Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 235

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 235 226: Entering Universe 6

Year 778 Planet Elosyia, Morning, The Next Day.

The very eventful evening finally ended. The Z Fighters returned to earth. Trunks became the spotlight after becoming a Super Saiyan God. He returned with Lord Beerus and Whis for a short while, fighting to their hearts content.

Trunks not only became a Super Saiyan God but also the new Supreme Kai of Time! He was quite worried as to whether he would fit the role but he buckled his determination. He didn't hate Chronoa for pushing it onto him either, in fact he thanked her. Hearing that brought tears to her eyes as she waved him goodbye. He even would let her continue to live in TokiToki City if she wanted to.

As for the other Xenos, they returned to TokiToki City directly, thanking Nao and the girls for the lovely banquet. The Z Fighters did the same. As Trunks fought against Lord Beerus, Goku, Vegeta and the others immediately sought ought out the technique to become a Super Saiyan God themselves.

They learned that the proper ritual requires five pure hearted Saiyans to join hands and sync their energies with another. Upon learning that there were only five Saiyans existing in Earth they became dispirited. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks (kid).

They wondered whether they could consult Nao again considering he was a Saiyan himself but a surprise came knocking at their door. They learned Videl was pregnant with Gohan's baby, who would later be known as Pan! Another celebration ensued knowing they had enough Saiyans now despite one still being in the w.o.m.b.

Nao also didn't forget to tell Beerus that if Goku became a Super Saiyan God, he may even enjoy fighting him more than Trunks. After Beerus finished his spar with Trunks, Trunks returned to TokiToki City while Beerus and Whis made their way to planet Earth

And thus started the events of Super...It was definitely going to be a crazy two years for them, with the Tournament of Power and Broly being the highlights. Nao planned to watch the ToP with Chronoa and the girls if they wanted to as well before they would start their travels to the next world.

But first, Nao needed to complete his trial by fire!

Which brings us back to the current events!

Nao could be seen sitting at the bedside of the very large circular white bed with the girls, Ribrianne and Toppo. As for Nao himself, he was grooming Sayuri and her three tails while Sayuri was curled up in a ball next to him, sleeping peacefully.

He was the first one to speak out to them.

"So the time of departure will be soon. Toppo and Ribrianne will be joining me for the first three battles, afterwards we will go collect the Super Dragon Balls one last time and return their timeline back to normal. Also among you guys, Belle and Chelsea will also come. Does that sound about right?"

Hearing Nao summarize things for them, the girls looked at each other briefly before nodding. However shock appeared on Toppo's and Ribrianne's faces once again.

"Nao, are you really going to restore our timeline back to normal? You really don't have to go that far...Rescuing Jiren is enough for me."

"I feel it's only proper for me to do so since I was the one who caused all that destruction. I hope you two don't mind."

"Not at all, Nao! It would be amazing if our lives returned back to normal after this whole mess is solved. But i think there might be one thing that won't change...", Ribrianne started to say.

As she did, she looked at Toppo, and a blush appeared on her cheeks. Toppo saw this and became confused.

"What's the one thing that won't change?"

"Aww man you can be so dense sometimes you big lug! As a maiden myself our Universe is driven by the power of love. Surely you can catch my drift now you hear!", Ribrianne said as she puffed her cheeks.

The girls saw this and they blinked at her. Toppo took a moment before a realization struck him.

"Are you saying you like me?"

"Well duh! What else am I trying to say here?"

"Is I do appreciate your thoughts Ribrianne but I'm much older than you think I am. Moreover my love of justice comes first and foremost. You know that right?"

"I do! But love shows no distance between ages, Toppo. If there is a chance to settle down, I think I would like to create a family with you...", Ribrianne said as her cheeks turned a deeper red.

"Hmm...A family is it? We did have the Pride Troopers back home but having an actual family doesn't sound like a bad idea...I definitely need some time to cool off after this.", Toppo said as he entered his thoughts.

"So you accept!?", Ribrianne said as sparkles suddenly appeared in her eyes.

