Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Book 1 Chapter 241

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 241 232: Taking Down Hearts Ii

Before everyone realized they were left in the dust on a destroyed planet in Universe 11. Time started to speed up unbeknownst to them as everyone started to deal with the aftermath, much like how they cleaned up Universe 6.

Like Cabba, Kale, Caulifla and Hit remained behind to help settle those matters, Jiren and Toppo remained the same. The other Toppo and Ribrianne also helped the two out.

After resolving the rest of the issues the two actually decided to return back to the Palace, to where they would be picked up again to rescue Alter Jiren. As much as they wanted to fight Fu, they knew they had to recover and rest back to full. The consecutive fighting wore the two out quite a bit.

On top of Jiren and Toppo remaining behind in Universe 11, Chelsea also decided to head back. She was able to test her strength out a bit even though the outcome was disappointing in her eyes.

Nao knew she had the ability to slay demigods and she was able yo show off a bit of her unique abilities. He was a bit worried seeing that brief change in personality, perhaps she's been repressing it since she completed that tower?

She never did fully reveal whist she obtained in there yet so hopefully she can sit down and talk about it before they head off into the next world. Chelsea would be able to fulfill her thirst he Nao could see quite well in that world.

He came to a decision and chose the next world of the three available to him to be O*verlord! Both he and the girls will experience plenty of fighting there. Both virtual and real world fighting.

As for right now, the conclusion of the first battle of five was about to occur. After this final battle Nao would pick up Isabella and head off to Fu's location under TokiToki City. As to where Nao currently was...

Universe 7, Planet Earth.

At the moment, a desolate Earth could be seen. Gloomy skies, void of life. Massive skyscr.a.p.ers and capsule pods littered everywhere with no signs of activity bustling about.

All except for six figures who could be seen floating in the sky above the large city. These six figures watched as a large blue crystal with a red core inside it appeared out of nowhere. Three more figures soon appeared afterward. Their appearance cleared away part of the gloomy clouds around them.

"Finally, we are here, Universe 7!", Hearts declared as he stood on top of the crystal. The two beneath him were Zamasu and Lagss, who was no longer in her giant crystal stalagmite formation.

Hearts then stretched his arms out horizontally.

"This is the end for you all!", Hearts declared once more.

After Hearts declared that, the expressions of the six figures nearby became serious. In the middle stood Goku. To Goku's right was Vegeta and Piccolo. To Goku's left was Future Trunks, Nao and another male.

This male was a bit short compared to the rest and had pitch black straight hair split down the middle of his head waving off to each side. He wore pale blue jeans and a white and green long sleeved t-shirt. He wore black gloves, black shoes and had an orange armband around his left arm.

In the middle of his T-shirt had three letters on it, reading 'MIR'. That's right, this was Android 17, Android 18's brother!

Ever since Nao arrived and reintroduced himself to the group, 17 kept looking at him with an interested look in his eyes after learning he was a pure Saiyan like Goku and Vegeta. His posh Kai robe also stood out quite a bit and was initially shocked after Nao introduced himself as a Supreme Kai.

Yet now time was of the essence. With a firm voice, Goku replied back at Hearts.

"We won't let you!", Goku yelled out

After he yelled that, an eerie silence spread around them lasting a good moment. Seeing this, Hearts extended his right hand out. Twisting his palm open he lifted his right finger and pulled it back in a taunting manner, closing his fist back up.

"Come!'", Hearts yelled.

And so they did.

"Haah!", Goku yelled, powering up.

A golden yellow aura wrapped around him as his hair changed from black to yellow. Trunks followed suit as did Vegeta. Nao was the last and all four became Super Saiyans.

Piccolo and 17 also yelked out allowing a white aura to release around them, entering their powered up state. Those two flew off to the left and right as the other three and Nao shot straight at Hearts.

"Zamasu!", Trunks yelled, calling his name. Ignoring everyone else he withdrew his sword and rushed straight Zamasu.

"Trunks, wait!", Vegeta tried to call out to Trunks, but it was useless. Lagss appeared behind Trunks, calmly floating. This caused Vegeta to halt. Lagss then spoke out.

"Master Hearts still requires my services which is something only I can do. You will fight me. Glass Bullet!"

Raising her hand, many yellow projects appeared around her, ready to take aim. She shot them out yet 17 was quick enough and erected his green barrier, preventing any projectiles from entering. Lots of clashing sounds echoed as they tried to pierce the barrier until they all vanished.

Seeing no harm done, Piccolo yelled out to Vegeta while turning his head at him.

"Go help Trunks! Hurry!", Piccolo yelled out.

Vegeta clicked his tongue in response seeing those two help him out. 17 lowered his barrier. Vegeta took this time and sped up past Lagss. He gave the two a stern warning as he left.

