Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 24 21: Prelude To Destruction I

Year 731 February Iona's Residence

A couple rooms down on the right from the main bedroom stood the main bathroom. If the main bedroom was said to be the largest room on the second floor, then the main bathroom was to be the second largest room, and the kitchen and dining area being the largest rooms down on the first floor. The bathroom was carved out of exquisite magenta marble that burrowed further into the tallest mountain on Planet Vegeta. Iona inherited this place from her parents who then shared it with Oscar once the two had gotten married. Her parents were no longer alive as they lost their lives during the full moon transformation a few years back at the beginning of the Saiyan-Tuffle War. Both of her parents were non-combatants and lived a leisurely life in the elite class district. When they first built their residence within the left cliff side situated closest to Palace Vegeta, they tapped into a hidden hot water reservoir deep within, and decided to build their house around it. Now several years have passed since then and the house is now being occupied by Iona and her two children. Nao and Miya could be seen relaxing in the bath, with Nao halfway submerged into the hot water and Miya leaning back against one of bottom left edge nearby Nao, playing in the water with her feet. Warm Mist formed around most of the room, leaking out into the hallway.

Splash, Splash, Splash.

As Miya splashed around in the water, a few seconds later, Nao's nose started to get itchy, and sneezed in the water, causing water to rush up his nose.


"Brother, you aren't getting sick are you? You did just wake up after a year..."

"Cough, Cough.'s never a good feeling when water rushes up your nose...But besides that, I feel full of energy, Miya. That body strengthening really did wonders. However, don't you get the feeling of being watched?"

Hearing this, Miya grinned inwardly.

"Of course I do brother. You keep staring at my b.r.e.a.s.ts after all, hehehe."

"That's not it, Miya, you..."

However, before Nao could finish his sentence, he saw Miya, who was resting nearby against the magenta marble, submerge under the water. After a few seconds of hearing splashing water, Miya emerged right in front of him, completely n.a.k.e.d. Her tail could be seen floating in the water drifting behind her. She appeared to be taller than him by a couple inches as she grew a bit more during the previous year. Without saying anything, she wrapped her arms around Nao and brought him into her embrace, and kissed him on the forehead.

"Brother, do you still have regrets coming into this world?"

Hearing this sudden question, Nao was momentarily stunned after what she just did to him but he soon regained his senses.

"Why would you think I would still have any regrets, Miya? I was able to say a proper goodbye to my parents after all. I didn't think I would still have any lingering attachment to that world."

"Well, you kept staring at my b.r.e.a.s.ts, hehe. Did you forget that you liked a certain girl back at your school? You were going to confess to her and invite her to play Rebirth together right after you've gotten it."

When Nao first was born in this world, he thought he had left no lingering attachments in his previous life, but after hearing Miya say that, he suddenly felt slight pain in his heart that had never surfaced before until now during his six years of life living as a Saiyan. Unaware to him, a single tear formed in his left eye that slowly fell down his cheek, but was soon evaporated by the hot mist as they were currently in the bath. However Miya still saw this and smiled at him.

"I do...remember that I liked a certain girl, but to think I had forgotten about her after being reincarnated. Hah, to think I wouldn't even get a chance to do that, and here we are now..."

"Don't let those feelings overcome you, brother! You have me now. Besides, I'm much cuter than her and it's not like I'll ever go away either. We've still got many worlds to explore after all!"

"Thank you, Miya. I haven't dwell on the past since we came here and I shouldn't start doing that now. Besides, I hear Mama coming."

After hearing this, Miya was able to sense a figure approaching the bath with her Ki and she slipped out of their embrace, submerging under water again. Nao felt something smooth and slippery slide between his legs, only to pop out behind him out of the water. However, while it was a bit hard to see due to the white mist around them, Nao still clearly saw Miya look directly at his crotch as she swam beneath him. Nao turned around only to see Miya grinning at him.

"Hehe, we're even now, brother!"

Before Nao could get back at her, a beautiful woman with long black hair and a tail wrapped around her waist stepped into the bath. Nao saw that her hair was dripping wet and had a small towel wrapped around her perky b.r.e.a.s.ts, but it was not long enough to hide her crotch. Seeing this, Nao submerged himself again only to have his head above the water and slowly approached Miya, as if he were a shark stalking his prey. Iona then approached the two with a smile.

"Little Nao, Little Miya, is the water fine?"

"Of course it is Mama, come join us!"

Hearing this, Iona nodded at Miya. However at this time, Nao, who was still behind Miya, suddenly felt something latch onto him again. Nao turned his head to the right and looked up at a certain part at the ceiling. Seeing this, Miya tilted her head in confusion.


"I still have this feeling someone is watching us... Maybe I'm overreacting."

"Who would dare peep on us in the bath?"

"I don't know...I don't sense any presences besides us three and our two maids below. Maybe it's because I'm more sensitive to Mana now?"

