Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 237

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 237 228: Slaying The Tuffle Twins Ii

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Hearts seemed interested in Nao and his mind began to churn. Meanwhile Zamasu looked at the floating cube, which no longer showed just Nao and resumed to the other fighters one by one.

Zamasu clicked his tongue once again, obvious signs of disgust could be seen in his eyes.

Hearts ended up shrugging his shoulders, letting out a sigh.

"Oh well. These irregulars do intrigue me but our goal remains the same : To kill the Omni-King, the Lord of All. Without him the rest of the gods will panic and will be killed off one by one. You can take action then, Zamasu. Your so called Zero Mortals Plan."

"As long as my plan comes to a realization, I will listen to you. I can never forgive these damn mortals."

"Hahaha! Your time will come soon. Let us proceed with the next step. The Universe Seed has gestated. We will begin collecting the life energy of each Universe once my experiment is done here."


'Kamin, Oren, your lives will not be sacrificed in vain...', Hearts thought to himself.

Hearing that, Zamasu snorted. A disappointed look appeared on Hearts's face for a brief moment but his expression returned to normal. All of a sudden, the two vanished, leaving behind the refracted dimension alone.

Back on the battlefield.

Chelsea's katana created striking sounds of metal every time she clashed head on with Kamin's fist. As for Kamin, she appeared to be enjoying herself as the two's battle raged on.

Meanwhile, Oren looked on and continued to observe Nao with a look of interest, as if he were trying to collect any data he could use. As for Nao, he watched Vegeta who still appeared angry.

Trunks was struggling to get up despite arriving to the battlefield only moments ago. Cabba rushed off to Caulifla and Kale, who supported Caulifla with her shoulder. Toppo and Ribrianne were providing Hit support as well.

Seeing everyone occupied, Nao decided to speak to Vegeta once more.

"I plan to use these two to draw out Hearts. You know Super Saiyan won't be enough to finish them off. Why don't I show you a transformation that you've missed out on since you lost your tail?"

Hearing this, Vegeta's anger changed to confusion for a brief moment before shock appeared in his eyes.

"A transformation we missed out on because we have no tail...? Wait, don't tell me you're going to became an ape!?"

"Hmm, not exactly. I'm sure you've seen the forms at least once already. You know, by the other Goku and Vegeta."

"That form!", Vegeta yelled out, coming to a realization.

"That's right. It's the true ascended Super Saiyan as one gains control over their Great Ape form while they are Super Saiyans. Yet the transformation came late so it's simply called Super Saiyan 4."

"Super Saiyan...4. Very well, if you're so confident then let me witness it."

Hearing Vegeta acknowledge him, Nao withdrew several steps.

"Haaaaah!", Nao yelled out, channeling his godly ki. It only took him a moment before a wave of white energy encompassed his body. After the energy dispersed, Vegeta saw a completely different Nao, well besides the hair color which was pure white.

Long white spiky hair with two spikes going down the sides of his neck. The other large flew down in a curved manner unlike Goku's which stood out in several directions. His upper half was now bare.

What replaced the upper half of his posh Kai robe was a set of lush white ape fur. The only thing left of his skin was the center of his chest which was pure muscle. His eyes had golden outlines unlike the normal black as well.

A much larger and longer white swerved around freely beneath his waist. Seeing this sudden transformation, the battlefield turned quiet as all eyes landed on him.

The Saiyans around him even felt an air of dominance, and found it hard to even breath. Green lightning crackled and danced in rapid flashes around him. This was the result if fully unlocking the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Seeing Nao transform, a smile crept on her face as she parted from Kamin.

Kamin took this time to fly back several meters. Seeing her do this, Oren jumped up and flew back, joining her side by side. Without saying anything, Kamin began to glow pink while Oren blue. Their wounds soon vanished, as if the battle that happened moments ago didn't happen.

"Tch, they know how to do well on the battlefield. Seeing me power up they took their time to recover all their wounds. Guess this is going to be a pain after all."

"Yeah. These two bastards were created by our once sworn enemies after all."

After Nao and Vegeta began to converse, Chelsea retreated and arrived at his side. Hit, Caulifla, Kale and Cabba recovered quite a bit and joined the three. Toppo and Ribrianne followed suit. Trunks remained by Vegeta's side.

Toppo, Ribrianne, Chelsea, Nao, Vegeta, Caulifla, Kale, Cabba and Hit now stood in a line, looking at the healed Kamin and Oren. Kamin sneered before she spoke out.

"Well well I do say we're quite at a disadvantage here, Oren. I wanted to take over that sword chick's body but she left no openings. Such a shame."

"Same for me, big sis. I was planning to take over one of the Saiyan's bodies but they kept their guards up."

"Then, shall we do THAT?"

After Kamin asked that, Oren was going answer her, but he only smiled instead. Nao was the first to react as everyone suddenly felt an oppressive atmosphere spread around the whole planet.

"Looks like some things don't change after all. Hearts is coming, be careful you guys."

"Hearts...", Vegeta couldn't help but utter in a low voice.

After he uttered that, an intense burst of energy came forth striking everyone present. Nao reacted quickly, activating his spatial ki, causing his irises to turn golden.

Everyone but Nao collapsed onto the ground face forward, as if the gravity around them became several times stronger. They couldn't move an inch. Chelsea struggled greatly trying to rely on her own power to stand back up.

"Looks like we won't need to, big sis.", Oren said as he looked into the sky. Kamin also looked up.

All of a sudden, a giant oval-shaped, massive, bluish-white crystal appeared in the sky overhead. A large red core could be seen inside it. Six large green-black cylindrical spikes with two green spheres placed in between each one could be seen, totaling twelve.

