Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 239

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 239 230: Kamioren

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Everything was short lived. Kamin and Oren, who was still possessing Vegeta's body, were able to back away and recover from their damage once again. Kamin rushed toward Chelsea while Oren vanished and appeared in front of Trunks.

"Get lost!", Oren yelled, striking Trunks chest with a kick. Trunks tried to block it but it was no use ad was sent flying.

Oren continue to rush at him while dodging more ki blasts along the way. Seeing Trunks now lying on the ground face forward, Oren landed nearby and grabbed a hold of his head.

As for the other three, Zamasu had joined the fray and prevented Jiren, the two Toppos, and Ribrianne from further assisting Trunks. Every time the four thought they killed Zamasu, Zamasu would get shrouded by a purple mist, only to have his body be reformed again.

Kamin was still engaged in a fierce battle with Chelsea. Chelsea was starting to get annoyed by how quick Kamin's recovery speed was. In the end, Chelsea sent Kamin flying once more, receiving heavy injuries to her body.

As for Oren, he was about to finish off Trunks while his hand started to glow a light blue. However, unexpected to everyone, a huge rainbow pillar suddenly descended from the sky nearby, causing everyone's attention to look at it, including Nao's.

"W-What!?", Oren gasped in surprise, not expecting this rainbow pillar to descend from the sky.

Nao smiled as he could sense the two figures within the giant rainbow pillar. 'So the main star has finally arrived, huh? My instincts were finally able to calm down after killing this guy. I do hope we can finish this portion soon...The main stage will take place back on planet Earth itself...', Nao thought to himself.

After the rainbow pillar vanished, two figures appeared out of it. Both were wearing identical teal martial arts garbs. One was about twice as big as the other as well. These two figures were of course Goku, and none other than the Grand Minister!

A surprised look also appeared in Jiren's eyes, not expecting Goku to arrive.

"Son Goku!", Jiren exclaimed.

"G-Goku?", Trunks questioned as a pained look appeared in his eyes while he tried to move his head toward him.

As for Zamasu, a look of disbelief appeared in his eyes, not believing that Goku arrived. Zamasu thought he had perished prior to this.

Yet before anyone could react, Goku literally moved his body horizontally, heading straight toward Oren. A long streak of white light burst out in a trail as Goku arrived in front of Oren. His body collided with Oren's, causing Oren to yell out in pain and flew backward into a nearby pile of rock, collapsing into it.

He was able to shake off him holding Trunks's head. Goku picked up Trunks in a carry and silently looked at him. The trail of white light soon converged into a small lining around Goku's body. Goku's eyes became silver as well.

"Oh?", the Grand Minister couldn't help but utter to himself. He then shifted his eyes from Goku to Nao who still had all of C.u.mber's blood on his body, making him appear quite fierce. A smile crept on his face as a glint streaked across his eyes, as if he could immediately discern what happened. He then sent a mental transmission directly into Nao's mind.

'It sure has been a while, Nao.'

Hearing the Grand Minister suddenly speak directly into Nao's mind, he blinked for a moment before replying back to him.

'Grand Minister? Is that you?'

'Yes. To be honest I wasn't expecting you to come here, yet you still used that Time Ring of yours. The Universes are quite in the disarray at the moment so I truly thank you coming from the past and provide your assistance.'

'So you could immediately discern that, huh?'

'Even though Time is outside my domain I still peer into it quite a bit so it's quite natural I know how it works. Also , Goku has been training under my care for the past while. He should be able to provide some assistance to you.'

'I saw that. Is Goku able to control THAT state yet?'

'You're referring to Ultra Instinct, right? Sadly he has yet to fully gain control over it but he should be able to use it for short periods of time. How has your training been progressing?'

'Me? I actually exited a long period of training recently. Chronoa passed down her techniques to me during it. I'm sure you're aware of what happened to her?'

'Indeed. All I'll say is I hope you treat her well, Nao. Time is short, so I must be going. I will send a message back into the past so be sure to meet up with me before the Tournament of Power begins.'

'I'm in the middle of my trial so when I find a good break in it I will definitely come meet you. I have a couple things to part with you before our next journey starts.'

'You did mention that you and the others would be leaving soon. Then let us say our farewells then.'

'Understood.', Nao thought inside his mind.

After he thought that, he felt the Grand Minister's presence vanish inside his mind and it returned to normal. Nao saw the Grand Minster smile at him before his eyes shifted toward Goku once more.

"Well then, Goku, take it situation as you see fit. Please provide him your assistance."

Having said that by the Grand Minister caused confusion to appear in everyone's eyes. only to turn into shock after seeing the Grand Minister turn into golden light and vanish right before them.

