling any more. She released them and let out an annoyed voice.

"Are you done trying to raise the heavens with your voice, Trunks?"

"No, I'm not! What is the meaning of this!?"

Despite Trunks's constant protesting, Chronoa didn't flinch one bit after the first time. The only thing that grew was the annoyed look in her eyes She then yelled out to him out of anger.

"Shut it, Trunks. Does it look like I'm playing around here? Come here and kneel!"

"S-Supreme Kai, you're not acting like usual. Are you alright...?", Trunks asked nervously, ignoring her order.

"COME HERE, AND KNEEL DOWN!", Chronoa yelled out in anger.

Trunks could see fury appear in her eyes, and was wondering if something went wrong during her absence from earlier. Yet he didn't want anger any further.

"Yes ma'am!", Trunks simply acknowledged her, almost tumbling over the chair he was sitting in. Both the Xenos and the true Goku and Vegeta looked on, looking quite confused. Even Pan managed to join in, even though she was late in arriving.

Pan had a worried look in her eyes.

"I've never seen the Supreme Kai act like this before. Sure she might act wacky at everything alright?"

"I dunno, but somethin' is definitely about to happen. We about to get ourselves a new leader?"

"A new leader? Hmph if that really is the case it would make since why Trunks would be the one going up. Let's just watch."

Hearing Xeno Vegeta say that, the other two nodded in silence. Meanwhile the true Goku and Vegeta looked just as confused. Even Vegeta wanted to yell out at her for ordering his son to kneel down, but he managed to refrain himself. As he did, Goku nudged him on the shoulder.

"Today sure has been a crazy day, huh Vegeta? First we learn that purple cat is a God of Destruction claiming we even have more power that we can rise up too, but now this. Got any idea what's goin' on with this kid?", Goku whispered into his ear.

Xeno Goku's eyes twitched as he could still hear Goku say that. Vegeta immediately berated him as he swapped away his hand.

"Shut up, Kakarrot! Hell if I know. I didn't even know Super Saiyan Gods were even a thing, any information on them got erased when I still lived in Palace Vegeta. I'm clueless as you are."

"Even you don't know? Bummer...guess we can try asking Shenron or something once we go back to Earth."

"Yeah, but for now just be quiet and watch. I want to know what's going on myself.", Vegeta said with a serious look. Goku could only nod and closed his mouth, watching the event unfold.

Meanwhile, Trunks arrived in front of Chronoa and knelt down, not daring to look at her in the eyes. This received another mouthful from her.

"Trunks, look at me!"

"B-But, Supreme Kai--"

"This is no time for hesitation!"

"Y-Yes!", Trunks stuttered once again, raising his head. He saw the seriousness in her eyes, and now he was unable to look away. Chronoa smiled seeing Trunks eyes looking right at her.

"Good! I like that look in your eyes, Trunks. We will now proceed with the ceremony!"

After Chronoa announced that, Trunks blinked his eyes for a moment. He then tilted his head slightly in confusion.

"Wait, ceremony? What ceremony?"

--------------------Short Flashback------------------

Sayuri, Aht, Nao and Chronoa made their way though the white Palace and arrived at the large marble door leading into the main dining room. They could hear lots of chattering and laughter from the other side. The Z Fighters and the others were obviously having a good time.

Hearing this, Chronoa smiled. She then turned toward Nao, who was still holding her hand, and spoke out to him.

"Say, Nao, I'm going to start the ascension ceremony once we go past this door. You're fine with that, right?"

"Whatever you want, Chronoa."

"Good! Though I will say this ceremony does involve me kissing Trunks, it will be the quickest method to feed him the divine pellet. Please try not to be too jealous, fufu.", Chronoa said letting out a giggle.

"Why would I be jealous over a kiss? You're mine now, Chronoa. Still, why can't I help but Imagine you're actually looking forward to this?"

"Oh my, looks like you saw right through me. This will be my last chance to tease Trunks. I'm really looking forward to the look on his face."

"Hahaha! You better savor it then, cause I'm going to rock your world once my trial ends. I've been thinking about it, why don't you have your first session with Fie and I together?"

"W-With Fie? I couldn't possibly...", Chronoa said as her cheeks reddened.

