Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 236

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 236 227: Slaying The Artificial Tuffle Twins I

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"I can't sense even a single drop of energy of these two...", Chelsea said with a frown. "Artificial creations?", Chelsea asked tilting her head in confusion.

After Chelsea said that, a sneer appeared on Kamin's face and she wiggled her index finger back and forth, before speaking out.

"Ding ding! Looks like we have a winner! Say Oren I'm gonna have some fun with this chick. Finally there's someone who can use their head unlike muscle woman here."

"Who the hell you callin' a muscle woman you f.u.c.ker! Get back here!", Caulifla yelled out in anger.

"Oh yeah you were behind me huh? Hold it right there for a moment."

After Kamin said that, she turned her body horizontally and rushed at Caulifla, catching her off guard with how little the distance between the two remained. She had her left shoulder inward during the rush but all of a sudden Kamin switched stances, exposing her full body, puffing it out.

She also stretched out her arms horizontally. A large pink Ki bubble suddenly emerged from her body. The outer portion remained white while the inner portion became an intense mixture of hot pink and purple.

Caulifla tried to fire off her red Crush Cannon after she arrived in front of Kamin. Yet she saw more light suddenly condense, and it became all white. Meanwhile, Kamin swooped in her arms and yelled out.

"Crash Break!"

After yelling out her move, the large bubble became a living time bomb and exploded right in front of Caulifla.

"Ahhhhhhhh!", Caulifla shrieked, taking the explosion head on. Several cuts appeared on her skin and blood splattered. She was flung back and dove straight into the ground nearby Cabba, scratching more of her back in the process.

"Big sis!", Kale, who was the other female Saiyan,, yelled out with a worried look. She immediately flew to her side, propping Caulifla up on her shoulder. Caulifla glared on but coughed up some blood. She appeared very weary now.

Seeing thing, Kamin sneered at her and turned around.

"Looks like the little miss muscle head was all brawns. Think you can provide me some more fun, sword chick?"

"Hmph. We'll see about that. I'll only need to use one blade to kill you."

Hearing Chelsea declare that she will kill Kamin, Kamin let out a crazed laughter.

"Hahahaha! Those other guys couldn't kill us, but you're claiming you think you can. I'm so gonna enjoy this."

After Kamin taunted her once more, Chelsea didn't say anything more and only crouched down, similar to that of a panther. Withdrawing the katana on her left side, a pure silver-steel sword sheathed out from it. A slick 'shing' resounded around the area. If one had a quick look at her first of two swords, one could tell its sharpness was at its peak. The handle was simple but was pure violet.

"First Stance, Blood Moon Rise!"

Yelling that out, Chelsea released her energy for the very first time since she had come into this world during a battle. Her other times she had released it was only during secluded training. A dark red-violet aura enveloped her body. A light hue of it appeared on the sharp side of her sword.

She appeared quite menacingly compared to her usual quiet demeanor. Seeing this, Kamin raised her eyebrows. In that moment Chelsea rushed forth at a very fast speed. Cutting straight down, Kamin punched out with the intent of blocking her sword. Yet Chelsea's figure completely vanished from sight.

"What the!?", Kamin couldn't help but yell out.

As she did not contain any data on Chelsea since Nao and his group were irregulars, she couldn't predict her movements based off of it like they did for the others.

All of a sudden, a sound of piercing flesh echoed. Chelsea's true figure was behind her al along. She had left an afterimage to take Kamin by surprise. And it worked. She in reality jumped way high, flipping down onto Kamin's backside. She didn't wait for Kamin to react and quickly enough, Chelsea pierced her sword right through Kamin's chest.

A bunch of blood spewed forth as a result.

"Kuh", Kamin groaned.

Seeing this, Oren became dumbstruck witnessing his twin sister receive a severe wound all of a sudden. Yet remembering what they were, a smile appeared on his face. Chelsea pulled her sword out of her chest, leaving a large hole behind.

The others were also distracted by this, but Vegeta soon shook his thoughts away. He charged up and fired off some Ki blasts at Oren.

"Don't get distracted! We're in a war zone so anything goes!"

"R-Right!", Trunks said, acknowledging his father.