"Don't underestimate her!", Vegeta yelled out, eventually joining Trunks.

"What are you saying?", Piccolo responded as a grin appeared on his face. He soon landed beside 17 and the two approached Lagss. They entered their world and engaged in combat.

Vegeta and Trunks did the same, entering their world engaging Zamasu in combat.

This left Nao and Goku behind who were still flying toward Hearts. Nao smiled seeing this.

"I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to fight side by side with you Goku.", Nao said calmly.

A smile appeared on Goku's face hearing Nao say that. He then responded to him with a laugh.

"Hehe, what are ya sayin' that for Supreme Kai? We're grateful you even bothered joinin' us to fix this mess. That Hearts bastard is super strong. Ya can feel it right?"

"Come on, you can call me by my first name, we've known each other for years already. And yes I can sense his power. It's truly tremendous."

"Hearin' ya compliment that bastard like that must be the truth. I'm gettin' an itch to start fightin' already! Haha!", Goku said letting out another laugh.

Nao smiled hearing that and didn't say more. The two soon arrived in front of Hearts. Hearts raised his tight hand again and a golden glow began to shine inside it...

Meanwhile, something else could be seen stirring. Somewhere located very very far away.

Right beneath TokiToki City stood a sealed dimension no one knew existed there. Inside this sealed dimension was mostly darkness which contained the growing Universe Tree.

Beside this darkness stood a lush forest way in the back. Rivers crisscrossed between them and waterfalls crashed down. There was a particular waterfall which was surrounded by lush vegetation to conceal it. Perched on top of this waterfall was a run down capsule building with one large black window sliding across it.

Various machinery and pods containing different colored liquids could be seen littered around. Several monitors stood floating in the back while a purple skinned figure could be seen seated in a large leather black chair in a relaxed manner.

All screens currently showed Nao's image from certain angles as he and Goku stood against Hearts, both waiting to make their move.

That's right. This was Fu! He had not stopped observing Nao ever since he used his Time Ring! A smile even crept on his face before Fu spoke out with a laugh.

"Hahahaha! You truly are providing plenty of data for my experiment Nao. I gave you and your little gang three dragon balls already and thanks to killing C.u.mber and those twins, you secured a couple more. Killing the rest of these will open the path to me. I'm getting quite impatient you know?", Fu started to monolog yelling out with a crazed laughter.

After slapping his leg with his hand he continued to speak.

"But to think you'd even use a Time Ring to find the exact location of where all this is taking place. Quite ingenious there Nao. That little girl beside you also is a wonder herself! Such power! The Universe Tree is growing nicely and once Hearts finishes gathering enough energy for the Universe Seed, I will be able to combine the two and start Phase Three! Hahaha!"

Letting out another laugh, Fu saw Nao and Goku start fighting with Hearts. A big grin appeared on his face.

"Yes! Yes! Keep fighting, Nao! Destroy Hearts and the rest and gather the last three dragon balls. My door is waiting for your grand entrance!", Fu declared, even though there was no one beside him.

That loneliness didn't last long as space tore beside him. Another figure came out from the portal sporting a smile on her face as she saw Fu. A motherly warmth soon spread out from her.

She wore a white lab coat over a black and red high-neck mini dress which covered upper parts of her bodysuit that she wears underneath her dress. Her skin was also sky blue in color.

This was Towa! Towa was a Demon from the Demon Realm and was the Demon King's sister. Dabura's sister! As for Fu, he was Towa's son artificially created with Mira's cells, yet Towa treats him as her own child as she was the one who created him!

Towa approached Fu who was currently observing Nao. A smile appeared on her face.

"Fu dear are things still going as planned?"

Hearing Towa's voice, Fu spun his chair around and his grin retuned to a smile.

"Oh its you, Mother. They indeed are. Phase Three will begin soon. Once it does Nao and I will enter a death match. Even if I lose and die our dream will still come to a realization! A new Universe will be born! One without any pain and suffering!", Fu declared forming a fist with his hand.

Yelling that out, worry appeared in Towa's eyes.

"Fu...must you do this? I don't think I can bear losing you, my finest creation!"

"I must, Mother. I've done endless calculations and I see no way out but my death. May my death bring you happiness, Mother, for you will be the first to live in the paradise we will create."

"Fu...", Towa couldn't help but utter his name.

Seeing her say that, Fu spun his chair around once again and resumed his observation. Towa didn't say anything more and only approached the back of his chair, placing her back against it. Silence resumed.

The curtains then fell leaving that place behind. Fu had already come to accept his death. How will this final battle end?

Nao and Goku will have to finish their battle against Hearts before Nao can make his way toward Fu!