This was the Universe Seed! And on top if the Universe Seed stood Hearts!

As for Hearts himself, a small blue aura could be seen wrapped around his body as his two hands stood out, glowing a bright yellow. Nao could immediately tell he was manipulating space around him!

That's right. Hearts also had affinity towards the Space element. If the two clashed head on, it would be an intense clash of two matching elements!

Seeing Nao still standing, an interested look appeared in Hearts's eyes.

"Hoh? To think one of you irregulars could still take a stand. I'm sensing a similar space energy as well..."

As Hearts began to talk, Nao remained quiet. He wanted to face off against him, but if he wanted to go with the plot that was lined up, now would not be the time. He had to hold on until everyone gathered on Universe 7, that's when he would fight alongside Jiren and Gogeta.

Seeing Nao remain quiet, a grin appeared on Hearts's face and he continued to speak.

"...No matter. The Universe Seed is now brimming with energy!"

"Who the hell are you!?", Vegeta yelled out at him, struggling to lift his fist. He knew it from Nao, but he wanted to confirm it with his own ears.

"I am the one who will take down the Omni-King. Hearts! With this Universe Seed, I will crush the Omni-King, the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction! All of them!"

Hearing Hearts declare that, surprise appeared on everyone's faces. Vegeta struggled and managed to lean up a bit, and placed his fist onto the ground. He then yelled out.

"Absurd! You could never pull that off!"

"Oh but I can! And only by me! And then I'll bring true freedom to all mortals!"

Saying that, the yellow energy around his hand vanished, and he spread his arms out, opening his hands.

"Isn't that the best?"

Sensing the spatial energy vanish around them, everyone stood up. Anger appeared in Vegeta's eyes.

"You call this freedom!? You hypocrite!"

"Indeed I am!"

After Hearts said that, he raised his arms even higher, as if he was rejoicing. All of a sudden a massive rainbow cube appeared in the sky.

"What the hell is he doing!?"

Hearts willed the massive rainbow cube which headed off into space. The cube itself arrived at a nearby orange planet and encompassed it. Before long the cube started to shrink and intense vibrations resounded.

Light began to burst open as cracks appeared on the planet. It exploded and the cube shrank down in size until it completely vanished from outer space itself!

Shock appeared in everyone's eyes as they witnessed a planet get destroyed so easily. All of a sudden Hearts made several cubes appear above everyone.

"All if you will become nourishment for the Universe!"

Hearing Hearts declare that, it was actually Kamin and Oren who took action first, annoyance could be seen in their eyes. They flew up next to Hearts.

"Those guys are ours!", Oren complained.

"That's right. I wanna continue fighting that sword chick. Oren can have his fun with that oversized monkey. We can still have our fun."

Hearing the two voice their opinions, Hearts lowered his hands and responded. He made the rainbow cubes vanish as well.

"Very well, if that is what you wish."

After the cubes vanished, Hearts continued to speak.

"Now then, which Universe shall we head off to next? Zamasu, come with us. We'll realize our dreams together."

As if on cue, Zamasu floated up behind the crystal and arrived next to him. Anger could be seen in his eyes.

"I did say I'll listen to you but don't you dare order me around, damn mortal."

Seeing Zamasu appear for the first time, shock appeared in Trunks face.

"Zamasu!", Trunks yelled out.

Zamasu ignored Trunks however, and remained silent. Meanwhile, Hearts looked around until his eyes landed on Hit. He then spoke out to him.

"You there. Who is the strongest man in all the Universes?"

Hearts Hearts say that Hit remained quiet. Yet one could see he entered his own thoughts. Heart grinned widely seeing him do this.

"Hoh? So you believe Jiren of Universe 11 to be the strongest man in all of the Universes?"

Hearing this, Hit, whoever typically remained calm, had shock appear on his face.

"Did he read my mind?"

As Hit remained quiet, Vegeta became angered and entered his own thoughts.

Hearts turned toward Kamin and Oren once more and spoke out to the two.

"Kamin, Oren, I was planning to let you two have some more fun here but we are to head to Universe 11. We've gathered enough energy here. I'm sure these guys will follow us."

"Got it. Looks like we'll have to retreat for now. Sword chick, let's continue our battle in round two! Catch ya later!", Kamin yelled out with a grin, looking downward at Chelsea who could be seen looking straight at her.

"See you Saiyans. Come after us if you dare, hahaha!", Oren yelled out with a sneer.

After the two yelled that out, the four vanished leaving behind a devastated Universe 6. Nao wanted the plot to advance quickly so he rounded up everyone and told them what the next plan was, providing assistance to Universe 11!

As he did, another scene began to emerge. One happening in the far reaches of outer space. Shifting scenes, once could see a massive crystalline blue jellyfish floating endlessly. On top of it stood Zeno's Palace.

And on the Palace grounds, two figures could be seen. One was wearing the training garb of the Grand Minister, this was Goku. The other one was the Grand Minister himself!

Seeing Goku's training now done, a smile appeared on the Grand Minister's face.

"Looks like you're all ready to go. Shall we?"

"Yeah. Ready when you are."

"Excellent. It seems a storm is brewing. To think a friend of mine would personally take action of what's striking against the Universes...Goku, please provide him your assistance. As of now, with Ultra Instinct under control for short moments you may even be stronger than he is."

"A friend?"

"Yeah. Like you, he also became a friend of Lord Zeno. He is Nao. I'm sure you know of him already."

"It really is that guy, huh? Got it. He's helped me out before in the past so I can return the

favor like this."

"Just what I wanted to hear. Come, place your hand on my back. We will depart at once."