"...I'll think about it."

"Bah, well at least I got you interested. I apologize for suddenly doing this Nao, but I felt it was the best opportunity. We're about to enter a lot of battles aren't we?"

Hearing Ribrianne conclude her sudden confession, Nao chuckled. He wasn't expecting something that to happen but the two had spent quite a bit if time together through this whole mess. He proceeded to speak to her.

"Heh, not at all. Didn't think you would like Toppo. You two have my blessing."

"Thank you! I've been feeling lots of love here ever since we arrived. We're about to enter the finale so it's only proper to put on a performance! Ladies and gentlemen it's time for the song of love and victory! It's time to transform!", Ribrianne suddenly yelled out, raising her two hands up in the air.

Everyone became interested once again. Fie had sparkles in her eyes.

"You can transform!?", Fie said excitedly.

"That's right! We maidens can transform our love. It's a shame Sanka Ku and Su Roas aren't here with me to perform it together but their spirits rest within me. I've no choice but to do this solo! I'm Brianne de Chateau! Let it bloom, let it ring!"

After Ribrianne let announced that, she raised her left hand high in the air.


As Ribrianne chanted that she entered a small dance, twirling around. Her whole body started to shine a bright pink light. A large amount of pink hearts formed around her head, an began shooting out around here. In fact the whole atmosphere around her turned pink.


However her dance did not end there. All of a sudden, Ribrianne felt like she wasn't alone. Everyone felt this too and saw two apparition-like figures appear out of nowhere behind her. One was wearing a blue dress with white frills and a white choker. She wore dark blue leggings and had brown hair.

The other was wearing a yellow overcoat with two white balls of fluffy fur over it. A white beret-like hat could be seen on her head which had purple hair. She wore red-frame glasses and had an orange dress underneath her coat.

Seeing these two apparition-like figures appear out of nowhere, Ribrianne could immediately tell who the two were. Tears started to form in her eyes.

"Sanka Ku...Su that really you?"

"Ribrianne, you will never be alone! Let our love reach you as well!"

"That's right! We always perform as a trio! We will show those evildoers our love too!"

"I got it! Love knows no bounds! Let us continue!"

Fire appeared in Ribrianne's eyes after she finished her part. Sanka Ku started hers next, raising her arm in the air in the same manner as Ribrianne's.


Just like Ribrianne, Sanka Ku yelled that out. Her body started to shine a bright blue light and her outfit became covered with it. Twirling around with her arms out, blue hearts escaped from her head.


Chanting that, she brought her arms into her chest, folding them. Su Roas proceeded as the third and her whole body started to shine a bright yellow. She too yelled out.


Doing the same twirl as the other two she continued to yell out.


Finishing their three chants, the three simultaneously yelled out.

"Sending love, the happiness of all, Ribrianne!" "The howl of the wild. The roar of love! Kakunsa!" "With dreams and magic, the strike of love, Rozie!"

After the two apparition-like figures chanted that after Ribrianne, their figures shone brightly before dispersing into a massive amount of blue and yellow hearts. Together with Ribrianne's pink hearts, they got all absorbed into Ribrianne's body. Ribrianne's body itself started to expand and her skin turned a light blue, donning a red and green dress.

Ribrianne also sprouted two butterfly like translucent wings behind her, the very same she sprouts during her Big Amour transformation, yet her size remained small and not giant. She felt Kakunsa's and Rozie's power flowing within her as well.

"Transformation complete! Kakunsa, Rozie, the love we share will never vanish!"

Hearing Ribrianne shout that, the girls began to applaud. They also heard the phantom voice of Kakunsa and Rozie one last time.

"Do your best, Ribrianne!"

"Rescue the big guy for us, good luck!"

"Yosh! Let's do this!", Ribrianne shouted, hearing the two's wishes. Fire appeared in her eyes.

Seeing this, Nao couldn't help but laugh. He was now well off the bed.