"Nonsense. I don't think Fie can hold back much longer, you can help her out too while experiencing my love at the same time."

"Why do I feel like you're the one looking forward to that the most? Fine, I'll think about it, but I really do want at least one night to where its just us two. I've heard from Sayuri along the way here you carry quite a big package down there...I need to prepare myself for that.", Chronoa said as her cheeks turned a deeper red.

"Deal! Also if you need my support for this ceremony, I'll be right there for you."

"Thank you, Nao. It is likely I will have to use your divine energy pool as well. We might even get to see a birth of another Super Saiyan God thing as you call it since Trunks is part Saiyan after all.", Chronoa said with a smile.

Nao nodded in confirmation hearing that. Their conversation soon ended and the four opened the doors. As they did, Nao saw Chronoa take out a small golden pellet, sliding it right into her mouth.

--------------------Flashback End------------------

Back inside the dining room, Trunks could be seen kneeling down, looking at Chronoa. Chronoa said nothing more and reached her hand inside the chest area of her robe, only to pull out a pitch black slick box that wasn't even a third of a foot long. It was quite small but she did did not open it, only causing more confusion appear in his eyes.

Yet before he could say anything, Chronoa spoke out once more with a loud voice.

"Trunks, do you swear to uphold our virtues and ensure peace over Time for millennia to come?"

"Yes!", Trunks acknowledged her without any hesitation this time. As cheesy as that sounded, Chronoa needed to start the ceremony. She needed Trunks's determination.

Moving along, she placed her hand over the black box in her hand. Opening it revealed two pale yellow Potara Earrings, shocking Trunks.

"Trunks, please accept these Potara in the name of the Supreme Kai of Time and place them on your ears."

"Like this?"

Hearing her say that, Trunks grabbed the two earrings. As if they had a mind of their own, the moment he placed them on his earlobes, they pierced it, causing Trunks to wince his eyes. Yet now, two Potara earrings could be seen on them!

"Great. Looks like they accepted you. That's proof enough you're able to bear this title. Let us proceed with the next step."

"What next step--Mmph?"

Yet before Trunks could finish his words, he saw Chronoa walk to him. Grabbing his head, she brought his lips against hers, kissing him directly. His eyes became wide with shock.

Even the others became shocked. Vegeta stood up directly, yelling at her.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing to Trunks!?"

Hearing Vegeta raise his voice, Nao's eyes twitched. He vanished from his spot and reappeared in front of Vegeta without giving him any time to spare. He lifted his chest up into the air and yelled out to him.

"Shut it, Vegeta. Don't disturb Chronoa's ceremony to make Trunks a Supreme Kai, or do you want me to kick you out of here!?"

"A-A Supreme Kai!?", Vegeta yelled out, shocking the rest once more. Nao didn't bother saying anything else and threw him back into his chair. Nao vanished once again appeared next to Chronoa.

Meanwhile Trunks couldn't even do anything before he felt Chronoa's tongue forcibly open his mouth, only to feel a small pellet slide down his throat. Chronoa soon parted her lips and a grin appeared on her face seeing how Trunks was reacting right now.

"Fufu, the link has been established. Thank you for your first kiss, Trunks~"

Hearing her teasing voice say that caused Trunks to snap out of his stupor.

"B-But that wasn't my first kiss--eh!?", Trunks couldn't help but utter that. But he couldn't even finish his sentence before he felt a foreign energy spread throughout his body.

A golden aura suddenly erupted from his body and he lost control. Trunks started to float on upward, as if he started to receive a baptism. Seeing this Chronoa smiled and walked back a few steps, arriving at Nao's side.

Nao spoke out to her.

"There's no turning back after this you know, Chronoa. Are you prepared?"

"Of course, who do you take me for? I made my decision, I want to travel with you and the others. You are my husband now. I feel bad for pinning this on Trunks...but he really is the best candidate for this. I hope he won't come to hate me...", Chronoa said as worry appeared in his eyes.

"Well, we are a little bit out of order making Trunks ascend into a Supreme Kai, let alone a Super Saiyan God first, but as long as you've a firm resolve I won't go against it."

"Out of order? Do you know something I don't?"

"Well...Since you're part of the family now, I can tell you later. Mainly about where Chelsea and I originate from. But for now you need to start your technique while Trunks's body is being cleansed with Divine Energy."