Goku, still silent, laid Trunks down and Trunks clasped onto his shoulder. Even then a smile appeared on his face.

"I knew it, you're still alive, Goku!"

After Trunks said that, Zamasu's eyes became serious as he observed Goku. A couple moments passed in silence before he spoke out while observing the white glow around Goku's body.

"That power...It can't be!", Zamasu exclaimed.

"So it's godly, huh?", Hearts also chipped in, observing the new arrival of Goku. He was able to discern the power within Goku pretty quickly.

Zamasu then dashed forward a bit with his left leg, sliding into the dirt. Yet Jiren and the other hopped in front of him, preventing from launching an attack on Goku. Zamasu struck out with his right fist aiming for Jiren's head but Jiren grabbed a hold of it and struck Zamasu's chest, sending him flying.

Oren, who finally regained his composure, flew up a bit. Anger appeared in his eyes as he watched Goku.

"What the hell is your deal? You're starting to piss me off!", Oren yelled out in anger.

After Oren yelled that out he raised his right fist and flew straight at Goku with the attempt to land a punch. However Goku initiated first and punched out so quickly that Oren couldn't react to it, and was sent flying back once more.

As Oren fell back and caused dust to fly around him, he shot off several blue ki blasts, yet Goku remained calm and silent, dodging them with precision. Goku in return, walked up to Oren and clenched his right fist. His Ultra Instinct aura wrapped around it and punched right at Oren's gut.

Oren couldn't even react before he hauled over himself. Blue sparkles of light emanated from his back and the shadow of Vegeta's figure began to emerge out of it. Oren turned transparent and was knocked out of Vegeta's body, causing Vegeta to once again regain control of his own body. Oren flew backward in pain, landing onto the ground.

As for Kamin, she once again rushed toward Chelsea congealed her red-purple aura around her blade and slashed out, creating sonic booms along the way. BOOM! BOOM!

They struck out fierce and quick, causing blood to spurt out from Kamin's chest once more. Two giant slash marks appeared on her chest and appeared quite deep. Kamin shrieked and fall down, falling next to Oren.

As for Vegeta, he was now on his knees. Shock streaked across his eyes seeing Goku right in front of him. Seeing the two Tuffle twins down for the count, Goku shifted his eyes toward Heart. He slowly flew up into the air, arriving in front of him. His expression remained calm after speaking out, and a grin appeared on Hearts's face.

"So you're Hearts, huh?"

"You have an air of danger around you.", Hearts replied back with a grin.

Yet before Hearts could do anything, a single red and blue ki blast struck him out of the blue. A large blast of smoke was created as a result. When the dust settled Goku was nowhere to be found. Oren and Kamin looked on in shock as he appeared high above the smoke.

Kamin coughed out more blood as Chelsea landed beside her.

"Big sis!"

"Cough....this is rather annoying, isn't it, Oren?"

As the two began to converse, Goku flew back at a quick speed, landing beside Chelsea. C

"Did you come with Nao?"

"That's right. You've changed a lot Goku. Such a different air about you, very similar to Nao's but I can sense the hidden danger. Kind of glad you're on are side.", Chelsea said with a smile, despite her devilish, bubbly aura around her.

Hearing Chelsea start saying that, Goku remained quiet and nodded. He turned his head briefly to Nao, who matched his gaze. He saw Nao's bloody appearance which was slowly starting to dry.

Seeing everyone start to take action again, Oren and Kamin remained ignored on the ground heavily injured. Jiren raised his hands high up forming a large red ball of ki, launching it at Zamasu. The other three assisted launching their own ki blasts.

Back to Kamin and Oren, annoyance appeared in both of their eyes while blood dripped down Kamin's chest.

"Looks like we're finally getting ignored, big sis."

"Yeah. Let's do it, Oren."

"Guess we've no choice, huh?"

Hearing Oren say that, Kamin smiled as she coughed more blood out. She weakly stretched out her right hand. Oren extended his left hand out and the two clasped their hands together.

All of a sudden, Oren's hand shone a bright blue white as did Kamin's a bright red. Everyone had to shield their eyes but only a moment passed before the two's figures vanished. What replaced them was one figure.

This figure was a pure white being with long tentacle-like extensions going down the backside of their head. A purple crystal ball was embedded in the center of their chest. Their right side had red lines going down it with one red crystal ball on their shoulder and knee. The same went for their left side but it was blue crystal balls and lines.

Seeing this figure emerge, everyone became shocked.

"They merged!?", Trunks couldn't help but exclaim.

Hearing that, the new figure sneered and spoke out with confidence.

"I bet you guys are surprised, right? Since we're both Kamin and Oren, I guess that will make us Kamioren!", Kamioren announced, declaring their new name from their fusion.