"Hahaha! Looks like someone is eager. We will be battling consecutively so I hope you guys are ready. Ribrianne, Toppo, Belle, Chelsea, please step toward me. Elsa and the rest, please watch over the place while we're gone."

"Yeah.", Toppo confirmed.

"I'm all ready, Nao!", Ribrianne confirmed, still ablaze in her eyes.

"That bastard is going to pay for what he did to me. Thank you for taking me with you!", Isabella said as anger appeared in her eyes.

"Got it.", Chelsea simply said, coldly. Among the girls she had the biggest change in personality. She seemed a lot more serious now and her meekness vanished. Seeing this, Nao couldn't help but speak to her.

'Are you really alright to join us, Chelsea? Ever since these thirty some years passed you've changed your attitude completely."

"Oh you don't need to worry about me, Nao. I trained in the confides of space and sealed off my emotions during it. I had to during my trials in Babel Tower too. My blades have slain demigods prepared by the old man. That Hearts guy claims himself to be a godslayer, and there is also that so-called immortal but I wonder how they will fare against my blades. But with that said, just know I will always love you, Nao. I do kind of hope we can create some children after this...", Chelsea said, as a light blush appeared on her cheeks.

Hearing Chelsea say all of that with a look of determination in her eyes, he nodded.

"We can definitely spend some time later after this is over. Let us depart!"

"Good luck, Nao! We will be waiting for our next journey to start once this is over!", Elsa waved goodbye. Sayuri woke up some time ago and also waved goodbye, along with the rest of the girls. Chronoa remained behind and waved them goodbye as well.

Toppo, the transformed Ribrianne, Isabella and Chelsea approached Nao. Before Nao activated his Time Ring with his time powers, Toppo, who remained unfazed during Ribrianne's earlier transformation, suddenly did his signature pose.

"Justice!", Toppo yelled out. Nao could only sigh in his heart seeing him do that, and activated the Time Ring. The five vanished from the bedroom, leaving the girls behind.

Time soon began to pass and the girls retreated back to their respective areas seeing Nao no longer there. Fie wanted to talk to Sayuri alone so the girls left the two in the bedroom. Fie had a look of longing in her eyes and Sayuri immediately took note of that. Even though Fie was still wearing her robe, Sayuri looked down and could see a clear liquid dripping down the side of her legs.

"Mother Sayuri, can I sleep with you tonight? Seeing Papa get all serious like that got me excited...I want to try grooming your tails too. Can I?", Fie asked with a look of anticipation.

Seeing this, Sayuri's heart warmed up. She brought Fie into her embrace and rubbed her head.

"Oh you. I must say Nao put on quite the show earlier so I wouldn't be surprised you feel this way now, little Fie. It won't be much longer that you have to endure. Of course you can come sleep with me. As for grooming...just don't do it too much.", Sayuri said as she welcomed Sayuri.

"Yay!", Fie said excitedly. Sayuri then brought her onto the bed and soon entered their own little world with m.o.a.ning and thumping sounds to follow.

Meanwhile, Nao and the four entered a time warp, travelling through space unknown to them.

Year XXX. Universe 6. Unknown Planet.

If there was one thing that could be said about this one planet, it would be devastation. A planet similar to planet Earth but with a green sky as far as the eye could see. Modernized buildings could be bulldozed down into the earth from countless blast attacks. Loud booms echoed, only to follow with explosions every so often resounded around the area.

Fires and smoke littered around the collapsed building. If one looked closely, an intense battle could be seen happening. Three more purple Ki blasts suddenly shot out of one of the figure's hands, aiming right at a white skinned figure wearing a red jacket and black bodysuit.

The three purple ki blasts created a black smoke cloud but the figure inside it seemed unfazed, and rushed right at him. The figure who launched those Ki blasts was Hit! Universe 6's number one assassin!

Meanwhile another similar white skinned figure but wearing a blue jacket and black bodysuit could be seen receiving flurries of punches by two other figures. Two were females! One had long bushy spiky hair with was currently golden while the other had lime green spiky hair, but more firm.

