Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 238

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 238 229: A Battle Between Good And Evil

(A/N) Lets try to get over 100 power stones this week. Kamin and Oren's battle will finish soon then Hearts will begin. First battle of five of the trial by fire is looking quite good! Enjoy the chap!


Universe 11 Unknown Planet.

Similar to Universe 6, Universe 11 was in a devastated state. Even though Nao used the Time Ring to jump to some point of the future, this was still his first time visiting Universe 11, only to see it completely destroyed much like his first visit to Universe 6.

Destroyed buildings as far as the eye could see, littered with huge craters of dirt. At the moment a couple of figures could be seen fighting each other.

Further beyond them stood a massive lake. The Universe Seed could be seen floating high in the sky. Kamin, Oren, Zamasu, and Hearts were around it, witnessing the ongoing battle below.

On one side stood a very buff muscular gray-skinned person with two small protrusions as ears. He wore a tight black spandex-like suit with a large red V going across his chest and arms. This was Jiren!

Opposite to Jiren was a figure with a very fiendish red-black bubby aura around him. A weird respiratory-like mask covered his face and had very long black spiky hair, much like Raditz's. He wore a tight red shirt and black pants. A brown tail could be seen flowing downward. This was C.u.mber, the Evil Saiyan!

Toppo could be seen collapsed onto his stomach, looking pretty injured. Jiren had a serious look in his eyes with his arms extended out as C.u.mber yelled out.

"Take this!", C.u.mber yelled. As he did his aura condensed into two large hands, lashing out at Jiren. Jiren responded by launching several Ki blasts of his own. They struck the giant hands, causing massive explosions to echo around them.

C.u.mber then rushed out striking with his fists. Jiren dodged and punched out with his own. C.u.mber easily dodged his and the two entered a statement in close combat.

Hearts, who was witnessing this from atop the giant Universe Seed, suddenly shifted his eyes to the right. He soon saw six figures arrive as backup. Hearts grinned and spoke out to Oren.

"Oren, it seems they followed us. Do it."


After Hearts gave him an order, the Universe Seed suddenly shone bright white lights. These lights covered the entire sky, blinding the area down below, as if it was a giant Solar Flare

The figures who arrived were Nao, Chelsea, Toppo, Ribrianne, Vegeta, and Trunks. The moment they arrived they got blinded. Nao saw what appeared to be Oren heading straight at them before his figure vanished, arriving in front of Vegeta.

Seeing this happen, Nao sighed in his heart. 'Sorry Vegeta, but until Goku arrives you'll have your body taken from you...', Nao thought to himself.

After the blinding light faded, Trunks was the first to react, seeing his Father not move.


Trunks tried calling out to him but it was no use. Oren successfully took over his body, donning his blue attire. Red lines appeared across his eyebrows and two large blue extensions with yellow plating grew out from his shoulders. His hair became pure white. Very reminiscent of Baby Vegeta!

After successfully taking over his body, Oren yelled out. Trunks yelled out in anger.

"How dare you do that to Father!"

"Tch looks like they took advantage of us right off the bat. Nao, I'm going to that artificial being. I swear I'll kill her with this blade."

"Got it. I have someone else that needs my attention. Toppo, follow me. Ribrianne you go support Trunks until Goku arrives."

"Roger.", Toppo acknowledged.

"Got it!", Ribrianne yelled out. She flew on over to Trunks and propped him up. The two began firing Ki blasts at Oren.

As for Nao, he felt strange. The closer he approached C.u.mber the more he felt his instincts scream at him. It wasn't that of terror, but more along the lines that he had to give justice, and beat C.u.mber.

The same went for C.u.mber. He suddenly stopped attacking Jiren the moment Nao arrived. Jiren and Toppo were interested as well.

Nao wasn't alone either. Another Toppo be seen beside him. The true Toppo blinked his eyes.

"Two Toppos?", Jiren couldn't help but ask with eyes of doubt.

"So this Jiren is still under control of himself...", Alter Toppo mumbled as a wave of emotion struck inside of him. Nao didn't say anything as he continued to stare C.u.mber.

Seeing Nao not say anything, Alter Toppo jumped over to Toppo. Propping himself up, Jiren approached the two.

"...What is this?"

"I can explain things later. Nao will handle this guy so let us go support the others. Can you stand, Toppo?"

"Yeah, thanks for that. But are you"

"Indeed. But from another time. Crazy mess downtown and we're trying to fix it. We'll be delivering justice soon to the guy who caused the whole mess."

"Hmm...Well you definitely sound like me. Jiren let's go. Nao is strong in his own right. Wasn't expecting him to show up here."

"Understood. Let us go."

After Jiren finished saying that, the three flew away and headed off to assist the others, leaving Nao and C.u.mber behind.

The two's instincts grew more and more as if they were starting to prey on each other. C.u.mber broke the silence and spoke.

" starting to burn inside me, I can feel it. Who are you?"

"Nao. I'm feeling the same way. It's telling me it wants to tear out your guts and rip them to shreds."

"Hahaha! I like you! Fight me!", C.u.mber said with a crazed laughter.

