Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 240

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 240 231: Taking Down Hearts I

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'It's time to end this farce. I was going to wait it all out but I mainly wanted to wait until the Grand Minister arrived to speak with him...And now that he is gone, I can start taking this seriously. Seriously, Chronoa's skills are pretty overpowered, taking C.u.mber out like that quickly was no joke...', Nao thought as a smile appeared on his own face. He entered his own thoughts after seeing once he saw Kamioren emerge.

'It's not hard to see that Chelsea is holding a lot of her power back either. She's just been toying with Kamin so far. That glass woman Lagss also hasn't made her first appearance yet either. Did Hearts send her off to another Universe?', Nao wondered.

'Still. Seeing Ultra Instinct before my very eyes is really exciting. It's releasing so much heat already. Goku should be able to help quite a bit. Let's go see whose Space power is stronger, mine or Hearts?', Nao continued to think to himself.

In the end he shook the rest of his thoughts away. Wiping C.u.mber's blood off the rest of his body, his eyes shifted toward Chelsea. He then yelled out to her, garnering everyone's attention.

"Chelsea! It's time to stop fooling around already! Kill Kamioren!"

Hearing Nao yell that out, Hearts looked at him with an interested look in his eyes.

As for Chelsea, Nao saw a rather eerie big grin appear on her face for a split moment in time yet her demeanor returned to normal before anyone else could see it. Seeing that grin though sent a cold chill down Nao's spine.

But before anyone could do anything, Kamioren let out a huge bellow with a mocking tone.

"Hahaha! You think you can kill me!? I'm bursting with power, just try it if you can, sword chick!"

After Kamioren declared that he flew in toward Chelsea. Chelsea sheathed her first sword and only allowed her black kimono to flutter in the wind as she stood still in the air.

She ignored the fast approaching Kamioren and took in a deep breath. Seeing this, Kamioren grinned once more letting out another crazed laughter.

"So you're finally resigning to your fate! Take this!"

Kamioren's speed increased a notch and arrived right in front of Chelsea. Kamioren's left hand then lit up with a red-blue aura as he struck out, aiming directly for Chelsea's head.

Yet his fist seemed to have froze in the middle of his striking, in fact Kamioren's whole body suddenly froze as he felt the temperature around Chelsea drop rapidly. A cold chill ran down his spine the moment he saw Chelsea opened her eyes.

They were no longer dark brown. Chelsea's eyes were now blood red and her two pupil's became slits, very similar to that of a dragon! Kamioren even heard Chelsea let out a sigh, speaking for a brief moment.

Nao too became shocked seeing Chelsea's new look. He hadn't pried much into her past regarding her own trials in Babel Tower, but he could take a guess that this appearance of hers was influenced by that inheritance she received from the old man to help clear those trials.

"Sigh...I was looking for an opponent I could gauge my strength against but you really have been disappointing. I agree with Nao it's time to end this."

After Chelsea said that, Kamioren felt his instincts start to scream, telling that he should flee. Yet he couldn't. Kamioren could only hear a 'shing' sound off twice. He didn't even blink before he no longer saw Chelsea in front of him.

'W-what!? But how could this be! I'm supposed to be the stronges--!?", Kamioren tried to exclaim in shock, but he couldn't even finish his sentence.

He felt two large slashes strike against his neck. Blood started to spray out before Kamioren's head was toppled off his neck! A look of disbelief could be seen in his eyes,, as much the others around the two had.

Chelsea could now be seen several meters behind Kamioren, and re-sheathed her two Katanas. Yet Chelsea saw the blood of Kamioren's head start to converge together, stretching toward its severed body.

As gruesome as that sounds, Chelsea remembered how fast Kamioren's recovery ability was, so she acted quick. Yelling out, she released her red-purple aura once more.

Taking a stance similar to Vegeta's Big Bang Attack, she squared her shoulders and dropped back her right side. Raising her left hand up, she faced her palm outward. Red-purple aura started to converge around it, before it suddenly expanded outward.

A giant ball of ki soon formed, and she yelled out, aiming straight toward Kamioren's body.

"Blood Moon Blast!"

After yelling that out, her ki expanded over half a mile long, blasting everything in its oath to dust. Kamioren's body was no exception. He couldn't even scream before his body was blasted into oblivion. The blast tore through the lake creating a massive hole before she re-directed it into the sky.

Her blast then continued into the planet's atmosphere, vanishing into outer space. A large explosion shook the planet itself, causing everyone to remain stunned.

After her ki blast ended, the dust eventually settled. Even Zamasu became shocked and distracted, only to take another punch from Jiren, and toppled into the nearby rock.

It was now only him and Hearts left, yet Hearts had a grin on his face. He even stretched out his hands as if he actually enjoyed that spectacle of Chelsea's power just now, causing Chelsea to look at him questioningly.

"Haha! Such a marvelous energy! An energy that rivals the gods, yet it contains no godly powers! You, what is your name?", Hearts yelled out in excitement.

"Chelsea. You are Hearts?"

"That's right. Thanks to your little act just now the Universe Seed received a huge amount of energy.", Hearts said with a beaming smile.

Hearing Hearts say that a frown appeared on Nao's face. 'That's right! The Universe Seed act's like Majin Buu's ball. Shit we're going to need to finish this quick.', Nao began to think to himself.

Yet his thoughts were interrupted as Hearts spoke out once more.

"...Soon, the Universe Seed will be complete!', Hearts suddenly declared.

After he said that, Chelsea saw Hearts eyes start to dart around, as if he were looking for something. Chelsea opted to remain quiet after introducing herself. Hearts ended up speaking once more.

"Lagss! Lagss! Where are you!?", Hearts yelled out, suddenly calling someone's name.

All of a sudden, everyone felt the air shift in the air. Space didn't even tore apart before a massive condensed rainbow crystal pillar with jagged stalagmites appeared in the area beside Hearts, which spanned over tens of meters long.

Seeing this massive formation if crystals appear caused every to look at it. They then heard a high pitched voice echo from inside, seemingly belonging to a female.

Also at this time, Goku's Ultra Instinct power faded away, causing the silver lining around his body to vanish. His black hair returned to normal. He collapsed onto one knee panting quite heavily as he assisted Jiren in fighting Zamasu.

Yet his, along with everyone's else's eyes, appeared serious as they waited to see who this new 'person?', was.

"You called for me, Master Hearts?"

"Yes. We've collected far more enough energy from the other Universes on top of this one thanks to your help. The Universe Seed is almost complete."

"I am pleased. Do you require my assistance again, something only I can do?"

"That's right. We've one stage left remaining. Everyone we will cut our time here short. Zamasu, return at once."

"Hmph, don't you dare order me around.", Zamasu said, getting up from the nearby collapsed pile of rock. Yet he said that but still proceeded to dust himself off, allowing purple mist to regenerate missing parts of his body once again. He returned to normal.

Zamasu floated up and arrived next to Lagss and Hearts. Hearts smiled once more as he spoke out.

"Well then everyone, we will soon enter our final stage. We will wait, at Universe 7!", Hearts declared.

Shock appeared in everyone's eyes hearing Hearts declaration. Nao could only sigh seeing Hearts vanish along with the others and the Universe Seed, leaving behind a destroyed Universe 11.


'I tried to end this quicker than the vision showed me but it looks like there is a cause and effect for everything. Our energy combined with the rest sped up the Universe Seed's completion even though we were able to kill C.u.mber, Kamin, and Oren, huh?', Nao thought to himself.

Yet he shook that thought away only to replace it with a smile. As Hearts said it himself, the final stage of this first battle will be set at their own Universe 7!