"Forget about that, and enjoy the bath with me and Mama! Listen Mama, brother Nao kept staring at my-"

Hearing this, before Miya could finish her sentence, Nao put his right hand over her lips and his left hand on top of her head, and immediately dunked her in the water. Seeing this action caused Iona to chuckle.

"Haha, Little Miya, Little Nao, the two of you seem close as ever. Come join Mama, okay? We have something to talk about for tomorrow."

Iona appeared to have something to discuss and Nao soon lifted his hand up in the air, and Miya re-emerged out of the water, and approached their mother. Seeing the two approach her, Iona continued on as tomorrow will be an eventful day for them.

"Little Miya, Little Nao, the war took a toll on His Majesty, and he sent Colonel Paragus, who just arrived moments ago, to our house. That's why it took a bit for me to come here. Colonel Paragus informed me to bring you two to Palace Vegeta tomorrow to be meet Prince Vegeta III. He is currently set to ascend the throne next year and His Majesty wants you two to personally meet him. Colonel Paragus didn't say much else and soon left."

"We have to meet that stuck up Prince? Do we have to, Mama?"

"Haha, Little Miya. If His Highness heard that, his pride as a royal Saiyan would definitely be hurt. I know you two are a lot more powerful than him but I hope you two can get on his good side, okay? His Majesty is already old now and if something happened to His Highness, Palace Vegeta wouldn't be able to last much longer. I know you two don't want to sit on the throne, but if His Highness gets killed, who would rule over us? I hope you two would be able to protect him, even if it is from the shadows."

"I will try, Mama..."

Nao also nodded his head to confirm what Iona requested of the two. Seeing the two's resolution before her, Iona smiled again at them and she made her way towards Nao and Miya. After she arrived she grabbed the two and hugged them. She rubbed Nao and Miya's heads as she embraced the two, and before long the two spent an hour in the bath, enjoying a long time relaxing together. Nao and Miya were the first of the three to get up and soon made their way out to the dressing area to dry off and put on their battle armor. However, before they put on their battle armor, the two saw Iona lay out two sets of casual clothes and they decided to wear them instead. To match their colors, Nao wore a set of white clothes while Miya wore a set of red. Iona shortly got up after the two. She had long removed the towel beforehand and when she hugged Nao, he felt the two really soft mounds push against him. Iona walked towards them and helped the two dry off and eventually made their way downstairs to enjoy their evening meal. Dusk soon arrived and it became the next day.

While Nao and Miya were already six years old, their mother still wanted to spend all the time she could with them as she missed out on the last four years, especially with Nao, and they slept together on the main bed. It didn't take them long for the two to dawn their battle armor and even Iona had a battle armor set, despite being a non-combatant. The three made their way to the first floor and Iona informed the maids they would be out for most of the day and would probably return before they would have dinner. Departing the house, the three walked along their cliff-side and arrived at the main staircase that connected the elite district with the middle class district. They continued walking up for several minutes and the bridge leading to Palace Vegeta arrived in their view.

Upon arriving a the bridge, the trio saw five Saiyans together, Paragus, Oliver, Gin, Fynn and Parsi at the entrance. Paragus saw Nao, Miya and surprisingly Iona arrive and approached the three.

"Madam Iona, we will take Miya and Nao from here. His Highness is currently awaiting in the throne room."

"I understand, Colonel Paragus. I hope His Highness won't do anything to anger my two babies. You know the consequences of what could happen, right? Fufufu."

"I clearly understand, Madam Iona. After all, all of us were present on that day a year ago. The battle is still vivid in my mind."

"As long as you understand, Colonel Paragus. I will wait for Little Miya and Little Nao back at my house. Once they're done meeting His Highness, please send them back."

While Colonel Paragus knew that the mother of the two was a non-combatant, a shiver still ran down his spine after he nodded to her. He then saw Iona walk back down the main stairs and vanished from sight. He then informed the four beside and Nao, Miya started to walk towards the palace, with the five in front of them. Upon arriving at the giant doors leading to the throne room, Nao detected two presences inside, and he started to hear some angry yelling. Paragus sighed inwardly hearing this as well, and dismissed the other four to remain on standby in front of the doors. Paragus opened up the two giant doors and brought Nao and Miya to the throne room, and as this was their first time arriving, Nao and Miya were pretty shocked on what they saw, but before they could see anymore, Paragus announced the two's arrival and knelt down.

"Your Majesty, the two have arrived as requested. This one will take his leave."

Seeing Nao and Miya enter his view, King Vegeta II stood up from his throne and laughed, causing Prince Vegeta III to be dumbfounded.

"Hahaha! Nao, Miya, welcome to this King's throne room! I'd like you to meet my son here. He will continue the Vegeta line and is officially known as Vegeta III."

Seeing two children walk towards him, Prince Vegeta III remained dumbfounded at the two, unable to say a word.