"With pleasure.", Nao said coldly.

After Nao said that he yelled out, bursting firth with an icy cold aura. He clapped his palms together. Screeching ensued as a dense blue-golden pole formed in his hands.

Nao didn't stop there. He yelled out once more and his Time aura spewed forth.

"Chronos, activate!"

Much like Chronoa's, a golden clockwork gear appeared behind Nao's back. The two hands both pointed at noon. Once it finished materializing, Nao shifted his right leg back and left leg forward, bringing his Pole horizontal. Before long the right hand began to tick clockwise...

Even though he wanted to fight C.u.mber like a Saiyan, he had also wanted to test how far the techniques Chronoa had passed down to him while he deepened his affinity with Time. If Chronoa saw such a pure clockwork gear behind him, she would have been shocked.

Seeing Nao do this, C.u.mber didn't do anything. Much like himself he yelled out and rushed straight at Nao. Despite Nao being over 6 feet tall C.u.mber was even taller when he arrived right in front of him. He struck with his right fist. Nao swooped down with his Pole and the two clashed. BANG!

Almost immediately ice began to form on C.u.mber's fist but his aura reacted to it, creating a lot of steam. Nao twisted his h.i.p.s and went for a drop kick at C.u.mber's cheek.

C.u.mber reacted quickly enough to put up his spare arm, causing another bang. The impact was heavy thanks to C.u.mber's large arm. Yet Nao did not stop his movements there. He twisted the rest of his legs, finishing into a complete roundhouse kick. BANG! BANG!

"Ahhh!", C.u.mber screamed as he heard something snap in his arm. The force from Nao's kick caused him to skid back onto the ground rolling over the rubble of destroyed buildings.

Nao didn't stop there and took aim with his Pole. It started to shine a crystal white color before ki condensed into it. The energy being formed matched his current SSJ4 state. Screeching sounds ensued as large Ki blasts fired from the tip. Pew! Pew! Pew!

They struck out quick and fierce, skidding along the dirt which flew up dust all around them. C.u.mber regained his clarity and used his flight speed to do a somersault, kicking the ground quickly. He regained his position and saw blasts coming his way. He yelled out as he shot his own red-black ki blasts.

"Take this!", C.u.mber yelled out.

Yet Nao only smiled coldly as the blasts collided against each other. The clockwork gear behind him never stopped ticking. In mere moments it reached the halfway mark at six. Tick. Tick.

Sensing this, Nao kept his smile. All of a sudden a black aura started to spread outward from beneath his feet.

"Chronos, Time Stop!"

Yelling that out, the black aura spread several meters, encompassing C.u.mber as a whole. Hearts watched this fight with intrigue in his eyes. He thought to interfere and send C.u.mber off to Universe 3 but he decided against it.

All he could see now was C.u.mber frozen in place. Even the blasts near him became frozen. Nao calmly walked up to Nao as Hearts entered his own thoughts.

'Not only is he a space user like myself but also can manipulate time...This fellow is dangerous. Thankfully most of the energy here has been collected by the Universe Seed. Looks like C.u.mber will fall before Kamin and Oren do...', Hearts thought to himself.

Meanwhile as Nao walked up to the frozen C.u.mber, Chelsea's blood aura danced wildly as she no longer held back. Kamin had several slice wounds all over body and after receiving another strike, she flew down into the ground, knocking up more dust.

Oren, who still had possession over Vegeta's body, was in a similar position taking five opponents on at once, being the two Toppos, Jiren, Ribrianne and Trunks. He too was blown back by a multitude of different colored ki blasts, skidding into the ground and arrived next to Kamin.

Returning to Nao, he entered his own thoughts as a golden light began to form in his left fist.

'Well this was a bit anticlimactic. Guess C.u.mber doesn't really have much experience with Time. My instincts are still screaming so its best to end this quickly. Is it perhaps due to my bloodline being part of the righteous faction...?', Nao thought to himself.

Yet he shook those thoughts away. Spatial ki finished forming in his fist. Nao spoke out as he struck right at C.u.mber's chest.

"Farewell C.u.mber. Our battle was a short one but it was a good experience. Spatial Fist!"

Yelling that out a large bang echoed around him. A loud tolling of a bell resounded around the area causing a momentary pause in the fighting by the others.

"What is Nao", Trunks couldn't help but ask.

Yet before Vegeta could retort, his eyes became shocked as did the others. They heard a loud collision, and a bunch of blood splattered from C.u.mber's body. The clock behind Nao vanished after doing a full cycle and time resumed around him.

C.u.mber put up no defensive measures against Time unlike Kamin and Oren, which proved to be his downfall. C.u.mber couldn't even let out at yell as he felt his insides erupt, and a multitude of cuts appeared on the outside. Nao's spatial fists destroyed his organs and blood poured out from his mouth.

C.u.mber's arms drooped and the ki blasts nearby finished colliding with each other. His eyes dimmed and he slowly fell face first into the ground. The moment C.u.mber stopped breathing did Nao's instincts start to cool down.

C.u.mber then collapsed onto the dirt beside Nao face forward, dead!