"Right. Be a dear and help me out will you?"

"Of course.", Nao said with a smile.

Chronoa nodded happily. She then faced Trunks while being a couple meters apart from him. She released her aura and surprisingly it was pure green. Before long she raised both of her hands up, both in a straight vertical line perpendicular from each other.

Before she started her technique, she spoke out to Trunks.

"Trunks, your body is now being cleansed by Divine Energy. Do not deny it! Meanwhile I will start transferring mine to yours!"

"I-I still don't know what's going going on but okay!", Trunks confirmed her words.

Meanwhile Beerus and Whis were looking on with a look of interest as they both could feel Divine Energy cleansing Trunks. The others just watched on with either shock or confused looks in their eyes.

All of a sudden they heard Chronoa let out a chant.


After she yelled that out her green aura converged onto her hands. She started to spin her left arm clockwise and did a full cycle, as if her two hands became a clock. The green aura followed her hands.

After that it converged and coalesced behind her. All of a sudden her aura was replaced by a giant golden clockwork gear behind her. Two hands could be seen pointing at the two and ten positions. She yelled put once more.

"Change Mode. Set Transfer!"

After she said that the golden gear behind her started to shine a bright green, illuminating the room brightly.

However just as she yelled that out a worried look appeared in Whis's eyes for the first time, causing him to stand up from the table.

"Lady Chronoa, you mustn't do this!"

Hearing Whis yell that out, an apologetic look appeared on Chronoa's face.

"...I'm sorry Whis, but this is a decision I made. I will no longer have my Time powers after this but it is a small price to pay to be with my husband. I wish to follow my heart and be with him."

"Your husband...?", Whis asked. His eyes wandered and saw Nao standing behind her, who now had his left hand on her back. He could feel Divine Energy be released from him as well.

"I see, so that's how things ended up as. I understand. I won't interfere."

"Thank you.", Chronoa said nodding at Whis.

Her eyes then became serious as she shifted them toward Trunks again. She could feel Nao's Divine Energy pour into hers. Without saying else, her arms began to dance.

Yet she spun them counterclockwise this time. Each cycle she did her arms sped up its speed. Moments soon passed as she felt her reserves drain quicker and quicker.

All of a sudden she stopped spinning her hands and thrust bath of them out.

"Go!", Chronoa shouted.

After she yelled that out, the giant clockwork gear, which was also spinning very rapidly, stopped at both hands pointing at noon. It suddenly shone a bright green before it started crumbling into pieces.

As it crumbled into pieces, it would vanish into specks of light as it hit the ground. Chronoa felt very drained now and felt strength leave her body. She collapsed into Nao's embrace after he caught her from falling.

"Hah...that was...more tiring than...expected...", she said while panting.

"You did well, Chronoa. Just sit back and watch now, okay?"

"Yeah.", she responded. Her eyes were still focused on Trunks, who had long lost control of his body.

He could now be seen surrounded by a giant green and golden pillar of energy. As if it was wanting to escape, it bore through the Palace's ceiling, revealing the large blue sky of Planet Elosyia.

Yet the moment everyone saw the sky they became shocked. Massive amounts of golden clouds came rolling through, creating a giant funnel in the sky.

Even Beerus stood up seeing this and yelled out.

"Hey Whis, isn't this the same thing that happened to Nao!? The Super Saiyan God transformation!"

"Looks like it is, Lord Beerus. It seems you'll have your wish granted after all. I can see the boy's body accepting the Divine Energy. It shouldn't be much longer. Do keep your head safe from hail though, ohohoho."

"Right there was that part wasn't there?"

And just like that, Trunks's body rose up into the sky, as if the heavens were acknowledging a new god. The green aura around him vanished, transformation into a very pure golden clockwork gear behind him.

The golden energy also coalesced into a blue gel like aura, covering his body. The ritual went the same as Nao performed many years ago. Many moments passed in silence before the heavens finished acknowledging Trunks.

Arriving back onto the ground, everyone became shocked once more. Trunks could now be seen slimmer with more toned muscle. But most importantly was his hair, which was once pale purple, and now it was now fiery red! Trunks had achieved Super Saiyan God before Goku and Vegeta!