After Trunks said that, he charged toward Oren. Oren clicked his tongue seeing Trunks slash down directly in front of him.

"You're in the way. Get lost."

Oren then grabbed Trunks' sword with his left hand. Oren formed a fist with his right and and jabbed out, aiming straight for Trunks' chest. Trunks wasn't quick enough to react and he received Oren's punch head on. Some blood splattered from his mouth and he flew back, landing right next to Vegeta back onto the ground.

Seeing this anger appeared in Vegeta's eyes. As for Toppo and Ribrianne, they flew toward Hit, providing him support. Nao saw the anger in Vegeta's eyes and flew toward him. Oren was interested in Nao, and waited to see what he was going to do.

As Nao arrived at Vegeta's side, Meanwhile, Chelsea quickly saw the wound close on Kamin's body. It didn't even leave a scar behind.

"Instant regeneration. Typical of an artificial being. Guess the only way is to blow you to bits."

"Think you can do that, sword chick? Hehe that move of yours hurt quite a bit you know. You know, your body does look rather interesting. I was thinking of taking that muscle head's body but yours will be much better!"

After Kamin declared that, Chelsea harrumphed.

"You're years too early to think you can take over my body! I know about you Tuffles. Let's see if you can keep up with my speed."

Chelsea said that with a cold smile. It didn't take long before intense clashes echoed as the two began to ignore their surroundings.

As for Nao, he could now be seen in front of Vegeta, who still had anger in his eyes.

"Say Vegeta, you know Super Saiyan won't be enough to take these two out so why bother starting with it?"

"You should be the one to know that, you bastard. Our transformations take stamina. In an attrition battle like this, going Blue will quickly drain me."

"So you really know how to turn Blue, huh? It is true that Blue takes quite a bit of stamina, you're still a mortal after all."

"A mortal? Wait, now that I remember you did introduce yourself as a Supreme Kai. Tch, to think a Saiyan could achieve such a position."

"Don't bother with that. We need to settle the battle here. I want to draw out Hearts."

Vegeta's eyes became serious hearing a name he hadn't recognized before.

"Hearts? Is that the guy behind this mess?"

"You can say that.", Nao said, and grinned.

Vegeta became confused seeing Nao behave like that. He then saw Nao turn his head toward the sky at a certain direction away from Chelsea's and Kamin's fight. His pupils constricted, as if he was able to see something far beyond that.

Meanwhile, somewhere in an unknown sealed off space where light could be seen distorted, a small observation cube could be seen floating. This cube had images on all of its sides, reflecting moving images of the ongoing battle back down on Universe 6. More specifically, it observed the fighters from Universe 7 and Nao's group.

One figure could be seen watching this with an interested look in his eyes. He was wearing a black fur coat over his body, but still revealed his white skinned chest, filled with muscles. This man was none other than hearts!

"We weren't expecting to to hunt those guys from Universe 7 until a later date. Also to think some irregulars would show up, moreover with a Time Ring...", Hearts began to say.

As he began to talk, another figure walked up beside him with his hands behind his back. He appeared quite mutated and his skin was dark green, with white spiky hair shooting straight up. His right eye was completely sealed by a unique patch and was wearing a posh Kai robe. This man was Zamasu, after he had fused with Goku Black!

Seeing the images on the floating cube, Zamasu spoke out.

"They are...", he said as he watched the images change from fighter to fighter.

"Oh, you must know who these guys are. But you must refrain for now. More factors have just come into play, we must make adjustments accordingly. I'm afraid Kamin and Oren will meet their match here."

"Damn those mortals. But who is this...?"

After Zamasu cursed out, he tilted his head in confusion as the cube rested on Nao's image. It stayed there and didn't change from fighter to fighter any longer. Seeing the robe of a Supreme Kai, a glint streaked across his eyes.

"A Supreme Kai? You mentioned a Time Ring, did this guy come from the past?"

"That appears to be the case. But like I mentioned earlier, Zamasu, you must refrain from entering for now. Kamin and Oren will make two good sacrificial pawns for this if we can get some data on this irregular. You must wait until the Omni-King is killed."

As Hearts said that, he propped his chin up with his left hand. Zamasu clicked his tongue. Looks like Hearts had indeed taken an interest in Nao's appearance!