These two were Saiyans from Universe 6, Kale and Caulifla, and were currently transformed into Super Saiyans! There was also another Saiyan who could be seen buried in the rubble down below them. This Saiyan was male and had a rather scrawny figure with short spiky black hair. This was Cabba!

The battle raged on as Hit, Kale, Caulifla and Cabba fought the two mysterious figures. It was pretty even with a flurry of punches, kicks and ki blasts. Every so often the two mysterious figures could be seen swapping each other's positions. It was obvious one could tell they were twins if one had a close look at them.

Their appearances were very similar to Baby from the GT series, especially after Baby took over Vegeta's body. That's right, these two were artificially created Tuffles, yet built to perfection this time!

The very same Tuffle ghost warriors Hatchiyack created so long ago when he fought against Nao and Miya back on Planet Vegeta, yet these two were far more advanced! They were basically artificial androids at this point! The boy was named Oren, while his twin sister was named, Kamin!

In the midst of the battle, the two would completely recover from their received wounds with a purple and blue aura covering their bodies. In a war of attrition this would prove to be fatal against Universe 6. It didn't take long for Universe's 7 Vegeta and Xeno Trunks to show up.

The four could be seen quite injured and back on the ground. As Oren and Kamin launched two more ki blasts, the appearance of two yellow ki blasts tore them apart. Shock appeared in Hit's eyes seeing Vegeta and Xeno Trunks appear.

"Universe 7!", Hit exclaimed.

"Master!", Cabba yelled out in excitement.

Yet a serious look remained on Vegeta's face. He yelled out to Cabba responding to him.

"Don't get distracted, Cabba!"

"...Yes, sir! By the way, who is that boy next to you?"

"My son."

Hearing Cabba and Vegeta talk, Oren and Kamin who were still up in the air also started to speak.

"Look big sis, some new guys showed up."

"Looks like it. I hope they'll make for worthy time killers."

Meanwhile, Vegeta extended both of his arms out, gripping them into a sort of stance. He then yelled out. Xeno Trunks grabbed his sword bringing it outward. The two of them turned Super Saiyan and golden auras appeared around their bodies.

"We're taking you on!"

Hearing that Oren let out an interested 'Oh?' sound. Yet before anyone could do anything else a voice echoed around the whole group. Everyone then saw five more figures appear out of nowhere.

"Looks like we made it in time."

"What the...", Vegeta looked up in the sky at the newly arrived figures. He immediately saw a white haired man standing about 6'3, wearing a purple posh Kai robe. "Nao!?"

"Oh well if it isn't Vegeta. Guess we've crashed the party huh?"

Meanwhile, Hit saw Toppo and Ribrianne and his eyes became shocked once more.

"Universe 11! Universe 2!"

Hearing that, Vegeta clicked his tongue has he was bout to enter battle himself. Oren and Kamin also shifted their eyes to the new group of people who arrived.

"Oh? And who the hell are you guys supposed be? Looks like we've got more guests who can entertain us now, big sis. That earlier batch was starting to get boring."

After Oren said that, anger appeared in Caulifla's eyes and she yelled out.

"Hey! We were just getting warmed up and you call us boring!? Also who the heck are you guys. This is our battle, stay the hell out!"

"Big sis...", Kale said nervously.

Hearing that, Nao let out a chuckle as he introduced himself.

"The name's Nao. We've come to beat your asses into the ground. Killing you two will surely bring out Hearts."

After Nao said that, both Oren and Kamin let out a crazed laughter.

"Hahaha! Did you listen to that big sis? This wack-job things thinks he can kill us! That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!"

"Fufu, if you think you got what it takes, then maybe we can take you on. These guys down below have been super boring."

"Grr, don't you dare underestimate us you motherf*ckers!", Caulifla yelled out once more with a growl, cursing at the two.

She vanished and reappeared before Kamin. Striking out with her hand, it glowed an intense red aura. Seeing this Nao smiled.

"Let's get started you guys!"